• Ultramegalord

    Yup white black zombie gets another toy

    • Curt Vandruff

      time to rebuild my b/w zombie deck from soi/moon, so many new toys … wizards is “always watching” the “relentless dead”

  • Shagoth

    Almost wish this was a legend, it would be the perfect w/b commander.

    • Zombie

      If this was a Legend, giving Zombie tribal access to a zombie general and simultaneously the suite of white removal and token pumps would be busted.

      I need it

  • Chromasticore

    Zombie tribal is going to be pretty strong in Standard

  • NC

    oh lawdy

  • prplprince

    So I might have found a reason to reenter standard

  • Robert Burns Jr

    nothings says OP as hell like free extort for all your zombies and zombie tokens….

    • prplprince

      ikr the only thing left that zombies need to be truly OP is a sin collector/tidehallow type effect. Man this set is trying really hard to get me to come back into standard and play my fav color combo

      • Curt Vandruff

        Don’t forget that zulaport does the same thing when they die

        • Jay Kilian

          And that Plague Belcher pings for 1 on zombie death.

          • prplprince

            so drop the counters on a zombie token ping for 2 gain a life have big beats?! Yeah I’m liking BW zombies

          • Curt Vandruff

            Even better, also you can use the counters to kill off a zombie

    • CnBCustoms

      Slightly worse extort, but your point stands.

  • Ethan White

    t1- gravecrawler
    t2- this guy
    t3- phyrexian altar

    • Rocket Raccoon

      Pitty it’s not Modern legal card! That would be hilarious, at least Legacy can do it!

      • Robert Burns Jr

        Lotus, white source, any mana, any mana source, these three cards = turn one vintage kill?

    • Bryan Byrne

      Or alternatively

      T1 – gravecrawler
      T2 – this guy
      T3 – Nantuko Husk / Diregraf Colossus

      • Kameenook

        Phyrexian Altar goes infinite is the point.

    • Jacob Anderson

      Didn’t Zulaport Cutthroat and Blood Artist already do this? I guess this is more flavorful, but harder to cast.

  • Robert Burns Jr

    from under the floorboards through madness with throne of the god-pharoah + this guy on the battlefield…..from under the floorboards for like 5…..7 mana, gain 10 life, opponent loses 5 now and 5 eot, you gain 5 creatures

    • sansmyhands

      Forget From Under the Floorboards, Rise from the Tides!

  • Kaiser

    life gaining with a zombie? Nicol Bolas what have you done?!

    • Curt Vandruff

      Bolas just killed zulaport cutthroat and made it a creature type etc rather then a general death clause

  • Zombie

    Might actually be borderline playable as an alternate wincon in Dredge/Manaless in Legacy.

    On most turns you go off you’re getting well over 20 zombies from BFB triggers, and on turns you don’t combo kill this just oozes value off of your Prized Amalgam returns and incremental board building with BFB triggers.

    Not even joking this might see Legacy play.

    • prplprince

      Serious question though how would you get this guy on the board in manaless dredge? Because casting a dread return on it seems a bit looser then just doing it the way they do it now just an observation.

      • Zombie

        It would be the same as reanimating a Flayer of the Hatebound, except this wins off of BFB triggers rather than needing creatures to stick. This drains them on every single BFB trigger, making it possible to grind a win out with it and have the same lethal OTk potential as Flayer.

        PLUS Flayer only really combos with Grave Troll, while this just passively wins the game as BFB goes off.

      • Zombie

        Let me put it this way:

        If you reanimate this instead of Flayer of the Hatebound, you can have a multi-line wincon threat while pursuing the reanimation of Flame-Kin Zealot.

        Assuming you’re on the average T2 OTK play in Manaless: Balustrade Spy yourself, Dread Return Wayward Servant, Cabal Therapy for 4 triggers, Cabal Therapy for 4 triggers, Cabal Therapy for 4 triggers, Cabal Therapy for 4 triggers. You haven’t even unleashed your wincon and that’s 16 BFB triggers that drains for 16 life. Then you reanimate Flame-Kin Zealot and attack for 54 damage.

        And if THAT doesn’t kill them, somehow, then they’re drained for another 4 life when the Prized Amalgams come into play on your end step.

        That’s 74 potential damage they have to answer by the bottom of Turn 2, and a large chunk of it they have to deal with before you even present your lethal attack, 20 in total drain over the course of a turn.

        Flayer of the Hatebound only works once everything’s already set up.

        This kills AS you set up for your lethal attack. It’s a multi-layered threat.

        Either they die to the Wayward Servant as you set up a Flame-Kin attack, or they die to the Flame-Kin attack.

  • Minizem

    Hm, perhaps zombies ain’t so bad.

    • Zombie

      I heard that

  • Kameenook

    Oooohhhhh white traditionally isn’t a color I want in my zombie decks, but at only two mana this ain’t bad.

    • ymmij X

      but embalm makes it great. every embalmer becomes a white zombie

    • Curt Vandruff

      I actually did well with a w/b zombie deck in soi/moon standard, this just makes me want to rebuild the deck

    • Jay Kilian

      Tidehollow Sculler is a strong W/B zombie. Plus white gets you Path and some sideboard tech.

  • the mad seer

    great for my death flicker deck.

  • Vincent Godin-Filion

    Wayward Servant seems lonely out in the desert by himself. Let’s ask 13 zombies from the [Army of the Damned] to join him in his pilgrimage. ;)

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    I need a legendary creature to support this. Help.

    • Jay Kilian


    • VoiceofKane

      Unlikely, but I’d really like to see a WUB Zombie/token commander in HOU.

  • Daniel Kaine Allen

    If this set can’t convince me to build a zombie deck, nothing will

  • elephant tree

    he’s complaining all the time: “to my honor they promissed me a pyramid…. i will wander around and annoy them with my stinking pressence until they will grab some of those brick counters to build something great…..”
    Isn’t this an embalm-token with a creaturetyp-identity-crisis?

  • kmk888

    Maaan I had my colors all figured out for my zombie deck too, it was supposed to be UB. Oh well, I love life drain effects! This is awesome!