• Shawn Michael Diaz

    Will see play.

  • Grant Jacobson

    worst case 3-mana 2/4

  • Spyboy

    Bad Rishkar

    • Marvin Sürig

      yes but Rishkar works in Druid or Elf Tribal just as normal +1/+1 counter decks. If you build a tribal deck you take a worse card of everything as long as it fits you tribe. Would’ve been nice if it were a bit better.

  • Shagoth

    Bad Rishkar, boy they’re pushing green merfolk.

    Seriously, what can these green merfolk do that other decks can’t do better? Spoilers will end soon, and it’s clear that the pirates and dinosaurs were the stars of this set.

    • Jay Kilian

      Rishkar is a rare, this is uncommon and is tribal. It’s about equivalent.

    • HeyHey

      Not saying you’re wrong, I don’t play that much constructed. To me it looks like Merfolk are meant to be a G/U tempo deck, and cards like spell pierce will be important. A deck that wants to land some one and two drops and then protect with counter magic and use cheap spells to gain tempo by playing multiple cards in a turn. IDK if it will work but it does seem different than the other tribes. Similar to pirates but I think pirates want more aggro synergy and cheap counter spells won’t be as good. Especially because the mana will be easier in G/U for tempo, if pirates play tempo they will want two colors and probably cut blue. They definitely seem weaker than the other tribes, but I think it’s still up for debate if they could make a playable deck. Although it seems like they wouldn’t be as good a tempo tribe as spirits and even they didn’t get too far in constructed.

      • Shagoth

        Pirates are much better for the tempo build.

        • HeyHey

          Probably, but do I have a point about the 2 color versus 3 color mana base for tempo builds? I really don’t know, I’m just guessing based on the spoilers I’ve seen and the little I know about constructed magic at the moment. My point about pirates being better at 2 colors with red and black, not blue, which loses the counter spells, 3 color pirates seems a tad slower than 2 color merfolk if both decks are trying to be fast and tempo based. Do you think the power level of merfolk cards just isn’t there, or would pirates be a good tempo deck being U/B or U/R to use counter spells, or would 3 color pirates still out tempo 2 color merfolk? When I think of tempo I think of something like Delver decks where you play cheap threats backed up by counter magic, which is why I thought pirates needed blue to be tempo but three colors seems too slow with the mana available. What are your thoughts?

          • Shagoth

            I think Merfolk are pretty weak in this set. They have a couple of meh value creatures, a couple of meh aggressive creatures, and one decent merfolk. Pirates seems excellent in a dimmer build.

    • Kameenook

      If you look at this from a limited standpoint you’ve got a pillarfield ox (2/4) for only 2G (equivalent stats to colossodon yearling, not great), but it also adds a counter to another merfolk potentially, or gives you the ability to distribute its potential power amongst your other creatures. Definitely does not seem as powerful as Rishkar (Rishkar was a rare after all in a different set) but it does seem to have its own sensibilities.

      • Shagoth

        I don’t really see that much of a point in green merfolk if there’s just a couple or limited. Heck, even in limited, an entire deck built around them doesn’t seem reliable in terms of opening enough cards in packs.

  • Geddon

    Pair this with that merfolk that makes creatures with +1/+1s unblockable and your opponent could be in for a rough couple of turns.

    • Dylan Boyd

      Not to mention Panharmonicon paired with all the ETB effects.

  • galen150

    this is a 3/5s woth off stats, is a merfolk, and uses a mechanic merfolk synergize with. if merfolk see any play, this thing had better be in there. play that green 1/1 that is 2/2 if you have an island or merfolk, then river sneak, then this guy, then the one that makes counters unblockable, and you’r gonna be swinging for 7 unblockable on turn 4, that’s mean

  • Justus Bruestle

    People are discounting Merfolk but I think they are viable. Since they can all be unblockable it really doesn’t matter what your opponent has for defense, only their offense is a threat. Just add good control to the deck and prevent them from steam rolling and hitting you after you’ve attacked with your unblockables. I think once we’ve seen the full set we’ll see that they will also have the best line up of mana ramp and draw card ability. (Dino has very good mana ramp but it’s based around dinos, I’m talking general mana ramp, which will help with control.)

    • Jackson Means

      Plus I would be surprised if there weren’t some bomb merfolk in the second set that will really make their standard tribe rock

    • Jackson Means

      I expect that they focused on dinos and pirates because they are new tribes that need a lot of support for people to get excited about them… plus think of the uproar if they did dinosaurs and pirates poorly…

  • Happy The Cat

    so… they really want Merfolk tempo to have a clock dont they? I mean Herald of Secret Streams, nuff said about this card.