Dragon’s Maze League

March 6th, 2013

May 3 – July 9, 2013

Dragon’s Maze League is a weekly event that brings your community of Magic: The Gathering players together for open casual play. Hosting weekly events is one of the best ways to grow the amount of Magic players coming to your store.

Casual formats, like league, help you reach players that don’t necessarily attend competitive tournaments. League offers a relaxed environment where players can choose who and when they play. Offering varied Magic play experiences to your customers helps strengthen and grow your
community of players.

The league runs for five weeks, beginning on the release day of the Dragon’s Maze expansion. The suggested play format for the league is Sealed Deck. Entry fees and prizes are determined by your store. 20 Bird token cards are included in the league kit to supplement your store’s prizes.

League Kit:

Instruction sheet
Double-sided tracking poster
32 Progress cards with lanyard
8 Sheets of guild symbol stickers
20 Prize-supplement Bird tokens
5 DCI™ Membership Cards
1 Score pad

Dragon's Maze League

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