• Shagoth

    Fair ancestral recall is a five mana instant, and this is scarily close to a five mana lightning bolt.

    Beware, in a few sets, burn will be nerfed as hard as card draw.

    • Necrachilles

      What’s funny to me is it’s being printed with Lightning Strike reprint. so…1R for 3 damage or 4R for 4 damage (3 more mana for one more damage). It’s like they said well it’s like Lava Axe but at instant and for one less damage, seems fair.

      • Hedronal

        Also hits creatures unlike axe though.

        • Necrachilles

          yeah but still. It’s just kinda funny the two sides of the spectrum and how fast the cost of the card goes up relative to the effect. Of course there’s card advantage

    • sansmyhands

      As a card that exists strictly for limited, this is perfectly reasonably costed. I’m a Burn player in both modern and legacy and I still don’t want to play in a limited format where you have to start worrying when you’re at twelve life and your opponent has four lands in play (unless we’re talking cube, mind you). Flame Lash at common in a limited environment would push red super hard unless the entire set is pushed. As is, this looks like a pretty slow limited environment and I won’t be surprised if this ends up as one of the top commons in the set.

  • magicalfollower

    I think WotC has a fetish for high costing burn spells.
    But hey…at least it’s not as bad as Ember Shot.

    • Necrachilles

      Well they also reprinted Lightning Strike this set…

  • Happy The Cat

    this is actually really good, sure it’s five mana but Instant makes this REALLY strong, being able to snipe of most everything bar a few really big dinos makes this a scary option for control.

  • Darkray Accel

    When I asked for burn this wasnt exactly what I had in mind…