Yahenni, Undying Partisan

Yahenni, Undying Partisan

  • Color: Black
  • Type: Legendary Creature - Aetherborn, Vampire
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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  • Kaiser

    wooooow this is pretty nice vampire

  • Nyos

    I love it! Extremely powerful, and she has crazy synergy with her own Expertise card!

    • Donovan Jones

      Not she, it’s an it

      • Blarg Honk

        Not it, Aetherborn are “they” or “them”.

      • Gareth Martin

        No they are not.

    • Ryuji Nichol Pabila

      nonbo if she less than 4/4. indestructible doesn’t save creatures from -x/-x effects =(

      • Justin Burton

        They wont die to the effect because static abilities like languish and expertise resolve before the creature enters, and new creatures that resolve after those spells are not affected by the languish ability, So casting Yahenni off of their expertise does work.

        Unless OP meant that giving the creatures -3/-3 after casting Yahenni would be good, then no… You need Yahenni at a 4/4 to take the hit and then grow.

        • Maui Amaru

          I have a quesiton tho, will yahenni gain counters before yahenni’s expertise hits if there are 3 or more creatures on the opponent’s board?

          • BigMemes

            Not if they die from the expertise. It would be like this: Cast yahenni, cast yahenni’s expertise, expertise resolves, all creatures with toughness 3 or less die simultaneously…. rip

  • Raimund Keller

    Monoblack Voltron?

  • Ryū

    Fun in commander with Grave Pact and Dictate. Yahenni, Zombie General.

    • eltratzo

      mucho fun in meren. I’ll take one please. and maybe another one to try her as a commander herself

  • pbtenchi

    Huh. A vampire.

  • Happy The Cat

    Baby Thraximundar? They seem pretty good, even if that buff only triggers once or twice they can still deal damage.
    Also can we take a moment to point out how lame using plural pronouns for a single life form is?

    • TheFullMontzy

      Why is that lame? Yahenni doesn’t have a “male/female” gender, so they can’t refer to themselves as something they aren’t.

      • Brams

        I think the issue is not the lack of gender, but the choice to use a pronoun we already have designated to use for plurals.

        • Shagoth

          They want to feel great being compared to Legion, being evil and stuff.
          Wait, is Yahenni even that evil?

          • Coulter Baker

            To quote yahenni itself as and after it killed a few guards –

            “I Take a moment. Am I alive? I’m alive. I’m alive and I killed two people in the same day and what are people going to think of me… The vehicle is crumpled up against the side of the other nearby statue. The enforcer I killed is hanging still and pathetic out of the side. My hands start to shake, and I realize in a corner of my mind that the others with me aren’t even remotely fazed by what happened. This is nothing. They’ve seen worse.

            I want to scream.

            I want to sob.

            I want to go home.

            “It’s all right, I’m fine.” My voice breaks as I reply.”

            The Aetherborn as a whole seem to embody the best that black has to offer in terms of personality, and to be perfectly honest, and I think their alignment as black-focused characters is largely dependant on the need for a black creature type, as kaladesh lacks necromancy, demons (with a minor exception), skeletons, etc, so wizards needed a creature type to fill that void. On any other plane, Aetherborn would likely be red-aligned creatures. Likewise, I would hold that Yahenni itself is only monoblack because of it’s place in a cycle – if you woul read their stories, you can see that they, and many aetherborn, have huge streaks of red and white – they are communal, and pass on their wealth to their protege’s when they die, and their darker traits are largely facilitated by their emphermal nature – they live such short lives that they tend to be hedonistic, taking in all that they can while they can. They accept that the world is cruel, and make the best of it. That is what the positive traits of black alignment embody.

        • Nyos

          Agreed. The lack of gender is actually conceptually interesting, but the use of the plural “they” instead of the singular “it” is grammatically incorrect and simply confusing. That being said, the writers likely predicted backlash over calling a sentient person an “it” because of a lack of gender. Presuming that the pronoun “it” would have a similarly negative connotation on Kaladesh, it actually makes sense that individual Aetherborn would come to be called “they” on their own plane shortly after their appearance.

          • Hedronal

            That makes it tricky, or just annoying, for those of us that actually prefer “it”.

  • Brian Schmidt

    While I am sure this will make standard play…say hello to Meren!!!!!

    • Tyler Wilson

      My thought too. :D

      Space is crazy tight but I might just have to make room for this.

  • kmk888

    This card will see play in Standard. Unlimited sacrifice outlets that don’t cost mana are always better than they look, and this one looks pretty decent. Zulaport Cutthroat is still here, after all.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Yahenni is a murder machine.

    • Kaiser

      But with a sweet “hearth” (?)

      • Dr. Burn Crow


        • Arcus Diabolus

          He means the guy is really moral. He feels crushing guilt over killing people.

  • mehngo

    Kind of a different design than I was expecting, but this could definitely be fun as a commander. Fairly cheap, has built in method of protection, get’s bigger by doing what black does best. Plus he has haste, which in black is actually kind of neat.

  • Derek Mullins

    Someone elsewhere mentioned one of my favorite decks, the BW fabricate. This offers a free sac outlet, and with Syndicate trafficker, you can create weird control situations against creature decks with fumigate, leaving only the [two] available.

  • Avery Standley

    Why is it a vampire?

    • Kaiser

      Yahenni is a Aether born with the capacity to suck other persons life energy (aether). Its unique.

      • Hedronal

        Not unique, but rare.

  • Heartless Zio

    Might see how he works in Shirei EDH.

  • Togetheralone

    well, we have another sacrifice enabler for combos on a very good creature at that. I would be surprised to not see good brews with this.

  • Zombie

    So he’s like a nastier Syndicate Trafficker?

    Can’t imagine that’s enough to make waves, but who knows?

    • james hegge

      honestly syndicate trafficker is proabably a better card. the only real thing yahenni has over trafficker is that yahenni’s ability doesn’t cost mana which is only better if your mana is tapped out or your opponent is capable of tapping your mana.
      if yahenni said when a creature dies put a +1/+1 counter on it, instead of when a creature an opponent controls dies put a +1/+1 counter it would be broken good. but that change would require yahenni to be a mythic instead of a rare, and probably pretty expensive card set wise (not including inventions).

  • Shagoth

    Wow, I did not know he was a Vampire, interesting.
    Seems like a pretty basic Mono Black general. Being aggressive while killing things, including your own. That’s as black as it gets.

    • Arcus Diabolus

      Which is odd, considering Yahenni in the lore is actually quite moral. He actually feels terrible about killing, both physically and emotionally. It would have made more sense for him to have deathtouch.

      • eltratzo

        well they kill to survive don’t they? quite literally so as that stolen life energy is how they get to live another day. isn’t that exactly what their sac ability does? grant them sanctuary from death at the cost of someone else? how is that not in flavour?

        • Arcus Diabolus

          Sacrificing a ally in particular doesn’t fit with Yahenni is what I’m saying. If Gonti could steal essence, I could see him doing it, but not Yahenni. It took him getting pushed to the edge and being forced to protect a friend to get him to use it the first time. I can very easily see Yahenni come to terms with killing not only to survive but also for a cause, but not killing anyone he could call an ally.

          That said, deathtouch and some kind of targeted kill ability would fit him better.

  • Jacob Anderson

    You could probably actually make a good vampire tribal deck in standard now with this and Metallic Mimic.

  • Damn Yahenni… going a little wild there, eh?

  • thoptertoken

    “Aetherborn Vampire” -ULTIMATE FLAVOR WIN

    • bonogringo

      Yeah like aetherborn don’t live long, but this one don’t live long forever!

      • Shagoth


        • Dave

          I found it pretty understandable. :D

  • Arcus Diabolus

    After reading the two lore chapters on this guy, I can safely say he’s my favorite new character from this block.

  • Ethan Naugle

    New Jund staple anyone? I know I’ll be running it in mine. He’s a free sacrifice outlet so he can rev up a Stalking Vengeance or Blood Artist pretty easy if you have creatures or tokens. And his passive sets him up to get pretty big himself, so it’s possible to sacrifice him with Korozda Guildmage or Gisa in order to recycle saproling/zombie fuel for, say, a goblin bombardment.

  • Bayonet300

    Isn’t this the first legendary mono-black black creature that isn’t evil?

    • Jay Magno

      No. There’s also Chainer.