Hmm… Maybe it’s a friend of Vanguard of Calculus and Sentinel of Algebra

    • Ben Ehren

      and together they summon Trigonomitrus.

  • Happy The Cat

    oh god… not MATH!!!

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    I’d like to give proper analysis on this card, if I could just get the right angle on it.

    • Kotadis

      Very versitile card similar to steward of valeron. Where you are given many options:
      1. You can attack then tap it for mana
      2. You can attack and save as a blocker then when you use as a blocker also tap it for some kind of instant <– (Most effecient use.)
      3. If you are in a bad position you dont need to attack and u can just use as manaramp

      Kinda sad about 3 toughness though. it couldve been a 2/4 in my opinion or a 1/4 for that matter (so it doesnt die to 3 damage burn spells)

      • Kychow17

        It was a math joke lol

        • Kotadis

          oh wait im stupid
          and also cant read i didnt see “Angle”

          • Phoenix UNBENCHED

            lol I owe you a drink. I needed a good laugh today.
            Solid analysis, btw ;P

        • Phoenix UNBENCHED

          shh ;P