• Kevan Kramer

    It is always nice to have a good reason to make it to the top 8 in Gameday, and this promo delivers that reason.

  • Jay Kilian

    Damn. Everything about this card is great. Wipe the board, drop a Lili.

  • Geddon

    Wipe the board, then get a jumpstart on your rebuilding. Just fantastic.

  • Robert FakeLastName

    this seems super good. almost 2 good.

  • Melissa Juice

    This is crazy. Should be huge for as long as it’s in standard.

  • Revotor

    Hello Wheel of fate/ Living end/ Ancestral vision. God, I wanna make a modern deck around this right now. I’m not sure it’ll actually work as a sufficient engine for those suspend cards, but oh my, it looks fun.

  • chad

    this is so good i don’t even know where to begin building with this, but its a 4 of in any deck

  • Jakob Schneider

    This is going to be ridiculous in Modern.
    Even if you don’t abuse it ‘the Cascade way’ with Time Spiral’s mana ‘Alpha-imitation spells’.

    Either way, you get to wipe the board off from everything that isn’t bolt-proof and then get to cast pretty much anything in your hand (without worrying about your manabase), since the average constructed deck only plays a select few spells that cost more than three mana.

    I’ll totally use this in a janky deck with Merieke Ri Berit, haha.

  • sansmyhands

    So this plus Mind Rot is one of the LEAST busted things you can do. And it’s totally busted. Everyone get in playing aggro while you can.

    • Scott Fridinger


      • sansmyhands

        I was thinking standard. Beyond that the applications are just bonkers.

        • Zombie

          Outside of Standard you have Ancestral Vision.

          Which, in Modern, rewrites Yahenni’s Expertise to read:

          2BB – Sorcery

          All creatures get -3/-3 until end of turn.

          Draw 3 cards.

  • mehngo

    I’m considering putting this in Yidris EDH. I don’t know how many relevant hits there will be in EDH, but being able to cast 4 spells off of the casting of this card potentially makes it worth it, especially since it doesn’t kill Yidris. Just have to be wary of combat damage.

  • Shagoth

    Hey, he says darling, that usually is a dead giveaway that this character is going to be weirder than usual.
    Also this is still stupid tough. It won’t break modern given recent standard cards that everyone hyped. Even though from a fundamental perspective I can’t see this not being stupid powerful in modern. Then again, the format feels like everything is Ravager Shops from vintage without the control taxing elements to slow it down so it’s just a fast and aggressive format, so maybe that’s one way it won’t see play. Heck, I could see legacy play with this thing in Shardless. Oh my god the synergy.

  • Transgendent

    I like this art more than the promo art. Very ominous. Also love the flavor text. Yahenni is my favorite character native to Kaladesh. They’re so great.

    • BusinessmanGinger

      Yeah I agree, it gives Yahenni the mystery they deserve.

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    Well, drain me and call me ‘darling.’
    That’s sexy af.

  • Deadly Berry

    It’s only useless if you topdeck it!! No, it’s not. Seriously, how are these cards getting approved when even the casuals can tell it’ll be completely broken in popular (and competitive) formats? SMH @Design Team.

    • Happy The Cat

      because they have to print good cheap removal, since they can’t give it to red anymore now(for some reason) cards like this get printed.

  • Bostorket

    Wut. WUT.

  • kk

    welcome back fused cards….

    Yahenni’s Expertise into Beck // Call ( for 4 mana 3-3 the board and then put 4 1/1 flying creatures in play and draw 4 cards.. lol)
    Yahenni’s Expertise into Down // Dirty


    • scyther36045

      I like it with Breaking/ Entering.

  • kmk888

    Yes, there’s a lot of potential for Modern here. But I don’t think you should play it as a combo card. Forget about the Beck // Call nonsense (the mana sounds horrible and you look foolish if you draw Beck // Call without Yahenni’s Expertise). Restore Balance is a little hard to abuse with so many moving pieces and you don’t want to put the opponent’s cards in the graveyard right before casting Living End. Instead I see it as a solid tool for controlling black decks that also has the bonus of being occasionally great with Ancestral Visions. That being said, I don’t think you want 3 or 4 copies because it’s completely dead against combo decks and big decks (Valakut, Ad Nauseum, Tron, Eldrazi, etc). Plus it doesn’t get you completely out of the woods against the decks it is supposed to beat like infect (Pump spells save the infect creature, or they kill you with Inkmoth) and Zoo (they respond with Atarka’s Command to get their creatures above 3 toughness or burn you out while you’re tapped out). So the reactivity of the card and relatively weak face value of -3/-3 for 4 limit its overall playability IMO, unlike something like BBE which is so proactive you can always slam it on the table.

    TL;DR take the playability in Modern with a grain of salt.

    In Standard it’s an annoyingly powerful staple. Using this to play a Liliana that ticks up to finish off a 4 toughness creature is objectively gross.

  • Happy The Cat

    well. red cant get descent burn but black can get a four mana wrath that functionally costs 1… modern control is going to be picking this up probably, just look at the value esper can get with a Snaping or Quickening this into a wipe then tossing out some great utility creature or just a big threat. three mana gives you a LOT of options.
    also whatever Yahenni ends up being, it better be a chase mythic to have an expertise like that.

    • Kaiser

      Burn spell of this quality in the current meta would be probably ban in standard, something like “dealt 5 damages to target player, them you can cast a 3 mana red non-creature spell for free” sounds really scary to me (and nothing fun)

      • Happy The Cat

        so red should just never get good spells? four mana lava axe isn’t that strong, and what can RED do for three mana in standard? three more damage? discard two to draw three? cast one of red’s lackluster creatures? considering we have creatures that can have five p/t for three mana why can’t burn have spells that can deal with them? the appeal to red used to be that instead of just having your removal being dead cards when you don’t need them you could throw them at your opponent, which is why red was the “aggressive” color for magic. but now everything is creatures only or players only and the spells that can hit both usually cost about three mana with a drawback.

        • Kaiser

          Not get me wrong, i dont say “lava axe for 4 instand or sorcery speed + 3 damages” was too strong (well 8 damages destroys whatever deck dont recover lifes but still not so strong), i said that red in this standard is not about burn anymore, burn decks in this meta are more combo decks like eldrazi aggro and less about rush to the face and finish the game in 3 turns or atleast that is what Wizards wants for red.

  • JP

    *Comment about using ‘fuse’ cards. when casting a fuse card the added totals become its CMC so you wouldn’t be able to use both sides since this card stipulates 3 or less, but like with boom/bust+’cascade’ you could choose which side to cast so it isn’t so bad in that regard.

  • magicdolgari

    love that card in modern. My modern meta is not black only burn, gw tokens ,wb control and goblins.
    Im gonna win a turnament with my gb deck:D

  • Cthulhooo

    Whoever was in charge of this, somebody find him and stop the madman.