• Gareth Martin


  • Kaiser

    oh god jisus

  • Bostorket

    People die at the Fair.

  • chad

    *plunk*…just laid an egg!!!

  • Evil Tactics

    If only there were a way for there to be masterpiece versions of the deathlink tokens. Would be so pretty to bust them out onto the battlefield.

    • chad

      go on ebay and look for them there.. there is a guy who makes amazing foils of them

  • Sheebson

    Can’t wait for them to spoil the interplanar patent lawyers.

    Interplanar Patent Lawyer
    When Interplanar Patent Lawyer enters the battlefield, clash with an opponent. If you win, exile target Masterpiece until Interplanar Patent Lawyer leaves the battlefield.

    “That reminds me to remark, in passing, that the very official thing I did, in my administration–and it was on the first day of it, too–was to start a patent office; for I knew that a Mirrodin without a patent office and good patent laws was just a hedron crab, and couldn’t travel any way but sideways or backways.”

  • Ryuji Nichol Pabila

    Uh what A-hole would be sadistic enough to randomly come up with the exact same design as a phyrexian’s this has to be Tezz’s invention right

    • BusinessmanGinger

      I think almost all of these inventions this time around came from the Consulate so yes it is quite possible that he made it.

      • Ryuji Nichol Pabila

        That’s the only explanation that makes sense to me so far lol

    • Kevan Kramer

      Tezzeret is the answer

      • Ryuji Nichol Pabila

        wurmy gonna have some rebels for lunch

  • Happy The Cat

    kind of called this one, still wonderful card. deserved to get an inventions reprint.

  • BusinessmanGinger

    I’m going to try and say this so that I don’t seem like an ungrateful person, which I don’t think I am, I love this card and it needed a reprint, but I just kinda would like to see an explanation for this one since it does come from New Phyrexia and the original had a Phyrexian watermark on it. I guess I’ll try and see if Maro will answer the question on Blogatog but I would definitely be extremely happy to pull one of these in the prerelease :D

    • Zombie

      The Inventions are supposed to be a reimagining of iconic cards to fit their specific plane.

      Like how all of the lands for Expeditions, that weren’t already Zendikar lands like the Fetch lands, were remade in the image of the plane of Zendikar – like they were a part of that plane’s visual style.

      It doesn’t really work for Legendary cards like Mox Opal, which they fixed with a “this is on loan from a private collection” bit in the flavor text.

      • BusinessmanGinger

        Yeah I guess your right, someone had the idea in this page that Tezzeret got the idea and had someone build it which would make sense and one which I like.

  • Ryuji Nichol Pabila

    Anyone have a guess for the price range for this guy?

    • Zombie

      I’d wager $150+ from Day 1, settling around $100-$120.

      • Ryuji Nichol Pabila

        That’s a tough sell if you’re right. I was thinking it’d stabilize at around 70-80, 60 if lucky. Coz at that range it would still be twice the price of the scars of mirrodin foil, which is the original print and has arguably the superior artwork.

        • Zombie

          For most prices it comes down to simple desirability + availability.

          Wurmcoil Engine is a highly desirable card, and the supply on Invention Wurmcoils is going to be pretty limited.

          Combine that with a special, unique non-set art and card frame, the rarity of opening one from a pack, and the “pimp factor” you get from playing one, and it’s going to be one of the more expensive of the Aether Revolt Inventions.

          I don’t really see it ever going below $100 but we can hope. Hell, maybe I’m overestimating demand for the Inventions and it hits as low as a $50+ price point.

          Aether Revolt likely won’t be opened as much as Kaladesh as well, since Aether Revolt is the 2nd & smaller set, which could lead to higher average Invention prices than those you find in Kaladesh booster packs.

          But until we’re like 2 months into post-Aether Revolt we won’t really have a clear “Masterpiece” trend.

          We’re also going to have to factor in the possibility of Masterpiece hype dying off over time as well, given that each new Standard block will bring with it a new Masterpiece series.

          Right now I’m doing all I can in terms of referencing the price trend of “desirable” Masterpiece cards.

          “Highly desirable” cards like Mana Vault, Mana Crypt, Mox Opal, and Aether Vial are all still holding their average retail $100+ price points, where as undesirable cards like Mind’s Eye and Static Orb are floating around the $30-$40 range.

          I’d rank Wurmcoil, as popular as it is, in “Highly desirable” for now, but time will tell if actual demand is that high.

          • Ryuji Nichol Pabila

            Good point on people opening less Aether Revolt boxes. But there are less masterpieces than last set, so the chances of pulling a specific masterpiece will be higher, so the math kinda evens out. What I’m kinda sure of at this point though is that opening day prices will be at triple digits, 100-120 maybe, (90 if they take into account how prices of kaladesh masterpieces dropped) and as more boxes get opened, the price will slowly decline and stabilize. More than desirability, I think it’s really supply that will also play a huge role. I mean mana crypts were as high as 220 on pre-release and now some stores actually sell it for as low as 100 with a median of around 120. And that’s freaking mana crypt. And even at 120 I don’t see crypt flying off the shelves. I feel like wurmcoil will follow this trend, but with a starting price definitely not as high as 200, I really see it going down to double digits.

            Demand is something that shouldn’t be overestimated, especially for something like wurmcoil. Most likely the people who want to pimp their wurms by foiling them have already done so and might I add for a reasonable price point of around 30 dollars median (even less for the pre-release foil which imo is just as good). It’s a tough sell to convince these people to spend again for a masterpiece foil. So that’s a percentage of possible buyers out the window. I myself am eyeing a masterpiece wurmcoil, and even at 70-80 dollars I’ll be tempted to just save myself 40-50 dollars and get myself a scars foil, or save myself a whopping 50-60 dollars for the pre-release foil. So people with that kind of cost efficiency in mind shaves off another percentage of the demand. Also worth noting that the difference between an eternal masters mana vault foil and its masterpiece counterpart is only 10 dollars now, and a scars foil mox opal and a masterpiece opal has only a 15 dollar median price difference now. So even at 70-80 dollars, for wurmcoil to stabilize 40 dollars above regular foil price will turn even more people off.

            So demand-wise all that’s left will be people with cash to spare AND like the new art better AND and are willing to ignore the 2-3fold increase in price relative to regular foil. At a triple digit price, I really think desirability will take a hit and many wurmcoils will stay on the shelves. Hopefully it doesn’t end up that way and when the smoke clears we can even be lucky and end up with 50 dollar wurmcoils. This is purely from a buyer’s standpoint though, not a seller’s.

            I rushed getting a chrome mox masterpiece at 80 dollars on pre-release thinking it’ll only go up in price over time. Now it’s sitting ugly at around 40, with some stores in my area selling for as low as 30. So this issue is kinda close to my heart lol!! I really hope people don’t make the mistake I did and rushed into an early masterpiece purchase, because as pretty as these cards are, though supply is limited, demand is even more niche than one would imagine.

    • mehngo

      I’d have to say 60-70, knowing the popularity.

      • Ryuji Nichol Pabila

        that’s close to my estimate, hope you’re right and it doesn’t go triple digits =)

  • Kevan Kramer

    Some many redshirt Kaladesh rebels are going to die now.

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    Huh. Looks like my favorite card ever is now in Aether Revolt with new art. Cool.
    *Buys store out of packs*