Hixus, Prison Warden - Magic Origins Spoiler

Hixus, Prison Warden

  • Color: White
  • Type: Legendary Creature - Human, Soldier
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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Whenever a creature deals combat damage to you, if Hixus, Prison Warden entered the battlefield this turn, exile that creature until Hixus leaves the battlefield.

  • Sani

    He must be Therosian!

    • Richard Ashendale

      That prison looks a bit too modern for Theros.

      • GeneralGenerous

        Kelaphai if I had to guess.

        But honestly it could be anywhere.

        • Deathcraft

          if i had to guess he maybe from chandra’s home plane

  • xermaster123

    If He has more than 3 toughness I think he’s playable.

  • Ruphus

    he’s a little odd. his caviats for taking creatures is kinda narrow. i don’t know if he’s totally playable against atarka red or esper dragons but against some decks he’s beats (like R/G dragons). all that being said without knowing his P/T but it’s probably at least 4/4. still, i think i’d rather just see a banisher priest than this guy.

  • BlahBlahBlahBla

    Card is probably alright in standard, but useless in every other format. Still glad to see flash back on the menu!! Hoping for something worthwhile for Modern GW Hatebears in this set!

    • Dustin Weeks

      I dont think he is useless as a commander. If im reading his ability right . If hixs is sitting in the command zone on your opponents turn and you have 5 mana untapped it makes it really awkward for them to attack. It would have to be something that gets built around as a strategy. But i dont think he is useless in commander.

      • Fletcher

        I think the biggest issue as a commander is that you can see the play coming a mile away. While it could deter some attacks, the fact that the creatures exiled by it come back after Hixus leaves play holds him back as a commander. You would certainly have to build around him to make this work, since keeping him alive would be really important. Still though, I kinda like him. Might at least run him in a few of my current commander decks.

        • Dustin Weeks

          Yeah its true it requires tons of work but these types of legendaries are my favorite in that reguard. Hes a fun themed commander (ie prison deck). While the play can be seen its because it sits there as a lingering threat that gives you some benefit. This really would need a way to reduce damage, for example Ajani Steadfast’s emblem. Making creatures either untargetable or indestructible is easier to do when your in white, Avacyn, Indestructibility, Etc. Containment priest would negate the “Your opponent gets them back when he leaves the battlefield” clause. All in all this is prolly what i would play if i did mono white.

    • Melissa Juice


  • Aarhg

    Finally we get a spoiler, and he looks interesting indeed. I’m guessing he’ll have higher toughness than power; maybe 3/4?

    I’m probably way off. I never get these things right, heh.

    • Kameenook

      I just felt 4/4 vibes.

      • Happy The Cat

        bulk rare 4/4
        good rare 2~3/5+

        • Kameenook

          I think a flash 4/4 is good enough, you have to remember the fact that Siege Rhino should not exist.

          • Happy The Cat

            just saying the 5+ cause of all the hate that still lingers for the rhino
            5 is the easiest thing to kill right now

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Fun police inbound. Crack down on the fun!!

    • Happy The Cat

      you had your fun, now we just have to kill for more fun
      fun reboot!

  • Kameenook

    This is good, it’s like banisher priest/angel of the dire hour/executioner’s swing combo package thingy from the abyss.

  • Ryū


  • Major Lazer

    I’m betting on him being a 2/6.
    He’d be a 2/5 if he weren’t legendary, and any higher power would put him in the mythical range. (White flashing a beatstick… that’s a novel trick)

    • Antares

      I was thinking he might be a 3/4. R&D seems to love certain numbers for W, and that is one of them

      • minelia5

        that’s what I was thinking. I just have a feeling he will be a 3/4

  • Oberon

    that wording is really interesting, never seen anything like it before

  • Happy The Cat

    only thing that could make that effect better is “would” so all of the dragons in khans dont get to take a hunk out of you
    if his toughness is over five we will probably see play

  • Vizzerdrix

    ouch that wording is horrendous. not saying its a fake but the wording took me a couple readings. could be better but its not a bad card. the way it works it probably wont see much play bc as someone pointed out below you still get hit

    • Major Lazer

      Worded so he can still flash in, get a block in, and then lock-up the creatures that got through.

      • Vizzerdrix

        i figures it out its just a lot of text and wassnt too easy to figure out the first time i read it

  • MrAptronym

    I love that effect, its the kind of unique ability I love to see on a legend, but 5 is a bit pricey. Still, I am thinking of a 100% flash and instants azorius deck and this could be a killer threat.

  • Jazzyboy1

    If it was “When Hixus, Prison Warden enters the battlefield, if a creature dealt combat damage to you last turn, exile that creature until Hixus
    leaves the battlefield”, he’d be pretty good in soldier tribal, since you could cheat him out with Preeminent Captain.

    Still a 5 cost with a tricky conditional effect though. (and I don’t draw Preeminent every game)

  • Marvin Sürig

    Well if everyone remembers which Planeswalker will appear in this Set this card could be Imba in limited. What if the new Gideon forces opponents to attack you instead of just attacking or attacking you? I feel like there will be some taunt effects. More over there should be another card which forces to attack. Which means this is awesome. Well i see some things for my Basandra coming.

    • Kameenook

      That sounds overpowered for a planeswalker. Some planeswalkers can protect themselves, but not even letting your opponent attack it?

  • Jordan

    Does this ignore hexproof?

    • Pyrofartbutthead

      Yep, this doesnt target.

      • Jordan

        Just funny that nobody below mentioned this :) Getting around hexproof is such a huge deal right now with Silumgar and Oujutai

  • maybe

    It almost seems as if his wording ould let him exile more than one creature…

    • Ruphus

      it does i think. each creature would trigger his ability.

  • ManaBurn

    Since the creature(s) deal their damage, I don’t think this will see play.

    • Unless maybe you fog in the same turn?

      • Jazzyboy1

        Then no damage would be dealt…

      • Jazzyboy1

        Ajani Steadfast’s ultimate would work though.

        • yeah that’s true, I mispoke

    • Trevor Terry

      Can be used to stop someone killing you with a 10/10 double-strike.

  • eyecuable

    isn’t his name hixus?

  • Zombie

    Considering he costs 5 mana and you still take damage from the attack prior to Hixus exiling it, this is a very risky card to use effectively.

    Granted, if your opponent swings in with every creature and you have an empty board, you can completely blow them out if that attack doesn’t kill you, and then you can exile all of their creatures.

    This seems more like a perfect answer to token strategies than anything. He exiles tokens that hit you and because they’re tokens your opponent won’t get them back when Hixus dies.

    He seems pretty good but a little expensive for the risk he carries.

    Might see Standard play, and if he does it will most likely be as an answer to tokens.

    • Angrygnome

      Honestly, I think people are getting too hung up on his extra text. He’s a human soldier for CMC 5 in White with Flash. So long as he has a respectable P/T, he would be fine on that alone. Any incidents of his second ability going off is purely icing unless you have a way to abuse it. But if he ends up being a 2/5 or 2/6 with Flash, that’s still a playable card. I think the only true purpose of that second ability is to muddle the math for your opponent, since there is now a chance that he can throw bombs in the bag.

  • Man, around a month of no significant spoilers before Origins starts to show. I’m already feeling withdrawals setting in.

  • traveler

    Will see play because this is the only white non wrath card that deals with stormbr Rath lol

    • YouGotFranked

      I don’t think so. At 5 mana, if your not on the play, it means the other player can drop Stormbreath dragon and attack you a turn before you can play Hixus. Then on your 5th turn you need to keep all your mana open and take a second attack from the dragon. At this point you’ve taken 8 damage from Stormbreath and since Hixus is legendary, your opponent can just play a second dragon and laugh at your face.

  • Eric Barton

    There are a few ways this could have been a game changing card.

    1. Drop to 4 Mana.
    2. Change txt to “When Hix enters the battlefield, you may exile all attacking creatures your opponents control.
    3. Don’t know what the power tough is but should be 3 / 5 or 6.

    Just saying. Too many dumbed down Fiend Hunters.

    • Necrachilles

      5 mana for Angel of the Dire Hour would have been too strong. Dropping the cost of this to 4 I could see because Retaliate was a thing and it wasn’t temporarily. I do think this is okay, just wish it was “Exile each creature that dealt damage to you” instead of “Whenever”. Though, this gives it more defensive implications, Flash him in to deter the attack.

      • Necrachilles

        Also, combat damage only is *fart noises*

    • Melissa Juice

      That card would be absurd. Way too good.

  • Deadly Berry

    More horrible cards please, we don’t have enough 30c legends. So many ways this could have been better, not to mention you benefit from the effect after the creature already did its job on you. Probably the most disturbing fact is that some people will try to use it effectively or make a commander out of it (Please don’t). Way to start the spoilers on Origins…

    • Melissa Juice

      This will likely have a way to be used effectively, and could easily work fine in Commander.

  • Make him 4/7 or something to make up for this crappy ability

    • Jazzyboy1

      Umm, just being a 4/4 would make him worth it. Even if you never make much use of his exile ability, he still has Flash, which is a powerful ability. I mean; sure, he’s not Skylasher, Mistbind Clique or Plumeveil, but there is the offchance that you might make use of his exile ability; plus he’s a Human Soldier so he works in the relevant tribal decks.

      If he’s a 3/3 or a 2/2 though, no deal. (I’m guessing Wizards will mess this one up. They’re terrible at judging how well balanced a card is, because their testing environment is apparently a crappy playgroup with barely any control players)

      • Sure.

      • Antares

        Their playtesting is mostly “let’s do limited seriously, and constructed for fun”. Hence, why things like Flame Wreathed Phoenix were considered “pushed” for constructed, but others (like Deathrite Shaman or Treasure Cruise) were considered “mediocre”.

        They don’t give their playtesters cards and say “break the format”. In fact, the only times I’ve read of them fixing “broken” cards is when they aren’t really “broken”, it’s just that someone is reading them in an ***hole way that makes them broken (e.g. the original wording on Time Walk”), OR they made a BLATANTLY broken card and tried to run with it.

    • adanac

      he exiles all creatures that dealt combat damage to you the turn he enters.

  • Well i guess its confirmed. there is gonna be some more shitty Theros lore.

    • CnBCustoms

      That makes sense considering that Gideon is from Theros. But I for one kinda like Theros lore.

    • matt

      Theros lore is best lore!

    • cement dorado

      You should shut up!!! cuz we gonna getso me Juicy and I mean JUICY!!!! Jace and Lillianna lore

    • Melissa Juice

      Theros is a fantastic plane, with great lore. What’s the problem?

  • Fakeromon .

    I hope whoever spoiled him is teasing us and thatunder the paper it says “(W): Exile Hixus then return him to the battlefield.”

    • Fakeromon .

      “(W)” seems too op, “(2), (T):” seems better

      • cement dorado

        (w) seems fine. and if its (2) (T) he comes back untapped anyways. maybe a return 2 hand effect instead?

        • Fakeromon .

          I made my comment thinkiing about commander, If it had (T) it means that he couldnt attack before and that he could only exile himself once due to summoning sickness.

        • Jazzyboy1

          Summoning sickness would prevent him from tapping again though.

          Being able to keep exiling and bringing him back consistently for 1 mana would be op. Because there are so many cards that like creatures entering the field.

          • cement dorado

            true. but cmon! there are so many broken cards. why not a broken white card?

          • Jazzyboy1

            Most broken cards are banned.

            They were considering banning Deadeye Navigator because he makes broken combos by allowing you to pay 2 mana to exile and return a creature to the battlefield. While Hixus’ own enter effect isn’t too powerful, there are still other cards that like things entering.

          • cement dorado

            dead eye is not that broken. a broken card is tinker

  • Kameenook

    What are the odds we get an official P/T spoiler in the next 20 seconds or so?

  • Tommy

    “Kills” storm breath Dragon

  • Owen Geraghty

    As someone who exclusively plays Commander, this guy is great for me. I can see myself putting 1 of these in both my Sisay and Roon decks.
    If your opponent attacks, and in response you play Hixus then block using Hixus and get him killed, what happens to any other creatures which dealt you damage? All damage is dealt simultaneously, while Hixus is on the board, his effect exiles the attacking creatures, then he leaves the battlefield, so all opponents creatures exiled by Hixus return to play. Is my understanding of this correct…?

    • Bradley Klassen

      Never leaves due to rule change from m14

  • TheNBA2kGod

    Board in Outpost Siege vs this card

  • Andrew Earl

    Hixus likes. Hixus trusts those who trust the law.

  • KSG-Dan

    exile that creature until Hixus leaves the battlefield. Wouldn’t it be the full name?

    • HI

      Since he is legendary, the full name does not have to be stated

  • Hi

    It’s cool how the effect is for the rest of the turn, so you can flash him in during the opponent’s precombat main, to try and just deter him attacking at all.

  • Ryx

    For some reason, I feel like Hixus’ ability is tied to the flip trigger of the new Gideon. I don’t now why?

    • Ryx


  • Ross

    Would he be someone to do with chandra? She was going to be arrested and executed after she hurt someone thensparked and walked away

    • Gix

      Nope, this is Gideon’s teacher. Gideon was originally a leader of a bandit group on Theros but he was captured and sent to prison. Hixus saw the potential in Gideon and taught him Heriomancy and trained him. He then had Gideon fight a giant and cause Gideon’s spark to ignite and Hixus gave Gideon the wrist whip he now uses.

      • Gix

        Also, Hixus is holding the spear that Gideon has in his promotional art.

  • Bostorket

    No $200 for you.

  • Derek Niles

    Sweet, a 4/4 was WAY better than I was expecting once I heard he was a starter deck legendary. This guy is awesome

  • Tank Johnson

    Clears board but after a hit. Wpild of been great of it was an attack trigger

  • Raymond Haines

    This card would work well with Ajani Steadfast ultimate ability allowing you to not have to worry about being killed by a big ramper card. I’m already putting a deck together in my head with this card haha. Definitely gonna see a lot of play from me.

    • Happy The Cat

      well, relying on planeswalker ults is something you can only do in edh where you have enough life for it not to matter

  • richardshort2001

    well if you’ve been lifegaining, you can let your opponent’s entire army hit you, then flash this guy out and kill him with an instant while his triggered abilities are on the stack and you have a long way to go for a boardwipe, but a boardwipe nonetheless.

    • Since the creatures returning isn’t a separate trigger it doesn’t work the way that you want.

      • Axel Tousignant

        -creatures deal combat damage
        -in response to the trigger kill Hixus

        triggers resolve:
        -hixus die
        -ability trigger and no hixus in play (so he can’t leave the play because there wasn’t a Hexus to link the ability)
        #perma exile

        • Axel Tousignant

          Hixus + far//away :)

        • Because the duration of controlling Hicus has already expired they won’t even be exiled with the triggers still on the stack. If the clause was a trigger instead then it would work the way that you think it does, as is it doesn’t. If you don’t believe me, ask any other rules adviser or judge. If this worked the way that you thought then Dragonlord Silumgar wouldn’t let the opponent keep the creature if he dies with his as the finishes resolving.