• Derek Niles

    I hope they make a legend who cares about the city’s blessing, i want to make some janky edh deck!

    • Brandon Howe

      I agree. A 5 color one that lets you search out other cards with city’s blessing shtuffs…

      • Dr. Burn Crow

        Perhaps it could be a three-headed dinosaur?

        • Darkray Accel

          Dinossaur with monstrosity? Just how big are we talking?

          • Noah Feldman

            Monstrasaur – 1GRW

            4/5 Trample
            Monstrousity 1 – GRW
            When Monstrasaur becomes Monstrous, remove all damage from it and it gains hexproof until end of turn
            Enrage – Monstrasaur ceases to be monstrous, and gains hexproof until end of turn. Put a +1/+1 counter on it.

  • Likid

    Woah ! it’s a funny cards for sacrificedeck

  • Oscar

    Ascending will be absurdly easy in commander. I already like the monarch mechanic very much, city’s blessing could even top that!

  • Kevan Kramer

    So City’s Blessing just powers up your cards. Not bad at all.

  • Justus Bruestle

    10 permanents is insanely easy to get. Notice it doesn’t say none land. A token deck could do this like turn 4. If the city’s blessing is overpowered this will be a broken card.

    • Mr.Mayhem631

      Cities Blessing is literally just a marker.

      • Justus Bruestle

        On it’s own ya. You know that it interacts with other cards right? Like no one is going over a token that does nothing.

        • Random Guy

          Wizards would probably make the majority of cards that use the city’s blessing Ascend. So all they have to worry about is making those cards and the few “city blessing lords” which don’t ascend balanced on their own.

  • Happy The Cat

    well, Ascend doesn’t look like it could cause problems in edh /sarcasm/. But this being Rare makes me think they’re afraid of making the mechanic too powerful, a black deck with ten permanents on board probably has access to it’s actual one sided wipes. I would’ve liked gain 2 life per creature or something to that effect, just to make it a bit more valuable than eating up your opponent’s weakest creatures. Yes, it can wreck some people’s day with good timing, but the only thing it has over IGW or Wind is Disdainful Stroke since it requires a built board to be effective.

    • Edward

      I don’t think they are afraid of making the mechanic too powerful. This is 3 mana to get rid of half of your opponents stuff if you meet the requirements. That effect deserves to be Rare even if it is situational. This seems insanely good, especially in Commander.

      • Happy The Cat

        Well, it’s not half their stuff, it’s just half their creatures, and in order for this to be effective you already have to have such a board state that it really doesn’t matter what your removal does. This is simply a win-more card. It’s not strong enough to sway a board by itself, you have to already be winning so this can deny two of the three blockers they can muster. if you compare this so other like effects it comes up short every time. simply either due to players will want repeated sacrifice to deny board(Gravepact, Archfiend of Depravity) bigger, solid numbers to actually clear board(Malfegor) or some clause that forces them to lose their better dudes(Crackling Doom). there will rarely ever be a board where it isn’t clear what you should keep against this.
        Simply put, every color but green has a massive array of board wipes that are generally MUCH better than this without requiring you to also have board state. It’s up to the rest of the Ascend cards to decide if this is truly just a garbo card, but this one in a vacuum isn’t worth a slot unless you badly need a 5th way to kill an indestructible hexproof creature controlled by a Voltron player with Shroud.

        • Edward

          I think you are ignoring 2 key points about this card. First is that it is instant speed which immediately makes it better. Second is that it is much cheaper and less color-intensive than board wipes. This can be easily put in any deck that runs black and it also isn’t too much mana for when you can get the Ascend ability. It doesn’t specify nonland or nontoken permanents so you can have 6 lands, 3 creatures, and a treasure token to get the Ascend ability. That doesn’t sound like “Win More” to me. It may not be strong enough to completely change the board state but it can certainly help slow your opponent down enough to let you win. Also it can work amazingly with Revel In Riches for Standard.

          • Happy The Cat

            You are also ignoring a few key points. Look, this card isn’t bad, but this has lots of weaknesses that shouldn’t be ignored.
            Standard is still fast, so Ascending is probably too unrealistic most games and an Edict just isn’t good enough without cheap removal to confirm this into taking out better creatures, not to mention we still have three mana for an actual wrath in standard. But removal is removal so it’ll probably see play, however if any better removal gets printed this is getting kicked to the sideboards, maybe even farther.
            As for EDH, it’s MUCH more realistic, but three mana 10 permanents is on par with just costing 9 mana thanks to how much ramp/mana production is available, so getting a worse effect just makes this worse than IGW or Wind.

            The decider on whether this is a factor in edh is the other Ascend cards, if enough are good or even just passable versions of other cards, this gets more playable. if a deck can use 4~5 Ascend cards to generally confirm City’s Blessing asap they might matter. However, this being the first of a mechanic generally leans to this being the best of that mechanic, especially this early. They want to build hype for the set and all so they start showing off the novelty mechanics that make this set “special”(don’t even get me started on these gimmicks). This is why I’m disappointed in this card, because it means the bar isn’t set as high as I’d like leading to the rest of the cycle. That’s why I wanted life gain or something to make this more than just another edict before Ascend and just a worse Plague Wind after.

  • Darkray Accel

    If City’s blessing is that monarch 2.0 this is an auto staple for commander.

  • TheFullMontzy

    This is obviously a great card on its own. But I’m not sold on Ascend/cities blessing until we see if there is enough support for it as a mechanic.

  • CMK

    The question I have is, can only one player have the city’s blessing at a given time?

    • Mr.Mayhem631

      Nope, or else it wouldn’t say “for the rest of the game”, and the Cities Blessing card would mention it.

  • Tommy W. (Behemothbear)

    It’s Threshhold for players.

  • Chaospyke

    Ascend is going to be so powerful for token decks.
    This card is already in their favor.

  • Deadly Berry

    I’m not liking this particularly for EDH. If there are too many Ascend cards it might be too oppresive for the other players. This one has a good effect considering the cost, but imagine a 7CMC sorcery with Ascend, that would be a real finisher.

    • eltratzo

      neither ascend nor the blessing do anything in a vacuum. they need cardtext to give meaning to having the blessing. if your 7cmc card is broken it will be because it has broken text, not because of the mechanic.

      unrelated to that I expect most cards with ascend on it to be like this one; rather cheap with a rather small effect, something that you’d want to play early. but with ascend and an upgraded effect that make them still good or even better later in the game

      • Deadly Berry

        You didn’t get what I said. I meant an expensive sorcery with Ascend EMBEDDED in it.

        • eltratzo

          my first paragraph handles what I think about that. wotc can always print ridiculously powerfull stuff. that there is an option to make the mechanic broken doesn’t make the mechanic bad. a sorcery having “reiterate 0” would most likely be utterly broken. reiterate as an mechanic isn’t.

          paragraph two then concerns what I think wotc has done instead of printing a card that by definition would almost always trigger ascent und then immedately have a broken effect.

  • Communist_Bear

    I really hope there’s only one cycle of cards with the “Ascend” mecanic…

    • Attila Árpád Debreczeni

      There will be a common cycle….

      • Communist_Bear

        Well i should’ve expected at least that much…

        • Attila Árpád Debreczeni

          And 2 rare 1 mythic and 1 uncommon

  • Arcus Diabolus

    So do you have to just hit a 10 count to get the city’s blessing or do you have to cast the spell first?

    • Gord

      You have to have the 10 count when you cast the spell unless you already have the city’s blessing from some other card

      • Brian Richard

        I know I’m splitting hairs (sorry), but it’s at resolution not cast.
        Opponent attacks with 6 critters. You have 9 permanents in play.
        You “I cast Vona’s Hunger”
        Opponent “at least I only have to sac one critter”
        You “…before it resolves I cast Depths of Desire”
        Opponent “well … poop”

        • Gord

          Fair enough lol

    • Happy The Cat

      When it resolves first you check if you control ten or more permanents, if you do you gain the City’s Blessing, triggering anything along the lines of “when you gain the City’s Blessing, X”. then Vona’s Hunger checks if you control City’s Blessing, if you do then they sac half their dudes.
      Few notes:
      1. When this spell is cast a player can kill something you control, reducing you below 10 and not allowing you to Ascend.
      2. If you were to lose the City’s Blessing before the second half it will no longer be the Ascended version. However, the only way this could happen is if a triggered ability from gaining the City’s Blessing from Ascend were to be responded to with something that took or removed City’s Blessing.

      • Dogwai

        The whole card resolves at once, so any triggered ability that affects City’s Blessing would still just be sitting on the stack while your opponent sacs half their creatures. Nobody would have priority in between the Blessing coming up and the rest of the card resolving, so you couldn’t even ditch it as part of paying a cost (if that’s even possible). I’d be curious whether the City’s Blessing it creates still applies to itself on the same cast. Someone could try to argue that the blessing isn’t around when the spell starts resolving so the card only makes your opponent sac one.

  • Shagoth

    That’s annoying. There is just something about this I hate.
    Maybe it’s tokens.
    But ascend and “monarch accept I don’t do anything on my own so I am a really useless gimmick which could have saved some text” bother me, too.

    • eltratzo

      yeah, I found the latter part weird too. especcially since maro said about devoid, that they learned that players don’t like mechanics that simply set up somethingwithout affecting gameplay by themselves.

      I’m guessing that no card will have ascend without payoff so in effect it will always at least be a bonus to the effect of the card that triggers it. and then there will be a few cards that have a payoff without ascending.

      kinda the reverse of what energy did. you can produce energy without consuming it but there is no pure consumer.
      here I predict that you can’t ascend without being blessed but you can like being blessed without having the potential to ascend yourself.

      and then ascend isn’t really devoidlike anymore. and more a threshold mechanic (catchall for all abilities like threshold that care about you hitting a certain count of something) where the enemy can’t un-threshold you.

      If that should be the case I’m only worried if they nailed the balance of that. since that means that once you ascended the enemy can’t prevent you from being blessed anymore. but I’m willing to wait with judging that until we get a better picture of the set.

      • Hedronal

        The thing being that threshold you can get with previous and subsequent cards just doing what cards do. Ascension is a much more limited, and therefor parasitic, mechanic.

      • Shagoth

        If Maro says something, either expect the opposite, or if it’s dumb enough, expect it to happen.

      • galen150

        i dont mind something like devoid that set up something without affecting gameplay by themselves. what i dont like is when i have to pay a lot extra for those mechanics. like how there was a 3 cost version of magma spray with devoid. i think devoid by its self was fine but the fact that they made the cards with it so costly was stupid.

  • Hedronal

    How are cards that give you ascension and track it going to be balanced for printing? You don’t get anything from ascending without a card caring about it, and there aren’t going to be too many ways to get it for the cards that use it without giving you it.

    • Edward

      Ascend feels like a way for you to get extra value late game so you cards can be effective all game. That could be very good in Standard depending on how many cards care about having City’s Blessing and how many cards allow you to get it. It has just as much chance of being amazing as it does being a gimmick. A Legendary Creature with Ascend could be interesting for Commander though. Maybe the 6th Elder Dinosaur could have it and, assuming it is 5-colors, you could do a lot with it.

      • Arcus Diabolus

        In terms of a legend with ascend, we will probably see Elenda who basically started the vampirism on Ixalan to find the Immortal Sun. I’d be very disappointed otherwise.

        • Edward

          Actually I think that is unlikely only because we will be getting 6 Elder Dinosaurs. Do to that we probably will only get 1 new Legendary for each other tribe(maybe we will get a Human that cares about Dinosaurs as well) and Arguel seems much more likely than Elenda for Vampires. We could see both but with all of the Legendary Dinosaurs it seems unlikely in a small set.

        • Dave

          Isn’t she back home? Wouldn’t make much sense to have her on the front lines.

          • Arcus Diabolus

            No, she returned home to pass on vampirism to the Legion. After that, she headed back out to continue her search.

  • Oiram

    This is a really good spell, even by itself! Instant-speed sacrificing that doesn’t target an opponent (avoids Leyline of Sanctity and its ilk), and does a lot more late game? Spicy card, boys!

    Although, it sounds like spoiled kids playing make-believe, and no matter whatever you throw at them, they’ve got something to make it so they win.

    “I cast a fire ball to burn you!”

    “Nah! My creatures protect me from that fireball!”

    “Well, I’ll use my dark magic that’d make you sacrifice a creature, but because I’ve got the City’s Blessing, you sacrifice half your creatures! Now they can’t protect you against the fireball!”

    “Nuh-uh! You don’t have the City’s Blessing!”

    “Yuh-uh! It says so on the spell!”

    “ugh! I’m done playing now!”

    • Random Guy

      Rounded up is pretty crazy. Double sac vs 3 permanents. Might not make modern but should make standard, if only as sideboard.

  • galen150

    people are saying this is great, but how often do you really get 10 permanents? outside off like token decks (which this is on color for at least) i doubt that this will ever really see its full value. outside of that, it seems like the only time you’d really get its full effect is when you’re like 15-20 turns in and just have 10 lands and need a creature, not a sac spell, or when you’re already winning the game.

    • Alex

      You don’t necessarily need to have 10 permanents to get the city’s blessing. I’m sure there are going to be a bunch of cards that will give you the city’s blessing for meeting other conditions .

      • galen150

        if there is, this’ll be alright. but even so, they get to choose what they’re sacrificing. i think bontu’s last reckoning is still better even with the downside, sorcery speed, and killing your stuff

  • Tyler Alexander Phillips

    so good in commander

  • Zombie

    The biggest part of Ascend, or City’s Blessing in general, is the fact that a player keeps The City’s Blessing for the rest of the game.

    They can go below 10 permanents and still keep the Blessing, which makes abusing cards like Vona’s Hunger relatively easy.

    This might even be abusable in B/W Tokens in Modern thanks to just how many permanents (notice it doesn’t specify type, just any permanents) you can spam out quickly.

    Bitterblossom counts, Intangible Virtue counts, each token counts, each land card counts.

    B/W Tokens can easily make this a 3 mana finisher by turn 4-5, completely swinging the tempo of the game into their favor with the bonus from Ascend.

    Other than Ascend, and ways to abuse Blessing, Vona’s Hunger is just an underpowered Edict. But you’re not playing it for what it does without Ascend.

    Utilizing The City’s Blessing is why you play this card, which essentially makes it a ‘playable’ Oath of Liliana.

    • Happy The Cat

      We’ll have to wait and see what the other Ascend cards are to truly decide how good this is, but I see a Gather the Townsfolk lookalike easly happening with this mechanic. 2w Ascend make two 1/1(I dunno, vampires? soldiers? babby dinos?) or make five if you’ve got the City’s Blessing. Actually I could see effective reprints of all the Fateful Hour non creatures with this mechanic, to make them edh friendly and all.

  • Arcus Diabolus

    This is making me thankful Sigarda, Host of Herons is a staple in my modern deck.

  • TezzeretofCarmot21

    Please tell me they kept explore. They couldn’t have replaced it with this abominable mechanic. Ten permanents, what is this?