• Kaiser

    So hour of devastation will be the hour of zombie apocalypse?

  • TogetherAlone

    Ok another male angel, are all the angel’s on this plane male?
    Also where are all the demons??? One of Liliana’s demon mastesr is supposed to be on this plane as well.

    • George Robinson

      LOL…all the angels on our plane are male, why not here?

      THey probably haven’t spoiled all the demons yet. I hope.

      • Arcus Diabolus

        If you are referring to Christianity, basically all angels usually don’t have a gender in the first place. Neither male nor female. In almost every source I’ve ever heard of that they do, there are usually also female angels in addition to males.

        I’m no expert, but seeing mtg depict all angels as female up till now triggered a little spree of research on the subject.

        • Kahai

          There were two before now one from a long long time ago and one from Time Spiral block. Some people think those two don’t count.

        • Sam Everett

          the gender of angels in christianity, according to the bible at least (which is kinda the source of information on that) is (like everything in the bible) up for debate. It is generally considered they are genderless, as they are not referred to as biological creatures, but spiritual ones. although, in the bible they are without exception always referred to as male. the only named angels in the book are gabriel, lucifer and micheal (all male) and other not-named angels are referred (have male pronouns) to as males also.

          however, apart from the pronouns, and their names, the bible does not explicitly state they *are* male. much like god himself. god is always referred to as ‘Him’, but the general concensus is that is because of his authority, rather than his actual gender – so the same could be said about angels – so basically; powerful, genderless beings get male pronouns, regardless of their gender (or lack of it) for some reason.

          it’s also argued that in the bible, verse zechariah 5:9 refers to a female angel, with some talk about a woman in the clouds with wings. Although this sounds to us like an angel, generally scholars agree it’s not (for a bunch of reasons). especially (and kinda interestingly) as in early christianity, until about 400ad i thiiiiiink, angels were never depicted with wings.

          from what i could see when i looked a few years back (so hardly definitively), female angels were either extremely rare or non-existant until the late-1700’s-early-1800’s when they started to appear in literature and art. which makes sense with both literature and art becoming way less academic at that time.

          kinda on the same subject, there’s an 1823 poem by Alfred de Vigny about a female angel called ‘Eloa, Sister of the Angels’ which is genuinely the most ‘beautiful’ piece of writing i’ve ever read, and i don’t even like poetry. it’s originally in french but it would take two seconds to google and find an english translation.

          hopefully that’s vaguely interesting to someone! source, history of art degree, studied this literally a tiny bit. p.s. if i’ve spread any misinformation please somebody correct me.

          p.p.s. where are female demons in magic now!?

    • Aurore

      Literally first official card spoiled (outside lands) was a demon.

  • Happy The Cat

    so… is the Hekma a sun, the massive horns everywhere, or a so far unseen thing, cause any of those sound real bad to tear down.

    • BlackPrince 1330

      The Hekma is a magical barrier that protects the city from the desert outside of it.

      • Happy The Cat

        wait, this place is protected from the desert? tf happened to red then? that full art is covered in desert. did wizards actually leave them out of the world?

        • Hedronal

          Protected from the most of it, at least. The Hekma’s main purpose seemed to me to be keeping the unwanted undead out (all dead things reanimate as zombies on Amonkhet).

    • Kaiser

      Hekma is a barrier that protects the city from the most dangerous undeads of the deserts of amonkhet. Most of this plane is a isolate valley of wild zombies, gigantic wurms and a lot of giant mortal creatures. So you can guess what will happen when daddy Bolas return to dispell the barrier

      • Happy The Cat

        yeah, so if you look below this comment, you can see where somebody has already said that.

        • Kaiser

          ups XD i just answers this so quickly that i noticed it later sorry.

  • God Enel

    Please no more fugly male angels.

  • Vincent Godin-Filion

    Nice to see male angels for a change! Now we need female demons. I always thought it was kind of a bit sexist for Magic to always depict angels as females and demons as males.

    • Arcus Diabolus

      That was always intentional.

    • Shagoth

      “For magic”
      In traditional mythos, those are usually depicted that way.
      Also sexist would imply it offending people. Why would people care about that?

  • Random Guy

    Note: it’s common.

  • koliki loki

    strictly weaker serra angel?

    • Hedronal

      More splashable, cycles if you don’t want it.