• Ryan Coffin

    That’s really lame that we aren’t getting the judge art on this.

    • Dylan Dougherty

      Yeah the judge art is amazing.

  • Miles Rinesmith

    well more Zur EDH decks incoming.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Yay. I can buy one for cheaper. Yay.

  • Liam Maiher

    Why? This disn’t need a reprint

    • Shagoth

      8 bucks isn’t…awful. Though this being printed here and EM is freaking weird.

      • Johan K

        Availability is low. And it wasn’t printed in Eternal Masters.

        • Shagoth

          Huh, I thought it was.

      • Kahai

        EMA didn’t support him. We already have huge support with stony silence being reprinted here. :D

        • Johan K

          And he didn’t support EMA, as he wasnt in it.

    • Kahai

      Foil is over 50. :P

      • Liam Maiher

        Judge foil is $20. It’s a good card, the price is perfectly fine

        • Kahai

          Original Foil is over 50 for near mint. And many people don’t know the Judge foil even exists.

          • Liam Maiher

            I don’t see why that’s a problem? It’s a played card and it’s a rare from a small set

          • Kahai

            This is a drafted reprint set, this card can be extremely fun in draft. Is that not reason enough?

            And the purpose of a reprint set is to lower prices.

  • Bostorket

    Coming soon, to an EDH playgroup near you!

  • Happy The Cat

    goody… gonna have to add more mass enchantment removalto all my edh decks for the next month or two…woo…

    • Kahai

      I’ve played Zur for years, usually as creatureless zur the madman.

      I know that with his reprint most people are just going to copy the ‘winning’ playlist, which just makes you the bane of your playgroup, which is why i play Zur differently.

      Strong anti-Zur tech: Cruel Edict/Killing Wave, Merciless Eviction and very powerful against a streamlined Zur running few creatures.

      Ancestral Mask can give you the beat down edge over Zur. Aura Shards is super strong.Back to Nature. Deglamer. Pernicious Deed.

      Aura Barbs is killer, literally. Hull Breach.

      Annul. Aura Thief. Aura Flux is difficult to stop. Kiora’s Dismissal. Power Leak.
      I had a play back fire huge one game, someone was going to destroy all nonland stuff, so i cast Quicken into Reduce to Dreams (return all artifacts and enchantments to my hand) to save my stuff, and another player waited until Reduce to Dreams resolved and targeted me with Identity Crisis (Exile target players hand and graveyard). I conceded after that. XD

  • Kahai

    I hope we get some wicked enchantments to grab, especially ones outside of this colors. I love playing him in Cubed. :3

  • Kahai

    Funny that today he got spoiled, i’m rebuilding my Zur EDH now. :3

  • lonewolf

    well there it is… right in memories of my first deck i had build

  • Kahai

    13/16 enchantments in the set are fetchable by zur, not too bad. :3

    Depending on how you see cards you could setup either a five color voltron, a four color red esper instants/sorceries, or a four color green esper token. FUN! :D