• ZJ Keller

    While I can understand this being an obscure card, the extremely narrow nature of its effect is an altogether poor choice when compared to the rest of the set. Firespout is genuinely acceptable here because it throws a small bone to Modern players. Upheaval is appropriate effect wise, though either Cyclonic Rift or Worldpurge would have been a better choice considering the banned status of Upheaval in EDH, it still fits the bill. While Virtue’s Ruin saw only one printing and no foil previously, Jolkhaups saw a mere three printings (two of them white bordered) and no foil whilst being a more annihilating effect if not a cheap an efficient sideboard card effect. This slot also could have been the Damnation reprint many rabid players have been clamoring for. The slot could have even been Damnation, or the reprint that throngs of rabid players have been clamoring for.