Xathrid Necromancer - M14 Spoiler

Xathrid Necromancer

  • Color: Black
  • Type: Creature - Human, Wizard
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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Whenever Xathrid Necromancer or another Human creature you control dies, put a 2/2 black Zombie creature token onto the battlefield tapped.

  • Carlos Pimpão

    this is amazing…

  • Zombie

    Power aside, this card’s flavor seems really awkward. It’s a Zombie engine that can’t be played in Zombie Tribal. I could see this as a start to theorycrafting Junk Humans, though.

    • Jaden Ledkins

      I can see where you are coming from here. I agree that this is slightly awkward. maybe they made this for modern Jund?

      • Zombie

        Modern Jund barely runs any humans, usually Huntmaster of the Fells, if any. I doubt throwing in Xathrid Necromancers would benefit the decks at all.

  • OutspokenFerret

    … Mutilate doesnt hurt as much anymore

  • Darkmoose

    Combos with conspiracy or xenograft and a sac outlet like phyrexian altar or alter of dementia.

  • Joshua McTiernan

    This seems like its meant for Aristocrats…

    • Autonomachy

      BW and BRW aristocrats are going to definitely use this, as it provides the perfect cover from crazy fast aggro decks and allows you some sort of consolation out of mass removal. I might be a bit optimistic, but I think it’ll do well.

  • Sean Mclorie

    broad spectrum rotlung sweet
    hell find a home