MTG - Magic: the Gathering

Jumpstart: Historic Horizons Spoiler

31 new-to-Magic cards in this digital release featuring mechanics made for MTG Arena.

Seek: Powerful tutors grab a random card from your deck that matches specific criteria. No shuffling and no time spent looking at options—it just grabs a card that works out of your deck and the game keeps moving.

Perpetually: Permanently change the characteristics of a card—no matter where it goes afterwards. Taking advantage of MTG Arena's ability to alter cards no matter where they go during gameplay, powerful benefits and unique changes add strategies found nowhere else in Magic.

Conjure: Conjure creates cards out of thin air as a digital object that acts just like a normal card would. Powerful spells and artifacts can Conjure up iconic, powerful, or just plain useful cards—from Tropical Island and Stormfront Pegasus to Ponder and more.

Release Date: August 12 exclusively on MTG Arena

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