• SketchyPluto

    …well, disappointing that this card is what Vial of Dragonfire turned out to be, but then again I’m not sure I was really expecting it to be that great.

    • Ryū

      The bow was a common, so it makes sense that the vial would be as well.

      • Aaron Seet

        the heart-piercer bow was an uncommon

      • William Allen

        After looking at this card, I now always have the thoughts of “Ha, your life’s work sucks” whenever I see that atrificer.

    • Kameenook

      Heart-Piercer bow wasn’t much more amazing, but they’re nice to see, and good to have flavorwise.

    • Chaospyke

      An amazing Disappointment.
      Considering all the dragons out, I was hoping for something that would negate attacks then throw it back at them:

      “CMC 2

      X,T: Prevent all damage a Dragon Creature with converted mana cost of X would deal this turn. When damage is prevented this way put that many Charge Counters of Vial of Dragonfire

      X,T,Remove X Charge Counters from Vial of DragonFire: Vial of DragonFire Deals X Damage to target creature or planeswalker”

      A rare like that would be nice

  • Chew

    Pretty much exactly what I expected. A bit worse than moonglove lace but not by that much. Kills morphs so it should be a solid card in almost any deck limited wise.

  • Vabolo

    To quote a certain goblin: “Vialsmasher SMASH!”

  • tyrone

    was wizards really that scared of stoneforge mystic?

    • SketchyPluto

      Bit of an unequal comparison. One creature gets two specific cards including this…the other has a Legacy deck built around its ability.

    • Kameenook


  • RedPandaRevolution


  • YouGotFranked

    definitely not going to appear in any constructed format, but for a limited format saturated with morph, it’s actually fine.

  • Ryx

    The art style seems different from the rest of the set, a little lack luster. I just hope that vial smasher isn’t as bad, constructed wise.

  • Daniel Gilmore

    bleeeeeeeeeeeeeh that activation cost on top of that casting cost for a shock? bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh

    • Melissa Juice

      Removal for everyone in limited is perfectly fine.

    • Guest

      2 damage in limited is more than enough, because you can kill morphs with it.

    • Kameenook


  • Melissa Juice

    Nice enough to have around in limited.

    • Ryx

      Yeah limited it can be used but as a card that was mentioned in the previous set, you could expect it to have a little more strength or flare.

      • Melissa Juice

        Quite true. It is a bit sad that both artifacts that card searches up are so mediocre.

  • Kameenook


  • James Sweet

    D00d, yous guys, this is like, a better Goblin Boom-Keg! It’s gonna change the whole metagame!

    (God, I hate these ridiculously slow overcosted direct damage artifacts. This one I guess is kinda sorta playable in limited I guess, but my god…)