• TogetherAlone

    3 mana delirium enabler and graveyard filler for B/U Zombies, could be good in standard.

    • Mr.Mayhem631

      This is pretty bad.

  • Christopher Lacey

    I am so confused as to why the blue counter part is so much worse than vessel of nascency… 1U comes out 2nd turn and waste U to use on 3rd turn? Plus you don’t get card selection like you do in the green one and the same number of cards, 3, hit the grave.. nascency comes out on turn 1 at G and 1G sac to use on turn 2 AND you get card selection wtf strong…I mean when you compare vessel of paramesia to old cards like thought scour and mental note (also at the common level mind you) it makes you wonder why they didn’t just reprint thought scour as a U enchantment, would have been perfect…U to cast, no mana to activate, just simply sac.. Just remove the whole “mill your opponent” part to make it balanced if that is an issue.. Because honestly, making this card cost more mana shouldn’t have been an excuse..oh, but it mills another player too, psshh who are we kidding? All it does it make it suck more than it should have, because nobody is going to be milling an opponent in the new love your graveyard meta.. oh sweet, I just gave you delirium – FAIL

    • EJ

      I understand what you’re saying, but I’m not sure it’s worse. Blue often knows what the top card of its library is. If they want to draw it, they can mill their opponent. If they don’t want to draw it, they can mill themselves and maybe get something else. They can also use this to fuel their graveyard for delve, delirium and other shenanigans. Plus, this will draw any card. The green one won’t whiff often, but it could whiff on an instant or sorcery.

      Keep in mind, too, that these are commons. They’re most likely to be relevant in draft and in Pauper (where the green and blue are both likely playable).

      • Christopher Lacey

        The green one is GG mode, even if it were just creature or land it would still be a very solid card and never really miss.. In its current rendition that card is basically never going to brick. When you run a card like vessel of nascency in BUG or just BG, you won’t pick a sorcery /instant over creature /land 90% of the time on turn 2 (when it matters). I sort of disagree, though.. Blue generally has a lot more top deck manipulation, but they should have given this one scry 2 either before or after milling (one being a nice bonus of helping you figure out what hits the grave, the other helping you draw what you need after milling – both choices would been a new and interesting flavor or twist in mechanics) or just reduced the mana cost slightly, or even rearranged the way it pays.. having to wait until turn 2 to cast and still having an activation cost is really weak.. I would be ok with paying that much if it milled a lot more cards like ~5 or 6 even.. Would be a nice way to get threshold off of one card. heh =)