Banned MTG Playmat

February 21st, 2012

The playmat bellow was planned to be given out to first 500 Magic the Gathering players to register for the main event at Grand Prix Indianapolis (March 10-11, 2012).

 Grand Prix Indianapolis Banned Playmat

Elaine Chase, Magic’s Brand Manager on Twitter: “That playmat is not authorized and will not be given out.” “We keep a standard for Magic art to portray strong female characters. Sexy is OK, submissive or damsels in distress is not.”

  • Jennyf83

    Wow, really what’s wrong with people, there’s nothing wrong with that picture

    • Yhokolunaris

      I see what’s wrong. The woman on the right should’ve been handind the guy in the chair a sandwich. Obviously.

      • haha


  • Handyman87

    i see Sexy, i see strong women, i dont see anyone of them in chains or bondage, and not one of them are being Submissive, i think this mat is a win or someones just an attention whore

  • Shadowsm

    So how do we get our hands on one of these mats

  • Michael Long

    so out of all the other things made by artist hired by wizards to make art n more. Some female activitist MTG Mom crys about a playmate as a derogatory image to women. But she can’t speak for all the women in the world. So she should have shut the fuck up and allow the mate to go through. and stick her nose somewhere else. and play a different game, then try and be the spokes person of america and the game.
    Mike Long

  • Aaronbalzer

    Wow, welcome to 1960. I hope you enjoy your flight on Pan Am. Anyone interested in the mile high club please pat your stewardess on the rear.

    What a bunch of reactionaries.

  • Aaronbalzer

    To clarify, this is ridiculous artwork for 2012. No one in mainstream format gaming should be printing stuff like this, no one would be smart to print something like this, and seriously, is this what people are coming to magic to see? If so, go serve your inner goblin elsewhere.

  • Attroc

    Who is the artist?

  • it’s just a game and only a good artwork. inquisition was in the past and the censorship is ridiculous

  • Fedge

    goblin, please sit on the back of the bus, TY.

  • Daniëlle Zana

    wtf ? this got censored ? obviously the managers perception is retarded and rigid

  • De’Vaughn Brathwaite

    Such a shame, I would give anything for that mat~