Theros Teaser #1

August 26th, 2013

Nyx - Theros Art

Here are some things you can expect from Theros:

A 3/3 with three abilities that uses fate counters
Multiple cards with the word “nongorgon”
A high-profile cycle of legendary permanents that are not creatures or lands
A rare card with five words of rules text in which one of the words is “planeswalker”
An artifact creature that appears to be a big horse made out of wood
A 5/5 giant snake that can be cast for [g][g]
A multicolor Minotaur lord
A card that could have been in Modern Masters
A giant that brings fire to humans
A creature with a saboteur ability (it has an effect if the creature deals combat damage to an opponent) which is one of the Power Nine

Here are a few names of cards you will see:

Anger of the Gods
Chained to the Rocks
Lost in a Labyrinth
Rescue from the Underworld
Underworld Cereberus
Witch’s Eye

Finally, here are some of the creatures you’re going to see (note that not all of these are creature types and is only a partial list):

Hundred-Handed One
Nymph (Alseid, Dryad, Lampad, Naiad, and Oread)

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