• Pulverizerg

    looks like new Madness wording to me. No?

    • Sabisent

      Still does the same thing, just more technically sound.

  • Happy The Cat

    please reprint banefire so I can kill this really really hard

  • Kevan Kramer

    This and Heir of Falkenrath are a great turn 3 combo. Looks like R/B madness already has a solid base.

    • Zombie

      Unfortunately that already locks the deck into R/B. If that turns out to be a solid color combo then that turn 2/3 play will be a Standard mainstay. Otherwise, it’s just gonna be gimmicky.

      But since both are vampires if there’s a red/black/or RB vampire lord/legend of some kind then tribal might be a thing.

  • Melissa Juice

    Oh, the creepy kid trope. Excellent.

    And that flavor text. ha

  • Nix

    OLLLIIVVVIAAA, Where you at girl?!

  • kk

    Jace was busted in standard… now is gonna be broken.
    Jace is going to be essencially ” Tap , draw a card”… nuts.
    Kolaghan’s Command, This and Jace… Super powerful engine for standard.

    • Anonim

      good thing he won’t tranform so quickly without fetches
      and 3 colors may be a problem to perform kolaghan :)

  • kmk888

    Haste is a neat substitute for trample on Reckless/Arrogant Wurm. Time will tell which ability is better but it’s certainly an interesting addition to constructed.

  • ArcaneMelee

    Turn 1 whatever you want,
    Turn 2 Heir of Falkenrath
    Turn three Discard this, madness it into play and swing for 7, not bad not bad. Especially if someone can pull this off in limited.

    • .Syndicate

      Or Ravenous Bloodseeker on T2, results in the same, with a slightly worse boardstate.

  • Nanya

    Guess I’ll need to get this for my Olivia EDH deck then.

  • kmk888

    Someone else posted it on the mtgreddit but I can’t post source here. The vampires in this image have extra fingers, extra eyes, tentacles, and in case an extra face if you look closely. They’ve been horribly mutated by something.


    • Jody Williams

      Its in the Shadows Over Innistrad trailer as well.

  • MBase

    Eldritch moon? Tentacle imagery? Emrakul will ABSOLUTELY be in the second set.

    • cement dorado

      or marit lage

      • MBase

        Marit lage is from coldsnap. It’s not on Innistrad, and as far as we know, it can’t planeswalk either. Emrakul is expressly missing, can planeswalk, and is literally Wizards’ attempt at Lovecraftian horror. They probably felt the horror aspect didn’t get across well enough previously, soooo Innistrad.

        • Jazzyboy1

          Actually, Marit Lage can planeswalk.

          From a DailyMTG article(or rather, from a MagicFlunkies blog post’s quotation of a DailyMTG article, because I can’t find the actual article anymore):
          “The Argivian scholar Arkol thought Marit Lage was a planeswalker, but he was wrong. What’s known about Marit Lage is that she is a being of immense power, able to move across the planes but not by the same means planeswalkers can. She is not native to Dominaria, and could justifiably be called a demigod.

          • MBase

            Huh, I stand corrected.

            Either way, with cards like Warped Landscape, it seems pretty clear it’s something Nahiri brought to the plane. And Nahiri is pissed at Sorin about having the Eldrazi tied to Zendikar. It only follows that’s exactly what she’s bringing to Innistrad. Plus, things like Thraben Inspector only add credence to that with very Emrakul-esque imagery.

          • Jazzyboy1

            I really hope you’re wrong, because we’ve just had an Eldrazi block. As much as it would be cool to have Eldrazi on Innistrad, we’ve already just had Eldrazi on Zendikar; and having them again in the next block is just boring.

          • MBase

            I suppose, but they don’t have to do a repeat design wise. They can very easily just print Emrakul, but no drones or processors or whatever. It can simply be that her corruption makes deeper horrors out of the already scary mess. Tentacle vampires and werewolves and the like.

            I mean, I’m biased, I love Eldrazi. However, that doesn’t mean I want Wizards to design nothing new or interesting. Could well be fun twists on old mechanics.

          • MBase


          • Jazzyboy1

            Yeah, I’ve seen it. I am rather disappointed, hence why I was hoping that it wouldn’t happen before. Honestly, I never really doubted that it would happen, but I was hoping it wouldn’t. I was hoping Wizards would do something more original /:

            The fight between Liliana and Emrakul looks like it’s going to be cool though, and it looks like you were right in suggesting that Emrakul’s turning existing creatures into horrors rather than just creating drones. I still have reservations about the concept, but I’ll just wait and see. It might turn out okay.

          • MBase

            From what I’m now hearing, the Battle for Zendikar block was in development when the decision to switch to 2-block sets was made. Originally they were going to make three sets, one for each of the titans. When the bomb was dropped about the switch, they decided to just move Emrakul over to the next block instead. The result can definitely make it feel like nothing’s changed, and I get that. If that’s the case, however, this should be the last time anything like this occurs. Kaladesh is likely the first block to start the design process already knowing the two block shift, and not being affected by it.

            That said, I’m a ramp player so I’m mega pumped. I think there’s plenty of design space to still be cool with the rest of Innistrad’s monsters.

          • Melissa Juice

            Oh, that’s cool.

          • Gareth Martin

            Errr… You just proved yourself wrong. It states she doesn’t do it the same as a planeswalker which is planeswalking. I mean the eldrazi titans don’t planeswalk do they?

          • Jazzyboy1

            Don’t be so pedantic. She can move through planes, which is what MBase claimed she couldn’t.

          • Gareth Martin

            Where you see me being pedantic, I see me correcting a factually incorrect statement without trying to offend or belittle anyone… *shrug* each to their own.

        • cement dorado

          it is 1000 percent confirmed marit can move through planes. and we know it is now out and about. and emi wont happen. wizards wants to milk their eldrazi money train. they wouldn’t ruin innistrad with emrakul.

    • nightshade88

      Or it might just be vampires not being able to correctly maintain their physical form as they are… Young, reckless and crazed by whatever is happening on Innistrad?
      You know… Vampire can shapeshift in Innistrad ore.
      Why does everyone want eldrazis everywhere? Eldrazis are getting old… I hope we won’t see them for another coule years or more.

  • Ryan Hoekman

    So… a decidedly better reckless wurm? i know wurm has trample and stuff but haste seems like it’s a little better on this sort of thing.