• Alexandre Donnart

    Metallic Mimic > This > Kopala.

  • magicalfollower

    An Edgar Markov-like effect for Merfolk tribal.

  • Johan K

    Does it really say “cast Merfolk spell” rather than “cast Merfolk creature spell”? While I don’t believe it to be the case, if so, it might be a change going forward, no longer keeping the mistake of Tribal super-type hostage in phrasing. That said, probably not.

    • Leon Simitsis

      It says merfolk spell. By the way, did they confirme that the Tribal mechanic from lorwyn wont come back?

      • TogetherAlone

        no tribal will not come back.

        • magicalfollower

          Such a waste. :/

    • galen150

      well seeing as ‘merfolk’ is a creature type ‘merfolk spell’ already implies that it is a creature

      • Stef

        No it doesn’t. Tribal cards can have creature types. For instance Aquitect’s Will.

        • BEARPUNCH

          They said they aren’t going to print tribal spells i.e. noncreatures spells with creature types anymore.

          • Brian Richard

            True but if true it should work with existing spells like Wings of Velis Vel

    • Maxence Cornaton

      I speak a little German, and it’s a “spell”, not a “creature spell”. So, whatever the spell is, it will trigger this ability.

  • Ryan Sullivan

    Arcane Adaptation found a friend

  • Adam Poznan

    Super juicy

  • Hedronal

    With Hexproof? Oh my. Not that targetted removal is a good thing to use on tokens, that is.

  • Lucien Wächter

    Would have played this if it would have minimum 2 of these:
    – CMC 2 (think of Bitterblossom)
    – Token with islandwalk / unblockable / with giving an +1/+1 counter to target merfolk or to itself for ixalan merfolks “counter-walk”
    – give islandwalk / counter-walk to all merfolk
    – give hexproof to all merfolk / hexproof to target merfolk (like to those with +1/+1 counter on it)
    – be merfolk tribal
    But missing all this points together it is sad to say someone did miss, that we need hexproof on the other merfolk like Kopala or the lords and not on the Token, since AOEs kill them anyway and normally nobody would sniper a Token.

    • Vizzerdrix

      2 mana makes a token and gives something I feel hexproof is too much maybe just a merfolk anthem or gives island walk and creatures with island walk get +1/+1 kinda like a favorable winds. 2 mana token odd anthem or 3 mana token general anthem would have been better. As is it’s solid for edh though