• Shagoth

    Angelic chorus needed to be green and above the curve, I guess.
    Mayael players are going to drool this set.

    • Shagoth

      Now that I see this, it’s actually below the curve.

  • Communist_Bear

    New Felidar Sovereign’s best buddy

  • William He

    Actually, could it be white green? It might be the lighting but the border doesn’t look like the other green cards.

    • Communist_Bear

      i don’t tink so. I believe it has something to do with its extra type ; it’s not just a dinosaur

      • Robert FakeLastName

        may just be the lighting. i wonder what its other type is. perhaps a new one?

        • Demiurgo

          They’re foil cards. That’s just the foil effect reflection.

          • Robert FakeLastName

            but there is clearly another word on the type line. is that just a reflection?

          • devthedragon

            It may be a Dinosaur Avatar, as that is an already established creature type and it part of it’s name as with some of the other “Avatar” type cards.

    • Chad Piercy

      Hybrid mana? Just what it looks like to me anyway

    • Hedronal


  • Pacoqueiro

    I hereby name you… Chorusaur

  • Mike Barta

    Praise the Sun!

  • wizkidweb

    Hi, mono-colored Trostani