• Rogersman

    Jace again? I kind of wish Niv-Mizzet eats his head. We’ve seen enough of him.

    • Judge2008

      no jace is a mastermind in the multiverse he`ll rule Ravnica

      • Jfagerstrom

        he’ll make people think we should build crapy mill decks so um you really want that.

        • Empyrean

          Why not? Szadek did that during the first Ravnica set.

          • Jfagerstrom

            because mill is very bad because of elixer of imortality

          • Roxas

            Not nessacarily.If they bring back Mill for Ravnica it wont make sense all in all.

          • Empyrean

            How would mill not make sense? Szadek is still around. Sure Augustin had him executed, but he’s still floating around Ravnica as a ghost exercising his control over the other ghosts of Ravnica.

          • Jfagerstrom

            your crazy

          • What about his crazy?

          • StellarNinja

            Screw everything, Laboratory Maniacs.

          • Lonethief

            *Laboratory Maniac* But being crazy is so fun…

          • Lunias

            Nerd 1: And I will mill your deck next turn, so you should probably surrender.
            Nerd 2: Haha, joke’s on you! I play Laboratory Maniacs! Whatcha gonna do now, hater?!
            Nerd 1: …So then, I start off my turn with a Murder.
            Nerd 2: Screw you.

          • Lonethief

            Nerd 2: But wait! Counterspell
            Nerd 1: Vexing Shusher
            Nerd 2: Wha… uhh…

          • Tay

            I agree, and most of the people don’t really notice that Niv Mizzet wasn’t about milling, it was about drawing and dealing direct damage, so….yeah milling is nothing i compared to how much drawing is being focused on with Avacyn and probably M13

          • Docstorm4

            You are right. Most Rav mill cards were Dimir, which will only be coming back in Gatecrash.

          • Empyrean

            No, Legendary Eldrazis made mill obsolete. Elixir of Immortality is nothing more than an annoyance.

          • Jfagerstrom

            no dude mil is to slow

          • Empyrean

            ^ Obviously did not play Ravnica mill.

          • Changeling1987

            every good mill deck needs 4x Traumatize, am i right? lolz

          • forthelols

            i say glimpse turn 2. Turn 3 Mind Funeral. Turn 4 Snapcaster cast Glimpse again. That’s about 30 cards gone. Turn 5 play Jace Memory Adept…mill another 10. You win turn 6 if they don’t kill him…pretty good for a mill deck. Well u can throw the Damnation against aggro. Okay so not any Millstone, Increasing Confusion…just too shit and not mill for the buck.

          • Lonethief

            No Tome Scour turn one?

          • Docstorm4

            Why not Thought Scour. It cantrips.

          • Lunias

            Turn 1: Island, Hedron Crab.
            Turn 2: Hedron Crab, Island – Mill 6
            Turn 3: Hedron Crab X2, Island – Mill 12.
            Turn 4: Forest – Mill 12, Elvish Pioneer, Forest – Mill 12.
            Turn 5: Forest – Mill 12, Ranger’s Path – Mill 24.

            Yes, I just milled a deck in 5 turns. Problem?

          • Daniel

             assuming you move second: opponent already drew 7. 53 left
            turn 1: island, hedron crab, mill 3. they drew 1 so 49 left
            turn 2: hedron crab, island (mill 6) hedron crab. they drew 1 so 42 left.
            turn 3: hedron crab, forest (mill 12) elvish pioneer. they drew 1 so 29 left
            turn 4: forest (mill 12) ranger’s path (mill 24)

            you actually milled in 4 turns. still by their fifth but it works if you go first as well i’m pretty sure

          • Koku Ryu

            Sucks for you all, I play battle of wits.

          • Bandana_steve

             traumatize, keening stone, mills one half of your deck, and then the other, assuming you’re not playing with legendary eldrazi’s

          • Docstorm4

            Anyway if you are gonna mill, just mill yourself. Lab Maniac + Seance + Mirror Mad Phantasm

          • Ren

            actually they need 4x traumatize and 4x call to mind a nasty combo when done right i milled a guy to death with that and only every drew one of the 3 traumatizes i had in my deck

          • Sprankle2384

            so what happens when your running a counter deck and i counter all your tramitizes?

          • guest

            ….. This is such a pathetic argument.. it’s like… what happens when you run a counter deck and I have 30 1 mana cost creatures…… it’s called meta game! look at it some time!

          • Fallenvash

             What happens if I counter your deck with a anti counter deck?
            Don’t use counter decks as the instant solution to how every strategy sucks. Counter decks are good but not unbeatable, there is no unbeatable deck, it just requires a different strategy to crack.

            also bear in mind most truly nasty mill decks I have seen, have more mill cards then most of the truly nasty counter decks have counters. Heck I seen a few with pretty much only Mill cards in th entire thing with a few discard from hands

            Counter on it’s own does not win, you need to secure win conditions somehow, so there will be counter cards plus the win cards.

            Mill on the other hand lacks this drawback if built right, after your first few counters or so, he will just keep milling you, either preventing you from getting enough lands, or good cards to use the lands with.

            Whenever counter decks go up against decks that use control and win conditions together in one package like Mill. the counter struggles.

          • Lonethief

            “I cast Ambiguity…”

          • Actually, that’s why there are banned lists. Hulk Flash can win over 90% of the time by turn 1 if they go second, and about 95% by turn 2 of they go first. On top of that, I’ve seen a Force of Will fail to stop it! 

            With no banned lists, there are decks that are just too good. In Lorwyn Standard, Faeries died to almost nothing. 

            Right now, Delver decks in Modern are almost unbeatable, because they have amazing cad advantage and can deal with anything.

          • Docstorm4

            Imagine how busted storm would be without banned lists. If ponder, preordain, and rite of flame were legal, storm would be nuts.

          • Lunias

            I start running U/G mill with Turn 1-3 Hedron Crabs.

          • Lonethief

            Then my goblin librarian says:

          • Froboy2021

             traumatize is bad mill. Good mill from rav, glimpse mindfunreal, and to an extent dimur. Better time to play mill zendikar block, crabs trabs and archavists oh may!

          • Lonethief

            “Mind Funreal”
            I agree. Mind Funeral is some real mind fun :D

          • Bandana_steve

             traumatize, keening stone, done

          • isnt jace from ravnica??

          • Darthdoom34

            Ahh, Szadek.

            Nerd 1: I swing for 5, flying
            Nerd 2: Can’t block
            Nerd 1: So you mill 5, take no damage and Szadek becomes a 10/10

            Nerd 1: swing for 10, flying
            Nerd 2: can’t block
            Nerd 1: So you mill 10, take no damage and Szadek becomes a 20/20
            Nerd 2: :O

          • Boxclatter

            thought undead alchemist took care of eldrazis?

          • And Oona, Queen of the Fae trumps milling with Exiling the opponents deck, oh yeah and Tamiyo keeps people from milling you, and Dredge is just begging to be milled…

          • Codymasters999

            Taimyo doesn’t keep people from milling you…

          • Ericrichardson9415

            actually her ult does

          • Guest

             no, what happens when you run out of cards?

            you lose, that’s what.

          • guest

            Well if you’re deck can not kill a mill deck, when you have access to all of your cards, you probably should quit playing magic.

          • Kelly_burge

            I run zombies.  Please mill me.

          • Docstorm4

            I run a flashback deck.

            Nerd 1: Mill 10 cars
            Me: Don’t you mean draw 10 cards that i can use with burning vengeance?
            Nerd 1: :O

          • Wisdomseyes

            Nerd 1:”0: you mill 10″

            nerd 2: “Uhhh… dont you mean reveal the top 10 and put them into my hand?”

            Yes, you can mill someone who got tamiyo’s ult off.. but the thing is, your a bad player already because they got tamoiyo’s ult off :p That and “milling” 10 or any number really translates to “drawing cards” 

          • Koku Ryu

            Prerelease, saw someone zealous conscripts a Tamiyo, Ult her, then return her at end of turn. they won the game a few turns later, using the same burn spell over and over again.

          • HedronMyr

             If you’re blue and think you’re going to face mill, just board a Laboratory Maniac or two. Then you win.

          • Trey Harris

             No it doesn’t. Her ult puts the cards in your hand, not back into your deck.

          • wolvie

            her ult also makes milling even crazier because the spells keep coming back and so would jace so its just milling you with the same spells all over again

          • Guest

            Not if you have Circu, Dimir Lobotomist out there (and since it’s Ravnica he might come back)… Doesn’t matter if they get the cards most likely they can’t play it as you exiled a copy with him…

          • Lonethief

            I don’t think the guild champions are coming back, many of them did not affect the storyline.

          • Lonethief

            Well, Savra did, but none of the others did much.

          • Lonethief

            Wait, dammit! I forgot Kos!

          • Trey Harris

            Reread Tamiyo’s ult. Her ability puts the cards into your hand, not back into your deck.

          • Fallenvash

             The point is that the more the opponent mills you with a tamiyo emblem on the field, the greater card advantage you have, he better kill you fast, because he is essentially giving you 100% free reign of the cards in your deck.

          • Actually, when I ran a turbofog deck(just to see if I could) I got a Tamiyo emblem, then used Jace’s 0 ability on myself to get 10 cards. I proceeded to win by casting 7 Thought Scours that turn, 7 the next, and milling 10 from Jace on them. therefore, 38 cards milled.

          • Lonethief

            On the contrary. Because of Dredge already milling itself, it it merely easier to mill.

          • But Dredge wants to be milled your milling will make it win exponentially faster, dredge wins as soon as it’s graveyard hits a certain capacity, you milling it speeds that up, unless you intend to mill the entire deck turn 1 you milling dredge will only make you loose faster, especially the manaless variety…

          • drew


          • Jjcob90

            Uhhhh no, elixer is being reprinted in m13 nice try though

          • Quit screaming. We get it. You’re stupid. You can at least pretend that you aren’t.

          • Shwa

            turn 1: swamp, dark ritual, entomb / putrid imp emrakul, exume.  

          • Brianhrischuk

            read emrakul.

          • Guest

            Elixer of Immortality is one thing, Laboratory Maniac is worse for mill decks.

          • Thrylas

            meh Elixer is more of a nussance i can mill a deck with elixers its not hard – just use undead alchemist to create a massive army of zombies that mill when they hit, and that way people using elixer to reshuffle is just helping you get a larger army.

          • Docstorm4

            You could just day of judgment the zombies. Solves that problem.

      • Joshuapelletierwcms

         jace is a boss and my favorite card in the game

    • Empyrean

      Niv-Mizzet will probably run away from him just like he ran away from the nephalim.

      • Flukey

        He didn’t run away. He slew two of the Nephilim by himself. Then got bored and left, thanks to him most of Ravnica was saved.

        • Lonethief

          *High fives Flukey* I agree, Niv-Mizzet was awesome.

    • Wisdomseyes

      There is no garantee he will be a card, but if you actually read the fluff… he is kind of a main character… so… yea

      Jace wont be leaving until he dies. You will also be seeing Liliana, Garruk, and Chandra. Want to complain about them too or are we done complaining about worldwake and the mistake that was the mind sculpter?

      • Changeling1987

        hes like the Urza of this generation, and like all great main characters he’ll probably bite the dust in some epic battle or in some self-sacrificing way to save the multiverse. either way i look forward to see his end. lolz

        • Guest

           Jace is the eternal unofficial boss of Magic, he’s never going to die, he’s going to cling on to it forever, and if he dies it’s only because he jedi mindtricked someone in to thinking he died so he can do something in secret.

          • Colgate

            I’m pretty sure that’s what they said about Urza…

          • guest

            Jace is the ultimate badass, an avatar of Richard G. seizing control over every plane of Magic.. perhaps a DD Jace vs the Coalition as an epic last stand with a flavor like “Times up, punk!”

          • M.C, Screwdriver

            jace is nowhere near the bad-ass the old walkers were, hes just a neo walker who can barely stand up to nicol bolas. urza was bush more powerful,skilled and knowledgeable. i mean if it weren’t for him phyrexia would have taken over the multiverse a long time ago. the legacy is still the most powerful collection of weapons ever assembled and jaces powers will probably have vary little effect on the legions of phyrexians i foresee pouring fourth from mirrodin in sets to come. in fact it looks like he die fighting the same war urza died fighting

          • Lostcelestial87

            Even when the old walkers were around, there no-one who ever really stood up to Nicol Bolas, and that’s even less likely to happen now the nature of the spark has changed. I mean… He was  rocking crotches thousands of years before Urza, and while he isn’t quite the maelstrom of testosterone he once was, the extra few thousand years of experiance really do make him the mightiest of the planeswalkers. Oh and he’s a F***ing dragon. 

          • Lunias

            Oh please, Richard Garfield Phd is waaaay more badass than Jace. Have you ever seen his card in Unhinged? If not, look it up RIGHT NAOW.

          • Lonethief

            And before that we had Phelddagrif. An anagram of “Garfield Phd.”

        • Self sacrificing? he seems more like the … iron man pre-avengers… not the type to make the self sacrificing move…

          • Cap’n Obvious

             nerd detected! … Oh. wait…

          • your wildest dreams

            Yah, if you have read any of the books you would see that jace actually is not that honorable 

          • Shadowthethird

            Truth be told since he screwed over tezzeret, have has only been known to focus on finding the a way to help lilliana and I’m sure if he dies it will be helping her. Cause after all love makes anyone stupid

          • your wildest dreams

            Yah, if you have read any of the books you would see that jace actually is not that honorable 

      • bolas’s faithful servant

        jace is the poster child of magic he is not going to die anytime soon.

        • Lonethief

          Heh heh… Urza

      • Mind sculpter is great however he has weaknesses just like any other card. Christ if you want to bitch then bitch at people for the Thopter Infinity or bitch about legacy’s storm deck. There is a reason why Jace stays in legacy cause there are too many ways to deal with him. He doesn’t even do that well in EDH.

    • Changeling1987

      aye mate, agreed. 

    • Acesta

      There is no such thing as too much jace

      • Lonethief

         You don’t find Jace the Mind Sculptor even a bit overpowered? Lets face it: anyone not playing control was relieved when he cycled out.

      • Koku Ryu

        Actually, there IS. 2 Jace is one too many.

        • Docstorm4

          2 Jace is 2 too many

    • kick your faces

       jace can kick your ass

      • Lonethief

        Hexmage can kick your Jace

        • Fooster1012

          hex parasite can be frickin nasty

          • Lonethief

            No, as in Vampire Hexmage

    • NavoMan

      As funny as that is, why are people only saying this about Jace? The other four first planeswalkers and been seen just as much, and talked about just as much. My question…if we all talk about five different music bands for four years, but they all came out around the same time, how come only one is being judged for being talked about too much? Judge all, or judge none…pick one…

  • Empyrean

    Szadek: Now in spirit vampire flavor! (or rather one can only hope).

    • He would be, something to the effect of Szadek, King of the Ghost Quarter…

  • Jon

    Boros Pride! Not that Steppe Lynx and Plated Geopede crap, but Wojek Embermage and Boros Swiftblade!

    • Kinney

      Boros Recruit is still one of my favorite 1-drops.

      • Danimoth

        Reprint of A Lightning Helix, Glimpse perhaps…and Voidslime. …something tells me that Basandra could be reprinted from Commander to take place of slain Razia as a guildleader

        • Actually Feather is the new Guildamaster…

          • Trey Harris

            There are no more guilds…

          • Mitch

            The guilds are still around, just the guildpact dissapated

          • M.C, Screwdriver

            the guilds are there, but there only guilds, they dont represent the government of ravnica

        • Lonethief

          Basandra is a bit too dead to be reprinted.

          • Lonethief

             Wait, nvm

          • Lonethief

            Wrong archangel >.<

    • orly

      This guy right here. This. Guy.

    • Oldfriendinternet

       true that, true that. can’t go wrong with a well placed lighting helix

  • OneTrueSin

    Shock Lands any one?

    • Empyrean

      Oh yes, because I totally want to have to pay 30$ for dual lands for standard.

      • Mickmars420

        a reprint would reduce the price

        • Tmanley

          most like going to happen

        • M.C, Screwdriver

          they wont reprint, they are modern legal and wizards dosent care about singles prices

    • Jfitone

      Hehehe… oh, I have 3… and they are about to lose value if that happens :(

      • Fallenvash

         Then the value jumps back up in a few years after they cycle out. who knows, may be a good idea to sell now, buy them back cheap and then hold them.

        Heck maybe towards the end of standard for them the price SKYROCKETS from people trying to buy them for value. Who knows what we will see.

  • Judge2008

    i hope jund will be playable tricolor ftw

    • Alex

      Jund is no fun

      • Kedwards13

        I was super excited about this set till I saw the set size! 274 cards it may as well be kamagawa cause u won’t be able to pull anything worth a crap per booster box. Our m13 prerelease and 4 booster boxes with 6 planeswalkers as options only 2 out of 4 boxes these are pipe dreams unless u have a sack of gold coins to play in the return to ravnica future standard.

  • Tee15222

    jace turning blue red?

    • Lonethief

      The very thought of an Izzet Jace makes my mind explode from excitement.

      • Lonethief

        But Ral Zarek would make more sense, on second thought

  • niv mizzit plainswalker

    • friend of bolas

      that would be fun

      • Lonethief

        And of course, undeniably broken beyond belief XD

  • Heavyterror

    bring back transmute!!!!!!!1

  • Jfagerstrom

    common dude we want another gurrak

    • Another already? I’d rather have another decent Green Planeswalker, we’ve got Nissa(she’s indecent by the way) and Garruk, that’s it…

  • Jfagerstrom

    screw jace gurrak is king

  • Thefamousbillysaur

    The old days <3

    • Tmanley

      old days ? ha!

  • никита азелицкий

    Ravnica is the best set in MTG

  • Jungo Sven

    i’m so exited… Ravnica was one of my favorites… can’t wait for RtR!!!

    • Lonethief

      Same here except for the “one of” part. RAVNICA IS SO AWESOME

  • The Metal

    It is all about the simic you little bitches.

    • Yeah, all about the guild that was most dead after Dissension…

  • Codyhampton7

    ill go ahead and predict he will be a multicolored jace, due to Ravnic being mostly multicolored things

    • Kfl54321

      hopefully UB or UR

  • Captain_Farukun

    Fuck yeah!!
    I knew Ravnica was gonna come back!
    Gonna get my Gruul blood thirsty beat down on baybeh!

    I just don’t wanna see Kamigawa ever again though..

    • Empyrean


      • lolololol imagine homelands coming back

        • Carter Harris86

          homelands was the worst thing to happen to magic since banding

          • yeah but what if they revamped it into somethat was is amazing

      • orly

        lolol, blue planewalker from AVR is from kamigawa. These kids don’t even know.

        • Lonethief

          There are people who don’t know Taimyo is from Kamigawa?

    • Alastor

      Kamigawa had amazing flavor, but way too many legendary cards.

      • Empyrean

        Considering how unbelievably crappy Saviors of Kamigawa was, I’m going to have to agree with Farukun when I say that I’d be happy if we don’t see Kamigawa for a while.

        • Stormdragom

          actually i have a hunch that based upon the new planeswalker for blue there may be kamiwaga in the near future of magic since she it is a moonsage though that could well be wrong

          • Nyara Mew

            I’ve heard a theory that Innistrad block actually is a pseudo-revisitation of Kamigawa.

          • You are correct sir, Innistrad is filling Kamigawa’s shoes as the flavor focused set of this new cycle of blocks, Mirrodin, Flavor, Ravnica, hopefully Dominaria, Tribal, Shards, and Eldrazi…

          • Shade

             To hell with Eldrazi. Annihilator is one of the three worst things to ever get put it in Magic. It is only just beat by CounterSpell and just barely beats infect.

          • yes

             You think counterspell is an annoying card?
            My friend, have you ever seen mana drain?

          • Docstorm4

            Screw you for mentioning mana drain

          • Fallenvash

             actually her presence seems to indicate the OPPOSITE.

            “I think Tamiyo is paving new ground as a means for how we make
            Planeswalkers. For example, there are many more worlds we’ve visited
            than ones we can return to, so using Planeswalkers as a means to tip our
            hat to them might be something we want to do more.” – Mark Rosewater

            in other words this is an extreme amount of hinting towards Kamgiawa being a plane they won’t be returning to. Not to mention she was also probably a hint towards the ninja themed deck in planechase.

        • Oldfriendinternet

           screw jiti

      • Changeling1987

        looks like someone didnt read the books. -__-     they are amazing!!!

    • Theram-rod

      Indeed, HURRAY! for Ravnica, but you leave Kamigawa alone!

    • FacePalm

      I love Kamigawa! That is when I started playing magic

  • Mrmurlokpwns

    Boros legion was where it was at lighting votex spam :)

  • lol not quite, he just runs the infinite consortium that he stole from tezzeret

  • Artfowl

    IZZET FOR THE WIN!! Jace and Chandra??? w/ my nice little wee dragonauts and a few new burn spells.
    this is just an EPIC WIN!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jfagerstrom

      screw u

  • Maxevans2000

    o my god yeah sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy

  • Bankaikurai55

    I see jace the ass hole here…

  • kyklops

    Borborygmos ftw!!!!!!!!!

    • Dragonmasterxmg

      Lets hope the gruul dont epicfail this time around

  • kyklops

    thulls ftw slightly less then gruul

  • Meowmix

    I swear to GOD if Ral Zarek is not included I will destroy wizards.

    • craxizu, izzet initiate

      thank you i am izzet to the bone. long live niz-mizzet

      • Hand of the Praetors

        All hail, Vraska

  • Edward

    Jaccccccccce??? is it really u

  • little rapper c

    no im his weird bro

  • Orzhov Yo >:D

  • Fooster1012

    this is ware those two new plains walkers in those comics are going to come out, because the picture they let out of the guy was placed in ravnica, you could tell by the building styles.

  • beastthesicwitit

    orzhov on u bitches

  • Jfagerstrom

    I would like another koth

    • A Severance

      Vesner vs. Koth?

      • KingPose

        He means a newer Koth. With different abilities.

    • Lonethief


  • tdogg3

    they just made my goal of making all the guild decks all the more challenging

  • Boros FURY!!!
    The Red White fury shall come again!!

  • Guest


    • Lonethief

      *KOFF* *Izzet’s cooler* *KOFF*

  • KillrateOmega

    As a relatively new Magic player (I came in around the time Innistrad was released; Don’t think me unknowledgeable though, I’ve done more than my share of homework, there are simply gaps in my knowledge of OLD cards and sets (Pre-Scars) that just come with being new), I must say that I’m excited to see this set as I’ve heard much praise about the Ravnica set and plane. My preferred colors are black, white, and green (Even though I know about its history at tournaments and that it’s considered by many to be the best color, Blue is actually my least favorite color), so I’ll probably be leaning toward the related Guilds and creatures.

    • Empyrean

      Your guilds would be Golgari (Black/Green), Selesnya (Green/White), and Orzhov (Black/White). To me, Golgari was probably the best of those 3.

      • KillrateOmega

        Thanks for the advice :)

      • Dustyngb

        Um… Orzhov IS

        • The best? are you dumb? no offense but the most valuable Haunt card is like $1.25…

        • Dragonmasterxmg

          Slowest guild in any format except maybe edh

      • Boros?

  • vksjb

    Could Angel of Jubilation be telling us that convoke will be back?

  • Itschgo

    please reprint jace, the mind sculptor or bring a new ultimate “killer”jace pls

    • Empyrean

      You kids and your newfangled overpowered game winning cards. In my day we only had…

      …And that’s why you should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Jfitone

        You’s kids and your “Sculpting of Minds” and your “Lawds of Mooinstrad” and your…

        *Dang nab these infernal Planama-wakers!

  • Sarcastic7Dragon

    OMG finally a good set! TWO boring ones in a row, now something amazing, l ravnica, alara and lorwyn l=so far the best ones, in my opinion

    • innistrad was pretty cool with bringing back flashback and two faced cards im going to agree with DA that set sucked monkey balls

    • Shadowmoor > Lorwyn…

      • Lonethief

        Reaper King ftw

    • Oldfriendinternet

       Ravnica + TimeSpiral + Alara = best sets ever

      On a side note, anyone think that Rakdos the Defiler could be a planeswalker? I mean, It already has the most perfect name for a planeswalker, it just needs loyalty counters.

      And i think the world is ready for another Red/White planeswalker.

      • Trey Harris

        Demon’s can’t be planeswalkers unfortunately. Same thing for angels.

        • Lonethief

          Demons and Angels are made of mana, thus entering the Blind Eternities would result in them dissolving into mana. I think, did I get that right?

        • Nelson Gonzalez

          not true, theres is a demon who lost his spark in Zendikar.. obx nix-something..

          • Fallenvash

             It has been hinted that his demonic form is a result of loosing his spark while on zendikar, he was not born a demon. I recall that due to the wording it also hinted that he was a Planeswalker before the time rifts and mending, being trapped in his ‘current’ form. Perhaps the mending occured while he was in a demon form, and since planeswalkers can’t be demons, the new spark fizzled or something like that.

            Either way, he was essentially not a born demon.

          • Docstorm4

            Maybe they fix it and make him a walker in a later set?

    • Lonethief

      I liked Avacyn Restored…

      • Docstorm4

        Avacyn Restored was terrible.

  • Empyrean

    Uhh, how do you figure? How does giving all non-black creatures +1/+1 tie into convoke in any way?

  • anonymous

    Ravnica is EPIC! have you read the books?!

  • tdogg3

    I’m looking forward to seeing what Feathers will do as a card. Depending on time difference in the story, Jarred as well.

    • Seritho

      What where did you read that Feather was showing up?

      • She took over as Boros’ Guild Master, so it’s only natural…

  • Dizza94

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE SERIES I CAM IN PLAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GETTING BACK TO MY EFFN ROOOOOOTTTSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kyklops

    i have a feeling they will redo the guild leaders with slightly different names as mythic rares BORBOGYMUS THE EXTREMELY-PISSED OFF AND HUNGRY FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bennilson

    This is awesome, because Ravnica was pretty much my favorite block of all time.

  • Meow

    jace might be mind-controling niv-mizzet

    • Flukey

      It’d be other way around. Niv is the second or third oldest being in the multiverse, he didn’t get to his position without being powerful.

      • friend of bolas

        behind bolas of course

        • Arcanefyre

          I believe it goes Bolas, Sorin, Niv. Sorin is pretty damn old.

    • Lonethief

      No. Just, no.

  • You guys are all crazy! Its all about the Izzet and Dimir guilds! Anyone who has played a Niv/gelectrode deck knows where I’m coming from… Nothing in magic feels quite like burning somebody for 8 damage with a 0/1.

    • Lonethief

      I know how you feel. Izzet all the way!

    • Jfitone

      XD Haven’t seen that in SO long… ah, memories… 

  • guest

    well niv mizzet also have mind powers so maybe they will work together

  • Aapielekker


    Jfagerstrom Collapse
    no dude mil is to slow

    Remember Glimpse the Unthinkable?

  • Changeling1987

    if Garruk is to come back, i’m  stoked about it!!

    • Lonethief

      If he would, he’d be Gruul. And Gruul didn’t really stand a chance against any of the other guilds the first time around.

  • changeling1987

    oh man Selesnya Conclave!!

  • Come on dude, we want another Garruk*

    I don’t know who “we” is, but don’t we have three? That’s plenty.

  • Shade

    U/R Flashback in Standard once R2R drops will kill everything. Also Miracle anything in EDH.

  • Felricrey

    I hope this coming edition of ravnica is more awesome than the last one….

    • Jfitone

      …And not a repeat of the Scars remake. Still good, but the old Mirrodin Block was SOOOOOOO much better, and, NO infect :D

  • If jace’s ability is more brutality than the last one its gonna be a war in mtg realms

  •  Oh man i cant wait for the next story of Ravnica i wanna know what happen next and hell yeah BOROS will dominate again i heard my cousin working on mtg that the BOROS cards are more aggresive…….Thumbs up everyone…

  • Dark Walker

    YAY JACE!!!! and LELIANNA!! two of my fave planeswalkers and back on another plane I love

  • friend of bolas

    can someone kindly explain each guild in detail?

  • MrQuestionMark

    “Available in: Booster Packs, Intro Packs, Event Decks,
    Booster Battle
    Packs, Fat Pack”

    Whats a booster battle pack? Have we seen these before?

    • Trey Harris

      They had them in M12. It’s 2 semi-random decks and 2 booster packs.

  • LEts just all agree that red blue along with every frickin thing else will be main contenders with ravnica.

  • Jhbjhvg

    what was the origin story from ravanica

  • Cobra1264

    if its baby jace with niv i will be very happy. if so tamiyo and jace might be facing off because whos taking the dimir side whos gonna take the izzet side and above all else whos taking the golgari side? chandra will probably side with jace or boros liliana will take any of the nastiest sides she can like how she hates angels now she hates boros even more(read killing wave from avacyn restored).

  • make niv-mizzet a plainswalker please

  • Yonatan

    why they don’t make a new version to gideon already?

    • jokes on you. hes gonna be red white! nah. i dunno. thatd be cool though. and he did go there to get help fighting eldrazis

      • AirGuardian5

        he actually might be red white… look at the art he has and youll see the Boros emblem

  • Kit

    as long as richard garfield has a say in his game jace will still be alive…i think garfield is a blue player and that’s his alter ego in the game..

  • SchwannOlterain

    I read some of these comments and lose braincells from their stupidity….

    •  yet still feel the need to comment…

  • :D


  • Miguel1760

    whats up

  • Miguel1760

    the guilds are coming so therefore the commdander cards will be brung back i

  • Miguel1760

    nicol bolas ,sorin marcov , lilianna vess, and jace berlen. need to see each other and fight to the death

    • No…just…no.

    • Lonethief

      Although Jace is my favorite, Nicol Bolas would probably win considering the whole “all powerful elder dragon” thing. He’d probably cheat too. XD

      • Lonethief

        *favorite of those three that is (I prefer to not use walkers, but Tibalt did appear in my burning vengeance deck)

  • Miguel1760

    i go for nicol bolas he is a dragon :} kool aid

  • Lenbeltle

    K ravnica’s mill was awesome but the three jace combo plus ravnica equals the return of mill

  • Lenbeltle

    P.s. I have a feeling a new jace will be blue red. Draw plus damage. Maybe a psychosis Crawler emblem



  • Lpenniger


  • Lenbeltle

    Ravnica had some awesome mill opportunities but I think its another new jace and he’ll be blue red

  • Sirus Volrak

    I hope the Booster Battle Packs are like the Tournement Packs like they used to do, or atleast something simialr. Be nice also to see Niv as a Planeswalker!

  • Zagato

    Nicol Bolas can handle anything Jace can throw at him, just destroy him when you bring Bolas out…

  • considering im new to magic im actually looking forward to seeing ravnica, from what ive gathered it was the best set there ever has been in magic and thats enough to excite me to actually get to see another amazing set. at least it could be better than alot of innistrad not saying innistrad was bad it was just ok :P

  • Niv

    Jace + Niv Mizzet= Oh sh*t

  • Jriggles

    Looking forward to at least more Orzhov-y stuff maybe…
    And regarding all the mill nonsense:
    Paradise Mantle, Training Ground, Pili-Pala, Increasing Confusion. Not as clunky as you’d think, and it’s a turn-4 win (and infinite mana to boot).

  • planeswalker Sol

    I wish people would stop hating on Kamigawa. Like it or not we have to go back to it. It’s a big part of the story and always talked about in some way. What was wrong with Kamigawa is that it had just came out after Mirrodin and the developers just didn’t want to mess up again. Also Kamigawa didn’t have too many legends, it was meant to be the home of legends.

    My point is Kamigawa  it is not to  blame but the team behind it was. So  “WHEN” we go back it most likely wont be done by them. PS. why is there all this talk about Guilds when current ravnica has none.

    • Joeajones81

      Yes, the guilds r NO more! Didn’t it explain that at the end of the last Ravnica block?

      • Joeajones81

        Looking VERY forward to new Ravnica though:)

      • Acesta

        What happened to the guilds?

        • Heynonynonymous

          It was explained in the books, and WOTC treats the books like a bag of poop now. 

        • Joeajones81

          they were disbanded somehow, I’m a lil unclear about how it actually happened but I know it did!

          • Wisdomseyes

            The guilds still exist, the Guildpact was disband.
            There is kind of a difference, considering that hey are returning to this set AND have a golgari vs izzet duel deck coming out.
            Boros, for example, still higher themselves out to other places. They have basically become mercenaries for higher (like Grull)

          • Kareem Elashmawy

            The guilds never disbanded as a whole, instead they changed. Jace mentions in Agent’s of Artifice that the guilds wrote a new guildpact that was not enforced by planar wide magic. Additionally you can ascertain the following information from the end of the Ravnica Cycle and the planewalker books:

            WARNING, IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE RAVNICA CYCLE, THERE ARE SPOILERS BELOW. Again this is story spoilers of the ravnica cycle published in 2005-6, not card spoilers.

            Azorius Senate: Their guildmaster is dead, but another one can be voted in; however, they’d have to rebuild Prahv or relocate to another location. An auxiliary vote of a guild master assumes that their are senators who survived the crash.

            Orzhov Syndicate: Their guildmasters, the Obzedat, were never targeted or killed, as is the majority of their nobles, lawers and banks. Thus their power didn’t chang much.

            House Dimir: We know that the Dimir as a guild lost a great deal of power between Ravnica and Guildpact; however, Szadek’s spirit took control of Agyrem before it fused with Ravnica. It stands to reason that he still holds power their, or has retaken his place in House Dimir.

            Izzet League: The Izzet did not lose much during the events of Guildpact, with the exception of Niv-mizzet fleeing the battlefield. The new image for RTR suggests that Niv-Mizzet has allied with Jace and probably has retaken the League, after all, who would dare oppose a dragon like him?

            Cult of Rakdos: The Rakdos guild never lost an ounce of power. Rakdos rose, reigned hell, then was put in a coma. When Feather dropped Rakdos into his lava pit, it was unclear whether or not he was still “sane” or not (as far as sanity can be applied to the demon). The Cult as a whole; however can function without Rakdos or Izolda, as they have for the last 10,000 years on ravnica.

            Golgari Swarm: The Golgari leadership exchanged twice in Ravnica, resulting in Jarad as the new Lich Lord of the Swam. It was made very clear in Dissension that the Swam had not lost any power and in fact had enough power to invade Rix-Maadi. Besides that, there is no reason to assume that they have fallen.

            Gruul Clans: The Gruul never acted as a guild to begin with, and with the removal of the original guildpact and its planar magic, there isn’t much to inspire them to unite as a guild unless Borborygmos tells them to do so.

            Boros Legion: At the end of Dissension it was made clear that while the Boros had lost a great number of veterans at the end of Ravnica, they did hold power. It was also made clear at the end of Dissension that Feather was promoted to Guildmaster following the investigation of the Angel’s genocide in Agyrem. According to Agent’s of Artifice, the Boros Legion no polices the entire plane. Now certain regions are policed by their own militia.

            Selensnya Conclave: The Selensnya Conclave was active from Guildpact through Dissension, and never lost their parun, nor their main tree of power.

            Simic Combine: The Simic lost a lot during the events of Dissension. Their guild master, Momir Vig, was killed, their primary lab, Novijen was destroyed by Kraj who also killed every customer with a cytoplast implant. From a public relations standpoint, they shot themselves in the foot and are unlikely (in my opinion) to reform as a guild because they have lost all public favor towards them.

            It is worth mentioning that it was unclear whether or not the Golgari parun, Svogthir is still alive. Svogthir is a powerful enough lich to have possessed a third body following the destruction of Savra’s corpse in Dissension.

            EDIT: Reformmating.

      • Infectiousveyerus

        Because of the inccident between experiment kraj, and rakdos the difiler.

    • Thrylas

      Well it should have some guild considering the dual deck released is Golgari vs Izzet 2 of the guild from the original ravnica

    • Fallenvash

       Unfortunately it is HIGHLY unlikely we will return to Kamigawa. It seems to have less reasons for the fluff to return the storyline to that plane in a major enough sense to permit an entire block, maybe they will make a block in the future that involves massive planeswalking around different places with each plane or even two taking up a set each during the block. I believe they did similar things during the Weatherlight series but I could be extremely mistaken. They could handle it similar to how they handled the first Ravnica set with the guild/faction specific cards being different for each of the three sets of Ravnica.
      But asides from that possibility of doing something like that with Kamigawa being one of those visited planes in a multiplane themed block, I doubt they will return considering what Mark Rosewater had to say about Tamiyo when they released her in avacyn Restored.

      “I think Tamiyo is paving new ground as a means for how we make
      Planeswalkers. For example, there are many more worlds we’ve visited
      than ones we can return to, so using Planeswalkers as a means to tip our
      hat to them might be something we want to do more.” -Mark Rosewater

      Please note that I do not hold this as confirmation that Kamigawa will not return, but it is a pretty darn strong hint that the dev teams don’t really have anything planned for it. and as most of us should know by now, when the Magic team has something planned, it could easily be a set more then four years away. So even if we do see a return, don’t look forward to it anytime in the next few years is my guess on the matter.

  • Lonethief

    Me: Building my little custom Ravnica-based mse set. “Ooh, but I bet the set name ‘Apocalypse’ has already been used…” *checks mtg salvation wiki* *checks all set names* “wait a minute, what’s that in the corner of the page”
    MTG Salvation Wiki: “We’re going back to Ravnica! Lulz!”
    Me: *Ravnica was my favorite set of all time* “OMG SO HAPPY!!!” *realize I’ve already made 200 Ravnica based cards* “FUUUUUUUUUUUUU_”

  • MTGuy

    in my opinion, Kamigawa was one of my favoritres 

  • Joeajones81

    I know this is a lil off topic but I’m lookin 4 a lil critique of my deck plz. Here it is 3 seachrome coast, 2 razorverge thicket, 2 hinterland harbor, 4 seraph sanctuary, 7 plains, 5 forests, 1 island: 1 avacyn, angel of hope, 2 sigarda, host of herons, 1 angelic overseer, 4 herald of war, 4 angel of jubilation, 4 entreat the angels, 4 feeling of dread, 2 day of judgement, 2 somberwald sage, 4 birds of paradise, 4 temporal mastery, 4 think twice, plz tell me what u think( positive feedback and constructive critism only plz)

    • The one

      awful just awful what are you 6

      • Joeajones81

        And y exactly is it so awful “the one”? Just because its not a carbon copy of the latest pro tour championship control deck doesn’t mean its not a good deck! Not that long ago people were saying the same thing about werewolf decks but I just swept a local tournament(including a couple of carbon copies of the latest pro tour championship control deck) with a R/G werewolf deck! So plz enlighten me, y is it so awful?!

        • jaceisadick

          I agree with the one it is just not very good against ramp and control

          • Joeajones81

            And I agree with that, its not very good against control but I have won against control with it and I don’t think its “awful” just because it has a lil trouble against certain other decks! Thats all I was trying to say

          • Koku Ryu

            one island? just one island? what happens when you draw that temporal mastery and dont have your island?

  • JacetheAsshole


    • Lonethief

       Black Lotus, Planeswalker. IT COULD HAPPEN

      • Koku Ryu

        Return to Alpha, Followed by Betacrash?

    • Docstorm4

      They could bring back Mox Sapphire, except instead of adding 1 blue mana you get to add…. 10!

  • Whymilldecks

    cant wait for crappy mill decks.[sarcasm]

    • Fallenvash

       I can’t wait either, I got my full playset of Laboratory Maniacs awaiting a price increase.

  • tap 2, counterspell

  • Cobrasrule101

    Aww great the freaking kamigawa are coming again…..

  • Shadowmonkeyking

    platinum angel kills mill

    • Fallenvash

       Not really, just prolongs your defeat, with no deck, eventually your hand will run out leaving you with no card advantage unless you got graveyard effects. Your opponent on the other hand, simply has to wait till he can draw your defeat, as well as keeping you on the heavy defense, which becomes easier and easier as the game progresses thanks to a lack of any card advantage.

      Now Laboratory Maniac can make a mill deck owner sweat. The second he milled my first Maniac truly an amazing reaction on his face. Got even more worried once I bluffed him with a slight grin when I drew my next card, which was a land. I always kept that card a little more prominent then the others, so when he finally got a chance to make me discard, imagine his shock at seeing it turn out to be a land instead of the Maniac.

  • Powerdragonz

    omg mill is easy counter with Reminisce

  • Kirk Folklore

    I’m not really too concerned about what planeswalker is involved.  Ravnica is a fully amazing plane with some of the best world development in MTG history.

  • Douglash123

    Finally I can roll a red white boros XD

  • Jjrescigno

    Tha awkward moment where i’m already playing an Izzet-style deck and then i find out theres a new Ravnica block

  • Randolphjoseph_gutang

    yup you had enough of jace i have’nt, but there are alot of plainswalkers to come, the card type is just new, besides there is a choice. if you don’t like it, then don’t use it.

    • Fallenvash

       True, but it is also true you DON’T have a choice if 90% of the decks you face in events contain an overpowered Jace, and you are too poor to buy even one copy. :P

    • Lonethief

      “alot of plainswalkers to come”
      In addition to Boggart Arsonist, Graceful Antelope, Righteous Avenger, and Zodiac Rooster

  • Me gusta

    Noooooooo similar muuuuuuust staaaaayyyyyy! Can you guess what my favorite guild is?

    • Lonethief

      The Screen Actors Guild? :D

  • Me gusta

    I meant simic stupid spell check iiiiii hhhhhhaaattte spellllllllllll chhhgeeeckkkkkk!

  • Jace is the idol of every white skinned Magic nerd with a hoody and an inability to grow non-patchy facial hair. They can’t kill Jace because Jace is the avatar of their customer base.

    • Bkkk69

      only thing cool about Jace is his robe… Liliana and Elspeth are the shit

      • Joethefrodo

        Personally, Venser is pretty tight.  Not powerful, but a pretty kick ass ability when you think about it.

        • Lloyjac

          Venser and Jodah are my favorite characters, I also really like Koth and Karn…Jace intrigues me, but he isn’t my avatar in the story.

        • Lunias

          Correction: Venser WAS pretty tight. He is, unfortunately, dead.

  • Mithik

    Wizards is gonna have a tough time with this set. The original Ravnica is considered the “Best set in Magic: The Gathering” history. Come on Wizards.. show us what your made of!

  • Matty32e

    Sorry new magic player question? When this comes out is all of the New phryexia block go out of standard? or just the first set of that block?

    • Fallenvash

       New Phyrexia is the third/final set in the Scars of Mirrodin block. Once RtR comes out, the ENTIRE Scars block (all three sets) and M12 core set cycles out. This means that when M13 comes out, for a few months before RtR block, we will have two entire blocks (Scars and Innistrad) and two core sets (M12 and M13) within Standard for play.

      Seems a little odd at first, but then you realize it is a lot easier to keep track of through the tournaments. It is also easier on those who attend official events then if they have to go back and check their decks for no longer standard legal cards every three months as opposed to merely worrying about adding new things with each set. By the time Standard rotates everyone should have plenty of cards from the new Core Set and the latest completed block(Innistrad in this case) to allow them to easily convert decks over without too much lose in effectiveness, but of course some people still may have difficulty depending on how much they favored a certain build.

  • Folkvardr

    If the dragon behind him was going to bite off Jace’s head, what the hell is he going to do? Make him draw 20 cards?

    • Ericsummer

      Lol, best comment ever!

    • Patt

       No he’ll return him to his owners hand fyi

    • Lonethief

       Considering that they’re both extremely powerful blue mages with huge egos they’re probably gonna be allies.

    • Joeajones81

      I like Jace, just sick of sssssssoooooooooooooooo many different versions of him! Seriously I know he is awesome but get over it already!!! Especially if theres gonna be ANOTHER version of Jace! Come on!

      • They all fit into the story line just fine, however there are three versions. Garruk = 3 versions, Liliana = 3 verisons, Jace = 3 versions, Ajani = 2 versions, chandra = 3 versions.

        We’re due for an Ajani.

        • M.C, Screwdriver

          there are 3 ajani’s now. ajani gold mane, ajani vengeant and now the pride caller

        • Revane

          We need another Gideon, Bolas, and Nissa

          • bolas is perfect and nissa is good for elves.however gideon kinda sucks

          • Gswgameboy

            Gideon is not bad. He can be really annoying to some decks, but not others.

          • Koku Ryu

            Gideon dies to leyline of anticipation + clone

          • Trais

            Clearly, you have never faced Caw-Blade before. Or, for that matter, any high-budget W/U Control.

          • St1r4ever

            um, wow! gideon kicks ass! wtf is wrong with you?

          • Rwkropp

            if you’re saying gideon sucks you most likely don’t know how to play. he can be one of the most annoying planeswalkers in most any decks

          • Joey Wheeler

            he is hands down one of the best planeswalker ever printed and if u disagree u havent ever seen him play sir. so go play with gideon and join the rest of us in gideon is good land :)

          • Lonethief

            Not the best, Jace the Mind Sculptor was freaking broken.

          • Docstorm4

            Among the best of non-broken planeswalkers. I do think Karn and Tamiyo are almost as good though.

          • Sasuke1rulz

             does anyone read the actual mtg website???? we are getting a new nicol…well old one from the ajani vs. nicol duel deck but thats what we are getting damn

          • ROFLCOPTER

            It’s not a new Nicol! He is the same he has always been as a planeswalker.

          • Lonethief

            He hasn’t always been a planeswalker…

          • Lonethief

            Wait, disregard what I just said. Nevermind

          • 528495

            there was a version of him printed as a legendary creature in an old set
            cumulative upkeep rbu
            when he deals damage to an opponent they discard their hand

          • Matt Law

            it’s not cumulative upkeep you retard. it’s an upkeep trigger of a single payment.

          • Cysco

             Looked like the Conflux art to me but I never did go back and check so I could be wrong.

          • Paul s.

            We get a new version of bolas in the new core set

          • Gabrieltasso

             its the same version of bolas XD

          • St1r4ever

            its not a new version. its nicol bolas, planesalker. originally released in shards of alara. thats just a reprint homy

          • 528495


          • I hate stupid niggers

            Gideon sucks, Bolas got his shit ripped, and Nissa is just retarded. What kind of stupid ass is just like, eldrazis, those are kinky. Seriously, the shit?!

          • Lonethief

            “Nissa is just retarded”
            Is someone mad that they got killed by a widdle elf deck in extended? Because a certain planeswalker searched a 2/3 from the deck? That was actually a 4/5 because of a double-kicked warcaller? Nissa isn’t always amazing, but don’t take it out on the design of the card. It sometimes works. Scarily so even. Its second +1 is 2 wellwishers.
            “Gideon sucks”
            Gideon is a great card. The only people who don’t realize that are noobs. He redirects attacks, and can get Noxious Revival’d again and again.
            “Bolas got his shit ripped”
            When you say this, do you mean he is overpowered, or underpowered? He is neither, and his mana cost and colors fit his powers perfectly.
            “eldrazis, those are just kinky”
            Dafuq? I do not remember anything about kinky eldrazi. Anywhere. Not ever fanfict.
            I’m not going to comment on your name.

          • John117shepard

            You’re my hero.

          • Gmailsux

             Thank you!

          • Lunias

            Gideon + Lightmine Field = XD

          • Lonethief

            Gideon + Chain Reaction/Blasphemous Act = Trololololooooo!

          • Gmailsux

             Wow, you’re a real douche

          • Someone

            your nickname sucks. Also, Nissa is good if you are smart enough to use her. gideon is also a good planeswalker

          • Amber

            God I love Bolas. I would probably go into geek-gasms if they made a new one. But so far we just get a reprint of the origional. Soooooo lame. Not sure about Nissa, but a new Gideon would be pretty cool.

          • That Guy

            Just wait for GateCrash  XD

          • Lunias

            Nissa has officially dabbled in Black magic, so any new Nissas would probably be G/B. Which sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?

          • Alphabeticalsoup

             It has been confirmed there will be a Gideon in this block, most likely Boros.

          • Docstorm4

            No, probably Azorious. Gideon is all about authority after all.

          • Lunias

            Not after betraying Chandra and subsequently being betrayed by the Order of the Lotus. Now that he’s been backstabbed by authority itself, I have a feeling he’ll be a bit more rebellious in the future. Thus, a Boros Gideon actually makes sense.

          • Docstorm4

            Makes sense when you put it into that perspective

          • Hand of the Praetors

            More of Orzhov in my mind after that resume.

          • 528495

            nope, DEFINIELY boros
            the gatecrash preview art thingy has gideon side by side with a boros angel

          • 528495

            and gideon enforces the law, as opposed to making it

        • Tri-Edge

          We need a reprint or another version of Sarkhan Vol, but I guess that’s just wishful thinking.

          • Lonethief

            I think he died…

          • Joey Wheeler

            last i heard he was facing punishment from bolas and we havent heard much about him

          • sphinxy

             umm bolas is fixing his mind, not facing punishment. did you read the comic

        • Sasuke1rulz

           again…there are 3 ajani…the 3rd is in m13

        • Retrosnowcone

          there is three ajani. 1st ajani goldmane 2d ajani vengeant 3rd ajani caller of the pride

        • James

           Technically theres is 3 versions of ajani if you count ajani vengeant and the new one dude

        • St1r4ever

          There r 3 ajanis counting m13.

          • It hadn’t been spoiled when I said that :P

        • xxtheoxx20

          Actually.. there are 3 versions of Ajani… Goldmane, Vengeant, and the M13 Caller of the Pride…

        • 528495

          Caller of the Pride
          i count 3 there

      • NavoMan

        Why be like that? It’s not like Jace has six versions while all the others have two, or one. He only has three versions…just like Ajani, Liliana, Chandra, and Garruk. Sorin, Sarkhan, Elspeth, Tezzeret have two versions each. The rest have one each.

        Only the first five planeswalkers that were printed have three versions at this time. Stop complaining, all of the planeswalkers have become permanent characters in the game, and you will see them time, and time again. If not on a planeswalker card then it will be as a cameo appearance on another card, or a reference in the flavor text. There will always be Jace… (Not actually a Jace fan myself btw, I happen to like Liliana the most.)

        • Akira

          Liliana has 4 different card designs. This nxt one will make 5.. theres liliana as a promo, liliana from the m11 set, liliana of the veil, nd also theres another version of her tht is in the liliana vs garruk deul deck

          • Lahrell_dahri

             sorry but this is just wrong. There are multiple art variations for liliana, but there are still only 2 liliana’s until the m13 is released and there is 3

          • Dasausfall

            You do know he said card DESIGNS, right? Not five different Liliana cards.

        • Lahrell_dahri

           This is misinformation. Jace will be entering his 4th version after ravnica, not 3. Currently, until m13.., there are only 2 ajani and 2 liliana. So if you are projecting ahead and have already added liliana and ajani’s m13 version to the list, you should also do the same for Jace and project his version count at 4.. And yes… liliana is the best ;)

          • Sasuke1rulz

             there are 3 ajaini….ajani goldmane, ajani vengeant, and ajani caller of the pride

          • Chugalotjuggernaut

            Well you know, there’s always that slim chance they might bring back mind-sculptor xD

          • guest

            No, there isn’t.

          • Lunias

            Liliana Vess, Liliana of the Veil, Liliana of the Dark Realms, Ajani Goldmane, Ajani Vengeant and Ajani, Caller of the Pride seem to disagree with you, sir. Besides, Jace doesn’t have a new card in M13 and he hasn’t been spoiled for Ravnica. In this case, you are the one who’s spreading misinformation by saying Jace will definitely have a new card after Ravnica.

            While NavoMan is counting cards that were already revealed, you are just speculating. Just because Jace is in the next set doesn’t mean he’s getting a new card.

          • Bkado36

            If you watch the Comic Con panel they announce that some form of Jace is going to be printed in RTR, Most likely a new variation considering that Jace, Memory Adept was printed in m13 and JTMS was previously banned. And i doubt they’ll reprint baby jace.

          • Lunias

            Ugh, darn it. As much as I looove Jace, I don’t want another Mono-Blue Planeswalker of Death. If they really are printing a new version, can they make it R/U instead please? For instance, a Jace the Firemind? You can see what that leads into.

          • 528495

            they can’t just “give” Jace red mana. there has to be a damn good reason for that; like garruk is cursed by liliana, ajani learned from sarkhan to harness his anger, sarkhan became a servent of bolas to get black if he didnt have it already from being on jund, 

          • Fooster1012

            it say up in the spoiler hes one of two planes walkers

        • Unknown Pedophile

          liliana also has three versions, there’s liliana vess, liliana of the veil, and liliana of the dark realms

        • guest

          lili ajani garruk chandra all have 3 aswell so i totally agree with you dude

        •  I just wish red green and blue had planes-walkers to sub out of the core five like black and white do.

          • angelblade

            so tamiyo is and tibalt are what then ?

          • Therez66

             Green has Nissa Revane and 3 versions of Garruk. Blue has 3 Jaces, Tezzeret, and Tamiyo. Red has Chandra, Koth, and Tibalt.  Tezzeret, Ajani, and Karruk also have muticolored versions of themselves.  I’m not sure what you’re trying to say here.

          • Therez66


          • 528495

            dont forget venser, and he’s UW

          • Vince

            He also should have the ability “Sacrifice ~, Search your library for Karn, Liberated, and put him on the battlefield.”

          • Bighuntzilla

            Blue does;Tamiyo

          • Bighuntzilla

            Oh and I forgot Tibalt for red.  

          • Flankenstein

            And Koth

        • 528495

          there are 3 garruks, 3 ajanis, 3 lilianas, and 3 chandras too
          garruk wildspeaker, relentless, primal hunter
          lilana vess, of the veil, of the dark realms
          chandra nalaar, ablaze, the firebrand
          ajani goldmane, vengeant, caller of the pride

      •  Has anyone ever considered that maybe that is not Jace in the Promo Art for Return to Ravnica? Maybe he is the evil twin.  OR the evil NINJA twin, who teamed with Niv to get revengeance for when the real Jace Beleren teamed with Raiden from Metal Gear to kill his girlfriend who was cheating on him with the evil twin ninja Jace and stole Metal Gear BOLAS in order to take over the mutliverse and they need a powerful artifact in Ravnica to get it working.  Yeah.  That’s it.  Totally.

        • St1r4ever

          Dude! you nailed it! the powerful artifact they are after is Brass bombshell! rofl

        • Lonethief

          You forgot the fact that they’re also both pirates.

      • alan2here

         Jace deck time. All the versions of Jace :¬P

        • Spencer

          F$$k you

        • 528495

          TMS is banned just about everywhere

      • Mr.buttons697

        Garruk has 3 versions, control needs a 3 of just like aggro!

      • 528495

        Jace is FROM Ravnica. If they didn’t include their resident walker, it wouldn’t be much of a return

    • The Firemind

      That dragon is Niv-Mizzet, I believe.

      •  Yes that’s Niv-Mizzet

        • Rockingvikings

          There are rumors going around that niv is going to be a planeswalker. That might explain the picture of him with jace.

          • Lemos Nelson

            Niv Mizzet is definitly NOT going to be a Walker. Since avery guild gets a legendary creature as their leader, and considering that Izzet’s master is Niv Mizzet, He clearly is going to be a Legendary Mythic Rare Creature. What MIGHT happen is that the supposed Izzet Walker, Ral Zarek, could be Niv Mizzet’s human form. I think it is unlikely though…

          • Herndonator

            you never know, what if after the nephlim incident, he may have taken a sebattical and be one brake from guildmastering or something of the like

          • Junktoken

            Niv-Mizzet declined becomin a ‘walker. He said “I’m doin fine on ravnica. Why leave?”                 

    • JakeReed

      Bounce him back to his own hand…

      • Izzet

        Niv would use Jace’s own Ingenuity against him in response :P

    • KnowYourMagicLore

      If you knew anything, you’d know Jace is highly respected there..

      • Darthdoom34

        Of course he is, he’s adopted it as his home plane

    • Christ701

      Lols if you knew niv mizzet’s ability jace causing him draw 20 cards niv could deal 20 damage to to target creature or played divided as he chooses 

    • Gdx111

      Jace can just take control of it instead and use it for fun. lol

      • Lonethief

        In response, choose Jace’s Poison…
        A) Niv gets curious and “accidentally” obliterates Jace and all of his allies in a burst of flame
        B) His trusty guildmages fire a pair o’ bolts at Jace (poof!)
        C) They give up the whole thing and go get drunk off of ponders (bestest fwends!)

    • Liammaiher

       no hes gunna neg one and return him to hand

      • Lonethief

        An Izzet deck would kill a Jace easily the turn he hits field. At instant speed. My Izzet deck can put 37 damage on the stack. BEAT IT JACE >:D

        • Horst

          37dmg… yet, have you beaten any1 Jace TMS with it?

          • Lonethief

            Well, I normally play Standard as I cannot afford Legacy, but, I have killed a jace with a well-placed Galvanic Blast (with metalcraft)

        • Wikisiki

          37 dmg on the stack.. yeah!! but, an elf deck can od that in turn 3… and so? Jace is TMS. Niv is a legend dragon, of a plane. Emrakul was the most powerfull creature in the game!!! and gideon jura, kill gim with 1 hand and making tea… at the moment.

          • Herndonator

            wrath of god takes emrakul hes not that great

          • Bandana_steve

             emrakul has protection from colored spells, wrath of god doesn’t do jack to him

          • Leslie

             Oh? Wrath of God wipes him off the board… Wrath of God doesn’t TARGET Emrakul. Bye big guy.

          • Vince

            Pro Colored spells means he is not even effected by them, no targeting doesn’t matter. Even if they were beneficial to him, he cannot recieve effects from colored spells. Worldfire anyone? Emrakul and Progenitus couldn’t give 2 shits about it.

          • Grave1

            You really doesn’t know the rules do you,Vince? Pro against something means that it cant be targeted by things it has protection against,nor can be damaged by sources of that type, everything else works….
            So WoG,Worldfire and other kinds of board wipe actually do work agains then,btw things like Black’s sun zennith works too!!

          • Vince

            O Ring Doesn’t Target Emrakul as a spell, but as a permanent. EASY, PEASY. Also. Counterspell, et al.

          • Lonethief

            There are tokens stronger XD

          • Lonethief

            Do you not notice the fact that Niv has a tap ability?

        • Lunias

          Oh please, only 37 damage? That’s easy. Watch this.

          On my field, I have Djinn Illuminatus, 3 other creatures, 4 islands and 4 mountains. In my hand, I have one Battle Hymn and one Lightning Bolt. I Replicate my Battle Hymn using all my mana to produce 16 Red mana, which I then use to Replicate my Lightning Bolt. This synergy creates 48 damage at instant speed with only 3 specific cards.

          That’s the easy part. Imagine having 2 Battle Hymns instead of one – that’s 32 Lightning Bolts, which is 96 damage at instant speed. Now, imagine that one of my creatures is a Fire Servant. BAM, 192 damage to the face with three spells.

          From now on, try not to brag too much about 37 damage, when the awesome power of the Djinn-Hymn combo can be yours for under $1 at any local card store!

          • FriedHaddock

            6 Swamps, Deserted Temple, Rings of Brighthearth, Cabal Coffers, and Exsanguinate. 2 spells and 8 lands, 200 Billion damage to each opponent. 

          • Lunias

            Aw, but now you’re going into Swamps, which isn’t Izzet. We all know that there are easier and more broken ways to deal huge amounts of damage, but we’re trying to stick with the Red/Blue card combos to keep up the theme. Cool synergy, though!

          • Lunias

            Oh yeah, and PS: Sanguine Bond, Exquisite Blood, Sign in Blood, infinite damage to every opponent. Why make it so complicated?

          • fuzzy3158

            How about Izzet Guildmage, cast lava spike and splice desperate ritual onto it. Cast the original desperate ritual for 3 mana, copy the lava spike with desperate ritual splice for 3 damage and 3 mana, use to copy, rinse and repeat for infinite damage. on turn 5 without accelleration. And that’s still pretty mediocre :p

          • Vince

            Ok, keeping with Izzet: 2x Iron Myrs, 2x Myr Galvanizers for infinite red mana + Fireball. Turn 5 and you kill whatever the hell you want. Throw in a Silver Myr, Izzet Guildmage, and Last Word and Arcane Melee. Bam. Just try and stop that combo.

          • Lunias

            Krosan Grip on one of the 2 Galvanizers.

          • James

             Ummm surely Cabal Coffers’ ability is a mana ability and therefore cannot be copied by Rings of Brighthearth. Assuming thats how your combo actually works.

          • No, you tap Cabal Coffers, Then tap deserted temple, pay 2 mana, copy deserted temple to untap itself in addition to cabal coffers, rinse – repeat, then exsanguinate for massive life loss

          • James

             Ahh right thats quite naughty ;)
            Didn’t notice you had included Deserted Temple when i commented, good job =D

          • Junktoken

            Or… Show and tell, omniscience, enter the infinite, emrakul, ulamog, kozilek, you get the idea.

          • Lonethief

            I think 2 galvanizers, two swamps, and a palladium are a bit easier to get out XD

          • Mickmars420

            Or, There’s a “new” combo called splinter twin.

          • Lunias

            Oh, Splinter Twin, how much are we going to abuse you today? Will we go the Red-White route of Midnight Guard, or the Blue-Red route of Deceiver Exarch?

          • JakServant

             Agree that 37 damage is chump change. Niv-Mizzet enchanted with Curiosity in a Battle of Wits deck. As long as I have more cards in my library than you have life, I win. If I have 200 cards left and you have 450 life, I’ll just activate my Elixir of Immortality and you still lose.

          • Lunias

            1 word: Erase.

          • Lonethief

            A few words:
            Mental Misstep
            Mana Leak

          • Lunias

            2 words: Another Erase.

            Or you could use Ancient Grudge and flashback.

          • Lonethief

            Meddling Mage, Meddling Kids, Nevermore, Silence, Orim’s Chant, Fervent Denial, Surgical Extraction, need I go on?

          • Lunias

            Disenchant, Demystify, Ray of Revelation, Counterspell, Dispel. Yeah, I think you do.

          • Lonethief

            Time Stop, Spell Snare, Mana Drain, Mindbreak Trap, Last Word

          • Junktoken

            Mindbreak your last word

          • Lonethief

            Abjure, absorb, arcane denial, Jaraku the Interloper, Cancel, Counterbore, Counterlash, Countersquall, Cryptic Command, Daring Apprentice, Daze, Deprive, Discombobulate, Dismal Failure, Dissmiss, Disrupt, Disrupting Shoal, Ertai Wizard Adept, Faerie Trickery, Flash Counter, Flutterstorm, Foil, Force of Will, Force Spike, Glen Elendra Archmage, Hinder, Hindering Light, et cetera.

          • Dracocanust

            Redirect on your Dispel

          • crystyn

            all of that assuming ur opponent has no removals whatsoever…

          • Lonethief

            Unfortunately my deck is too budget to go infinite often…

            mope :(

        • Lunias

          Oh yeah, not to mention the infinite combo that is Djinn + Pact of the Titan. How does infinite 4/4 creatures sound? And with Angel’s Grace, you can ensure that you won’t die the next turn.

          Explanation: Pact of the Titan is a Red Instant that has a CMC of 0, so you may Replicate it infinitely. It puts a 4/4 Red creature on the field every time you play it. The thing is, it also says “Pay 5R by your next upkeep or you lose the game”. To get around these pesky restrictions, play Angel’s Grace for one White mana. Angel’s Grace basically says “You cannot lose the game this turn”, so you get infinite free 4/4 tokens. Best part? Once again, it’s at Instant speed. Feel free to go slack-jawed in awe.

    • I imagine that the dragon is under Jace’s control. He is, you know, a MIND MAGE

      • Beghty

         Well this would be incredibly difficult seeing as Niv-Mizzet has probably the most intelligent and powerful mind in all of Ravnica. Oblivious Jace is insanely powerful but I see them as forces equaling each other and having to accept and respect one another as both mentally ascendant beings.

        • yea man one simply can’t control niv-mizzet. respect between each other i can totally see that.

          • Nix

            Maybe Nicol Bolas?

          • risu

            not in his wettest of dreams

        • Flankenstein

          Niv is actually the most intelligent being in the Multiverse

          • Fffghjj

            Actually nicol bolas is because nicol is more then twice nivmizzets age and unlike niv nicols mind has access to other worlds. Also it even sAys so that nicol is the most intelligent

          • Flankenstein

            Where does it say that? We can assume Nicol Bolas is at least moderately intelligent, but he has never been described as particularly intelligent–just cunning–hereas that is Niv-Mizzet’s primary attribute. Also, just because he has access to other planes doesn’t make him more intelligent. By that logic Garruk, for example, is also more intelligent than Niv, which is obviously not the case. You can say Bolas’ experience and age counts as intelligence, but in terms of IQ Niv is, maybe not FAR superior, but at least significantly superior.

          • Herndonator

            agreed. idiots should stick to yugioh

          • Lonethief

            Especially the rich ones that can afford those damn $100+ cards! (Why I stick to Magic. Also, magic is a much more strategic-based game)

          • Lonethief

            I sound like such an old man >.<

          • ThisGuy

             No. MTG is a beast compared to yu-gi-oh. My question is why are people arguing about the compared intelligence of imaginary characters from a TCG? It’s the equivalent of arguing over which pokemon is smarter, pikachu or charmander…

          • Hillbill1e

            Pikachu is smarter……

          • I agree, Pikachu is smerterest. He can say his name.

          • トム ジェンセン

            And so can Slowpoke.. if you get my drift…

          • Lonethief

            sar·casm   [sahr-kaz-uhm]  Show IPA
            noun1.harsh or bitter derision or irony.2.a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark

          • Atma_Weapon

            charmander can say his name as well 

          • troll

            obviously just like you, he’s the “smerterest”

          •  Well if you go by the games, they all have the same intelligence they can all know 4 moves. Anymore and they forget one of the other ones.

          • guest

            Slowbro has Amnesia though

          • Junktoken

            I did not realize this was the TCG debate room! I thought it was the RTR spoiler…                    

          • Werd

            dude some magic cards cost 1000s of dollars at least any good ones are 200 yugioh top priced right now probably is 180

          • crystyn

            a mere shadow of bolas was able to master clock working in a matter of days, and as the first elder dragon as well as planeswalker he would be the most sentient being in the whole multiverse so it is safe to assume hes by far the most intelligent being as well

          • LEROOOOY!!

            Eldrazi pwns him, no problem.

          • wonder

            read the m13 fat pack insert.

          • Jai09jai

            wow you seem to know a lot about niv, you guys live together?

          • Zamargw

            You do realize this isn’t real it is just a fantasy game. However a Vagina is real.  Sometimes you have to put the cards down and dip into reality.

          • Hazzaismyname

            read the flavour text people EXPLODE WHEN THEY TRY TO UNDERSTAND NIV

          • Dracocanust

            Actual Text in Niv-Mizzet’s perspective “I have no patience for minds that do not inspire me or explode by trying.” 

          • LuckyPebo

            His malevolence is matched only by his boundless intellect
            Right out of the lore for Nicol

          • Benoe

            personally i think Urza may be smarter

          • huhderp

            wisdom comes with age not intelligence, you’ll figure it out when ya are 90 tho

          • HolyArchangel

            Wisdom comes with the experiences you obtain with age, not age itself.  If you take those experiences for granted, then you’re none the wiser.

          • Sappyjslife

            Here folks, have some reading material about good ol’ Nicol.

          • Navyguyynss

            if nicol is the most intelligent then how did ajani out smart him by conjuring a clone of nicol to draw him to a stale-mate….wouldn’t he have been able to see it coming with all that intelligence…..being older does not make you wiser.

          • Larsdemiranda

            There’s a big difference between omniscience and intelligence. If no one ever tells an intelligent person the sun is a star, he’ll never know. (just a random example) Therefore, Nicol couldn’t have known that Ajani was able to summon a soul clone thingie whatever.

      • Deathscythegunner

         Why is it people keep forgetting this whole story takes place in the multiverse? Just because he has the the strongest mind on Ravnica, doesnt mean much.

        • Lonethief

          Considering which plane this is, yes being the strongest mind on Ravnica really is quite an achievement.

        • Herndonator

          considering that ravnica is home to not only jace but orders of basically super nerds….yeah niv is the shit, he literally hurts you because he has knowledge thats how his card works

      • ORZHOVA

        personally i dislike jace, i think that niv mizzet would be a greater aspect, in actuallity controlling jace as a simple pawn for a greater calling… jace has finally met his end

    • Jmgf1984

      Does anyone remember the lore and just not the card game? Niv came out as a legendary sure sure, but thats only due to at that time they didnt have planeswalker card at the time so the original planeswalkers came out as legendary creature like teferi and Niv. Niv is a planeswalker. Just like Grandmother Sengir and others. I believe it also said the Niv was the third oldest planes walker or so.

      • fuzzy3158

        Niv is not a planeswalker. Teferi was printed as a legendary creature because he LOST his planeswalker spark. Grandmother Sengir also LOST her planeswalker spark. Old planeswalkers such as Urza, old Karn, Jeska and Bo Levar never got cards because the old planeswalkers were too strong for cards. At the end of the time spiral block, all planeswalkers have lost much of their infinite powers due to the mending, making them weak enough to appear on cards. 
        Niv Mizzet is a powerful dragon, but not a planeswalker by far. If he appears as a planeswalker, that’s due to new developments.

        • Lucia_skyfire

          Actually, in the end of the Ravnica block stories, Niv Mizzet disappered from Ravnica after the battle with the Nephilim. That he is still alive suggests, of course, that he had simply left the plane.
          And what’s that thing that planeswalkers can do again? Anyone? PLANESWALK. xD

    • VoMz

      Jace has a dragon now? Since Jace is one of the RTR’s planeswalkers, then he could possibly become a blue red mage. Dragons can’t be blue.

      • 528495

        Do you know anything about the original Ravnica? That’s Niv Mizzet. He leads and founded the Izzet guild. He is the most intelligent being on Ravnica. And he is most definitely UR.

    • Biggyyall

      Psychosis Crawler and Jace.  Its already been done.

  • Shadow_war


  • whosyourdaddy

    Where has ajani gone

  • shaden

    jace is the john cena of MTG…nuff said

  • Firasta

    jared check out m13 spoiler new ajani!

  • Red white hybrid Knight pls.

  • 123bob456

    so exited!!!!!!!!!

  • 123bob456

    booster box here i come!

  • Sadugjhasoiguih

    In The New M13 We Get A New Ajani, Jace Is Stupid, And I Really Don’t Think They Should Reprint Him For At Least Another Block. There Is Already Beleren, The Mind Sculptor And The Adept. Enough With Mill.

  • NavoMan

    The last time Ravnica was here, planeswalkers were unheard of. It looks like Jace will be helping the Izzet guild. I wonder what other planeswalkers will be appearing in this block. 

  • Klangas1234

    If there is a jace there will be a chandra. If you notice every block a Jace has been released a chandra has been released.

  • Gusst

    Sure hope we get a mind sculptor reprint ( I know it won’t happen) 

    • Lonethief


  • Ronaldinho_luigi_24

    maybe jace the mindsculptor reprinted ?? :)

  • Niv-Mizzet would be a great reprint

  • Fisherman

    I have a strong feeling that JTMS will be reprinted in M13, since the card Mind Sculpt has been previewed, and the blue walker is the only one missing from the MTG official site card image gallery. They’re covering it up hard so word doesn’t go out and players claim it’s the end of days like the Chicken Littles usually do.

  • Nh Becca

    Niv-Mizzet planeswaker I hope.

  • Junk

    If you look it up, before the release of 2013 there are 2 Ajani, 3 Jace, 2 Liliana, 3 Chandra, and 3 Garruk. That is why 2013 is releasing a new Ajani and Liliana but not a new Chandra and Garruk. From this I assume that they also will not release a new Jace. This way, There are three types of each of the original five planeswalkers.From there they will start to work on releasing more versions of each planeswalker such as possibly a new Jace in return to ravinica, but none of the cards will be ahead of the others. They all progress together.

  • dcboy

    Clearly Jace and Niv-Mizzet are gonna team up and Jace is going to realize his ultimate power that nicol bolas is so scared of! Woot!

  • Raymandmc_kona

    If Niv-Mizzet is in cahoots with Jace, do you think that We’ll see a Red/Blue jace? Im hoping that there is going to be a Planeswalker for each guild

  • Corey Franklin Babine

    That dragon is Niv-Mizzet, I believe.

    yes it is niv mizzet the firemind i used to have the original from ravnica

    im excited to see mizzet be reprinted & hope they reprint curiosity cause w/ curiousity equiped to mizzet u can kill a player in 1 turn/
    its a one turn kill with it equiped to niv-mizzet the firemind cause niv mizzet’s ability is whenever you deal damage draw a card. w/ curiosity equiped to him whenever u draw a card u deal damage & when u deal damage u draw cards so it becomes a continueouse cyle till u defeat one player & its also good in multiplayer allso

    • BobMcBoberton

      Curiosity was reprinted in Innistrad

  • Ehlo 326

    First 3 guilds are: B/R (Rakdos), U/B (Dimir), and W/U (Azorius). Look at the rare lands they chose to reprint in M13. Instead of reprinting them all, they only reprinted those 3.

    • QAZAZ

      They’re not going to leave out green. Either they do like last Ravnica and give the first set a fourth one, or you just looked too far into it.

      • AirGuardian5

        there’s 5 guilds in RTR… Gatecrash there’s the other 5 guilds…

  • Remric

    If Niv Mizzet is comming back to type 2 Im going to play Magic again. 

  • Asdasd

    this time jace is going to have !!!! 5 abilities!!!

  • St1r4ever

    Woot! return to ravnica means shock lands will be reprinted? I’m crossing my fingers. card 1 of 274, birds of paradise lol.

  • Gambit_omega_red

    what u think of niv-the plainswalker?

    • QAZAZ

      Niv-Mizzet is so intelligent, he might just synthesize a spark, and then go up against Bolas in the most epic fight ever.

  • Braynedehd

    My prediction: Niv-Mizzet Planeswalker. 4 loyalty, cost 2C, 2R, 2B First ability: +1; Target player draws 1 card and Niv-Mizzet, Planeswalker deals 1 damage to target creature or player. Second ability: -X; You draw X cards and Niv-Mizzet Planeswalker deals X damage to target creature or player. Third ability: -7; You get an emblem with “Whenever you draw a card, target player loses 1 life.

    • Braynedehd

      I meant 2U not 2B

  • Crazygoblin

    Maybe each Guild Leader from the previous “Ravnica: City of Guilds” will be printed as planeswalker… Golgari, Dimir, Gruul, Izzet etc…

  • Smhall14

    They might just bring back jace the mind sculptor possibly. The pic kinda looks like him if it was me I would buy one now just in case before they spike back up to 100 each.

    • Docstorm4

      NO! Omg if they reprint Jace the mind sculptor i will quit magic.

  • Buzzard

    Think about this, there are just as many versions of chandra. There are many versions of garruk, but nobody complains. Its all because jace is by fat the most used and most useful. This makes him see more play and therefore peoplestop liking him. Its really not worth complaining over.

  • MTGbum

    ok, ok. For all of you who aren’t in the loop, here are the “Current” Planeswalkers that have 3 iterations. 

    – Jace: Jace Beleran; Jace, the Mind Sculptor; and Jace, Memory Adept. That being said, if Jace is going to have another iteration in Ravnica, he will be the only one with 4 iterations.

    -Chandra: Chandra Nalar; Chandra Ablaze; and Chandra, the Firebrand.

    -Ajani: Ajani Goldmane; Ajani Vengant; and Ajani, Caller of the Pride.

    -Liliana: Liliana Vess; Liliana of the Veil; and Liliana of the Dark Realms.

    Garruk: Garruk Wildspeaker; Garruk, Primal Hunter; and Garruk Relentless.

    Now, with all 5 colors having a planeswalker with 3 iterations, who knows what secrets the fallen guilds have wrought? Will there be another Jace? Perhaps Chandra has stolen some of Rakdos’ fire? We can only wait and see what the future holds for us.

    • AirGuardian5

      thank you capt obvious…

    • Docstorm4

      You would have 3 fair versions of Jace, Chandra, Liliana, Ajani, and Garruk.

  • Sol Cloudchaser

    Its been confirmed that Niv- Mizzet is a planeswalker. its very likely that they will re- introduce him into RTR as a planeswalker card.

    • RevShad

       where did you get his information from because i’ve looked and i can’t find

      • Lonethief

        Simple, he made it up.

        • Superplatapus

           It’s in the video on this website…

          • Lonethief

            Niv is a legend, not a ‘walker.

    • you lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MaRo said they will get  a legendary creature card along with all of the gild leaders (izzet and rakdos will keep the old leaders but with new cards)

  • guest

    Mill wasn’t the only part of thing ravnica had that made it so awesome it’s the variety of what’s being played which has been missing in standard since cawblade started being a thing near the end of zendikar in standard thanks to netdecking it’s also what made the past two blocks so bad.

  • i.i

    lol, this might be some crappy common card as well, idk, something like ‘draw 2 cards, deal 2 damage…” Just saying. It’s a release of the art. so don’t it’s not stated to be jace as the planeswalker, as i read so much about here.

  • RevShad

    think people the answer is simple  Nicol Bolas enslaves Rakdos and Niv-Mizzet and Jace has always been secretly working for him. Lilly kills Jace, Ajani bests Rakdos, Elspeth and Sorin free Niv-Mizzet then the 5 of them kill Bolas = end of all Magic

  • Dtrt

    jace you got sumthing sparkling in one of your eyes

  • random dude

    if you’d think a bit you’d find out that both are mind magicians and both use the same types of creatures as their servants so maybe they work together on this planet ..


  • Assassinguardian

    that’s niv mizzet from izzet guild

  • Cconnor123

    what if thats jace doing nivs biding.

  • Cconnor123

    have any of u guys thought of putting couriosity on niv? either that or do the same thing but then pu on phyresis too.

  • jay

    Hoping Dimir is still a top guild, Jace could work with them as well, but niv and jace are a dirty combo. But Circu and glimpse were always my go to. Dimir by far my favorite.

  • Jcjeremy13

    You guys are looking at the obvious…. Think outside the box. Jace is a creature and Niv-Mizzet is the planeswalker! Completely possible right?:P

  • Maxevans2000

    i imagine that dragon behind jace is niv freaking mizzet god guys you are idiots

  • I don’t like this. Where is Dimir?

    • MagicSpoiler

      Gatecrash http://www.magicspoiler.com/gatecrash-spoiler/

  • are those images going to be new planeswalkers or are they going to be the main creatures in ravnica?

  • blackclaw

    Tibalt would fit in perfectly with rakdos…

    • Lonethief

      Pain mage + Nihilistic demon cult…
      MOTHER OF GOD it could happen!

  • Dante

    I think azorious aggro is gonna be merfolk

  •  yeah, like there’ a chance they’ll reprint painter’s servant -.-

    • Lonethief

      I’d buy it.

      • Lonethief

        But only if they reprint Reaper King.

  •  you can’t count promo art… that’s just idiotic

  •  Nissa is retarded, not in the game itself, but in the storyline itself.
    Nissa: “Oh, you’re trying to reinforce the eye of Ugin? Well, I don’t like you, ‘cuz you let that guy kill a merfolk, so… Imma break the eye, so there! Maybe they’ll just leave.”
    Soren: *facepalm* “Yeah… they’ll leave right after they eat your plane as a snack. Well, Have jun with that, bye.”

  • niv mizzet will not be a planeswalker MaRo said that he along with my second favorite guild leader will get a mythic rare legendary creature card, jace however will get his fourth planes walker card, and in gatecrash gideon his second

  • if you don’t have the patience to watch the panel on YouTube don’t post here please

  • Tha_big_boii

    Maybe jace and niv have paired to rule the multiverse

  • Tbertonazzi2

    The upcoming sets are such a great idea. I wish MTG did more sets like this.

  • Deasianguy

    i think as a new mechanic. it would be neat to see something like if you controlled a specific planeswalker it has a set of abilities and when you control another card at the same time its abilities are altered or gains new abilities. example the jace pic with niv. when controlled together something wicked happens to their abilities.

  • None

    My thoughts on this? Jace is teamed up with Niv-Mizzet, with Niv-Mizzet being a planeswalker now. WHERE IS YOUR PLATINUM ANGEL NOW!?!?

  • Juca


  • Busterswrd_maniac

    looking forward to Golgari Swarm coming back. i never had a chance to play ravnica, but they were my favorite guild haha

  • Imgangsterog

    Where’s boros?

    • BangaaBrute

      Boros will be in Gatecrash.

  • Billy Stidham77

    If nicol bolas was once not a planes walker and just a bad Ass dragon could niv maybe become a planes walker through jace giving his spark to niv in an effort to stop bolas once and for all.

    • Lonethief

      One does not simply “give” someone their spark… Karn has Urza’s spark because Karn literally has some Urza in him.

      • Guest

        Venser gave Karn his spark

        • Kyp

          If that was the case that jace gave his spark to niv I wonder what he would have gotten in return for such a trade?

        • Lonethief

          Heart. Venser replaced Karn’s heart with his own, sort of reactivating Karn’s old spark

      • Eli

        So if Niv eats jace….

        • Lunias

          Eli, you just won +10 internets.

          • JaceDaFace

             I’m not even going to try to make a clever/witty comment at this, that was just too perfect. literally R.O.T.F.L.S.H.M.S.F.O.A.I.D.M.T.

        • Lonethief

          I nearly woke up everyone in the house laughing at this XD

  • kab

    Niv mizzet is a planeswalker. The dissension novel confirmed this

  • Slipknot_guy555_666

    lol the dragon behind him is Niv’mizzit i doubt that even jace could control niv,  its more likely that they are allies

  • ArtifactJunkie

    Are those squadron hawks up in the clouds? :)

  • artifactjunkie

    Are those squadron hawks up in the clouds? :)

  • Slamzster

    They other planeswalkers is definitively Gideon Jura because we seeing on ART.

    • Ddd

      Gideon will be in Gatecrash. We only know Jace in RTR.

  • MinecraftGuy79

    ohhhh there remaking jace yay!!!!!

  • psycho plan

    with this poster, I have seen that the Izzet guild will be very strong. Bonfire of the damned already making history.

  • BlakeLauderdale

    im going to hate the prerealse having to choose a guild not so much for RTR but all my favorite guilds are in GTC

    • Koku Ryu

      Just go to five prereleases

  • Joehanson03

    Chandra is going to be the other planeswalker. I was told so by the artist of the card. I am not a fan of this, but it is what it is….

  • Guys more than respect, and seeing the characters by the novels of Ravnica and Jace´s cunning mind, I see this as an Alliance rather than respect for each other, therefore both of them using the other for their own personal purposes.

    Weird but interesting tough =D

  • Still_Reading_The_Books

    Wizards of the Coast, please please please have Cory J. Herndon write books for this block – your last authors are slaughtering the Magic the story lines!

  • HouseRakdos

    I’m hoping Rakdos will have a mechanic that synergises with Madness and Hellbent as currently it’s only Ravnica and Time Spiral block for modern Rakdos Madbent. Bonus damage for X cards less than 7 in hand?

  • Fooster1012

    the eldrazi are going to attack ravnica

    • Lonethief

      And then Ulamog, Emrakul, and Kozilek will join back together to be a 37/37 indestructible annihilator 14 that can’t be countered! I call it… ULAMEMRALEK!!!!!

      • Docstorm4

        Dont forget draw 4 cards, take an extra turn, and destroy target permanent. F*ck it. Card would just read you win the game.

  • Jaryntaylor

    The lands are oblivious going to be according to the guilds, so get the decks ready you want to use them for. WU

    • Jaryntaylor


    • Lonethief

      I hope they don’t reprint shocks, as then the money I spent to finally get duals will have been wasted…

    • Docstorm4

      Probably wont see shocks till “sinker” if at all.

  • Erenberger Bruce

    I just pulled a misprinted card from this set, it was in my M13 box. Would like to post a picture if able

    • Joseph

      I wanna see it bro

    • Erenberger Bruce

      Here until it gets posted on the site

    • MagicSpoiler

      Bigger pictures here: http://www.magicspoiler.com/mtg-news/rootborn-defenses-return-to-ravnica/

      • Berkner

        2 things missing that is making me think its a fake it is missg the LLC  after wizards of the coast and it is missing the traditionnal 1993-2012 (the 1993 part)

        • Lunias

          Nope, it’s legit. They just spoiled it.

    • blacklotus99

      what, a RTR card in an M13 Box?

    • 10scottjacob

      What a craptastic ability

      • Lonethief

        Would’ve been nice if he’d pulled a Jace or a Mizzet.

      • Jacobcmagic

        might be a good commander

    • Justin Weinstein

      yes please! if you can please email a pic to [email protected]

    • Justin Weinstein

      Is it for sale?

    • Chomper

       no you didn’t

    • Juliopipita

       You are such and idiot.

  • Cazaric

    The inner circle on the expansion symbol is too large compared to the official symbol. This is a fake, I’m certain of it.

    • Erenberger Bruce

       I cant say for certain either way, It was in a sealed box in a sealed pack.

      • blue

        It looks like Mark Zug’s art. Can’t find that illustration anywhere else online, so it’d have to be a pretty good fake.

        • Is it just me or is this an odd ability for white to have and possible to be severely abused if this is real?

          • Chris

            Doesn’t seem THAT overpowered as it only copies a creature TOKEN you control. So you already need tokens to make this work, and most of the tokens available won’t be that overpowered.

          • Meh

            Read the card again friend. It makes a token of a creature you control. 

          • Jeremy

            I think you should read the card again xD

          • Magx

             you are wrong.. it says “creature token”

          • Guest

            It said’s “put a token onto the battlefield that’s a COPY OF A CREATURE TOKEN you control”. 

          • Becomes nuts if you copy marit lage lol.

          • TaureanMauler

            Yeah, then you’d have 2 LEGENDARY 20/20s…at least until state-based actions are checked.

          • Forgot Lage was legendary.

          • That Guy

            Just use Mirror Gallery and make as many as you want.

          • Lunias

            Speaking of which, you can have Marit Lage out on Turn 3.

            Turn 1: Swamp
            Turn 2: Swamp, Vampire Hexmage.
            Turn 3: Dark Depths, sacrifice Hexmage for a Turn 3 indestructible flying 20/20.

          • Gunmoul

            srsly? original dude :$
            in case u really didnt know, that was a deck until it got banned (Depths, (Chrome) Mox (diamond) into Ritual into Hexmage, in case of 2 moxes the same thing happens. it had a 2nd turn win ratio of almost 30%)

          • Lunias

            Well, first off, I didn’t know about this card until my friend showed it to me 4 days ago. As such, since I came up with it on my own, it is actually original (as in, created with no outside sources). Though, it isn’t something that hasn’t been done before, so it isn’t unique.

            PS: Which format was this deck banned in? I’m mostly a Standard and Casual guy, so I didn’t hear about that.

          • Gunmoul

            Marit lage itself is banned in modern, Extended died so even though it was popular there that doesnt matter anymore. It might be banned in Legacy too, but i dont think so

          • Guest

            Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth followed up by Vampire Hexmage and Dark Depths turn 2 was more reliable and better. Into the North was a powerful tutor for Dark Depths too.

          • Guest

             Marit Lage is Legendary though…

          • Lonethief

            Why did 7 people find the need to correct him after someone already did? >.<

          • Mike

            Wouldn’t try that, its legendary.

          • guest

            Marit Lage is legendary.  Legend rule still applies to indestructible creatures.

          • Brian Praamsma

            Except Marit Lage is a legendary creature token.  It can however be abused with Cackling Counterpart, Kiki-Jiki, anything that makes token copies.

          • Jwebb430

             LOL merit lage is legendary nice try

          • So you lose a 20/20 flying indestructible creature? Yup, totally nuts.

          • ConGuestador

            LoL Marit Lage is legendary so…

          • Bandana_steve

             you think people do any reading before they respond to posts? I guess I’ll be the 93rd person to tell you it’s legendary too

          • Yes, but creatureS you control are indestructible.
            So every single token and non-token guy on my side of the field can’t die this turn. And if I’m playing W/G or W/B, a lot of really powerful fatties could just dominate your field now.
            All of it, for 2W. Thats pretty powerful.

          • RebirthWithLove

            WARNING troll correcting “die” means is sent to the graveyard from play. indestructible CAN die if its toughness drops below 0 or if its sacrificed. ie -1/-1 counts, a -x/-X ability thats equal to or greater than the toughness, or a sacrifice ability that the creature is chosen for. these can all cause a indestructible creature to “die”.
            P.S. theres also bounce both to hand, to the library, and out of play temporarily, exile both permanently and temporarily, and arrest like spell, mind control spells. all these can EASLY deal with indestructible i run indys and i know there weakness and how to deal with them which is why i prefer bounce and exile as appose to destroy effects
            P.S.S i forgot the legendary rule can kill an indestructible and when dealing with plainswalkers, when a plainswalker hits 0 loyalty counters it dies regardless of whether its indestructible or not.

          • Lonethief

            Plays green

          • John

             That’s a perfect ability to be in W/G the two creature token colors.

          • Voldeguard

             I do not think it was meant to be affiliated as any particular color, like the proliferate mechanic. What really makes me curious is the particular wording on the card. Usually wizards puts a descriptor of a mechanic right next to it, so why is the descriptor listed ~after~ indestructible?

          • Adam O

            because this way will be token indestructible too

          • Korros

            It will certainly affiliate with colours… this seems like it would be the Selesyn guild’s ability, which means it will be in Green and White. 

            (also why can’t Americans spell colour)

          • RevShad

            becasue americans are stupid and spell it without the “u”

          • I’m american and i use the “u” but that’s just how it is, it’s ‘correct’ here just as colour is ‘correct’ there. Maybe because when i type “colour” my nations spell-check tells me that it’s wrong. So don’t blame Americans. 

          • sphinxy

            it seems most of the time there is a double vowel with a “u” we take out the “u” such as armor instead if armour. It might also do with the fact we spell “becasue” like because. just saying.

          • 528495

            it’s the new Selesnya keyword. That’s why it’s in white

          • J Bookwyrm

            it was my understanding that mono-colored cards didn’t belong to a single guild

          • Lonethief

            It has a guild keyword.

    • rebel

       Thats not why its a fake, the bottom text just says Wizards of the Coast but its missing the LLC after it. very good fake though

    • Aejan

      The expansion symbol has a white outline, which when compared to the black outline of the officially revealed symbol, the former would seem to have a larger circle. Just my perspective.

      • Killakpaz

        it has a white outline because it’s common. look at any common card from any set.

    • R.J. Sadler

      So, uh, certain?

      Swing and a miss, bro :D

  • I really hope this isn’t true about another Jace Planeswalker. WOTC don’t you think we have enough Jace’s already?

    • Lonethief

      We have the same amount of Jace’s as we have lilianna, Chandra, Garruk, and Ajani. There just seems to be a lot of them because Mind Sculptor was OP ;)

  • Fooster1012

    if you dont have a token already, can you still cast it?

    • Jake

      Yes, it doesn’t require a target. You would make a token that enters as a copy of nothing.

    • Minimosha

      you dont need a token, you’d need a creature, which is a given if your making everything indestructible

      • Minimosha

        tho it could be a token

      • Monkeydragon245

        it says put a token onto the battlefield thats a copy of a creature token you control so you cant just copy any creature.

  • Bakerboydcb

    This doesn’t even look like mark zug’s artwork

  • Kmufara

    anyone who has a serra avatar,i’ll buy the card for twice its worth

    • Lonethief

      Cool story, bro.

  • Robert Anderson

    they should totaly reprint malfagor for Rakdos… Becuase Nicol Bolas wasn’t evil enough.

    • Lonethief

      In addition to the card game, Wizards has to follow flavor and storylines. Malefegor does not appear in any part of Ravnica block or storyline. He has nothing to do with anything in Ravnica.

  • Austinguss

    yea erenberger post a pic of that, thats about the most unlikely thing that could ever happen a return to ravnica card in an m13 box

  • RydenJager

    Does anybody know if Tolsimir Wolfblood will return, because I have two and eight months ago I didn’t even know how to play this game, now I know how to use him.

    • Gunmoul

      I really wouldn’t count on it, they where quite bad and they will not reprint a legend/rare if it wasn’t well received the first time around. I hope they print a better version of him though- i love the flavor. My guess is that the only cards reprinted, short of a few staples  (Bob M*therf*ckers!) will be power uncommons, like remand and Putrefy/mortify and maybe electrolyze.

      • Lonethief

        Electrolyze seems likely, because in standard 2 is the toughness to beat.

  • Scott mort

    Anybody think eldrazis gonna follow Gideon? I would love love love to see kozilek or ulamog again.

  • Ahri

    Looks legit!

  • Pyroice

    Niv-mizzet and other guild leaders will probably be new cards all together, especially sine almost all the guild leaders got killed by szdak (however you spell it) and Rakdos barely survived, and niv-mizzet dissappeared entirely (until now obviously) after stating that he was “bored” with his fight with the nephilids

    • Gunmoul

      it is said by Wizards that they will print legendary creatures for all guild leaders- since ALL guild leaders except borborygmos or smthing are killed. this makes me think that they will make a newer version of Niv-Mizzet, since they will not make the crowd’s favorite the only one that doesnt get a brand new card

    • Lonethief

      Reading your comment in an old man voice makes me lol.

  • Gunmoul

    I hope the new Jace is becoming UB, since his abilities are pointing in that direction more and more (milling-> dimir anyone?) and He looks sinister with his cap :). also, there has not been any serious UB planeswalker yet.(yes, i know Tezzeret is good, but try to put him in a regular UB control deck, like you can with other U/B planes walkers…)

    • Cloudenvy

       Actually, Tezzeret was a pretty big game winner with U/B. (Obviously basing around artifacts.) I haven’t seen him work with control though.

  • Guttural Response. 

    The moment when i saw some kid at his first FNM with his “green deck” pull that out and win… I was a bit embarrassed.

  • Fooster1012

    theory time: saying that one of the pieces of art has a guild spectrum and a new sign in the middle, there ether going to re-introduce the other guilds in the next set, or combine them all to make some sort of republic

  • J Smith

    Can someone explain why there are 5 guilds yet one of the art for rtr http://www.magicspoiler.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Return-to-Ravnica-Art-02.jpg it has 10 circles and what are the other 5 then if they aren’t guilds

  • Fooster1012

    do you think sister of stone death’s price will go up?

  • Arious Cruaver

     There are 10 guilds. The remaining five will return in Gatecrash. All 10 will be in the same set at once in “sinker”.

  • Tymine023

    i know what guilds will be in the next set of Return to Ravnica :D comment if you wish to know

    • Kiki Jiki The Planeswalker

      I <3 the card Kiki Jiki The Planeswalker!!!!

  • Gunmoul

    Jarad spoiled! nice card, P/T is 2/2. btw my guess is that blightning gets reprinted 

    • Fooster1012

      turn out jarad also has for one black and one blue, return him to your hand

      • Fooster1012

        one black and one green*

  • if you dont look directly at the azorius symbol, the rings on the inside move o.o

  • Dark75dark


    • Dark75dark

      no Boros either. 

      • Fooster1012

        they will come back in the next set

  • Fooster1012

    the eldrazi are going to come back

  • Clintonp18

    A highly edumacated guess would be that jace is going to be u/r and Gideon w/r considering ravnica is almost entirely multicolored. Plus wizards of the coast always likes spicing it up. Either way I’m excited

    • Cloudenvy

       I wish. Jaace doesn’t have a single red bone in his body though :/   Maybe u/w?

  • Lonethief

    So… the cycle is…
    Kamigawa- err, I mean Innistrad

    • Lonethief

      More Dominaria next?

  • Bess Lex

    Where is dimir??????

    • Lonethief

      In Gatecrash

  • mark

     Niv-Mizzer will have a new card so this niv mizzet is only a spoiler for the duel decks

  • Lonethief

    Shocklands? Pfft. They’re obviously reprinting scrublands.

  • Joe

    damm zac hill is working on this i hate that piece of crap he is utter filth!

  • Tezzim-Vin

    5 now, the rest in Gatecrash.

  • Tomsawyer_97

    is jarad standard playable?

    • Lonethief

      Not yet, but he will be in October.

  • The Littlest Ornithopter

    that looks like EDH gold to me.  

  • Cody Hoffman

    runechanters pike just got alot better with this guy btw.

  • Fvdfvd

     i just pulled a misprint from m14 pack it was in my tool builders kit its called the shi*nator
       it poops on creatures and its toughness and power is equal to the total poop in your as*

  • Lonethief

    Heh. I noticed they slightly changed the Izzet symbol.
    In some flavor thing somewhere (I forgot), it explained that Niv-Mizzet often changes the guild symbol minutely to better capture his awesomeness.
    And that is why Niv’ is an egomaniac.

    • Lonethief

      Oh, Izzet Signet.

  • Superplatapus

    They should release the two cards from the first slide of the slide show above.

  • ojala que esta ves si le ponga fecha a la carta de pre release porque muchos coleccionamos esa cartas 

    • Lonethief

       So much for Google translate >.<
      "I hope that you see if you put the letter dated pre release because many collect the letters"Uhh…

  • Docstorm4

    Populate is very breakable. Think Geist of Saint Traft tokens…

    • Shadow921

      Geist tokens don’t sac them selves Geist sacs them

      • Docstorm4

        Card says “Exile that token at the end of combat.” That is for that specific token, not a copy that would be made with populate.

        • Slashx24

          Populate creates an exact copy, which would trigger the legendary rule. Sorry, but that won’t work.

          • Calviin

            They are talking about copying the angel token that GOST makes. Populate’s reminder text only lets you copy a token. The angel token isn’t legendary.

          • David

             Tokens of legendary creatures are legendary thus causing them to blow each other up

          • Sefs


          • Docstorm4

            I’m pretty sure you are an idiot. I mean the angel token created by Geist of Saint Traft, which ISN’T legendary.

  • Fake

    Two girls one cup.

    • Docstorm4

      no just no

  • Danimoth

     Jace is the first one in this set. Would that guy on the playmat be Ral Zarek , the second walker? or

  • Liam

    They need to bring back the lieges from shadowmoor

    • Lonethief

      Probably not, as half of them specifically mention places in night Lorwyn (Shadowmoor), such as Ashenmoor Liege, Glen Elendra Liege,  and Thistledown Liege. They would work in standard, but not flavorfully. M14 maybe?

      • Fooster1012

        they could remake them to , mach the guilds, and they could have different effects (besides the +1/+1 of the two colors) 

        • Lonethief

           Yeah, good point. It would also seem that the two promos for game day are hybrid. From what it looks like, there’s a G/W one drop, and a B/R card with a mana cost above one. I would love to see hybrid in standard, but I know that Delver would unfortunately get the largest bonus from it.

          • Docstorm4

            Thank goodness delver loses phyrexian mana and ponder.

          • Lonethief

             Unfortunately, Izzet will also lose Ponder as a one-drop cantrip :(

          • Docstorm4

            Faithless looting, desperate ravings, and izzet charm will fill in nicely though.

          • Lonethief

            Definitely. Izzet charm looks like such a solid card.
            ability 1: Negate-y mana leak
            ability 2: Shock
            ability 3: Desperate Ravings
            Electromancer also looks amazing with the many great draw/go cards in innistrad.

          • Docstorm4

            Electromancer may also go well with burning vengeance.

    • Mlundgoldstein

      I think the Noggles from Shadowmoor need to come back

      • Lonethief

        YES PLEASE

  • That Guy

    So far we have 2 of the 5 new abilities: populate and scavenge. I can’t wait to know the rest!

    • Lonethief


      • Docstorm4

        I love Izzet, but im not crazy about overload, sounds like it could be too heavy on mana cost to be effective. Fyi I would rather have bonfire than the new red card that was spoiled.

        • Lonethief

          This card, however is
          A: Obviously much easier on your wallet
          and B: Will be in standard longer.

          • Lonethief

             And can target only one creature if you want for less mana.

          • Docstorm4

            Very true. Bonfire is like $20 at my card store. Very much a fan of red removal though, especially cheap sweepers like whipflare and pyroclasm. Hopefully they come back with something better than chandra’s fury and blasphemous act for red sweepers. Hoping for an izzet flavored pyroclasm functional reprint.

          • Superplatapus

            Try $50 (channelfireball and starcitygames)

          • Docstorm4

            Wow, I’m a lucky bastard then. Must get some nao!

    • Lonethief


    • Lonethief


  • Lonethief

    Nissa could make an appearance with Golgari in RTR. She IS green/black after all (she learned from elves on Shadowmoor).

    • Jeru Roku

      She may not. Nissa Is all elves and nature, with a splash of death magic. She went to Ravnica once. She hates the lack of Nature, and refuses to Return to Ravnica. (yes, that was intended)

  • Chaosgoddess

    Populate sounds amazeballs. so playing selesnya it was one of the guilds i didn’t play way back in ravnica city of guilds.

    • Lonethief

      Populate isn’t THAT good. The real thing that’ll make it worth it is Parallel Lives ;)

      • Koku Ryu

        Yeah, or cackling counterpart. I’ll put a copy of my token that is a copy of my creature onto the battlefield. 

        • Lonethief

          Player 1: “I populate to make a Hamletback Goliath token.”
          Player 2: “Populate makes a copy of a token.”
          Player 1: “It’s a token from Cackling Counterpart.”
          Player 2: “Well, fack.”

  • Mlundgoldstein

    beside the shock lands, I think they need to reprint bounce lands, and the signets for RTR.

  • Lonethief

    The fact that they didn’t reprint Birds in m13 is suspicious. It will definately be in RTR. Also, all of the cards specifying land recently is suspicious. We will probably get shocklands or some other type of nonbasic land that has land types.

    • thesidestepkids

      I don’t think you can be certain that they’ll reprint birds. But I can agree with the nonbasic land that is both land types, whether it be shocks or something newer

      • Koku Ryu

        Birds only ever appeared outside a core set in the original ravnica block, if i remember correctly, so I think it would be cool for them to keep the tradition by reprinting them here.

        • Lonethief

           And Alpha, I believe, just in case we return there.

  • Lonethief

    There WILL be hybrid mana in this set. Look at the game day poster :)

    • Tezzim-Vin

      DUH! Ravnica was the very first to introduce hybrid mana…

      • Lonethief

        Not quite duh, they won’t do things like that every time they return to something. It was mostly aimed at the noobs out there…

        • Tezzim-Vin

          Of course they will…a multicolored block will without a doubt have hybrid mana

          • Lonethief

            First off, see the second sentence of my comment, not all newbies know about hybrid mana.
            Second, it was just a confirmation.

  • Lonethief

    Selsnya Ajani in Sinker!

    • Lonethief

      Just a hopeful thinking thing

    • mer-momir

      Tibalt vs Sorin, its confirmed!

      • Lonethief

        I am excited, but what does that have to do with my speculation on Ajani?

  • Virulent_Z30

    I just hope the duel lands (that give you one of each respective mana per tap) come back. cant wait to crack them out of my old boxes

    • Lonethief

      I think you mean dual lands…

  • Faudeth

    My friend pulled a card from a booster in a 2013 fat pack that said on it “Return To Ravnica” and had the release date. It’s pretty legit.

    • Jacobcmagic

      yah its called an advertisement card

  • Guest

    Jarad might be good in Karador EDH

  • Tripbolt

    any speculation as to the new Jace yet?

    • Greendecker

       Well, standing near Niv and the quote of him in the 2013 core set, I really believe he has a good chance at being a blue/red planes walker. But it is also just as likely that he will be mono blue. Maybe he will have a good synergy to the new niv

    • Lonethief

      I think he’ll cost 2UU, start with 4 loyalty, and have an ult made for commander ;)

  • Prodigy

    “Bolas, like all other “old planeswalkers” who survived past the Mending, lost a significant portion of his powers. Still, he retained the formidable powers of an Elder Dragon as well as his unmatched intellect.”

    • Guest

      Even though Niv-Mizzet is younger than Nicol Bolas, Niv-Mizzet is the GULDMASTER of the Izzet league, not Nicol Bolas 

  • Many people talked about Niv-Mizzet returning as a Planeswalker. Has anyone read something official about this? A hint, a clue? 
    In the novel, Niv-Mizzet fled the battle against a Nephilim, and disapeared for a time. Someone said he planeswalked away from Ravnica. Now it would be a possible plot twist, Niv’s spark being revealed and activated during the fight against the nephilim, but I don’t think they’ll do it. Still, it would really be awesome. Anyway I’m guessing we’re going to have the Izzet Planeswalker from Duel, what’s his name again? Al Zarek or something? 

    • Lonethief

      The name’s Zarek. Ral Zarek. I’m pretty sure that’s him on the game day playmat.

      • Tezzim-Vin

        Or it could be the new Izzet Guildmage on the playmat :)

        • Lonethief

          Ral Zarek is an Izzet guildmage

          • Mlundgoldstein

            Niv-mizzet is still just a legendary guild leader. I highly doubt the other planeswalker is Ral Zarek because Izzet is broken enough as it is, it doesn’t to blue planeswalkers. I think it’ll be Nissa because story wise she was to experimenting with black magic to save her elf tribe, so I think she went to the Golgari for help. That or a new Nichol Bolas because he’s been very intersted in Jace’s power as of late and he was such a big part of m13.

          • Lonethief

            Yeah, Nissa was the one I was thinking other than Ral Zarek. I still want to see a Selesnya Ajani somewhere in the block. I think Sarkhan is alive, randomly wandering the multiverse, Tezzeret hates jace, Chandra hates jace,  is the third demon that owns Liliana Rakdos? I really want to see Rakdos kill her.

  • Cooktheeighth

    I have a suspicion. Second planes walker a reprint of Nissa? In the lore, it said Nissa was experimenting with Black magic to save her tribe of elves.  Maybe Nissa went to Ravnica to study from the Golgari… Most of them are elves… Green-Black…. Anyone else see something here? 

    • tripbolt

      that actually seems really legit, considering Jarad is an elf so they’d probably get along pretty well

    • Cloudenvy

       I would love and hate for Nissa to be here. She makes my top 3 ‘walkers, but I just can’t afford to want another Guild lol.

    • Faagoncalves1987

      in the magic players championship they told that the new RTR planeswalker besides jace will be female and a new planeswalker… not a reprint of a old one… besides that only rumors

      • Lonethief

        Well so much for Ral Zarek :(
        The only planeswalker we know of that would make sense on Ravnica is Kiora, and that would be in gatecrash with the new Merfolk Simic guild. I think we should just wait and see.

        • sphinxy

           its still probly him, if not its going to be beatrice or how ever you spell her name

          • sphinxy

             guess i was wrong lol

        • All 10 guilds are making a return in the third set of this block, so Ral can still show up. Izzet and Golgari are my two personal favorites but I was definitely looking forward to Ral more than any other combination. I’m not that disappointed with Vraska though, just was NOT expecting a gorgon, let alone with an ability that explicitly tells you to win.

          • Nordic

            Yes, it seems likely that Ral will appear.
            One hint on this could be the fact that in the Izzet Vs Golgari deck, Ral is pictured on the Prophetic Bolt. 

    • Hazzaismyname

      in the lore she is looking for sorin as she blames him for the eldrazi

    • Malte10

      i fully agree in yor points. They have just reprinted elvish archdruid in m13, which could be another reason reprintng nissa to some elf tribes

    • Lordgemma2000

      watch the trailer for RTR and you’ll see her at about 0:57 im guessing its gonna be a G/B planeswalker

      • Lonethief

        I think that’s a gorgon…

        • Lunias

          Ding ding ding! Great job, you got it right.

      • We thought that there was going to be a merfolk PW when we saw some common card in the WW trailer. Don’t try to guess off of the trailers, they just pick good art for them.

        • Christopherdc89

          they already said it was a woman, and in the trailer, so at the time this was a pretty good (and now confirmed correct) guess.

    •  Nissa would be a decent guess, but I wouldn’t put all your money on that one bet. She’s currently following Sorin because of how he left her holding the bag in Zendikar and with the Eldrazi. She did learn “dark magic” in Lorwyn and it’s foreseeable that there would a B/G Nissa. I think it will be a grand new Planes walker. Kiora Atua is a Merfolk and is in the Simic colors. Ral Zarek is an Izzet.It’s hard to guess if Wizards will rebrand an old walker under a new name or insert a set themed one.

    • Christopherdc89

      Wrong ;p

    • Lunias

      Nope, new G/B planeswalker’s a gorgon. Why not Nissa? The world will never know.

    • Ibelton22

      i think maybe Vraska taught Nissa green and or black magic or maybe a student of nissa? Varaka is UNSEEN, as though she has played a hand in the magic story and we just don know about it.

    • Nissa is going to show up as a Gruul PW in Gatecrash. Calling it.

  • Cloudenvy

    So Rakdos. Definitely going back for them again. That Shred-Freak and the Carnival Hellsteed both look oh so loveable. Plus, Rakdos’s Return is too beautiful to ignore.

  • Lonethief


  • Conor Womble

    Where are all the Orhov cards?

    • Mlundgoldstein

      in the next set called gatecrash

    • Lonethief


  • DMBosconovitch

    Gotta love that “Jace, Architect of Thought”. :)

    • Lonethief

      Sculptor: One who practices the art of modeling and forming in a certain medium.
      Architect: The deviser, maker, or creator of anything.

      Thus “Architect of Thought” = “Mind Sculptor”
      So in a way they did print another Mind Sculptor ;)

      • Docstorm4

        I think this one is somewhat OP also…

        • Lonethief

          In my opinion It’s one of the most balanced planeswalkers ever printed. The one broken aspect is -8 in edh. Its price will most likely be largely based on Commender play unfortunately :(

          • Docstorm4

            Nvm, G/B walker is worse. Thank goodness for new anti walker cards like dreadbore.

  • Mlundgoldstein

    where dem signets at

    • Docstorm4

      With Chromatic Lantern, who needs signets?

  • magicman

    idk it might be liliana because in duel of the planeswalkers it talks about how her and jace use to date 

    • Mlundgoldstein

      Doubt it’ll be a shipping set. I think it’ll be either Nichol Bolas or Nissa based on story wise Nichol Bolas was very intrested in Jace’s Power and was a huge part of m13 and there was flavor text and art showing a confrontation between the two, and Nissa was experimenting with black magic to save her tribe so it’s possible she could have gone to the Golgari for help.

  • Geekyfrans

    Ral Zarek PLZ!

    • Lonethief

      Is that you dolan?

  • Lonethief

    Hypersonic Dragon looks absolutely amazing, in art and ability.
    Judge’s Familiar also seems like it’s gonna see a lot of play.

    • Michaelm1209

      and dryad militant

  • PrimordialClensing

    Im betting Chandra’s gana appear somewhere in Ravnica last i remember she was chasing Jace and Gideon was fallowing her to protect her.. now we find Gideon with RW guild considering he could have picked GW or BW it may mean Chandra had some influence in him…idk thats just my thoughts (also i know i didnt use the guild names so no need to wine)

    • Mlundgoldstein

      Maybe in Gatecrash, but for RTR I’m still thinking it’s Nissa or Nichol Bolas story wise.

  • DezXanatos

    The new Niv-Mizzet saddens me… It kills my drive to buy the Duel Decks. Plus, I rather liked the thought of the Firemind in Standard. *sigh*

    • Cloudenvy

       I’m honestly disappointed with it. I mean, either way it wasn’t going to help my idea for an Izzet deck, but good lord. He fell since his last appearance.

  • is it just me or did the old golgari symbol look like a bat and a spider if you looked at it two different ways?

  • Hazzaismyname

    he assumed he ate all the mana from the maelstrom.  he used whatever he had left and nicol himself to create a bad ass avatar

  • Satria_d89

    i think the second planeswalker will be ral zarek

  • Rev_Shad

    the new Mizzet not as cool as the old one but i prefer the art for it and glad to see a new one.

  • Theehero

    The Charms seem sick

  • Lonethief

    I am not disappointed with the new mizzet at all. In fact, it is a lot like I imagined it to be. Think of it this way: He can use his damage and draw ability as many times you can afford per turn. That is amazing for izzet type decks.

    As for Isperia, I thikn she will see a lot of play. I don’t like the four toughness (I think Mizzium Mortars will be the red spell of standard), but that kind of card draw is ridiculous.

  • Lonethief

    Now to rate all the new cards out of five!
    Chromatic Lantern: 4.5
    Rakdos Shred Freak: 3.5
    Judges Familiar: 5
    Wayfaring Temple: 4.5
    Sluiceway Scorpion: 3
    Selesnya Charm: 3.8
    Lyvev Skynight: 3.6
    Grisly Salvage: 4
    Dreadbore: 5
    Carnival Hellsteed: 4.8
    Corpsejack Menace: 4.5 (Definitely a deck rare)
    Azorius Charm: 4.3
    Nivix Guildmage: 4
    Hypersonic Dragon: A true beauty of a rare! Good job Wizards! 5
    Rakdos’s Return: 4.5
    Augur Spree: Draft removal 3
    Archon of the Triumvirate: EDH card. 4
    Gatecreeper Vine: Who knows what will happen with the gates. For now: 3.5
    Axebane Keeper: 4
    Mizzium Mortars: 4.5, this will dominate
    Guttersnipe: 4
    Pack Rat: 3.5
    Fencing Ace: 3.5
    Eyes in the Skies: This rhyme is a crime. 1
    Ogre Jailbreaker: 3.5
    Jace, Architect of Thought: 4.5
    Isperia, Supreme Judge: 4.5
    Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius: 4.5
    Death’s Presence: 4

    • Mlundgoldstein

      pretty Much how I rated them too only I rated Axebane keeper a 4.8, Chromatic Lantern a 5, and I said Pack Rat is a 4.5 (at least for now because I wanna see how many rats they make.)

      • Lonethief

        Good point, I suppose you could also play it with Ravenous Rats.

  • Mlundgoldstein

    hey Stonehorn Dignitary had sort of a Ravnica backround in the art and is a great flicker target maybe they’ll reprint it with the Azorious watermark for RTR I can definitely see people playing it like that.

  • Forlar

    i am slightly depressed at nivs new ability

    • Cloudenvy

       It honestly makes me sad. I might run Golgari as my back up after that.

      • SilverAlex

        Mind to explain your points? He bassically has:

        [U][R]: Kill target mana dork  or  do 1 dmg to target player and draw a card

        That seems awesome to me

        • Nivmizzet

           the old niv mizzet could put curiosity on himself and your opponent by picking up twenty cards off of your library, but with curiosity in standard they just put it on him naturally and took away the complimentary ability

          • Lonethief

            So the new Niv is bad because it can’t create an infinite combo?

          • Lisa Melby

            Accualy with infinite mana combo you win and it is standard

    • Pancakes Wheeler

      it’s the exact opposite of his fire-mind ability. i find it may be pretty darn usefull

  • Gaqua13

    The respective “flavour texts” on Golgari Guildgate and Corpsejack Menace contradict each other, don’t they?

    • Lonethief


    • Hazzaismyname

      no it doesn’t.  there is so need for the weak however golgari specialize in reanimation and the dead.  turning them into things like corpsejack menace

  • Honourspell

    for as long as i have played my best deck has been a mono green, but now i’m thinking adding black may be useful…

  • Mtgfanatic 44

    these cards arent really useful if you have a mono-color deck

  • Dassa

    this is going to be one hell of a set + expensive

  • BlackMinotaur706

    Why does it seem that Izzet is going to be totally overpowered?

  • Rip Roarin

    Prerelease promos are going to be; 
    Archon of the Triumvirate, Hypersonic Dragon, Corpsejack Menace, Carnival Hellsteed, and Grove of the Guardian

    • Lonethief

      Where did you get that info?

      • Rip Roarin

        If you go to the product info page for return to ravnica on the wizards site there is a picture of 5 promo cards. If you zoom in you can figure out that they are those 5.

        • Lonethief

          Kewl. I Kind of thought Corpsejack Menace seemed more like a deck-rare card though.

          • Kevd101

            all the promo cards are also the deck rares

  • sphinxy

    so theres a chance that the other planeswalker is a gorgon female

  • Avenging Ninja

    well at least azourious doesn’t have a $#it ability again instaed of being one guild I am azourios I am selesnya

  • Goodinderek

    Is it just me or does black/green seem to suck??

    • mer-momir

      Yes its only you!

  • Sssss

    this form of niv makes me depressed, I had pre built a “Mass Appeal” blue red human deck just for him. He doesn’t even have his old flavor txt ” 90°(Z->) – (E-N”W)90°T=1″ ( I had to put ” for squared)  );

  • Lonethief

    If anyone here reads Daily MTG, they know the second ‘walker is Kiora

  • Davide

    i wish the second planes will be Ral Zarek!

  • Jace, The Game Ender

    Worldspine wurm = Wurmcoil Engine on Steriods. My God, if I pull that, Selesnya will have my appreciation for a long time.

  • Jace, The Game Ender

    Also, my white weenies just found out that I am throwing in some green. YAY POPULATE!

  • Jace, The Game Ender

    That Jace sided with the Azorius was a total curveball for me. Way out of left field, because it is so unlike the Jaces of the past, where he was all about the drawing and milling. But I’ll take it.

  • Lonethief

    Already two 1-drop hybrids meant to screw over Izzet? What kind of Izzet bomb are they about to spoil!?

  • Jucs

    i know it makes no sense at all, but i would love a new W/G planeswalker.

  • Jacobcmagic

    i was so exided to make G/W/B re-anemation deck with worldspine wurm  and then i read its text again 

    it made me so sad

  • sausagesays

    Love Vraska! Lil and Jace have been unimpressive, glad they finally made a new and exciting planeswalker.

  • MycMyc

    loving the new planeswalker. puking out 3 mini Phage the Untouchables. lol

  • Lonethief

    Dang, that is a flavorful ‘walker! I totally thought it would be Kiora. Vraska will definitely see play on tabletops across the globe XD

  • Cloudenvy

    So far so good. I’m just hoping I’ll be as pleased with Rakdos as I am with almost everything else I’ve seen.

  • Larry

    All I see in this spoiler is Jund is going to dominate once again

    • Mlundgoldstein

      no both bant and grixis are looking better than jund

  • Flickerfan

    I keep thinking; “surely the good Azorius and Selesnya cards just haven’t been spoiled yet”

    But seriously, Izzet, Rakdos and Golgari are looking pretty sweet!!

    • Bigman

       Yea it’s really starting to suck when you want to see more of selesnya, but they only keep showing golgari, rakdos, and izzet…

      • Kevd101

        They still have not shown Rakdos’s charm, guildmage, and rakdos himself. now their just showing golgari and azorius.

  • OMG….I think vraska is awesome.

  • Shadowkass101

    Would Worldspire worm + Deaths Presence work together? sorry a new player :)

    • Cloudenvy

      Since Death’s Presence doesn’t specify entering the graveyard, I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

  • guest

    so vraska is way to good…

  • That guy who knows

    Red and Black are going to be the best set out

    • Lonethief

      Incorrect. Golgari is completely OP so far. Rakdos and Izzet are close seconds.

  • Bassman_ozzy

    i see a plague of  Vraska the Unseen cards flooding turneys

    • Lonethief

      Nah, its a planeswalker. Few planeswalkers ever see tourney play (i’m lookin’ at you, TMS!). In the same colors, however, Lotleth Troll looks like standard’s new sweetheart.

  • Xpurexhatex


    • Mlundgoldstein

      so why are you on here then?

      • Lonethief

        Those were the EXACT words in my head!

  • Jeremiepineau

    hi there ! do we know the guilds promo cards ?

    • Flickerfan

      Azorius- Archon of the Triumvirate
      Izzet- Hypersonic Dragon
      Rakdos- Carnival Hellsteed
      Golgari- Corpsejack Menace
      Selesnya- Grove of the Guardian 

  • Lonethief

    All of the cards previewed today will see major tournament play except for Guild Feud. But Guild Feud makes up for that by being one of the most flavorful cards I’ve seen to date. I love the idea of massive collosi battling it out through the alleyways and towers of Ravnica :D

  • Jace

    Has anyone noticed Vraska has the Worldwake symbol on her chest?

  • Jace

    I think you’re right, but maybe that’s one of Nissa’s followers turned into a gorgon…

  • otherlonethief

    Lotleth troll… is a two-mana god.

  • Michaelm1209

    green white right now looks op

  • Lonethief

    Phage-touch tokens… in a set without dimir!? That is so much more like something Lazav would do.
    At least it wasn’t
       -(insert number above 10): Target player loses the game.
    I’m still waiting for the text “Destroy target player.” I’m keeping my hopes up!

    • HerpaDerpa

      Door to nothingness…. DERP

      • otherlonethief

         It does not have the text “destroy target player.” It says “target player loses the game.” DERP

  • Fcmasoniii

    anyone else thinking about a r/u deck now?

    • BlackMinotaur706

      Hypersonic Dragon + Miracle 

      • Lonethief

         Doesn’t do anything. If you draw a miracle as your first card of the turn, even if it is another players turn, you may cast it for its miracle cost. Miracle spells seem a bit too costy for a non-edh Izzet deck anyways.

  • Fcmasoniii

     its nice that supreme verdict will replace day of judgment…. planar cleansing is nowhere near as good

  • Frizzyfritz

    I’ve always been partial to Golgari and Simic, but with an ability like Detain, I’m sad to say that Blue/White is still going to be the best color combo.

  • Tomstribe8

    Vraska the Unseen is a boss poo out mini phage!

  • Lonethief

    I KNEW it! I knew it would be Rix Maddi!
    I don’t like Trostani though :|

  • Lonethief

    Also, why isn’t nivimagus elemental a weird?

    • Grizzly_Vore

       THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT!!!!!  I love weirds so much

      • Lonethief

        We need more Gelectrodes!

  • psycho plan

    i see again a powerfull delver!!incridiable the nivmagus elemental!!!

  • Jaynohuru

    More ore less thats the case. She is a planeswalker ill be happy to own. The lesbian child of nissa and liliana

  • Circa89247

    does anyone else jizz there pants with the 3 new best uncommons?    dryad militant, slitherhead, and judge’s familiar?

    • Adonis Devereux


      • Setzslow

         Actually “his or her”*

        • JingleDick

          Trolling is a art form children.

          • Your MOM


          • Jason Kuo


        •  I would think it’s probably “his”.

    • LittleFinger

      Best of this set so far? Probably. Best of all time? Not even close. Realize that you’re comparing them to Bloodbraid Elf, Wall of Omens, and Path to Exile, to name a few.

    • Wisdomseyes

      Judges Familiar and Dryad Militant, yes. Slitherhead…. maybe? Not sure how slitherhead will do in comparison to the other cards. 1 mana for a 1/1 that gives you a +1/+1 counter doesnt seem very… it doesnt have the same level of card advantage I want out of a card when comparing it to the other 2 (and likely 2 more if they complete the cycle and I hope they do)

      • Figgjr

        use him with loeth troll discard slitherhead and gravecrawler then scvenge slitherhead and play gravecrawler next turn by then you have a 5/4 regenerator

  • meowmix

    There is yet to be a rakdos spoiler guys, so hoping for a broken legendary

    • BigBurlyBill

       I know what you mean… I was waiting forever to see the selesnya spoilers.  I’m quite happy with the populate mechanic so far. lol  I’m quite interested to see more of paincast.  Rakdos is supposed to have it.  I’m thinking it’s the same as Cryptborn Horror

  • Lonethief

    The new Izzet mythic is epic. I’m definitely going to experiment with it in some of my decks.

  • Nietstein

    So, why is it exactly that dreg mangler has not made it to this spoiler?  It was known about a while ago…

    • otherlonethief

       It’s in the back

  • Has anyone else noticed that the only guild leader they haven’t spoiled is Rakdos? Why is this?

    • otherlonethief

       Maybe he’s gonna be a chase mythic.

  • Each card is a great amazing!

  • dairmara

    nothing to do with return but i would love to c a treefolk planeswalker that would make me stupid happy  

    • BigBurlyBill

       Oh my god… Treefolk planeswalker would be GW.  That’s actually a great idea! =)

  • Anji

    How about a Mono Black w/ hybrids, using the Golgari mechanics (spread +1/+1 counters) to boost even more the (underestimated) Rakdos creatures w/ unleash?
    This way, Slitherhead+Shred-freak would be a really fearfull pair, ain’t them?….
    Came to tought about it, ’cause lots of players r thinking that the Rakdos won’t see much game against the mightiers-bullies-whattafuckers-goddamiters Azorius and Golgari… (I like to play w/ underestimated tribes/guilds/mechanics).

    • dairumara

      so do i i also love building token decks haha

  • Derrangedmidget

    So which guild does everyone like the most

    • Opus141

      selesnya and golgari …yeah i know

    • Cloudenvy

       I want Rakdos, personally. The sign-up sheet at my local card store is filled with Auzorious though. Only a few names are under the other guilds. But that’s only so far.

    • otherlonethief


    • BigBurlyBill

       Selesnya is definitely my favorite.  I’ve always wanted a lifegain deck.  The tokens are just icing on the cake!

      • Lonethief

        I think you have the Selesnya a bit backwards…
        It’s tons o’ tokens, a bit of ramp, and just a teeny bit of lifegain.

    • dairumara

      sylesnya for sure i loved them in the first ravnica block and now their even sexier

  • Figgjr

    I am hoping they show more rakdos cards I really want to see his card its the make or break for me 

    • Cloudenvy

       Right? I plan on maining Rakdos. I can’t prepare if there is no Rakdos yet.

  • otherlonethief

    I love the previews today. Especially counterflux. Delicious super-counter that is non counterable…

  • Profesj

    So. I think they might just have run out of Mythics and Rares to spoil. Brilliant way of creating a hype for this new set. Don’t get me wrong, it looks great and powerfull. But i wonder what would have happend had they started with spoiling all the commons……

    • Ace400x

      It would be more ramp, IMO. I personally would wonder, “These mechanics have potential, and these commons are decent, so what are my uncommons and rares? What are my bombs and combos?”

    • Wisdomseyes

      I dont know about everyone else, but personally I would be equally as excited as I am now. I would actually be a littler more impressed, since it starts building up suspense towards the better cards. 

      No matter what, i will be excited for this set. Its RAVNICA, the set I started playing in. The set many people started playing in, because ravnica was in fact one of the most popular sets they printed. And not just because it had some of the best cards (Dark Confidant, spell snare, remand, Niv Mizzet, Golgari Gravetroll, shock lands, ext) but because it was easy for newer players to get a grasp on how the game worked. 

      What i really want more than anything else though… the book that goes with this set! I want to figure out how this is all going down, has a new guildpact been formed? Where was Niv Mizzet? Was it by Niv’s design the izzet league couldnt use the firemind? So many questions I MUST know the answers to :I

    • Guest

      nope always 15 mythic’s this time ten guild mythic’s (2 for each) and 1 color mythic 

  • Flickerfan

    i’m still waiting for the Selesnya Guildmage…

  • Profesj

    So. I think they’ve run out of Mythics and Rares to spoil. 
    Brilliant marketing strategy to create the most hype. Don’t get me wrong it’s a flavorful and powerful set, but i wonder what would have happened had they spoiled the commons first…..

    • Lonethief

      They still have a few mythics to go, for example RAKDOS

  • Ace400x

    Digging Sylesnia. Has a definite Zerg feel to it.

  • Wisdomseyes

    I just Realized Ral Zarek isnt in this set… Maybe he will be in the 3rd set of this Block? Not being in Izzet would be really weird for him… not getting a card would be annoying, and as much as I love jace, i would have preferred Ral Zarek over Jace. 

  • Guildmage

    Rakdos seems built to just shut down the Unburial Rites deck archetype… Sad times.

  • Highlander

    Let’s look at the new guild leader cards vs the old ones
    Everything i have written here is my personal option and i welcome feedback and others thoughts.



    Grand Arbiter Augustin
    IV: makes it harder for opponents to play cards and easier for you to. can
    comes out early game. almost useless in combat.

    Isperia, Supreme
    Judge: choose able card advantage downside is you can just not be attacked.
    Comes out mid-game. A hard hitter with flying.

    Win to Isperia



    Niv-Mizzet, The Firemind: easy to break (Tandem
    Lookout, Curiosity, Jace…). Can’t attack and use draw ability.
    Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius: slightly
    bigger for same cost. Damage ability repeatable and unaffected by summoning

    Both Mizzets are about equal it really depends on
    where you want the deck to go. And should be fun in combo


    Rakdos the Defiler: almost demands a demon deck or a deck
    where you gain something when your creatures are sacked. Hard hitter with
    flying and trample. Combat abilities make it easier to force sacking of
    opponents stuff.

    Rakdos, Lord of Riots: Hard hitter with flying and trample. Low
    mana cost with casting restrictions. Lowers casting cost of creatures

    Personally I don’t like either but I think Lord of Riots is
    the more versatile of the two and therefore better.



    Sisters of Stone Death: Late game hard cast. Several
    effective ways to use first ability (lure, in combo with second, deathtouch…).
    Removal and stealing of creatures. Mana cost reasonable.

    Savra, Queen of the Golgari: gives benafits if creatures are
    sacked but doesn’t let you sack them herself. At 2/2 and needs to be cobined
    with other things for abilities to do anything under powered for the CMC of 4
    and being Guild Leader.

    Jarad, Golgari Lich
    Lord: static P/T increase. Lose of life ability. Return from grave ability.

    Depending on the
    deck Sisters or Jarad have the win. Though I will say fear the use of Jarad and
    Savra in combo.



    Chorus of the
    Conclave: forestwalk (more or less useless combat ability). Late game hard
    cast. Great blocker. Ability give use for unused mana late game.

    Trostani, Selesnya’s
    Voice: early mid-game hard cast. triggered life gain. Populate. Decent blocker.

    All around both are
    great but I think Trostani has it because she comes out much earlier. Will work
    great in combo because you get bigger creatures and gain more life.


    Art wise the only one
    that loses is Jarad and he loses to both Sisters and Sava, though I will say
    Augustin is very close to a tie

    • 10Fold

      Firstly, Isperia the Inscrutable was the old Azorius leader, not Augustin IV (He was the guild -champion-)
      Secondly, Savra was also not the leader for Golgari, rather the champion. (Though in the lore, she did want the guild for her own iirc)
      Pedantic nuances aside, I have to agree with you for Trostani, Rakdos and Niv :3

      • rev_shad

        You have it backwards, during the first Ravnica block, Augustin was the guildleader and Isperia was the champion and she then became the leader .  Savra became the leader short turn in the lore when she resurrected Svogthir and used him to over throw the Sisters, until she was killed by Szadek.

      • Squeel

         Firstly, Isperia the Inscrutable was not the only guild leader, just consulted for Augustin IV (The guild leader)
        Secondly, Savra, while not the guild master at the start of the story devised a plan to become the leader of four guild, her plain ultimately failed though she did gain control of Golgari after having 2 of the remaining 3 sisters killed only to be killed by the Golgari founder shortly after.
        If you’re going to be a stickler do it proper.

      • Hand of the Praetors

        Personally, i think the title “Queen of the Golgari” qualifies her as the guildmaster.

        • Szadek, Lord of Secrets

          That was kind of like a self proclaimed title. The sisters of stone death had the real authority.

      • Captain Pedantic

        I think you have that first part backwards. Augustin IV was the guild leader and Imperial was the champion. Augustin died and they convinced Imperial to be the new guild leader.

        • Captain Pedantic

          Isperia not Imperial. Autocorrect is a fickle mistress.

  • I’ve noticed that most of the abilities of creatures and effects of spells favor conditions based on power or toughness instead of converted mana cost. I think this will make populate even more effective in this block, no removing creatures with cmc 2 or less.

  • Lonethief

    Why is Izzet Keyrune spoiled twice?

  • Gaqua13

    Only 12 more cards to go! What’s with this crazy mega spoil?

  • Scarbrought93

    Did you see Azusa’s quote in that card?
    I sure did

    • Lonethief

      Which one?

  • Orzhov Guildmaster

    Kind of annoyed WotC hasn’t released any Orzhov cards yet. :/

    • Lonethief

      *Facepalm 2x combo!

    • Morrius

       they wont this set, you’ll haft to wait till Gatecrash

  • Let’s discuss possible metas!

    Multicolored sets shift tempo to super fast. Augustin was a mid-game card and Isperia will be a late game card. With all the powerful Jund effects coming down the pipeline, the deck is going to speed up the meta like it did in Shards time; it’s going to be powerful with Dreadbore, Abrupt Decay and Lotleth Troll at the 2 drop. Dryad Militant and Slitherhead at the 1 drop are already good in block, and Gravecrawler fills out your 1 slot. There are any number of very playable cards at 3 and 4 as well.
    Basically, what I’m saying is “Does it beat Jund?” is a very possible meta.

    Reanimator is out. Ground Seal and Rest in Peace shut it down hard, Dryad Militant turns off the flashback on Rites and Faithless looting (Often used to set up the reanimating).

    Delver is gone. Not only are Mana Leak and Vapor Snag out, but Snapcaster Mage is taking a hit from Dryad Militant.

    UW control is a large possibility. It’s been on a wane for awhile, and with all the powerful UW cards coming out, and it having its dual-colored sweeper, it’s probably going to be one of the first decks pros brew around.

    Anyone else see any decks forming from the lot?

    • Mlundgoldstein

      Token decks are gonna be huge but UW control can still shut it down with Detention Sphere, Golgari decks will be a thing but not all that big, Izzet decks are still gonna be drawing cards and burning people, UR Delver is still highly possible but chances are it won’t be as good, people will still play Rackdos but it’ll only be about as powerful as BR vampires were witth innistrad, and even though it doesn’t officially appear until Gatecrash I can see a very powerful Simic colored deck in the making that can also be in Bant colors.

    • Lonethief

      A bant token deck looks like it could work very well.
      You detain each of their threats while your populate and token spells make a large and often unblocked army.
      Cackling Counterpart is amazing with populate, and happens at instant speed.
      If things go bad for you, drop a Supreme Verdict and start over.
      The only thing they are missing is a part-black shockland for Lingering Souls.

      Also, as we all know, JUND ZOMBIES!
      The deck archtype has so many powerhouses.
      Gravecrawler, Slitherhead, Blood Artist, Geralf’s Messenger, Diregraf Ghoul, and both of the two-drop removal spells.
      I don’t even want to know all of the terrifying synergies between Blood Artist and scavenge.

      Delver isn’t dead.
      With so many amazing tempo-disruptions Azorius has to offer, UW and/or U/R will most likely be the most powerful.
      Cyclonic Rift, Sleep, and Blustersquall are amazing at messing up your opponents tempo.
      And SYNCOPATE! Remember Syncopate from a while back? Ugh, that idea scares me.
      Inaction Injunction detains and cantrips, while Azorius Justicar and Mizzium Mortars will be the next big thing.
      As for U/G delver? We’ll have to wait until Gatecrash.

      Izzet will be big.

  • Superplatapus

    We’re missing one…

  • Hand of the Praetors

    All the common scavenge seems a tad overpriced to scavenge 

    • srsbsnsman

      right? it makes me hate all the golgari commons..i wish scavenge cost was equal to power of the card or something like that..not pay 5 mana to scavenge 2 +1/+1

      • Beto

        Well, it is a discard deck, I think. Some creatures are worth more on the graveyard than into play… which is the whole idea behind Golgari, right?

  • Triplefisted

    Golgari charm! <3

  • Gaqua13

    I was about to post “What about the Blue and Black/Green Mythics?” and then I realized that I was an idiot. I was hoping there would be more cards and that the Planeswalkers wouldn’t be part of the cycles… Since Vraska doesn’t have a Golgari watermark on her, will she be impossible to open in the special prerelease Guild boosters? If so, that’s a pretty sad hinderance to playing Black/Green (you would lose out on a second possible mythic draw).

    • YouGotFranked

      I hope she won’t be in the pre-release packs. Otherwise everyone would play Golgari as it would be the only guild who would have a plainswalkers. Kinda unfair for the other guilds.

      • Lonethief

        I am pretty sure the Guildpacks have cards in their colors, and it is not based on watermark.
        I’m not sure, however, if the packs can have monocolored cards in the guilds colors.

  • T-Bag253

    I am so stoked for this set to come out! This will be my first set release since I got back into the game. I love the idea of guilds and there seems to be a lot of extremely powerful mechanics and cards, the pre-release is going to be awesome!

  • Hand of the Praetors

    Would somebody tell me why the Nephilim weren’t legendary in the first place, they seem pretty legendary to me.

  • Commanderbadass

    I’m wondering why they haven’t spoiled Watery Grave yet? isn’t it going to be in the set or what!? :o they’re ju hating blue-black? why!? :O

    • 10Fold

      Watery Grave is Blue/Black. Blue/Black is Dimir, which will be released in Gatecrash.

  • Charge of Boros!

    NO BOROS!?

  • SilverAlex92

    so where are the Xcmc mythic spell from selesnya and golgari?
    Rakdos: Rakdos return  (blighting on steroids)Izzet: Epic experiment (genesis wave for instants and sorceries)Azorious: Sphinix revelation (Blue sun zenith that gains life)

    • xorbus

       Selesnya gets Armada Worm, Golgari gets Vraska.

  • Emilegivental

    can they please make the gold cards be sorted by guilds that would be so much easier!

  • Coitis2009

    What set cycles out for Return to Ravnica?

    • Azorius

      scars block and m12

  • Red Todd

    Vraska is so good… but 30$ for a card in EDH that will most likely be banned in the format… I still want it.

  • Citadel97501

    I am thinking the two primary standard decks are going to be Token, and Anti-token?  I just don’t think the other deck archetypes get enough with this block?

  • Faustbaldhead

    almost every creature have a secondary ability, seem fun to play. 

  • Milezkeppleronzo

    Wizards has lost my respect. they included no goats in ravnica and it makes me mad

  • Jffdij

    why have they not put a page for sorin vs tibalt yet 

  • wizards made a really nice edition. thanks a lot for that :)

  • M-pochobradsky

    ok random question does anyone think that its worth it to buy a fat pack??

  • [witty name goes here]

    I opened an izzet ingenuity pack (blue-red) and only the foil was from that release.  The rest were from the azorius advance (blue-white).  And in one of the cardpacks i got a foil worldspine wurm.  I’m not sure if that’s a fail or a win.

  • Lonethief

    Foil Jace in my first pack.

  • You left out card #99. Lobber Crew