• Wildspeaker

    Good madness enabler, and with enough mana, 2 cards for the price of one

    • Daniel Kaine Allen

      Great madness enabler, card advantage, and token creature maker.

  • Edward

    This card seems really good. It does a lot but I am not sure how it will all play out in a game. It defintely will be good in commander though

  • Rœkja

    Come on, so close. Just give us a couple cards with “Horror creatures you control have (insert p/t or an ability)”. So… Painfully… Close…

  • Ultramegalord

    Wow any discard outlet just got better

  • Arcus Diabolus

    ok, so thing in the ice is going to have a LOT more friends in this set.

    • munkeemanometal

      Pretty sure this is not what the Thing in the Ice deck wants. Thing wants instants and sorcery, this wants creatures.

      • Arcus Diabolus

        I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t hurt to have at least a few horrors that won’t get bounced by thing in the ice.

        Do you have any idea how many thing in the ices I have let transform because it literally bounces everything else its controller was using to block or utility only to remove it before it could attack?

        If all you are using it for is to bounce stuff, then you are wasting a great horror tribal support card.

        • munkeemanometal

          If it required you to just discard any card, I could see it maybe being ok, but feeding this a constant stream of creatures seems tough in a deck that wants an even steadier stream of instant and sorcery spells. I’m not sure if the Thing in the Ice deck really wants to be a Horror tribal deck. It wouldn’t mind other Horrors that work with the plan it already has, and that can pull their own weight, I just don’t think this is one of those, it seems too slow, conditional, and low impact to me.

  • Jaya

    I was starting to think there werent going to be human horror/human eldrazi, glad to see 1.

    • Daniel Kaine Allen

      Glad its a horror creature though, tad more useful.

  • munkeemanometal

    I kind of just wish this was a Zombie. Maybe Wizards tried that during design but it was deemed to powerful (which it probably wasn’t). Cool card but I doubt it will see any competitive play, unless some crazy graveyard shenanigans synergy deck actually ends up being both good and wants random tokens and 2 mana 1/1’s (which seems unlikely).

    • Edward

      Yeah i wish it was zombie and produced zombies. This is what zombies need for standard.

      • kmk888

        My tears just keep coming. Who will keep my relentless dead company?

        • Edward

          Hopefully we will see something similar for zombies. The tribe has gotten Gisa and Geralf so far and that is it for good zombie support cards.

          • kmk888

            We didn’t need 4 drops though… The deck literally only needs 1s and 2s

          • Edward

            Yeah i know. I am glad we got it but it isn’t what we needed. I am still hoping for Gravecrawler to get a reprint because it would be perfect for the deck

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Awesome, I finally got my alienist. I love the Human Horror type.

  • kmk888

    I called this design in SOI but it didn’t make it until EMN. Skulk, madness, and delirium were meant to go together on a Looter il-Kor. Tragic it’s not a zombie.

  • Jacob Christensen

    Make it so

  • Hedronal

    My first reaction: “Oh hell the heck yes!”. This is low-cost, evasive, draw, madness and tokens all in one place.

  • Jonathan Mueller

    Great card aside, _Human Horror_ is also a pretty cool type combination.

  • Andy Upton

    sultai dredgevine found a draw engine!