Vona, Butcher of Magan - Ixalan Spoiler

Vona, Butcher of Magan

  • Color: Multicolored
  • Type: Legendary Creature - Knight, Vampire
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

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  • galen150

    ouch, thats a mean card

  • Tolle

    Our white black vampire commander… who again doesn’t do anything for vampire tribal. Why is wizards bad at that in standard lately?

    • Tavis Carrillo

      We just got an insanely synergistic vampire commander.

      • ymmij X

        This is for standard, not commander. Not every legendary creature is designed solely to be a commander

        • MithosFall

          What’s your problem? This looks like a pretty good commander to me.

          • ymmij X

            I wont play a commander over 4 cost without combo or protection built in. I would love to pick this up in draft though.

          • MithosFall

            That’s a starkly different sentiment than your previous message. Your original comment made it seem like this card is bad for commander, whereas this comment suggests that you wouldn’t like to use it. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t make it bad.

            “Not every legendary creature is designed solely to be a commander” Also this message makes it seem like you have something against this card, against commander, or against people that suggest this could be a good commander. You should let people do/think what they want about cards. And, if you think this wouldn’t be that great of a commander, people picking this up and using it is good for you then, isn’t it? Since you have the better commanders and all.

        • kekek

          Every card is for commander.

    • Adam Gillies

      Vampire tribal is about life manipulation this set, they already said that. Why are you complaing when this card is both super cool and very playable.

      • Tolle

        I am not complaining about it being super cool or playable. I am complaining about it not even MENTIONING vampires once in its text box. Seriously, at all. Even something like changing its activated ability to “tap pay 15 life: destroy target non-land permanent, this costs 1 life less to activate for each vampire you control.”

        • Adam Gillies

          I see where you are coming from, but then again it is still super flavorful in my opinion. And this guy may not even be a commander, like we still don’t know the exact translation and his role in the vampire society other than the fact that he a fierce soldier so he might not necessarily deserve some type of lord effect or direct tribal synergy( sort of like Licia.)

          • Tolle

            We are still unlikely to get another white black vampire legend which means we don’t get the new white black vampire commander

          • Hedronal

            Welcome to Werewolf player problems, lite version. We only got one slot to have one in and it’s not good as a commander. Vampires have even one that explicitly mentions them, and is built to work well as a commander.

    • Pandancules

      Theres more to tribal than just “creatures of this type get blah blah” those are the most uninspired tribal synergies, like Slivers which are the least creative tribal by nature. There is synergy amongst the vampires, even though its not always connected directly to their creature type.

      • Tolle

        A tribal commander should still MENTION the tribe on it. Because while yes current vampires focus on life manipulation, a commander deck with this at its head won’t be focusing on vampire tribal at all. It MIGHT have some vampires who happen to work with life manipulation and that is all.

        • Pandancules

          Life manipulation is already a common theme amongst vampires from other sets, so you could easily make a dominantly vampire deck. Effects like “creatures of this type get blah blah” typically narrow your strategy quite a bit, making the tribals that are dependent on them less unique. I don’t even think its a bad thing that you can make a mostly tribal deck around this and still have room for non vampires.

          • M Hedonist

            True, I love my Sidisi, Undead Vizier zombie deck. Even though my Commander’s sole purpose is to tutor key cards like Caged Sun, Buried Alive or my favorite: Zombie Apocalypse.

          • Tolle

            But there is no reason to run vampires. This is the whole legendary werewolf issue all over again.

          • Pandancules

            Its true theres no reason to run exclusively vampires, but there are plenty of reasons to run vampires. This way helps them maintain their flavor better than a ‘vampires gain +1/+1’ like effect, because that demands you to swarm them, which isn’t really very vampire-like.

          • Tolle

            But there are more ways to include vampires than just giving a lord effect. How about something like turning his ability to “tap pay 15 life: destroy target non-land permanent, this cost 1 life less to cast for each vampire you control.”

    • Delipha

      We just got Edgar Markov. This is a very solid inclusion for the deck and is guaranteed to bring some pain. I like it

      • Tolle

        Edgar Markov is mardu, not orzhov. It would have been nice to have an orzhov option considering we likely won’t have the chance again to get one for some time.

        • Harry Palm

          Vish Kal is a black and white legendary vampire who has been around for a while.

          • Tolle

            …Please refer to my first comment and apply that to Vish Kal

      • Daniel Behan

        imo this is a good card to include in the 99 if you’re building around Licia, sanguine tribune or other life gain based commanders

    • Tony Delfino

      Just because it’s a legendary doesn’t mean it has to be a tribal commander. It’s like complaining that Ayli was bad for Kor tribal. Also, just because it’s not immediately apparent its for that, doesn’t mean it can’t be used for it anyway. Olivia Voldaren was, arguably, better outside a vampire tribal deck, but still was used to lead vampire tribal EDH for years.

      • Tolle

        Normally I’d agree with you except for a few issues. 1. Ixalan is a highly tribal plane. 2. This is the first time vampires showed up in white and so it’d be nice to have a white black vampire commander. 3. Vampire is a much more tribal tribe than Core. 4. Your comment on Olivia is completely pointless to the conversation at hand. Because while yes she can work outside of tribal, she also CAN work inside tribal and this guy should be no different.

        • Harry Palm

          ” 2. This is the first time vampires showed up in white and so it’d be nice to have a white black vampire commander”
          There’s something like six black/white vampires, one of which is legendary.

          • Tolle

            Sorry, meant mono white

        • Tony Delfino

          Because vampires are terrible at regaining the life lost to the ability? There are a bunch of vampires with lifelink and vampiric abilities you can use that are thematic to vampires like Debt to the Deathless and Exsanguinate to regenerate the life lost to the ability. I would argue that this does work in vampire tribal as every vampire that has existed with a white color identity up to this set, with the exclusion of Mathas and Edgar, either have a life gain ability or care about you gaining life.

          Also I assume you mean mono-white vampires? Because black/white vampires have been around since the Return to Ravnica block.

          • Gildan Bladeborn

            2 years prior actually, Gatecrash is when the # of W/B vampire cards in the game became plural.

          • Tolle

            I didn’t say vampires were bad at gaining life. But there are certainly better ways to do that. Also, debt to the deathless and exsanguinate aren’t vampires… they have nothing to do with vampires but flavor. So you can hardly say running them makes it a vampire deck. That is my point, the cards going in him won’t be vampires except in a few rare exceptions.

        • Gildan Bladeborn

          Wizards already gave people an Orzhov legendary vampire back in the very first set of Commander pre-cons they released in 2011: Vish Kal, Blood Arbiter, which is coincidentally also the very first W/B vampire they released.

          • Tolle

            I could saw the same thing about that one as I did about this one…

    • Hedronal

      We just got vampire tribal commanders. Not all commanders have to be tribal at all. Honestly right now I’m trying to find something better to say than too bad, merfolk didn’t get one either. Pirates and Dinosaurs got tribal commanders, but those two didn’t have any before.

      • Tolle

        I said this already…. I’d agree with you if not for a few things. 1. This plane is very tribal. 2. We don’t have a white black vampire tribal commander, the new one we got was mardu. I had others, but am too lazy to look them up, feel free to check if you care.

        • Hedronal

          Even on tribal planes, not everything is tribal, and not everything that has a tribe mechanically cares about it.

          Also sorry I’m a bit triggered, I’m a werewolf player (or I want to be at least), so someone complaining about a tribe that has commanders seems ridiculous to me, for reasons that aren’t fair to you.

          What I’m hearing is that you want a more narrow version for color identity, which also seems weird. I’m overstating here though, sorry.

          I do get that there’s good reason to want one that fits the main two vampire colors specifically, but I lessened my hope for that sort of thing when Ulrich was spoiled (which also got me disenfranchised with Eldritch Moon, for that and other reasons). Sadly, not every tribe will necessarily get a card design as beautiful as Ayli from Oath.

  • galen150

    well, that isnt a life gain synergy card, but its a damn good reason to have life gain.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Well who is this tall drink of murder?

  • guy

    did he burn his ships upon landing on the land that is his birthright (through conquest and pillaging at least)?

    • GuestGuy

      Cortes did burn his ship as soon as they arrived to Mexico

  • Marvin Sürig

    That’s a commander we needed. I mean can you even name one legendary white/black legendary creature with an ability to remove non-land permanents by using some life gain synergy?

    • ymmij X

      Actually no, can you? Because karlov only does creatures

      • Nikolai Anzuoni


        • ymmij X

          Fair, though at least here we get card advantage easier what with the not sacing a creature. I would rather run ayli though for the low casting cost in most decks

          • Aurore

            Not being able to sac a creature = less card advantage. Sacking a creature is all upside in an Ayli deck.

  • Darkray Accel

    Better commander than any commander in c17. -Shots fired-
    Well mby not the wizards or rammos. Still.

    • Tony Delfino

      Eh…… “better” is pretty subjective to your meta.

      Personally I’d rather run him as one of the 99 in a Licia deck than use him as the commander for his own deck.

  • Sani

    Waaant, for my bw, bw commander and my mardu vampires.

  • Blahblahblahbla

    This card is everything i love about Orzhov. Gonna be sweet with Thousand-Year Elixer in EDH. :D

  • Shagoth

    No one mentioned Karlov, I’m surprised, honestly.
    They do the same things, just the permanent destruction and beat down is slower with Karlov and this “Vampire Knight” is slower in terms of cost. I like this guy better, because I rather just pay a ton of life than jump through so many hoops for that sweet destruction.

    • DJ Pad

      Karlov get enormous though, not hard to kill with commander damage.

      • Shagoth

        Eh, they each have their own strengths and weaknesses, but they also seem fun and interesting to build around.

  • Deadly Berry

    Wizards already gave us Karlov, don’t get greedy expecting every Legendary Vampire will be tribal oriented. This guy tho, he’s insanely good. Who cares about life points when you’re running BW? I also like this guy’s combo wombo potential. Looking forward to seeing it in action soon.

  • Nick Art


  • Amber Cartier-Page

    Any know what the flavour text is

  • Evil Tactics

    I can only imagine how smug Sorin would have been to hear that. “Only four hundred years?”

  • aus10

    Can’t wait to see him get eaten by a giant dino. Guess these lands could stand against you huh…

  • Kevin Johnstone

    Flavor fail – should definitely be exile…. Also… for 7 life… should definitely be exile… also — 7 life? I feel sorry for the person who rips this as one of their MYTHICS.