• Matthew Beaver

    Inverted intangible virtue, I approve even if it makes me sad.

  • Necrachilles

    Anyone know what the flavor text says?

  • MrAptronym

    The shame is… I honestly feel like the effect is weaker than Intangible virtue’s? For one more mana you invert token for nontoken, but token effects have always been able to get the best effect out of anthems by getting multiple bodies per card. This card reminds me of the inquisition in the last set. It references something great but misses the mark about why the first was great. (Unless we get a white deck that floods nontoken bodies, maybe a rebel type thing?)

    That said… is this a bad card? No, I can see it being nice some places. (Aforementioned rebels, knight tribal maybe?) But, to me at least, it feels meek in comparison to its cheaper cousin and it is a shame they invited that comparison.

  • Billy Gellerstedt

    With the amount of card draw (throu investigate) white weenie I do think will be atleast a 1.5 deck, provided we get mabye 1 more good 3 or below drop.

    • Zachary Cooper

      What the deck needs is a really good 3 drop. The 2 drop slot is STACKED right now. And the deck wouldn’t suffer if there wasnt a new 1 drop, as there are 3 2/1’s for 1 in standard after rotation. (something along the lines of Brimaz, but that might be pushing it a bit.)

  • graymalkin86

    I’d be terrified to walk into a ruined building and see that lurking above me.

  • Ryū

    Psycho angels are psycho.

  • Darius Chiang

    Good item for Dragonlord Ojutai in standard.

  • Zombie

    I like it. If GW Humans is a thing this will push it over the edge.

    • Zachary Cooper

      I have been brewing a B/W aggro deck. I might switch to mono white if there are a couple more cards to help with consistency. But if my suspicions of the enemy-color tando lands being printed than I’ll stick to B/W.

  • fullbuster

    Given the art I was hoping for some kind of delirant “Luminarch Ascension”… mad angles token anyone?
    Not a bad anthem effect anyway…

    • MonoblackForever

      You’ve had squares, triangles, even rhombuses! Now prepare for “Mad Angles!” They’re all over the place and they’re angry!

  • Happy The Cat

    yeah! cause weenie doesnt need tokens

  • Mr.Mayhem631

    Nice effort was put into translating the name.

    • EddieDeanofIgnorance

      Best I can get from Google Translate (used the handwriting tool to input the symbols) is Endless Surveillance.

      • Kahai

        Damn close, Always Watching is the translation i’m seeing online for this.

  • Nanya

    Oh look, Glorious Anthem is back.

  • Derek Niles

    God I really hope this card isn’t called “White Anthem” lmao

    • a random guy

      it’s called “eternal vigil” apparently

      • Trevor Terry

        Damnit WOTC, you failed on this name. Eternal Vigil sounds so much better.

    • Kahai

      Always Watching

  • Jonathan Mueller

    A nontoken anthem?

    Aw, come on!

    Then again, vigilance on top is a sweet upside.
    And this will be really decent in limited.

  • Kahai

    Always Watching

    That’s the card’s name.

    • Bostorket

      I was going to go with “Gloriousier Anthem”, but yours is probably right.

  • Atarka Effreet

    What’s the flavor text?!?!

    • Happy The Cat

      it’s updated if you want to know now

  • Ceinan Boileau

    What language is this in exactly?

    • wwww

      Seems to be Korean.

  • Blahblahblahbla

    Phew… Dodged a bullet here guys! They almost named this ‘White Power’.


    • Happy The Cat

      pretty sure that was Crusade

  • Arcus Diabolus

    Half tempted to take one of these cards an slap the ADT logo on it.

  • Ajm Iam

    I’m sorry but it just had to be done.