• Kevan Kramer

    This guy is amazing if just waste only decks become a thing, but I am doubtful of that.

    • EJ

      There would have to be other cards which either care about Wastes or which allow you to dump a bunch of basic lands onto the field, or which create token lands called Wastes, or which convert lands or other permanents into lands called Wastes.

      But this at least is the first incentive for drafting Wastes.

      • JD Farrell

        Pretty sure there will be more cards that care about Wastes. They’ve said that’s why this card exists, they want to reward players for playing Wastes, and with them in two common slots it seems pretty likely.

        And if you splash some Green there’s a fair amount of options for dumping basic lands.

    • Jazzyboy1

      Waste only decks will definitely be a thing in EDH, because completely colourless EDH decks are already a thing. So this guy will see play in some decks at least.

      • Jaya

        thats false. I got a couple of colorless decks and none want wastes. Theres a ton of colorless lands with good effects in mtg…
        This wont see play in commander but its great for limited pick if you make a colorless wastes deck.

        • Nick Hannah

          Ummm, there are people out there who don’t like to spend 10$ for a rare just because it’s a colorless land and they need it for their colorless EDH decks. I will play this in my commander deck.

          • DJ Pad

            Umm, in attempt to dispel this myth (which seems to exist ever since Wastes have been spoiled). Here is a list of land that are strictly better than Wastes in a colorless EDH deck (and their price bracket). AS you can see, there are a good 40 lands you can play that are better than Wastes that all cost less than $1:

            $1 and under:

            1. Archaeological Dig
            2. Blasted Landscape
            3. Blinkmoth Well
            4. Buried Ruin
            5. Crystal Vein
            6. Darksteel Citadel
            7. Desert
            8. Dread Statuary
            9. Encroaching Wastes
            10. Foundry of the Consuls
            11. Gargoyle Castle
            12. Ghost Quarter
            13. Ghost Town
            14. Glimmerpost
            15. Gods’ Eye, Gate to the Reikai
            16. Griffin Canyon
            17. Haunted Fengraf
            18. Mage-Ring Network
            19. Maze of Shadows
            20. Mouth of Ronom
            21. Opal Palace
            22. Phyrexia’s Core
            23. Quicksand
            24. Radiant Fountain
            25. Rath’s Edge
            26. Rogue’s Passage
            27. Sanctum of Ugin
            28. Seraph Sanctuary
            29. Sheltered Valley
            30. Shrine of the Forsaken Gods
            31. Spawning Bed
            32. Springjack Pasture
            33. Stalking Stones
            34. Temple of the False God
            35. Terminal Moraine
            36. Tomb of the Spirit Dragon
            37. Unknown Shores
            38. Unstable Frontier
            39. Urza’s Factory
            40. Zoetic Cavern

            1. Ally Encampment
            2. Arcane Lighthouse
            3. Cathedral of War
            4. Mishra’s Factory
            5. Mystifying Maze
            6. Terrain Generator
            7. Urza’s Mine
            8. Urza’s Tower
            9. Urza’s Power Plant

            1. Blinkmoth Nexus
            2. Eldrazi Temple
            3. Eye of Ugin
            4. High Market
            5. Homeward Path
            6. Petrified Field
            7. Reliquary Tower
            8. Scorched Ruins
            9. Sliver Hive
            10. Tectonic Edge
            11. Thespian’s Stage
            12. Tower of the Magistrate


            1. Deserted Temple
            2. Dust Bowl
            3. Miren, the Moaning Well
            4. Scrying Sheets
            5. Strip Mine
            6. Swarmyard
            7. Winding Canyons


            1. Ancient Tomb
            2. Cavern of Souls
            3. Command Beacon
            4. Inkmoth Nexus
            5. Mikokoro, Center of the Sea
            6. Mutavault
            7. Rishadan Port
            8. Wasteland

      • DJPad

        These will only see play in some budget EDH deck, because running lands that only produce colorless but also have an ability is better than running lands that do not.

  • EJ

    This is awesome. 4 Walker of the Wastes, 56 Wastes coming to a Pro Tour near you.

    • DJ Pad

      Sure, all your opponent needs is 4 removal spells and you auto-lose.

  • Happy The Cat

    Nightmare is six mana, doesn’t have trample and has no base stats and was just reprinted two sets ago as a rare. are they trying to make colorless strictly stronger than every color?

    • Jazzyboy1

      Nightmare has flying and can get pretty big if you’re running mono-black. It was never really worthy of being Rare, but saying it doesn’t have trample or any other stats is kinda misleading when it has evasion.

      • nightshade88

        Yep, also forgot about it having flying XD

    • nightshade88

      Having it work with “lands named wastes” is the only thing that keeps it from being strictly better than nightmare.
      Unless they release a ton of colorless-only cards and/or artifacts, it power pumping will be very situational as for a functional deck most of the time you can’t rely only on basic lands, let alone only on basic lands that produce colorless mana.

      Nightmare benefits from dual-lands and utility swamps, while this card is only pumped up by Wastes and can a deck containing only wastes be all that competitive?

      Remember that each wastes you use is an utility/colored land less you can have in your deck, possibily cutting you off from other more useful spells.

      This said… It is still quite a powerful body with trample for a decent cost ^_^

    • Tzenmoroth

      Nightmare is power level wise, probably in the bottom 20% or so of black cards and I think I’m being generous. Its significantly below the power curve for constructed formats. Making a strictly better version that is closer to the power curve is not a sign of power creep. This card though actually feels worse. If your entire mana base is basic colorless lands, you can only play colorless cards. You lose access to a lot off goodies that black gets. Maybe there will be enough powerful colorless-only cards to warrant a deck full of wastes but even then, I’d rather play a deck full of pain lands and filter lands and the like to have access to colored cards in addition to colorless-only cards.

  • Kameenook

    This thing is freaky-deaky, seems a neat way to use and abuse Wastes in colorless EDH.

  • Jaya

    Dunno what to say about this, the way I see it doesnt have a place in anywhere, its still good for a 4/4 or 5/5 tramplers for 5 in limited, but most of times you want to pick 1 color or 2 and have a couple of filter lands to add the colorless symbol so you can get a good pick in limited instead of forcing yourself to be just colorless for this card only.
    In commander wont see play, colorless is runned by artifacts shenenigans not lands and usually the lands it has, all have epic 2nd effects that wont need to run 1 single wastes.
    So far is very easy to run 1/2 colors and add the colorless mana somewhere so this alone isnt enought to force you to run a wastes deck.

  • Zombie

    Could be a massive creature late game.

    With 5 Wastes deck this is a 9/9 for 5 w/ trample.

    If colorless is big enough in Standard, this could be a thing.

  • Spark0fPrimus

    All this needs is an Urborg for Wastes to be good…and given the context of the Eldrazi in this set it would make sense to print one.

    • AlaAlba

      Wastes isn’t a Basic Land Type. It’s a typeless basic land. This card checks based on name not type. The card you’re talking about would require serious rules alterations to work for very little benefit. (Which by the way is the stated reason Wastes doesn’t have a basic land type. They didn’t want to mess with the rules.)

  • Stef

    Kozileks brood does look a lot cooler than those of Ulamog or Emrakul.