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July 24th, 2023

2024 Timeline

Ravnica Remastered Release date: January 2024

Ravnica Remastered 03


#MTGxLOTR Release date: November 2023

Murders at Karlov Manor
a top-down designed murder mystery themed set, taking placed on Ravnica.

Ravnica: Clue Edition

Four Universes Beyond x Fallout Commander Decks

Outlaws of Thunder Junction

Modern Horizons 3

Universes Beyond: Assassin’s Creed Release date: July 2024

Bloomburrow Release date: September 2024

Drawing inspiration from modern horror tropes and concepts. The entire world of Duskmourn is a single creepy giant mansion.


MtG Sets 2025-2026


Innistrad Remastered

Mark describes it as another set which leans on the existence of Omenpaths to make a “death race” across three different planes! Mark teases that two are ones which have had sets, and one has never been visited in a premier set before.


[Ultimate] – Tarkir

Universes Beyond: Final Fantasy


[Wrestling] a return to Lorwyn/Shadowmoor.


[Yachting] a return to Arcavios, the world of Strixhaven.

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