Secret Lair: Pride Across the Multiverse

May 3rd, 2022

Secret Lair Pride Across the Multiverse

Each card in this drop was illustrated by an LGBTQIA2S+ artist, bringing their own unique creative styles and lived experiences. This set will be available for preorder on May 4 and arrive in a unique rainbow foil box.


1x Borderless Alesha, Who Smiles at Death
1x Borderless Bearscape
1x Borderless Collective Voyage
1x Borderless Heartbeat of Spring
1x Borderless Mana Confluence
1x Borderless Savor the Moment
1x Borderless Sol Ring
1x Borderless Triumphant Reckoning

Non-foil: $39.99/€44.99*/£39.99*
Traditional foil: $49.99/€54.99*/£49.99*
*Inclusive of local VAT

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