Wayfaring Temple from Return to Ravnica Spoiler Wayfaring Temple from Return to Ravnica Spoiler
Wayfaring Temple - Return to Ravnica Spoilers

Wayfaring Temple

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Wayfaring Temple’s power and toughness are equal to the number of creatures you control.

Whenever Wayfaring Temple deals combat damage to a player, populate.

  • Madou Diallo

    Lingering souls? Might actually see play and it will be pretty good in limited.

    • Higa

       Wasn’t Lingering Souls not seeing play because it was banned?

  • Kenneth Mebus

    Not bad at all honestly. I’m currently building a G/W Token-esc deck and I could see him being quite useful for it.

  • I’m kinda curious as to why this is not at least an Elemental Golem or even just a Golem. Its a building apparently which feels like not-an-elemental-at-all to me.

    • Mullerornis

       Golems are artifact creatures. This is an elemental, which is “natural”.

      • Correct, it is indeed an elemental…. THAT USES A TEMPLE AS A FRIGGING ARMOR XD

      • While I suppose that every (non-changeling) Golem is an artifact creature I don’t think that they have to be artifacts to be golems in all honesty. Golem as a word can also be applied to large, mindless automatons which is part of my feeling here. (Maybe not mindless in this case though) I mean, it is sort of an ‘artificial’ creature considering it is a wandering temple, eh? :P

  • MugiwaraLee1992

    Everyone, may i introduce to you the new MoE. 

  • Stan Lee

    two words: Cackling Counterpart