• Mr.Mayhem631

    Kills your stuff to… And you’re the one using a card to do it.

    • Taxle

      what is with all those bad trolls here?

      • fellwynd

        Just him really. I love this man.

        • Mr.Mayhem631

          Me or Taxle?

      • Vectis

        Yeah, its always the same

  • Ultramegalord

    I’m just happy to see it, surprised they didn’t do a supreme verdict though

    • Nick Sessums

      That is wat it want supreme verdict come back to me

  • Sani

    Damnation too please? It would make a cool mirrored pair, especially with their arts.

  • larryand corn

    what if…what if they reprint damnation at MYTHIC

  • Chi Sarades

    Hey look it’s a non black damnation just what I needed for my mono black commander cough cough f u magic

  • Alex2480

    I couldn’t be more jealous if i was a jellyfish.

  • Alex2480

    I passed up on a chance to get a great condition copy for the price of a well played one a few weeks back.