• Gord

    This is really good – a 0/6 (fortified rampart was actually solid for BFZ limited) and a 3/3 haste (not relevant early when you need to tap your new manland to cast the spell, but still) for 3 mana. You can even blink the wall to get more of the 3/3s. Possibly using the new white flicker machine (also an excellent 3 cmc creature).

    • Trevor Terry

      Or you can blink the wall to pump your 3/3 into a 6/6

  • Jay Kilian

    Solid. Kind of like a Blade Splicer with a stronger body, in effect, though it puts a land at risk.

  • That Guy

    I love it. 3 mana for 2 really decent bodies is awesome. I’ll be drafting this a lot.

  • Happy The Cat

    3/3 for three is good enough, the 0/6 you actually cast is a bonus.