• ShannoSauro


  • Ben Peterson

    So. Many. Keywords.

  • ShannoSauro

    This boi in mono W Odric commander is so sweet

  • Coby Folk

    Flappybird needs to chill.

  • Nanya

    When did Akroma become a dino?

    • Lord Gonti

      She played around with form of the Dino to much

    • DJ Pad

      Probably closer to Avacyn, but sacrificing defense (making ALL your permanents indestructible) for a little offense (Trample, more potential for abuse with double-strike).

      IMHO, Avacyn is clearly better, but this is definitely interesting.

  • Nono

    Such cool art. I’m happy.

  • Happy The Cat

    so, Basilisk Collar is a cool card. so is Ogre’s Cleaver. so is Soulflayer and Cairn Wanderer.
    Also, looking at the art, not 100% sure that’s the sun or if this pterodactyl can spit lasers like an anime monster. Pretty sure it’s the former, kinda hoping it’s the latter.

    • Falconfly

      Its very obviously the sun. Though, Ixalan’s dinosaurs have solar powers, so for all we know it can do that.

      • Happy The Cat

        Exactly! How awesome would that be?! Imagine if we got an Ascend Urza’s Rage of a dinosaur shooting Laser beams? And I mean this block is already hilariously dumb enough for it to fit in! Know why nobody has found the lost treasure city? Because it’s surrounded by Dinosaurs that spit friggin’ lasers!

  • CMK

    Alright. Today we’re cooking up a Legendary Elder Dinosaur. We’ll start with just a dash of keywords.. *cap falls off shaker* ..err, okay, or we can make this with a lot of keywords.

  • Sullivan Barthel

    Avacyn(angle of hope)?? Is that you????

  • Chris Tomsky

    What? No Hexproof? I’m disappointed Wizards. And it can be countered. Bad card. (*sarcasm*)

  • sansmyhands

    Ooooh…more fuel for Soulflayer jank.

  • Murilo Mazza

    Essence Scatter… Cast Out… Vraska’s Contempt… just red doesn’t like it

    • Happy The Cat

      well you’ve got Hour of Devastation and then just finish it off, no, wait, red has no good cheap burn nvm.

    • Dave

      Well, red could always Hijack.

      • Murilo Mazza

        not bad

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Big ol Wingyboi. Wingyboi lives forever.

  • dannyrevv

    This in a God-pharaohs gift deck, losing 4 toughness on an indestructible creature is no big deal

    • Jalais

      Does GPG run a discard other than Champion? This would be pretty dead in hand.

      • dannyrevv

        I’ve seen a fair few versions running chart a course too, it can be discard whilst you’re setting up and then pure card advantage when you start attacking

        • Jalais

          Alright, I could see this being a one or 2 of then. Only thing I can think of in standard atm that deals with its eternal is Contempt.

  • Jude

    I mean…we qanted a reason to make dinos hit with thier toughnes last set

  • Chaospyke

    Oh I hope to pull this and a mark of the vampire in prerelease.

  • TheFullMontzy

    This card bothers me. It’s like they started with an indestructible 8/8 with flying, vigilance, and trample, but thought that wasn’t good enough so they added double strike. But then that was too good, so they nerfed it’s power to 4 essentially negating the purpose of giving it double strike in the first place. Maybe I’m on my own on this one, but I think they should either give us a 4/4 with double strike, or an 8/8 without it. Just cut the 4/8 BS.

    • zebra

      double strike 4/8 means it fits better with whites buff themes getting double value from any attack buffs

      i don’t know what is bullshit about creatures having attack and toughness that are not exactly the same odd opinion to hold

    • Aurore

      4/8 means my double striker doesn’t get torched by Chandra. And can kill >4 toughness guys without dying.

      • Aurore

        nvm completely forgot about indestructible I’m stupid. Then -x/-x abilities whatever.

        • TheFullMontzy

          Ya, that’s what I mean! If it didn’t have indestructible I don’t think it would bother me, but it just kinda feels like the did a piss-poor patch job at the last minute before it went to print because they thought it was too powerful.

          • Aurore

            This block is on the heels of Amonkhet which had -1/-1 counters, so that might be why. It’s still and indestructible 0/4 blocker instead of dead.

          • Darkray Accel

            But 4p DS is usually better than 8p
            I miss your point

    • Giby86 .

      There was a very feint sub-theme of toughness-matter cards in Ixalan. This is just another piece of that theme.

    • Shagoth

      Or just put this in Doran EDH and cackle.

  • Alex

    Lots of keywords on a dino? Strictly worse than Old Fogey.

  • Giby86 .

    Odric just got an orgasm.

  • Shagoth

    You know, between this and the dryad, I am getting inspired by a lot of Treefolk commanders, maybe Odric for this one.
    Either way, I think Akroma isn’t that impressive anymore, so they could have added something like lifelink or haste to make this more interesting. Can’t see this as a good commander.
    Oh it’s indestructible-

  • Darkray Accel

    Wow, i see red and white didnt get the short stick in this rotation, me likes me likes!

  • time Warner spectrum


    • Charlie Shadeslayer

      Pensé exactamente lo mismo.

  • Bostorket

    Reanimate meeee! REANIMATE MEEEEEEEE!!!

  • Derek Niles

    I wonder if this is good enough to run Thalia’s Lancers in Odric just to up your chances of getting it