Vraska the Unseen - Return to Ravnica Planeswalker Spoiler

Vraska the Unseen

  • Color: Black, Green
  • Type: Planeswalker - Vraska
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

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+1: Until your next turn, whenever a creature deals combat damage to Vraska the Unseen, destroy that creature.

-3: Destroy target nonland permanent.

-7: Put three 1/1 black Assassin creature tokens onto the battlefield with “Whenever this creature deals combat damage to a player, that player looses the game.”

  • Oh dear, oh my, my future Selesnya and Boros decks aren’t liking the looks of this.

  • Jamesesgreen

    sooooo good!

  • ….What…….what the hell??????

  • Kenneth Mebus

    So, I’m gonna be making a Selesnya/Galgari G/W/B deck now!  Her and Populate just make WAY too much sense not to do it, lol.

    • Fleco

      I’m doing the exact same thing! AH HA HA 

    • PrimordialClensing

       dont forget to add the rats to increase your use for populate :D also was Selesnya now Golgari…LOVE YOU BG!

    • sphinxy

       now you could effectively use the reanimate with the white flashback.

  • Ploxerz

    This pleases me… a lot.

  • Cbenholt
    • Cool


  • Mlundgoldstein

    Why Wizards? Why?

  • Cloudenvy

     Good God…Izzet might have to be put on hold.

    • rev_shad

       why would you put Izzet on hold  because of this? Izzet is still going to dominate regardless

  • Jaken

    F me Raw. This thing is nuts
    Even if you never use her neg 7 she is still a game changing powerhouse

  • nameless

    well there goes another set into G/B’s hands … thanks wizards >:c

    • Cloudenvy

       lolwut? This set seems somewhat evenly distributed so far (Given, not much Selesnya or Auzorious has been released). Don’t count the other guilds out too soon.

  • Mlundgoldstein

    B/G/W  Populating tokens and Heroes Reunion boosts her to up 7 loyalty counters alright! Now I can’t choose between this or Bant both good decks in my mind so far no way I’m sticking to just a guild with all these amazing cards. Which may or may not be an issue with prerelease

    • The Bored Frog

      umm…. heroes reunion is target PLAYER gains 7 life…

      • Mlundgoldstein

        Planeswalkers count as players when targeting just not the other way. That’s kinda why Lightning bolt was overpowered.

        • Kul_dg

          You don’t target the planeswalker with damage, you redirect damage from the player to the planeswalker.
          Life gain has no interaction with planeswalkers, they use loyalty counters, thus only spells and abilities that affect counters can affect that total.
          Please learn to magic. -_-

  • Parallel lives then populate because why not? Splash in blue for artful dodge….gg T.T

    • Mlundgoldstein

      4 colors? Kinda difficult to play with don’t ya think.

      • Wisdomseyes

        There will likely be green populate cards. Just spoiled white ones so far.

        And with shock lands… In green… Where “forest” is a pretty easy tutoring tool? Splashing any one color isn’t unrealistic.

      • The Bored Frog

        not realy just use the new artifact that makes all your lands tap for any mana

      • Rcbirdii

        not for casual play

      • Hersanvr

        4 colors Dificult? with the Shock lands is too easy 

  • Wisdomseyes

    Golgari was a bit underwhelming till this card was spoiled… Watch there be some major flaw no one is realizing like… She doesnt do anything for 2 turns.

    Her -3 is fun but she becomes vulnerable. Her +1 is ignore her, and her -7 is bonfire of the damned for 1

    She is nifty, but not game breaking. That I saw right away.

    • Santo

       You know – its actually kinda refreshing to see nifty cards that aren’t game breaking.

      • Wisdomseyes

        My comment is mostly referring to the “what the hell” and “how is this fair?” comments that piled up within seconds of this cards spoil.

        • Busterswrd_maniac

           don’t forget about curse of deathshold as well, gives all critters enchanted player controls -1/-1

        • Santo

           I think they are mostly casual players that haven’t been jaded by years of seeing cards with really interesting and fun abilities die bitter deaths because of some flaw they have in constructed.

          Im kinda in the same boat. i want to play her but i dont see her ultimate as all that game changing, and if shes just a vindicate then there are more efficient ways to accomplish what her purpose would be in that case. Otherwise shes buffing for most the game.

          Maybe if she were cheaper, but she just isnt that relevant right now. it really sucks because i would want to play her if that werent the case.

          • craig pelton

            maybe..but being bg shes really easy to get out on the second turn in modern, (birds and dark ritual)..granted you need luck but you always need some luck with these things..that early in the game her +1 will protect easy enough to get her final by the 5th…haste, maybe a fire whip you win the game..understandably im sure she wont be the best..still fun possibilities

      • Wisdomseyes

        Additionally, planes walkers after jace have really all been that way.

    • Guest

       Was it? LOL! I think you didn’t saw the Troll Zumbie guy ;) Best card spoiled yet.

  • Marcus Willis

    I do love me some GB

  • Chomby0886

    hahahaha so awesome

  • Chomby0886

    3 1/1 black ASSASSINS lol. creepin while yo sleepin. And best not try to hurt her either, cuz youll end up dying over it. lolol

  • Busterswrd_maniac

    all of the yes for my G/B tracker deck

  • Dylan

    these assassin tokens better look awesome. its the deal breaker for me lol

    • Garryn

      If not, I’ll post some custom ones I make with Ezio from Assassin’s Creed. :P

  • Guest

    okay so vraska, garruk, and lilly o’ the veil same deck

    • Mlundgoldstein

      Both Garruks

      • Guest

        yeah but won’t they sac each other?

        • Guest

          You obviously don’t play them at the same time :) doesn’t mean you cant run both versions of him though

  • Mlundgoldstein

    did anybody else  figure out that those tokens can kill planeswalkers

    • PrimordialClensing

       why would you waste them like that !?!??!?!?!?!!?!?!? for luls? ….good idea :D

      • Mtg_zach

        Planes walkers can’t “lose the game”. Just sayin’.

  • darthmidget

    my infect deck is going to enjoy this card. not only is it brutal as is. but having this card lurking in the shadows would suddenly throw any opponent off guard.

    • Guest

      Infect is rotating :P

      • rev_shad

         only from standard

  • Dafuq

    A card that is just as lethal in multiplayer(if not more) as it is in regular 1 on 1……Ummm YES PLEASE

  • guest

    finally, a good planeswalker! took long enough

    • Zimmer Remmiz


    • esperspirit

      This is actually probably the worst planeswalker..

      • Cfranks

        bs It isn’t ajani goldmane, liliana of the dark realms or memory adept

  • Guest

    People have to stop looking at the supreme. The supreme is usually the worse abillity of the PW, as it is in this case. Her supre makes effect way to late, 3 guys 1/1 at turn 7 aren’t that good. What makes planeswalkers good are the first abilitys (not allways, Gideon for e.g.), do you think that The Mind Sculptor was broken because of his supreme? Great PW, however her supreme is pretty bad.

    • Shala-woofie

      You kidding? Ravnicas gonna be full of cards that will give you quick mana, and you could easily proliferate her, so by the second turn you play her you will have 3 devastating creatures that you can easily make unblockable, and bam win, so well see soon ;3

      Remember, she comes in almost ready to play her supreme right off the bat with 5 counters on her, plus her +1 abbility will make people think twice about attacking her

      • Mister_lobster

        Proliferate rotates out when she comes in.

      • FROZR2

        Lol proliferate

      • esperspirit

        She can still take damage with her plus one ability.

    • Cloudenvy

       lolwut? Combos must not be a thing, I guess…obviously making those tokens unblockable and swinging for game isn’t realistic in a deck that provides more than enough time to build up Considering land search, creature destruction, fog and all around just big monsters? There’s every way in the world to keep this beauty alive.

    • Zimmer Remmiz

      I recommend using Doubling Season, Birds of Paradise, Dark Ritual, Parallel Lives, and other things to make her completely ludicrous…

  • I´m guesing that Green/black gonna be overrun powered…

  • AnonymousPlayer

    DreadBore…nuff’ said.

  • Vraska + peebling season. Nuff’ Said.

  • rev_shad

    happy to see a new walker but not all that happy because  the only deck i run with the right colors she wouldn’t work in at all. i was really hoping for Ral Zarek he had better show up during this block

  • SiktransiT


  • Siktransit


  • Kcbninja

    first test… does she protect herself… YES YES 1000 times yes ;)

    • Anon

      Actually… no she doesn’t. It says creature that deals damage to her. That means she can still be damaged.. seriously, this card is not anything close to what people think it is.

  • Forlar

    ABSOLUTELY BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Forlar

    no wonder they made dreadbore

  • i like this alot

  • Mlundgoldstein

    hey look she makes mini Phage the Untouchables

  • Aizaterror

    Green is growing on me now… (hah, get it? growing…)

  • best planeswalker art ever! just amazingly beautiful art! and the card itself is glorious!

  • the new jaces plus 1 was meant to couter this it seems…

    • Flickerfan

      yeah, but being Golgari you could always make use of the scavenge mechanic + Corpsejack Menace + Rancor just in case there are bockers

  • Rammus

    doubling season! come back to standard PLS

  • Timmy

    Parallel lives. That is all

  • Powerhutt

    Fit perfectly in my R/G/B Kessig Wolf Run Deck. Trampling Assassins :D

  • Jaynohuru

    Im really going to like running a new planeswalker into my already built deck. Golgari is an amazing looking guild so far. They personify death and decay. They also make good use out of their fallen comrades (scavenge)  This to me is a potent mix. I do to also agree that the Assassin tokens better look amazing (maybe ezio covered in dead plant matter wouldnt hurt) but ehh

  • Firestorm75

    Chandra’s Fury = Goodbye Assassins

    • Gabriel Chase

      These days you could also include Illness in the Ranks, Shrivel, Anger of the Gods…

  • stam

    stupid planeswalker ….allready banned………….

  • Zimmer Remmiz

    She isn’t broken, but she can be broken, if you know what I mean…

  • Bobbynibbles

    You guys do realize that the Assassin tokens are only 1/1? Those will die to a sneeze. This planeswalker is pretty underwhelming in my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      Not to mention that it will be literally impossible for her to reach seven counters. Peeps need to learn how to read cards…

  • Immobley

    Guys, you realize people can still attack her AND damage her, right? Also, burn spells, dreadbore, detention sphere, o-ring, detain… This card will never ultimate. There are counters for it no matter what you play.

  • Azorius Herald

    Detain to kill.

  • Jmac

    so how are you able to activate the -7 ability if she takes damage in order to gain +1… anyone know? :S

  • Ben

    So I was in late game with a friend and he had a Vraska and Chrandra on the field. My board was wiped and all I had left was lands and a Blood Artist in my hand. He ulted Vraska, and it was my turn. Lo and behold, I drew a GOLGARI CHARM! -1 -1 to all creatures >:D He had three life left, so I threw down that Blood Artist with a smile and tapped that green and black mana… SUCK IT ASSASSINS.

  • I got her today from a booster pack at target! My sisters boyfriend was kinda mad that I got her because I rarely buy magic cards.

  • Radek Lesnauu

    Vraska is amazing! On destroy deck shes -3 skill just win the game destroying Planewalkers. Shes -7 is god. I won some games using assassins giving them hexpuff inmidate (Hideous Visage and Aspect of Mongoose).