• Snievan

    Normally these types of cards are not worth considering to be constructed playable. However, if improvise is a thing for blue, then I wouldn’t be surprised to see this in a control list.

  • guy

    Yes, Yes, YES. Pauper edh gold. Reclusive Artificer will play this. Auriok Salvagers will find a spot in it’s 99. Other generals that have a limit to kill spells, will maybe play this. Generals and colors that can recur artifacts easily or even sometimes will consider this card. Overall, this is the best pauper edh card of the set, so far.

  • Edwin Marín Castro
    • Guy

      And if that was common, I’d play that over universal solvent. No question.

    • allen

      I think the fact that its an “egg” artifact makes it super powerful. just adding one of these to a deck full of trinket mages makes it pretty sweet… and only needs to take up 1 slot. obviously, using salvaging station with it.

  • Scud422

    How come it’s not destroying the funnel or the bottle?
    False advertising.

    • Emilio Gómez Marfil

      Just because both are emblems :D

      • LOL

        Hilarious answer :D

    • Guy

      + 2 points for a chemistry joke.

    • Happy The Cat

      probably due to being light activated an requires the amount of time it takes for it to go through the funnel for the solvent to become active.

    • Hedronal

      It could be mixed as it’s dispensed.

  • Guest

    I like all the 1 drop artifacts of this set, even something slow like this is great for improvise. Also, should have been called ‘Multiversal Solvent.’

  • Jakob Schneider

    Looks like a pretty sweet common for limited.

  • Happy The Cat

    windmill this turn one and just stare at an opponent’s lands.

  • Caleb Halbrook

    It’s kind of like a common version of Spine of Ish Sah that can potentially serve as a revolt enabler like reeeallly late game and can be a mana rock for improvise until then, me likey

    • Hedronal

      Only if your revolt use is fine with seven less mana.

  • Robert FakeLastName


  • Derek Niles

    I like this a lot in pauper tron, its even amazing in the mirror match if you can “tron off” first