• Jakub Rabyniuk

    Very silly way how to hold the spear.

    • Daniel Scott

      Maybe it has another point on the end you can’t see?

    • Giby86 .

      That’s not a spear. That’s a selfie stick.

    • Kaiser

      How he uses a spear with just one hand? XD

      • Oiram

        He’s just that good

  • Kaiser

    omfg he has not right hand

    • Zombie

      He has a sword-hand.

      Arguably better.

  • TheFyl

    So good for drafting.

  • Nick Art

    Limited Star. Won’t win you any games singlehandedly, but he’ll sure help in getting you there.

    • Kahai

      Was that a pun?

    • Kahai

      Too bad, i just used it as one anyways. xD

  • Zombie

    Vigilance is what I want to see on an Exert creature not Embalm, Wizurds pls.

    • Tolle

      Not going to happen. That would be too powerful. But there might be a way to give vigilance.

      • Kahai

        Always Watching says hi. :3

        • Tolle


          • Kahai

            You wanted a way to give it Vigilance, well Always Watching does that. :D

    • Happy The Cat

      Vigilance for Exert cause would either exert: untap all other creatures you control or something close to Ankle Shanker, which looks okay in principal but is simply too much for not enough. if we do get a true lord it will either be a mythic legend or some uncommon five mana 2/2 that only gives vigilance to exert creatures.

  • Kumrag

    Looks like he went to the Heliod School for Spear Holding.

    but yeah decent pick in draft, def not first, def not last

  • What!

    Medium card is medium.

    • Tolle

      Common card is common

  • Jacob Ryan

    So with having no mana cost does that mean the token has a cost of 0 or no cost at all?

    • Happy The Cat

      pretty sure normal token rules apply. normally clone tokens would have the same cost as their real cards but they wanted to point out this was a non clone copy of the card that was embalmed.

  • the mad seer

    i hope the other embalm creatures are better. i think trueheart duelist was good, at least a a great way to delay aggro decks. i hope that they make a good embalm bomb becaus i am already trying to make a deck around it, voice of resurgence, emrakul’s evangel, and populate/rhys/second harvest.