• unsweeticetea

    umm… erm… don’t know what to do with this…

  • unsweeticetea

    i just realized… it kills Doran.

    • DJ Pad

      Also kills deceiver exarch, pestermite, jace, snapcaster, spellskite etc.

      • unsweeticetea

        but… doran…

  • Taxle

    exiles jace, combat trick, end of enemy turn ramp, counters roast and the goblin token spells, kills every creature except zurgo in tapped out atarka red deck and stuff i cant think of right now. seem legit

    • Ben Ehren

      the things you can’t think of: counters most wraths.

  • Exyrea

    well i need like 12 copies

  • Dave

    Wow! Pretty flexible.

  • Ultramegalord

    Die hangerback walker for 2 die.

    • Judd Madden

      only if he comes with one counter into play.

      • Ultramegalord

        What do you think the “for 2” was referencing my fine feathered friend?

        • SirMannyOrtiz

          X = 2?

          • Happy The Cat

            x =1 xx=2
            enters as a 1/1

        • MrAptronym

          I thought you were saying ‘for 2 mana I kill you’ referencing this card’s cost.

  • Ultramegalord

    I love this card! It does 4 things , exile , counter, create a tokens and depending how you use / time it it’s also ramp

  • Gord

    This does everything, not on a big scale, but it only cost 2! The colorless requirement is a small hoop that most decks will be able to jump through just in the normal course of things. Crazy good

  • graymalkin86

    Anti-wrath tech for any EDH deck? I’m sure some decks might try running it just for that.

  • GreyVulture

    too bad this isn’t tribal-eldrazi, or it would have been a nice addition for the Bx processors decks in modern. As it is, i’m not sure if it’s worth considering.

  • Steve Baker

    Colorless charm is go!

  • kk

    works well alongside with Jace..

    You can kill creatures with power 3…

  • Guest

    They really should have named it Void Charm… I like it nonetheless.

  • Happy The Cat

    one of my friends has a dubstep themed deck, most every card in it is foil and he has spent a little too much on it, good thing he has a birthday coming up.

  • kmk888

    Really conditional. The last mode is a fleeting benefit and likely to not be worth a card. The second mode is the flashiest as it protects you from wraths for just 2 mana. And the first mode is good against Jace. But I don’t see this being maindeckable in Standard unless there are some other high value, low power creatures running around.

  • Mika Gouzee

    Finally something sweet against Mother of Runes. Yeaaaah.

  • James Harris

    Excessively solid card in a deceptive package. Its a counterspell for aggro decks against wrath. Its instant speed ramp to get your walkers or finishers out early in control. It exiles pesky utility creatures and more to fuel processors.