• Zeph

    From what I can see, this reads the following:

    Exile target creature or planeswalker.
    You gain 2 life.

    • Tremagon

      I agree. Seems to be that.

    • Tony Delfino

      couldn’t tell if that was a 2 or a 7, but yes

      • Zeph

        I’m honestly not too sure about the 2, but if the cost really is 2BB (I’m having a hard time deciphering that too), then it probably is.

    • Hedronal

      Instant exile on creature or planeswalker, hello price tag.

      • Zombie

        It will be about the same as Utter End. It has literally no value outside of Standard, as cheaper CMC cards already do its job better elsewhere.

        Utter End was played quite a bit but it was never a pricey card, and it was better than this.

        • Hedronal

          Fair point, albeit this has the upside of being mono-colored.

          • Zombie

            True, but Utter End existed during the cancerous reign of Abzan, and tagging along were random Mardu lists. Its 2 color cost wasn’t prohibitive in the slightest to decks that actually wanted a 4 mana “kill that thing f***ing dead” removal spell.

  • Fael

    This seems to be a “story spotlight” card… Will she turn a planeswalker into stone?

    • Marvin Sürig

      Please be Jace. Please be Jace.

      • CnBCustoms

        Probably Gideon because Hazoret told him something like “you won’t always be invincible”.

        • Marvin Sürig

          Today there was a spoiler where Gideon was defeated by Nicol Bolas called Gideons defeat pretty sure Hazorets words already became true.

          • CnBCustoms

            Fair enough.

    • Miztickow

      It does say exile, which fits the flavor of turning to stone according to what they’ve done in the past.

  • Kevin Johnstone

    It clearly reads ‘vraskas CONQUEST”

    • Rovkir Hexus

      No, the lower stick on the q is too far to the right. I think it says Cornucopia.

      • Lord Gonti Of The Orzov Networ

        I think it says contempt

        • Rovkir Hexus

          I could see that.

    • Dave


    • Hedronal


  • Jojo The Magical Elf

    She’s destroying Chandra, think about it, Chandra is the only without a defeat in HOU

    • Jacob Kodicovic

      Actually, Chandra’s Defeat was just spoiled

  • NC

    Vraska’s Cunnil-no, probably not.

  • Scathain

    Yay, Vraska! The card itself is a decent effect, but should cost 1 less (making it just a tad better than Hero’s Downfall).

    • Landon Martin

      yeah, because that would be completely fair in standard

    • Random Guy


    • kasigah

      A tad better? It’s already exiling instead of destroying, AND it’s gaining you life. I’d say all of those are a fair trade for one freaking mana.

  • MrAptronym

    I like where this is at. 4 mana isn’t cheap, but instant speed, exile, and hitting both planeswalkers and creatures are very nice. The lifegain rider is a good bonus as well.

    • Chris Tomsky

      Agreed! Losing Grasp of Darkness will suck, but Fatal Push can still cover the early 1-2 CMC stuff along with unsummon, then counterspells can cover 2 CMC and up, and this can clean up the stuff you miss in the mid and late game. This beats Walk the Plank by a lot. Its basically a Hero’s Downfall +2 life that Exiles for 1 more mana. Not a bad deal at all!

  • kmk888

    This seems important because as it stands, this card and Harnessed Lightning might be the only things stopping Glorybringer from total Standard domination.