• Theone4221

    My money’s on Sorin.

  • Derpmcherp

    Watch as Sorin makes an unstoppable army of Vampires against Tibalt…randomly discarding his own cards?

    • G6r6i6m

      And then Tibalt takes all his vampires, death by your own army…


        Tibalt living that long?!? NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!! Sorin will kill him the second he hits the field (or at least with in a turn)

      • Tibalt is a garbage planeswalker his final ability is the only good thing bc his plus draws a card and discards at random so you might discard the card you just drew Sorin plus produces vampires and his 2nd ability puts out an emblem that gives +1/+0 and his last ability kills up to 3 creatures/planeswalkers and brings them on ur side 

        • The Shockingly Anonymous

           Tibalt’s -4 is like Sword of War and Peace… which was a game winner if I remember correctly. Unless I’m wrong of course and that sword was also garbage. Tibalt’s -4 and -6 are both game enders and require immediate attention, unlike almost every other planeswalker, which only require attention when nearing their Ultimates. Tibalt needed to be at 2 loyalty otherwise right now all you Tibalt hater’s would be complaining that Tibalt was too op.

        • Tibalt’s +1 is badass in a dredge deck…

    • taj1994

      Unless they make a new Tibalt for this (which won’t happen because Duel Decks are all reprints), it doesn’t make sense… Story-wise maybe, but not with how the cards are right now…

      • Guest

        Though I agree there most likely won’t be a new tibalt for this, the last duel deck Izzet vs. Golgari didn’t have reprints only, it had soem cards from return to ravnica. 

        • taj1994

          Those cards still aren’t original to the Duel Decks. They are still reprints.

          • Durk

            “pre”prints :P

          • taj1994


          • taj1994

            Whatever you want to call them, they were designed for Return to Ravnica, not the Duel Decks, making them reprints

      • Galnox

        Not necessarily how about Elspeth? Completly changed from her original card

        • taj1994

          No, they definitely did not make a new card for her just for the Duel Decks… Her original card was Elspeth, Knight-Errant, which was the same card used in the Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Tezzeret set. The art is different, but all the Mythics and a few other cards from every Duel Decks set have alternate art.

      • >Implying Koth vs. Venser made any sense…

    • Ushclov

      Tibalt clearly has his homies behind him in the art bro

      • Kinney

        And Sorin doesn’t need a horde to be awesome.

        • guy

          look at Sorin’s doubled handed man-killing sword and then look at Tibalts one handed letter opener/toothpick. Tibalt’s even going in head first and smiling. Tibalt is obviously ballzy and awesome. 

          • Kinney

            Or just crazy? He does throw away spells randomly….

      • SilenceArchangel

         Do you not see the massive castle filled with hella broken vampires in the distance. Prease, sorin had this one in the bag the second they printed Olivia Voldaren.

        • Vampire Fan

          Too bad Sorin’s white/black. The pricks. >:.

          • Christopherb17

             It’s a sad day to play sorin lord of innistrad then sorin markov. but sorin will still win

          • Winterlion

            Remember this: Ajani’s deck was G/R/W, but he was only R/W… so there’s still a chance Sorin could have Olivia…

          • Metalman710

            I dunno, throwin in another mythic, especially one as awesome as olivia…

        • no that’s disney’s castle. So sorin has made allies with the mouse planeswalker

          • taj1994

            *Mouse Planeswalker Jedi

        • Anon

          Did you not read in the flavour text that the vampires detest Sorin, and consider him to be a traitor to their kind?  ch coloSorin created Avacyn to keep the balance of Innistrad. While some vampires understand this, the vast majority consider him to be a traitor, and would have nothing to do with him. Sorin’s allies on Innistrad are few and far between. Tibalt, on the other hand, would have plenty of help from the devils on innistrad. If only red didn’t suck. Each colour in magic does something better than the rest of them. Besides red. Red does nothing. Win automatically goes to Sorin for this match up.

          • Uberbeast Golden

            Red does not suck, as any decent red control player will tell you. The power of green and the creature destruction of black make it unbeatable, not to mention the overwhelming goblin swarm potential. Red and white is better, but even red and artifact will service. To summarize, red is awesome and don’t you forget.

          • anony

            …even though red is the only mono color playable and dominant in standard right now. i dont understand why people say red sucks. what other color is haste a primary ability? none. look at some of the best cards in standard too, thundermaw, aristocrat, huntmaster, bonfire, olivia, aurelias fury, hellrider etc. people need to stop trying to change red and add depth to red. i feel that the beauty of red in the color pie is that its NOT deep and rather simple. 

          • While red does not suck it is by far the weakest color, hence people saying that it sucks, also no one who’s anyone gives two shits about Standard, look at Legacy if you want to see what colors are actually powerful…

          • Radeniss

            If by “no one that’s anyone” you mean “no one that doesn’t follow SCGOpen tournaments to the exclusion of all else, including Wizard’s own first-party Grand Prix and Pro Tours,” then yes, you are correct; “no one” gives two shits about Standard.


            This is part of the problem I have with the Spike crowd. They focus blindly on their own personal pet game or format and flatly refuse to acknowledge that any other game or format has any worth whatsoever. The existence of social networks and the blogoshpere, with their ability to close out all dissenting voices until all you hear back are voices that sound exactly like your own, are a contributing factor, but not the root cause. That’s beside the point, though; you are welcome to your opinion of Legacy, but the facts are these: if you go to a brick-and-mortar store on Friday night, barring extraordinary circumstances, you will be playing Standard, Limited, or – more recently – Modern. No Legacy in sight. The new Pro Tour format is, if I remember correctly, a mix of Modern, Standard, and Block Constructed. Hmm. No Legacy there, either – why might that be, do you suppose? As for why SCG appears in the example above? Star City Games may not have created Legacy, but they have been instrumental in ensuring its survival. Anecdotal evidence suggests that had SCG not stepped in, the original Eternal Formats may have joined Extended at the kitchen table, while everyone else continued to focus on the cool and shiny new stuff that Wizards continues to put out for us.

            TL:DR, but my point is this: I do not dispute that red is one of the weaker colors in Magic, if not the weakest. I do not dispute that Legacy is a viable format, nor that the cards within it are extremely powerful. What I DO dispute is your assertion that Standard is not equally viable compared to Legacy. Please check your facts before opening your mouth; otherwise, you run the risk of promptly inserting your foot into it.

          • For the record I’m not Spike I’m Johnny, and the reason I don’t care about Standard is it’s disturbing lack of Dredge, I play EDH, Modern, Legacy, and Vintage, and no one who is anyone cares about formats without Dredge, you took me WAY TOO seriously dude, I actually do play Standard as well I just find it less interesting without my favorite combo piece, go take a chill pill comrade…

          • Radeniss

            …Perhaps I overreacted. I’m sorry; I’m not always the best at divining people’s intentions and motivations when they’re standing right in front of me, and the Internet – while an amazing tool for sharing raw information – removes the nonverbal cues that compose a surprisingly large amount of human interaction. Aside from trolls (who will troll no matter what), this may be the largest reason flame wars exist: simple misunderstanding. Again, my apologies.

            On a related note, I identify as a Johnny as well, and I can understand now why Standard would hold less appeal for you than Modern or Legacy; it’s hard to get psyched about anything when the rules of engagement preclude the use of your favorite option. Standard can be fun too, though, because for people like us, the constraints on which expansions we can use force us to look for powerful spell and effects in places we normally wouldn’t. For example, I think if implemented and supported correctly, the cipher mechanic has the potential to be absolutely busted; the problem is that as the game state stands now, most cipher spells are too expensive or provide too little effect to be competitive. The challenge is in finding which ones provide a strong enough effect to influence the rest of the game and which supporting cards can help optimize that effect.

            Aaaanyway, back on topic: now that we’ve got (hopefully accurate) decklists for Sorin vs. Tibalt, I’m definitely planning on picking up a copy. Sorin and Tibalt both have some solid cards to work with. The difference is that Tibalt is not in fact the best card in his own deck – that honor goes to (duh) Hellrider. Still, I really like the use of Blazing Salvo here: either you get rid of an annoying creature or you Lava Axe the other guy for R at instant speed – it just seems more difficult for your opponent to get a more desirable outcome out of Salvo than say, Browbeat or Breaking Point. Cool stuff all around, though – much better than Venser vs. Koth!

          • Lightbulb101069

            I do not agree that red is “weak” at all. A lot of it depends on which red cards you use, how you use them, and what you mix them with. Personally, I have played for years, and tend to build very strong decks, which not only win quite a bit, but many people have trouble winning more than an occasional game against me, and many of those decks are red-heavy! The key to red is lots of direct damage and haste. Wipe the board clean with damage and send your fast creatures to take your opponent out quickly – exactly what this deck does.

            Many things that are accepted as “common knowledge” and standard advice in Magic I have found to not be quite as true as people think. Rules of thumb are only generalizations. For example, most people say keep your deck as small as you can, the logic being that you get to your “good” cards faster. Well I have found that a better approach for me is to simply FILL my deck with good cards, in which case it can contain as many cards as I choose, and it still plays great!

            My favorite decks are often 5 color and at least 80 cards, maybe 100 or more. I once made a deck that was afloat in a sea of mana ramp and card drawing and brainstorm-type cards. The deck contained over 300 cards, and was so fast that by the 4th turn, I would have 7 or 8 lands in play, and a full hand of cards (maybe 10 or 12, with no maximum hand size). Then I would start throwing out big hitters – Garza Zol, Niv Mizzet, Rolling Thunder, Planar Portal… By turn 6, I nearly always had my opponent praying for a miracle, and if they survived long enough, by turn 8 or 9, I would have 16 lands or more in play, both of us drawing 5 or 6 cards per turn, and they are about to run out of cards, while I have 200 left! And they are facing Garza, Crosis, and Demigod of Revenge, and I’m ready with a hand of 20 cards, full of counterspells, Plague Wind, etc. to deal with anything they throw at me. I am not making this up! And with cards like pyroclasm (red) to deal with agro decks until I get set up.

            Of course to make such a deck effectively, I had to throw in cards from many different sets – from Alpha to Lorwyn, showcasing all my best cards of a collection of over 15,000 cards (which later got stolen from me), which is possible only in Legacy or Vintage types of play. And that is why some of us say other formats, such as Modern or Standard, are weak! And by the way, in my opinion, White is the weakest color.

          • Cliftonjisawesome

            I think the problem is not that it sucks in constructed, because it doesn’t, but that it sucks in limited, because it almost always does.

          • Badnotevil5

             Maybe they’ll print a new Tibalt that’ll be in the next block like the Izzet Vs. Golgari Duel Decks and Jarad. Just a random idea.

    • Smileyfaceist

      If they’d printed Madness or Hellbent at the same time as Tibalt….

      • Tibalt doesn’t help as much with hellbent, unless you have a high cost card you can’t get rid of.  He’d be much better with threshold.

        He can also be good with graveyard based effects, too bad there weren’t many of those in the inistrad block.
        Also, this is duel decks, he probably will have some madness.

    • Gingy

       You have no idea as to what possibilities discarding could hold. Bite your tongue!

      • Comment

        well they might take some cards from ravinca the orignal

        • guest

          Why? nether come from there that is like saying they will throw in alara cards or planer chaos cards

          • Kinney

            Well, actually….planeswalkers take spells from all over the Multiverse, so it’s feasible.

          • gusto

            I’m fairly certain that all of the Duel Decks products so far have used cards from non-standard sets, as well as Planes to which neither of the Planeswalkers have been in the storyline.

    •  omg that comment made me laugh so loud people came checking whether I was alright xD

  • Figgjr

    i feel like tibalt will have an awesome deck

    • Dasausfall

      I really really really want him to have an awesome deck. I love tibalt C:

      • Grohiiksos

        The Ajani v Bolas duel decks also had card from Mirrodin mixed in with the reprints.

        • taj1994

           If they want to, they can put cards from any set into the Duel Decks, as long as the colours/theme match

          • jase the other mind sculptor

            fingers crossed for vish kal XD

  • Nthrof

    So pumped for this

  • Neutr4lion

    I think Tibalt will have half of all devils in game in his deck. Anyway, pretty sure Vexing Devil is in.

  • Wisdomseyes

    Something tells me there is going to a flashback red theme with tibalt and a… dafuq kind of theme would sorin have? Not tokens, likely. 

    • Soterios Johnson

      Maybe exalted black/white?

      • Szadek, Lord of Secrets

        I’m thinking life gain.


  • FFFffffsspspth

    New art lingering souls!!! maybe

  • hubatish

    Tibalt has a lot to live up to, as something like the 5th (likely) mono red duel deck.  Will he be flashback control?  Some weird aggro thing?

    • Caos Monster Of Reality

      I don’t tink so this is a gild block I think one of the planeswalkers will be standerd and the other will be extended.

  • Dorkane12

    wtf!!!!! avcorse sorin will win!!!! why are thay embarrassing him with this battle?!

    • Pinkkracken

       Sorin’s deck will only have swamps and him. They are not embarrassing him. The deck will win against Tibalt even if you don’t draw him :))

      • asdf

         I highly doubt Sorin’s deck will only have swamps when he costs 2WB to cast…

        • Guest

          Unless it’s Sorin Markov (which I find highly likely) who costs 3BBB to cast. 

          • taj1994

            I think it will most likely be Sorin Markov, but if it is Sorin, Lord of Innistrad, I’m getting this for sure (I’ll probably get it anyway though…).

          • Yourmom

            It will for sure be lord of innistrad markov would not make sense considering this duel deck is going to be all innistrad block cards

          • hurp durp

            well since Sorn Lord of Innistrad is in Dark Accension… and Tibalt is in Avacyn.. lol.

          • Thebeeja

            Ahem… Innistrad block, not series… the Innistrad block includes the following series: Innistrad, Dark Ascension, and avacyn restored…

          • SwordsRule

            Not to mention that Sorin is holding up a sword in the duel deck artwork i.e., Sorin Lord of Innistrad

          • Dude

            Sorin has the same sword on his original card. He only drew the sword for his WB card. So theres a 50/50 chance of either Sorin in this deck.

          • Guest

            Where does it say that?

          • Zaloran Aroraz

             i doubt it will be sorin markov, simply because they wouldnt have cards from two COMPLETELY different blocks in a duel decks.

          • Dawidplatt

            NO it would be Sorin from innistrad becuase This whole thing is an innistrad battle. Tibalt creating havoc and sorin dealing with the problem as “lord of innistrad”

  • Quichemuncher

    I loooooove tibalt but lets face it……….hes going down so hard :(

    • taj1994

      Gameplay-wise, probably, but we’ll have to wait to see what’s in the decks.

      Story-wise, Tibalt would almost definitely lose. A relatively new Planeswalker vs. the second-oldest (after Nicol Bolas) Planeswalkers alive? I think the older, more experienced, and probably much more powerful one will almost definitely win.

  • Tim

    Devil’s Play and probably Vexing Devil are shoe-ins for Tibalt. Sorin will probably have Sorin’s Thirst and Sorin’s Vegeance. And maybe Markov Patrician. I’m pretty sure it will be W/B Sorin, and therefore token cards are not out of the realm of possibilities. Intangible Virtue, Lingering Souls, perhaps Bloodline Keeper. Tibalt may even bring back Unearth with Scourge Devil and perhaps the other 3 Mono-Red Unearth cards. There’s some good possibilities here, but I’m still hesitant to pre-order this dual deck. Venser and Koth was an easy buy for me, but not this one.

    • levi johnson

      i give tibalt the early game advantage in this if they put the right type of burn spells and vexing devil (in which i really hope so!!) but if tibalt hasnt won by then i give sorrin if hes w/b the later game advantage to him

      • Foresteatstacos

        Hell rider?

  • Highlander

    here what i’m thinking
    Sorin’s W/B vampire/angel. rares are Sorin, Lord of Innistrad, Bloodline Keeper, Vault of the Archangel, Blade of the Bloodchief, Exquisite Blood, and Moonsliver Spear. also expecting Vampire Nighthawk
    Tibalt’s R devil. rares Tibalt the Fiend-Blooded, Hellrider, Charmbreaker Devils, Devil’s Play, Increasing Vengeance, Vexing Devil.

    • Vampire Fan

      Oh god, not MORE Moonsliver Spears. It’s already shitty enough that i have 3 sitting in my trade binder, 2 of them promo. I never ever ever EVER want to see that card again.

      • Killershad

         there is always one or two rares in the duel decks that suck and if Highlander is right moonsliver would be that for this one.

  • Rath the Dragon Lord

    Sorin: *snaps fingers, blasts Tibalt with death magic, game over*

  • Tomorrow

    OMG… DUEL TRASH with Tibalt….

  • Hellrider

    Tibalt will probably have Charmbreaker Devils, Flayer of the hatebound, forge devil, gang of devils, heckling fiends, hellrider, pitchburn devils, rakdos cackler?, riot devils, scalding devil, scourge devil, torch fiend, and vexing devil. Pretty much every devil ever invented. I hope sorin is Lord of innistrad. I wont by it otherwise.

  • Antipanda

    I’d like to see a deck where Discarding your own cards isn’t a downside so much for tibalt.

  • Caos Monster Of Reality

    This gives us all some sort of picture on things to come I think sorin deck is going to be w/b and tibit will be g/r becose it seems to be a madness focoused card and story line r/b and r/u has bean done so what good r combo is left with good madness cards. I don’t think tibit would be be for r/w.this is still just a thought.

    • Caos Monster Of Reality

      Let’s hope they reprint vendacate ^^

      • Lonethief

        But… flavor…

      • Lonethief

        Not Caos

    • Caos Monster Of Reality

      My bad red / green ^^ they relesed info on b/g any thoughts on what’s to come

  • InSpencerWeTrust(;

    if tibalt’s deck has vexing devils….Im diff gettin’ it…I like both planewalkers.. lol Sorin, Lord of Innistrad was my first planewalkers…he’s in my life drain deck :)

  • Maybe they’ll actually give Tibalt a madness deck. Only way I would ever use him.

    • Glyfs

      Flashback? burning vengeance? tibalt will toast that queer vamp!!!!

      • Dawidplatt

        why would you call Sorin queer he is AWSUM if you lived in innistrad you would love him. He keeps the balance of the world with the click of his fingers, how awsum is that!

        • Vampire Fan

          if, you know, he wasn’t white/black. Which makes him so much harder to play in traditional vampire decks. Like the one i built in say, the Zendikar block with the orignal AWESOME Sorin, instead of this new, cheap, cop-out sorin.

          • Ricky M

            What is wrong with you? i have a “traditional” vamp deck (mono-black, under 5 CMC) and have made Lord of Innistrad work easy by adding Tainted Fields and Isolated Chapel, the original Sorin cost to much to play in a good vampire deck

      • Lonethief

        >toast that queer vamp
        >that queer vamp

        Get out

  • Squeek

    All the madness cards in the Tibalt deck >:D

  • Sorrin vs Tibalt…. Unless Tibalt gets a major overhaul, It’s really more like Sorrin eats Tibalt.. Seriously.

  • Sorrin vs Tibalt…. Unless Tibalt gets a major overhaul, It’s really more like Sorrin eats Tibalt.. Seriously.

  • Gabriel Segura

    Sorin will demolish Tibalt!!! My favorite Planeswalker Sorin against Tibalt.. i am excited for this

  • Lonethief

    Vorthos here. Based on the cards, Sorin is better, but from a flavor standpoint, this is a fair match. The decks will probably be balanced, wizards knows what they’re doing.
    I think we’re gonna see Vexing Devil, Devil’s play, Crushing Pain (flavor), Pillar of Flame, Markov’s Chosen (more flavor), Child of Night, Batwing Brume, etc.



  • my two favourite planeswalkers together in duel deck, awesome :)

    • taj1994

      My favourites are Sorin and Garruk. That could be an interesting Duel Deck too…

      • Dawidplatt

        Sorin and Jace would be cool

        • taj1994

          Almost any combination of Planeswalkers could make interesting Duel Decks

          • [witty name goes here]

            I just want some Planeswalkers without having to buy singles.

        • Foresteatstacos

          Jace and nicol

  • Justmanypeaches

    Bonfire of the Damned in Tibalt? Instant buy?

  • Dorkane12

    sorin is way to powerfull to be agenst tiblet!

  • Griffinhunter30

    i hope they make a new tibalt for this one because tibalt gets a bad rep 

  • Me

    all you fools don’t know tibalt.  Just wait for the madness to start!

  • Benflaherty44

    tibalt: come at me bro 
    sorin: f*** you bro 
    tibalt:s*** my life total is 10
    sorin: troll face

    • Bilbo Baggins of the Shire

      its gonna be lord of innistrad


    Tibalt didn’t make devils. Why does he have a troop of them?

  • Alasdairtaylor2

    From the looks of things Tibalts going to have some sort of token spawn effect, like Ajani healer of the pride but devils

  • Delver, Brother of Szadek

    a tibalt deck might have, grim lavamancer because he synergies with it.. also faithless looting..
    maybe a hellspark elemental or spark elemental, any cards that have use on being discarded..

    and sorin.. well, all i can say is life gain or tokens

  • Beezeeboi

    c’mon Lets see gamble.

  • Shinoby8

    1 good planeswalker against a weak 1, let’s see what comes out this

    • Michael Bryan


  • Littlekittensmith

    Sorin>Tibalt by a lot. We’re talking light years.

  • mtgaddict

    they should make a planeswalker called Romeo (insert last half of name here) and have him in this duel deck instead of sorin…

    • mtgaddict2

       romeo’s last ability should be you lose the game…….

  • Christopherb17

     3/2 riot devels vs. 2/3 flying, deathtouch, lifelink vampire nighthawk

    • Michael

      They will have a lot of zendikar block cards cause of the sub theme of vamps

  • No_one

    I think that in tibalt deck will be some demons from avacyn restord, there’s some awesome demons there…

  • Lancegutierrez

    which Sorin is it going to be tho?
    baby Sorin or innistrad?

    • Vamp Fan

      Awesome Sorin or Traitor Sorin are my names for the 2.

      • nexusgiga

        how is sorin a traitor. what if he got accepted by the ghost council..

  • if they do it right, tibalt is able to take him on….unless they pull a golgori vs izzet trick…..poor golgori
    personally tibalt needs another color….green red 3 top 4 finishs, red white 2 top 8s…..umm mono red….nada discarding a card with flashback randomly doesnt hurt…..discarding burning vengance does….

  • Nickbigdong

    battle for who has the best coat

  • Michael Bryan

    I will totally buy this if it is sorin lord of innistrad

  • jin-sei no tenshi

    i think i see
    hell rider

  • Coitado do tibalt…

  • Lulz4kokane

    The Vampires of Darkness vs The Hordes of Fiery Evil…. *grabs popcorn*

  • Careless_point

    Wizards just making away to scrap a failed idea. 

  • nexusgiga

    i just realized something.. if you keep discarding long enough. you could harvest pyre for game..

    • Movieguy1700

      harvest pyre only hits creatures 

      • Ngroh

        Target stuffy doll with harvest pyre

    • Chrisg86

      Stuffy Doll
      Artifact Creature — Construct 0/1, 5 (5)
      As Stuffy Doll enters the battlefield, choose a player.Stuffy Doll is indestructible.Whenever Stuffy Doll is dealt damage, it deals that much damage to the chosen player.

      • Chrisg86

        Sorry, meant to reply to movieguy, have harvest pyre hit stuffy doll and it works. no telling of course if this card would be in the deck but its a way that harvest pyre could work.

        • Movieguy1700

          ah that is a good one

  • Ethan Caynes


  • Friendofloki

    Yeah, this is going to be… the worst duel decks ever. I think Tibalt might be the worst planeswalker. :<

    • Michael

      In standard but with hellbent (original rakdos mechanic) and madness (not sure) he could be powerful

    • Nashr

       the whole point of this deck is to make people see some of the potential tibalt has

  • Xanthrite, Dimir Agent

    Domri vs Vraska….. Or Gideon vs Ral Zarek

  • Dor-311

    Tibalt is gey. that is all.

  • Uargaroth

    I’m not doubting Madness or Threshold will be included with Tibalt.

  • Hipeople107

    My advantage is Tibalt. I mean, when Sorin spams, Tibalt is just gonna steal his creatures, lawl

    • That Guy

      he wouldn’t live long enough to steal anything, and randomly discarding his own cards doesn’t really help.

  • nameless

    tonight on “the world’s most one sided fights” …

  • Tim Haines

    C’mon, these decks together cost less than Sorin on his own. I’ll be having four.

  • Izzie123

    Sorin the unstoppable vampire versus ……… some random guy with horns on his head

    • kenkaku64

      Tibalt is a Devil planeswalker

  • gzu12

    What happens with this duel deck? Its simple…
    Sorin isnt gonna make damage points firstly because tibalt will discard your hand and probably,sorin will win without spells LOL

  • the question is which Sorin will it be, for a little more even match I’d say the old on since its mana cost is high and tibalt’s is low

  • Jeffries416

    Theres one thing you do have to consider also is that this duel deck will be released after gatecrash so there will be cards in there that we cant even predict will be in there yet so thats gonna change things a bit!

  • since when did red deck wins lose to tokens?

  • Sparkleninja

    Ok, did any of you read the story behind Tibalt? He shall muster a mighty army of devils

  • Gideon Champion of MTG

    Does anybody know exactly which Sorin it will be?

    • Nierbrink

      lord of innistrad

  • Guest

    If Sorin is doing tokens, then Tibalt’s deck may be having a legion loyalist or two to balance this out. Best way I can see for a Tibalt to win (Hoping for rite of flame in the Tibalt deck to get him out on the first turn easily.)

  • Samuel19151999

    Dude sorin vs tibalt let’s see tibalt randomly discards his army while sorin builds an army with lifelink.

  • LittleWentz21

    I think it’s funny that it says Sorin’s the one with an army, yet Tibalt has an army of devils behind him. 

  • Why would they use TIbalt? They should have used Lili

    • Michael

      they already made a duel deck with her against garruk and they dont repeat

  • DistressedCustomer

    Now… I wonder what the mythics will be! last time the two mythics were red/black, we had Urza’s Rage and Phyrexian Negator. That was a waste of money!

  • Cureknot

    my sword vs your dagger!!!!!!!!!! look at the art.

  • stangkilla

    omg guys were is the spoilers? i cant seem to get a look at any is it because they’re not even close to being released? anyways if anyone knows were to see the spoilers let me know ok? thx

  • Only 19 days to go…

  • Apostle

    Hey, we might be really lucky and with M14 coming around the corner, they might release another Tibalt.

    • Nashr

       Thats very unlikely, M14 isn’t out til july, which is too far for them to release cards and they have already released a picture of chandra

  • handoflazav

    What about Megrim? And Burning Inquiry? …and Liliana’s Caress? Tibalt got more powerful, eh?
    ‘Course, Sorin will just kill, anyways.

    • handoflazav

      ‘Course, Tibalt’s Browbeat and Blightning still won’t hold a finger to Sorin’s Mortify

  • John Havers

    Finally! Sorin seems in a good shape!

  • Keejin

    white black…opertunity to reprint vindicate? c’mon wizards pull through for us

  • Loiden Mc Leroy

    I really want another Chandra vs. Jace. We all now Jace would win, but it would still be fun and cool.

    • Loiden Mc Leroy

      Check that, badass pyromancer versus jedi mind trick person would be really fun.

    • Nashr

       They already made one, look it up

      • Loiden Mc Leroy

        I said ANOTHER!

  • Maxevans2000

    dats so sick ermergerdzerz 

  • ManaPanda

    Decklists are out .. Tibalts deck sucks.

    • The Shockingly Anonymous

       Like Sorin’s is any better…. ._.

  • Ethanburger

    Unless tibalt has some epic cards or a madness-threshold-hellbent deck… this will be another elspeth v tezzeret.

  • That new art is freaking awesome…

  • Weasel782

    made a deck for tibalt, ended up putting Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind, mostly just drawing cards and a few bolts and Jace, Memory Adept, but, somehow i got jace to his ultimate and made both of us draw 20 cards, and used tibalts -4… instant win lol

  • fun guy

    then of course tibalt GETS sorins army of vamps and wins with one blow,

  • fun guy

    but EVERYONES gonna play black-white tokens now

  • fun guy

    but they work best together then tibalt discards  a lingering souls,
    in other works: boo-yah

  • Bloodthirst

    Sorin is think is better hands down

  • ZZkizzle

    Sooooooo… Does anyone else see that if Sorin goes ultimate he could just take control of Tibalt? This thing should really be called Sorin: Ultimate trollin’