• Ultramegalord


  • kmk888

    This card is the reason Lupine Prototype is an artifact.

    Man they really wanted Delirium to be a deck. And they are going to be happy, because it’s too good not to play at this point

  • DapperRaptor

    does this have a spot in my 8 rack deck?

    • Well, Hymn is pretty good.

    • kmk888

      That depends on the number of card types you typically have in your yard. Although since that deck plans to empty the entire hand every game it won’t be as potent that the cards are random.

    • MrAptronym

      Not going into my modern discard. Random is nice when they have a bunch of cards in hand, but this card is not really worth playing without delirium. If you could get the delirium reliably on turn 2 that would be nice, but given what 8-rack tends to run I very much doubt it.

  • Nolly

    Delirium gets a shroudless mongoose, a 3-mana 4/4 trample hexproof, a more splashable tourach, an awesome removal card, and even a cheaper emrakul, among all their other toys?
    If Delirium doesn’t become a deck in either an aggro or control form I’m going to be really surprised.

    • kmk888

      Don’t forget the best 4 drop no one plays, Mindwrack Demon

      • Nolly

        Yeah I just didn’t include it because it doesn’t have a relevant delirium ability but its an automatic 4-of in any delirium deck regardless of shape or form.

    • Jay Kilian

      It’s just challenging to get delerium early and can’t be relied on. The cards are underpowered without delerium. A good sac artifact or two would be ideal.

      • Nolly

        “Challenging to get delirium early.”
        You all keep saying that and yet i see vessel, gather pack, corpse churn…
        Its not nearly as hard as you all seem to think.

        • Vizzerdrix

          Well all this time milling yourself and not setting up a board your going to be miserable where the moongoose is 1 mana 4/4 is 2 mana etc late game aggro doesn’t seem that great to me

          • Nolly

            Its not like dredge decks are a new or particularly weak archetype…

          • Vizzerdrix

            I don’t really see it for standard as much, but I’m also on a slight magic hiatus so I also don’t really know what standard looks like right now I ! See it in modern legacy all ready has hymn maybe they’ll run it as a5-6 whatever,

  • Gord

    super cool – I am loving this set!

  • MTG fan

    What does “at random” mean?

    • kmk888

      They shuffle their cards in front of them and pick one from the pile by rolling a dice

  • Jin-Gitaxis

    All i want is a mind swords reprint.

  • Zombie

    Did standard just get Hymn to Tourach – Lite?

    I think it did.


    • Vizzerdrix

      ive wanted this for so long, i really hope theres a decent way of playing it as a full hymn in modern. problem people will likely have and only if they play it in a mono black build is not having dark ritual for modern, but this version can be played with other colors which freakin awesome and probably makes it more likely to trigger delerium than straight black

      • Gord

        B/G decks running Tarmogoyf will definitely be able to run this as a hymn. Those decks are already running discard effects and coming from someone who remembers playing games when hymns ran rampant, the random discard is much more damaging than the chosen discard

        • Vizzerdrix

          Well goyf is both graves, delirium is just yours so for a full hymn effect it would be later game, vs control fine aggro might be hell bent by then however just one random isn’t bad and bloghtning wasn’t bad in jund

    • Kahai

      I wish, this will unlikely be anywhere near as effective as Hymn, and this doesn’t say Target players. I honestly want more non-creature self discard. That new Wolf Construct basically makes One with Nothing impossible, but i think kmk888’s suggestion Delirium Skeins might be more possible.

      • Nolly

        I dont see how this wont be as effective as hymn. Its already half a hymn at more splashable cost. Then it turns into a better hymn with delirium.
        Its a perfectly playable card.

        • Kahai

          Not if i want to target myself. :P

          And it doesn’t get better than hymn, it just matches the amount of discard.

          • Nolly

            It does get better than hymn, its easier to cast.

            Especially for the green/black/X decks that are gonna be playing this.

          • xxxx

            you want to cast hymn turn 2 in hope of discarding your opponents lands. if he misses his turn 2(++) landdrop(s) you win the game. that’s how hymn works ;D
            so the delirium is a really big downside

      • Zombie

        Self-discard is fine, but not at random.

        Forcing yourself to randomly discard cards unless you only have exactly the cards you want to discard as your hand is kinda dumb.

        • Kahai

          And i play kind of dumb modern decks. :P

    • Nathan Harviala

      Standard just got “Hymn” and Natural Order with this set. Guess which format I am NOT playing?

      • Zombie

        I stopped playing Standard anyway.

        To play competitive decks in Standard you need to spend $ = to what it costs to build a Modern deck every time you lose a block to rotation. It’s stupid.

        • MachSpeedRocket .

          Uh, no. Standard decks typically only cost ~$200 compared to Modern usually running ~$300 just in the lands. It’s cool if you don’t want to build a new Standard deck every rotation and just keep the Modern deck, but saying you pay for a Modern deck every rotation is silly.

          • Scathain

            I am running a $30 rakdos triskaidekaphobia deck in standard, last tournament it ran 1 win, 1 loss, and 1 tie (I killed us both simultaneously with Triskaidekaphobia in the third game). Two of my opponents were running painlands, including the opponent I beat. I’ll only build a standard deck if I can do it cheaply, and will reuse that deck for either modern or casual afterwards.

          • Zombie

            Uhhh…. When I stopped playing Tier 1 Standard decks during Khans block, Tier 1 decks were pushing $700+, and when I played Standard competitively my Standard Jund deck back in RTR Block era was worth over $1000 pre rotation.

            Sure, I could play budget.

            But I like winning too much.

    • Robert FakeLastName

      will this push 8 rack to top tier?

      • Zombie

        Nope. But Grixis/RB Waste Not might disgusting with this because it can easily enable Delirium.

        The problem that 8Rack has is that it has no reliable way to quickly turn on Delirium.

        Unless 8Rack decks start splashing red for Burning Inquiry.

        All of that aside, Modern already has cards like Wrench Mind, Smallpox, etc.

        Discard spells that are just plain good without having to enable Delirium to make them good.

  • munkeemanometal

    Looks like Standard Delirium just got a step closer to being a deck with this. Also kind of creepy how the flavour text might be appropriate to describing the consequences of the actions of myself and every other comment poster on this website… isn’t that weird?….

  • Nebulium

    The most powerful Fallen Empires card just got a situational upgrade. TAKE THAT YOU TERRIBLE SET!

    • MrAptronym

      Very situational. Hymn is still a way better card.

      • David Fields

        Hymn is almost unplayable in a multicolor deck. A case can be made for both.

        • Nolly

          Hymn is also way overpowered by today’s standards. Should be thankful that we can even get the same effect for two mana.

        • MrAptronym

          Sure, this is not strictly worse, but I think it’s a way worse card overall. I would be hard pressed to find a deck or match-up where I would take this over Hymn. Hymn is not unplayable in two color decks, especially in Modern/Legacy and the other eternal formats with stronger mana bases. (But honestly, a lot of discard decks are monoblack anyway)The delirium is a huge issue, Hymn is most potent on your first few turns. Turn 1 and turn 2 Hymn can be devastating. All discard is best when fast. This is half strength when you don’t have delirium.

          Now, I think this is one of the better recent discard spells. It is just not in the same league as Hymn. Looking at modern as an example, this is competing with Wrench Mind. I think this is a much fairer comparison. I am still at this point inclined to choose Wrench Mind, but this is playing more in that area.

  • Blahblahblahbla


  • Melissa Juice

    I’m shocked that this exists. Shocked and excited.

  • Happy The Cat

    this card is great in a vacuum but remember this it is in a block with Madness. however seeing that most madness decks rely on having their own enablers chances are you get a turn to take two cards from them while they just don’t have the mana to use their spells.

    • Nolly

      Madness shouldn’t really be a deterrent for casting something this disruptive.
      Theres a reason Hymn was as good as it was, this is very, very close.

  • Elijah Bones Stewart

    A way more balanced and conditional version of Hymn of Tourach. Fantastic.

  • Robert FakeLastName


  • Robert FakeLastName

    and here i thought wizards was through with printing random discard.