• chad

    best art!!!

  • I can’t wait to kill a Kraken with this…

  • Aurore

    So it can’t hit Merfolk but I can still kill fish, sea serpents, krakens, octopi, leviathans, and things with flying. Got it.

  • colin

    I want that art of this card is all my casual decks that use swamps.

  • Guest

    Some pirates tell Urza to walk the plank.

  • Shagoth

    My god, fifty foot long serpents can’t attack without water, but god forbid if they get thrown off of a ship that’s smaller than them, they’ll die. And I thought serpents couldn’t get any worse.

    Really good card, though. Better than Victim of night by a mile, all of the tribes mentioned in that card are sporadically spread throughout various black decks.

    • Vizzerdrix

      However instant vs sorcery, and tbh I think the tribe restrictions are about the same

      • Shagoth

        Wow, I didn’t catch that. I do believe that non Merfolk is better than all of the stuff excluded by night because Merfolk are mostly in one deck while you’ll see some random ghoul scattered across modern, but being an instant makes that card superior.

  • Cthulhooo

    Ok. Now I need to know how do you put consulate flagship on a plank and make it sink.

    • Vizzerdrix

      You’re going to need a bigger boat

    • Friedrich

      How about the Eldrazi Titans? :D I feel like this card has even more logic errors than fatal push.

  • PrissyRose

    really good art, and definitely a flavor win :D

  • Heartless Zio

    Christopher Moeller art FTW

  • Robert FakeLastName

    So this can’t kill merfolk because they can swim, but it can still kill fish, octopus, and leviathan?

    • Friedrich

      This probably can’t kill merfolk because the main part of the Pirates will be merfolk. I think this is a more story than logic orientated card design.
      Besides “Destroy target non-fish, non-leviathan, non-merfolk and non-octopus creature.” would be a bit to long of a text for a card that is as simple as this.

      • Robert FakeLastName

        “destroy target non- sea creature”. :P

    • Hedronal

      Those can’t reliably survive being in the air long enough. Also apparently they have some really big planks.

  • Happy The Cat

    you can make Ghost Ship walk the plank.
    just think about that.

    • Gord

      It’d totally just regenerate anyway

    • Petr Luzakov

      Walk dat plank, Emrakul

  • galen150

    so merfolk are gonna be a tribal in this set it would seem….. otherwise this card is just 2 black kill anything more or less


      Tribes are Dinosaurs, Merfolk, Pirates, and Vampires

      • DJPad

        That’s quite a random collection of trbibes. Not really sure why Vampires are included.

        Would have been nice if they pushed another creature types like skeletons, djinn (fit treasure sub-theme) witches (more curses), monkey/ape (fit jungle theme)

        • Hedronal

          Vampires are in the role of conquistadors.

  • Shagoth

    I like to think that walking the plank would dehydrate non merfolk sea creatures until they die, which is before they jump into their water. Merfolk can survive both on water and land.

  • Jude

    ;3; this whole set, anyone with pirates is gonna be abusing the arrrg

    • DarthinvaderIX

      The arrRNG*

  • Random Guy


    But this is incredibly strong in standard, I highly doubt Merfolk will be competitive.

  • Bostorket

    Note: it can kill fish *magikarp-flops the plank*

  • Mini Zem

    Number of Black creatures in Magic (Before Ixalan): 1,963
    Number of Merfolk in Magic (Before Ixalan): 158

    It’s Official: Walk the Plank hits more creatures than Doomblade

    • Happy The Cat

      yeah but it costs bb not 1b, that kinda hurts. meanwhile terminate is rb and just kills it. red makes the best black kill spells.

  • logic

    *colossal whale walks the plank*

    • Nadorou

      To be fair it might not survive the actual plank-walking part of walking the plank.

      • Bostorket

        I don’t think the plank will survive the colossal whale.

        • Happy The Cat

          Yeah but now the ship that the whale walked the plank on broke into several pieces that are now jabbed into the whale, causing it to bleed out, thus destroying Colossal Whale.

          • Bostorket

            AND the crew.

            But in all seriousness, let’s try see them force Cloud Elemental on the plank.

          • Hedronal

            “without flying” would have made sense here. Might have changed the function though.

          • Bostorket

            A little bit. Just another silly thing to lump on the ‘Magic y u no make sens’ pile.

          • Hedronal

            Also how do you get a wall onto the plank? Or a juggernaut?

          • Bostorket

            At this point I’m convinced the plank is made out of emblems and frayed sanity (not the one from HoD).

          • Hedronal

            Actually nevermind, now that that article says so it seems obvious that the plank-owners would weigh the creature down first.

  • Tragic

    If it were instant, then we’d have something to discuss. It’s not bad, but it’s not a Doom Blade by any stretch.

  • Vizzerdrix

    I really like this card bc it a) makes sense flavorwise b) makes no sense flavorwise. Haha pirates walk the plank sure, oh and it’s a creature with flying/islandwalk/lives in the water/something mostly inanimate/can’t physically walk or fit in a ship/is a ship that’s fine

  • Bostorket

    “I wonder if those sharks had to walk the plank too…”