Dragon's Maze Symbol

Ten Guilds, One Destination!

Ral Zarek - Dragon's Maze Art

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  • Matchstick

    Good ol’ Ral

  • Krlmaahs

    i am surprised this is up on the site so fast.here’s hoping it will be fantastic

  • Tim

    With this being a small set, each guild will just barely be getting over a dozen cards. I almost feel like this has the potential to be like Alara Reborn; only multicolor. That could be a pretty interesting direction to take this.

    The set name also says “Niv-Mizzet was here”, so there’s that. The art for the symbol, while not complex is pretty cool (Literally a copy paste of RtR and Gatecrash).

    Also, Ral as a Planeswalker has me pretty excited. I’m anticipating a Copy Spell ability as one of his options, and now hoping that we’ll have a new Chandra or Red Walker in M14 that handles differently from the current Chandra. Great art to reveal the set with also.

    • Docstorm4

      I actually have the gut feeling it says, “Nicol Bolas was here.”

      • Tommoo77

        it better be Nicol Bolas niv-mizzet is a coward

        • Honourspell

          or maybe some third unknown dragon, but yeah its totally nicol or niv

          •  Yeah, pretty sure Draco will be making a comeback as said legendary artifact. Reprint at 18 mana, Draco Mechanical Beast 10/10 Flying: When Draco deals combat damage, you may sacrifice an artifact, Draco deals damage equal to twice its converted mana cost.

        • Highlander

           two things
          1) Bolas is confirmed to not be in Ravnica at all, so the dragon referance has to be Mizzet. and the Dragon’s Gate is most likely whatever Mizzet has had Izzet looking for.
          2) please explain how Mizzet is a coward? he alone killed two of the Nephilim which is more then anyone, Rakdos managed one himself the other two brought down by an army including Rakdos, Mizzet is the smartest being in a plain of genusis he know that after he was injured in an ambushed by the other three he couldn’t win, plus he was plan bored so he left to ensure his survival and therefore the survival of his guild showing true wisdom and honor. Calling Mizzet a coward is like calling Sorin young.

          • sphinxy

             they have referred to the izzet steam vents as a “maze” before. just throwing that out there.

          • Actually, he wasn’t bored, he knew he was about to get whipped, so he turned tail and ran.

          • Joshpatton21

            Whats wrong with a tactical retreat it is a common strategy in war.

          • Shadow921

            like you wouldnt turn and run if you were in his place. you also have to think how injured he was.

          • agh

            why are you arguing over a fictional character from a card game???

          • BelgotLeons

            Its cuz we care about our cards and the future stories of Magic The Gathering i know Niv-Mizzet is far from being a coward Jarad, Lazav and Trostani THOSE are cowards hiding behind their men until they won enought time or stole enought power from their underlings

          • Giganexus

             or like calling edward collin a vampire. or like tibalt usefull

          • BelgotLeons

            Tibalt Is usefull you just not exactly sure how to use him at his maximum potential while i do :P

          • Docstorm4

            I stand corrected

        • ARES13GAGE

          niv-mizzet could infinitly destroy bolas

          • Jesm_oso

            recuerden que solo 3 dragones sobrevivieron ala guerra pero cual es el 3 dragon 

          • 10scottjacob


  • Zacko1444

    Dude this set does not have to e like alara reborn that was my favorite set of all time it does jot need to be copied

  • Guest

     What if the Dragon is Nicol Bolas, and the maze is Ravnica, then that would mean Nicol is taking over and he kills Niv-Mizzet, then Ral (a planeswalker) becomes the new Guild Master.

    • What if Ral Zarek is trying to kill Niv-Mizzet 

      • Dracocanust

        What if Ral and Niv is the same being?

        • Giganexus

          what if phone

    • Dornith

      In the books it’s pretty clear it’s called the Dragon’s maze because Niv-Mizzet is the one who originally discovered it.

  • Arcana

     YEAH IZZET PLANESWALKER!!! Well, sort of izzet since Ral isn’t the guildmage anymore. But still. :D

  • BirthOfTragedy7

    American control just got it’s finisher in Ral?

    • BirthOfTragedy7

      Jace, Tamiyo, Gideon, and Ral all as planeswalkers? This will be like Xmass for control!

  • Guest

    Jarad’s Orders: The Izzet are searching for something. Rogue’s Passage: There’s something in the city, hidden in a maze.

    • Juho Hatakka

      Agreed. Possibly a legendary artifact in sight. Can’t wait to see what it does.

      • Like A Boss

        Actually, there is a thing called the Implicit Maze (referenced by Dragon’s Maze). It was created to appear if the Guildpact was ever broken (Happened in Dissension). If the guilds work together, then they can solve the maze. It was meant to promote unity, when the Guildpact no longer could.

    • Pedro Abreu

      Hey, keep looking these things on Gatecrash card please, you’re a genius.

    • Guest

      Also the card Search the City perhaps? As well as the new card Leyline Phantom “Is the maze itself a phantom? Or is one as real as the other? Perhaps I am as mad as the dragon.”
      -Jace Beleren, journal

    • 10scottjacob

      Let’s hope its not another rail like helvault, or legacy weapon, or conflux…

      • Guest

        There goes that hope

  • Justmanypeaches

    Champions and lands. CHAMPIONS AND LANDS!

    • Shadow921

      what lands

    • Guest

      Well I guess we got both!!!

  • Herpmcderp

    I hope they make Ral playable.  Don’t make him cost 4 with no abilities that impact the board.  Something like 2UR cmc with a starting loyalty of 3.  That way he can have a +1 that deals 1 damage, and lets you draw a card if you target the opponent (exactly like dracogenius).  then make his -2 a reverberate-type effect.  His ult can be like a -7 that deals 7 damage to opponent and lets you draw 7 cards, or something sweet like that.

    • Please not another dopey Chandra face!

    • Giganexus

       so not another tibalt

  • nate

    anyone notice the set symbol?…it is both RTR and DGM put together?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!???…what a scam

    • Shadow921

      DGM stands for this set

    • That Guy

      No, I don’t think anyone noticed that. There’s just no way.   -_-

      Something less obvious that people might not have noticed is that the opening in the middle looks like a keyhole.

      FYI it’s RTR and GTC not RTR and DGM.

  • Baxmasterj

    So the set symbol looks like The orzhov gulid gate 

  • Dave Herrera

    Is anyone else concerned that there are going to be tri-color creatures… with TWO guild keyword abilities?

    • Nate DeCarolis

       I think there will be tri-color legends, possibly from guilds merging or working together. E.G. Selesnya and Golgari (WGB), recycling and regrowth. Auzorius and Boros (WUR), dedication to maintaining and enforcing the law… maybe? WotC has been talking about more “wedge-color” Legends, in particular, to support Commander/EDH.

      Also, I thought MaRo had said that Nicol Bolas isn’t going to have anything to do with this block? I couldn’t his specific quote.

      • Sabisent

        OH GOD!


        • Artheties1725

           How would that work….overload sint on any creatures and unleash is only creatures

          • The wind

            destroy a creature you dont controlput a 1/1 goblin onto the battlefield with unleash
            overload 4ubr

          • Guest

            Doesn’t work dumby dumb, it needs the word target

          • 1234

            destroy target creature you dont control, put a 1/1 goblin onto the battlefield with unleash for each creature destroyed this way
            overload 4ubbr

          • UGFTW

            where is the dimir keyword?

          • Lonethief

            Delver, the Standard Environment Sculptor  2UBR

            Creature– Goblin Insect Wizard

            Unleash, Overload 2BB, Lobotomize 5 (When 
            Delver, the Standard Environment Sculptor comes
            into play, Target opponent exiles the top 5
            cards of their library, then you may put a +1/+1
            counter on it.Delver cannot block as long as it
            has a +1/+1 counter on it. If you paid the Overload
            cost, replace each instance of “target” with “each”.)

            When Delver comes into play, if it was unleashed,
            destroy target creature and put an additional +1/+1
            counter on Delver.

          • Shadow921

            no overload would have to be 5UBr

          • Loiden

            Too good

          • Artifact  (4 colorless)

            Tap:  Target creature you control that entered play this turn gains unleash.

            You may leave this artifact tapped during your next untap phase to change all instances of “Target” to “each.” 
            NOTES:  So you tap it, give 1 of your creatures unleash.  Then you leave it tapped to permanently change “target” to “each.”  Upon your next turn, you tap it and give EACH creature you control unleash when you cast it.

          • Johnny

            tap ability wouldnt work, the unleash decision happens b4 it hits the field.

          • Dornith

            There’s a problem with that. You can’t target a creature that hasn’t entered the battlefield yet, and by then it’s too late to give them unleash.

          • Ritzy

            It’d make more sense to have it be 1ubrr since the shared color is red

          • miro

            you lose the game & each opponent loses 15 life

          • You could do that with a luzly goblin card, actually. Just make it red and turn it into damage

          • Sabisent

            joke  (jk)n.1. Something said or done to evoke laughter or amusement, especially an amusing story with a punch line.

          • Willis

            your joke didn’t have a punch line.


            the puch line was: OH GOD!

          • Nexusgiga

            not all jokes have punch lines.. unles their name is willis. i keed btw

          • Dvass

            no detain is also on a sorcery inaction injunction

        • MTGfan#80m

          unleash is only creatures and overload is only instants and sorcerys- you are an idiot

          • trololololololo

            destroy target nonland permanent you don’t control then put a 1/1 goblin token with unleash onto the battlefield for each card destroyed
            overlord- replace each instance with target
            dont feel like putting cost but owned

          • Zombie Elite Ruffian  2B


            (Overload 2BBBB:  If you pay the overload cost change all instances of “THIS” to “EACH”)


            So basically….Pay the creature’s overload cost and you change all instances of “this” to “each” as it relates to the unleash text.  Laugh as you render all your opponent’s creatures unable to block. 

        • Mlundgoldstein

          no even worse bring miracle back. Overload and Miracle on the same card

          • Smarma

             Take target opponents turn. overload 6UUUUU: take all of target opponents turns.miracle U: take target opponents turn
            miracload 3UU: take all of target opponents turns.

          • Trogothehunter

            You’re Phuckt 2WBR


            Target Creature gets -13/-13 until end of turn.

            Overload: UR
            Miracle: W/B

          • Worldspine Wurm laughs at you!

          • Aramile

            Miracle and Overload are both alternative casting costs. You would not be able to choose to miracle a spell and overload at the same time. You have to choose a single casting cost.

        • Theone4221

          Naw, man…

          Overload and Detain on the same card. ‘Detain all creatures you don’t control’ would just ruin someone’s day.

          • Like A Boss

            Nice. if you somehow got cipher onto that though… MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That would ruin somebody’s day several times over… but would have to be W/U/B/R… :(

          • curlie-joe

            instead of “Sleep”, it’s called “Sleep Paralysis” or maybe “Cataplexy”

          • Jeosilver

            “Detain all permanents you don’t control.”

          • Happened. well… detain all non-land permanenets you don’t control on an ETB ability

          • 2hp10

            “Detain EACH creature you don’t control” just saying

        • Saki Neko

           You’re thinking too small :)  CIPHER and overload!!

          •  The mana cost would be insane.

          • Kurogane

            Please. Bloodrush and scavenge.

          • falkenbright

            With Varolz, that becomes frightening.

          • T4bw3

            now were talking

          • Hecklez

            Evolve Scavenge is more like it

          • Dornith

            Evolve Populate.

          • You sir are a bad BAD person!!!

          • Loiden

            Agreed Saki Neko

          • Dracocanust

            I agree with that statement because the flavored text of Destroy the Evidence.

        • All-Mana Mania

          But you can’t. As it says you get one gatecrash guild and one return to ravnica guild

        • Acm4297

          Problem: unleash is on creatures, overload on sorceries and instants. Sorry

      • UGFTW

        Every combination of three colors also has three guilds (e.g. Selesnya, Golgari AND Orzhov in WGB)

      • Lightningrod14

        Haha, I’m just excited to hear people saying things like “oh yeah I’m playing Azoros.”

        Gruulgarakdos (RBG) would be legit terrifying, if you think about it. Bloodrush and Scavenge could have dangerous synergy on the same card, to say nothing of how unleash would effect it all.

        • TheRealLemon94

          People will just use the alara names. Much easier to say and much cleaner

          • Niels

            I don’t agree because, Boros and Gruul combined is flavorwise not the same as Naya, and there are wedge colour combinations (not being a shard of alara).

          • Mydadgaveupopcorn

            is Dega, is Ceta, is Necra, is Raka, and is Ana. So named after the cycle of Disciples, Sanctuaries and Volvers from Apocalypse.

          • Mydadgaveupopcorn

            *wbr is Dega, urg is Ceta, bgw is Necra, rwu is Raka, and gub is Ana. So named after the cycle of Disciples, Sanctuaries and Volvers from Apocalypse. sorry bout that. the colors didnt go XD

      • Wisdomseyes

        The fluff abomination is the idea of Golgari and Selesnya working together makes me cry a little.

        And yes, Bolas has no interest in ravnica

        • SirSlender

          Wrong.  Niv Mizzet’s tutor is Nicol Bolas.

      • Cp Kj 86

        Nice, but, instead of putting 2 mechanics in 1 card, is more posible that they just make you choose from one of them. But it’s mostly not going to happen.

        • Poop

          right, because seriously how often does WoTC put out 2 sets in a row that share mechanics? 

          • Benandgreg

             alara reborn

      • niels

        I personally think Golgari and Simic would make a nice couple.

        • Nexusgiga

          have they met? they should date

          • No Name

            Jarad and Zegana kissing? I don’t think that will ever happen, but who knows?

          • Tridentdragion777

            I’d rather have Vraska and Zegana kissing

          • Flamewolfkx

             yes… just yes (even though Zegana would be stone then)

          • Theone4221

             One word: Hexproof.

          • Lilliana Vess

            If you know anything about Gorgons, I believe that women are not affected by the curse that turns men to stone..

          • I thought that was only madusa, not all of the gorgon sisters

          • 2hp10

            All the gorgons could do it at will but only Medusa couldn’t control turning people into stone

          • 2hp10

            Probably not going to happen. Jarad has a wife in selesnya and apparently a child lol. So I see a possible Golgari Selesnya team up. (Jarad got married in original Ravnica block)

          • Hand of the Praetors

            Yeah, but Jarad is a zombie now, marriage states “till death do you part” with him being dead, that means no more wife and heloooooo Zegana.

          • 2hp10

            He is a zombie, :P but he came back on his own haha. So I consider him a sorta halfway dead guy. Not completely dead. But good point. And wierd. Merfolk Elf meet Zombie Elf = Elf of Awesome?

          • He was married to a woman named Fonn Zunich (who was Selesnya/Boros), their marriage lasted for about 6 years. They have a child named Myczil. When Myc was 4 they separated because of their disagreements about their guilds. At the end of the Ravnica books he decides to stay with his father to learn the Golgari ways, at this time Jarad was undead.
            Just gonna leave this information here.

          • but he dint he divorce her?

          • ya they had a kid, before jerad died and possesed his body, i hear the two tried to keep it hushed out of fear of starting a war between the guilds

        • SimicChamp

          I run this deck already! It makes a great abusive relationship! “DIE SO I CAN USE YOU TO EVOLVE.”

      • Timathy Gold, Waldrazi Lord

        It’s more likely there will be Izzet and Boros together.


        Lol!! “Bozorious the Clown” decks in the future?

      • Pretry

        Guys remember, when you have a three color combination, it will always include 3 ravnica guilds. So if we get a 3-colored card, it could be a creature with Unleash, Scavenge and Bloodrush!!!!! You can play it as a creature + unleash, or you can bloodrush it as a boost. And when it has gone to the graveyard, you can scavenge it.

      • Dornith

        I don’t get it. There’s no rule in EDH that says you need a wedge commander, so why do they feel a need to push that so strongly?

        • It’s just more fun with three color commanders

    • Pj-sayers

      I’m going to guess that there will be 4 color legends, like the Nephililm, which Wizards later said were supposed to be legendary.

      • Orisiti

        I’ve heard that is supposed to happen.

        • Smithjones

          R&D Hates 4 colored creatures and said they don’t want to do it again in the same post Rosewater said he wished they’d been made legendary.

          • Sebastian Scharow

            They also said that the Nephilim were diconnected and had no real reason to be from a design standpoint so I cant see them repeating any such thing.

      • mtg-connaisseur

        Maro said that he wished they had made the Nephilim Legendary. They weren’t supposed to be legendary.

      • no man look at thy evidence

    • i highly doubt that something like that would happen in this set, if you look into old Ravnica nothing like that even was thought up, it doesn’t fit the story or the world

      • Tuck

        Stories change. So do worlds.

    • Dimir Reaper

      no and if there is they will be horrible

    • Npkns

      Why not mono color? Each guild keyword has been printed on a card of each of that guild’s single colors.

      I.E. A green creature with both Scavenge and Bloodrush.

      • Nexusgiga

        because ultimate price

        • Guest

          the gateless


      necrogenisis colossal 2BuBuGGBkBk

      mutant undead ooze
      evolve, scavenge BuGBk
      whenever another creature you control gains any number of +1/+1 counters, put a +1/+1 counter on “necrogenisis colossal”
      remove 4 +1/+1 counter from “necrogenisis colossal”, put 2 1/1 undead ooze tokens on the feild with “tap, BuGBk, put a +1/+1 counter on this creature”

    • Adin Solomon

      it would be interesting if there were

    • Thalden

       I could see this… maybe involving the other elder dragons possibly?

    • Nekneth

       if its 3 color it would be able to have 3 keywords like unleash scavenge bloodrush for GBR

    • Rm-slover

       Commander players want 4 color generals. But they have to not suck, which is the tricky part.

      • Dornith

        I haven’t seen too many people itching for 4 colors. I see 5 colors for those specific purposes like slivers or shape shifters, most I’ve seen are satisfied with two colors, but one is often fine for people who find a really good commander or three for people who want some diversity in what their deck can do, but never four.

    • Ethanburger

      Is it just me, or does it seem like Wizards of the Coast learned nothing from the helvault debacle?

    • Canis


    • Alexer

      Nope. I don’t see how that could happen. There are guild champions, and at the prerelease you get two guild packs. That doesn’t necesarilly mean that there’s going to be three-color shards or anything

  • Isaac

    Ral Zarek Red/Blue planeswalker for dragon’s maze

    • AwZ

      About time that guy makes it into a set….

      • Shadow921

        his story was announced in the summer

  • kowill

    is anyone else pumped that the guild champions are in this set

    • Has that been confirmed? I think they will be too but where did they confirm it?

      • Guest


  • Aejan

    I’m waiting for “Overload target spell.”

    • Smileyfaceist

      Imagine if they had that and you cast the card on itself 0_0

      • Dnddsv


        • Orisiti

          It would be nothing like omniscience.  casting two copies of that spell with the second targeting the first would merely make it where every spell on the stack read “each” instead of target, which means that if someone had a counterspell on the stack under the second omniscience, it would counter each spell beneath it in the stack.  

          As much as i would love to see a card that gave spells that didn’t normally have it overload, i doubt it would happen for a couple of reasons.
          Most importantly, overload is a costed mechanic, so it whatever gave it the ability would have to assign a cost (and unlike flashback or unearth, using the normal casting cost would be utterly broken)
          Secondly, try reading an overloaded Fireball:
          Fireball deals X damage divided evenly, rounded down, among any number of each creatures and/or players.
          Fireball costs  more to cast for each each beyond the first.

          If it were to get printed, i would see it as costing 3rruu for a mythic rare enchantment that reads:
          Instant and sorcery cards in your hand have overload.  The overload cost is equal to it’s casting cost plus it’s converted mana cost. This card would still be broken beyond all reason.

          •  Yeah just think Overloaded Surgical Extraction

          • Dornith

            I don’t think Surgical Extraction says target.

      • Shadow921

        it would have already resolved so it wouldn’t work. and even if it did work you would need to have already spent a lot of mana that turn

    • Orisiti

      I’m actually hoping for “Gain control of target creature… overload”

      • Jesm_oso

        tipo insurrección 

  • kyledsp1234

    Am I the only one that thinks Rakdos and Golgari work well together? Corpsejack Menace + Unleash creatures + Scavenge creatures.

    • STRM Gladiator

      that is my new strategy i am working on
       that is pretty powerful
      but it will take some time to create the perfect strategy
      i have been working on this strategy for two weeks now and it is getting on well
      still not anywhere close enough to completing the full strategy

      • Kyledsp1234

        Here, if you want to take a look at this, this is the current setup I use (mind you the only nonland Rakdos card in there is Hellhole Flailer.) 

        • Kyledsp1234

          Hmm, the link seems to have failed me.

          Here it is again: http://mtgvault (dot) com/ViewDeck.aspx?DeckID=412236

    • Orisiti

      I’ve been thinking about running gruul a set early using hybrid unleash critters, giant growth/rancor and slitherheads (going agro, any of the other scavenge creatures just cost too much for my deck)

    • Giganexus

      i was thinking of doing that. its a bit mana heavy but thats what kill cards are for

  • William Ranken

    Dragon’s Maze is sort of cool, but it seems sort of straight forward, with no real mystery or excitement. Since it has Niv Mizzet written all over it, they could have chosen a appealing or gripping name, like “DracoMaze” I mean after all, isn’t Niv Mizzet the Dracogenius.

  • Christopherb17

    time to unleash Ral Zarik

  • Zando

    150 cards, is it jsut me or are there less cards each set in this block

    • mapaxe

      that’s not so rare for the 3rd edition to the block. In fact I thought it WAS rare that Gatecrash is as big as it is…

    • The way they’ve formatted this block is two big sets and a small set. Just because Gatecrash has less cards than RTR doesn’t make it small.

  • Rezon Shinryu

    return of the elder dragons! please let that be it

  • Christopherb17

    The symbol for Dragons Maze is a total rip off. It’s just the RTR symbol under the Gatecrash symbol

    • Shadow921

      you never know it might have to do with the story line

  • vincent

    this is where niv-mizzet becomes a planeswalker everyone!

    • Shadow921

      small set=1 planeswalker which is ral

      • vincent

        :( i don’t want to hope so but its probably true.

        • Shadow921

          if anything they would make another version like they did with mikeaus. (but noy dying hopefully)

  • Michael Bryan

    That if im not mistaken is Ral Zarek

  • jin-sei no tenshi

    ever wonder if they could turn nicol bolas to a creature and have that one guy “Ral” not sure think thats the name but then make him into a plains walker? ive read about all the commets and they have many possabilitys on what to do for dragons maze but they could you guys are talking about
    “Tri-legend” creatures and nicol bolas is a tri-plains walker they can convert just thought id mention that
    and before people get all BLAH!!! at me i started playing magic a week before avacyn came out but i think its a big chance maybe just me tho

    • Shadow921

      if you read all the comments you would know that nicol bolas isnt in this set

      • jin-sei no tenshi

        I said “ive read about all the commets.” Your argument is invalid, and I also said it’s a possability. I never said thats what will happen. 

    • Cat Swag

      Nicol Bolas already WAS a creature and the the WoTC made him a planeswalker

  • mapaxe

    Will there be many artifacts here?

  • Bring cascade back D:

    • Shadow921

      that was alara not ravnica

      • CaptainCascade


  • Baby_yoshi13

    Has anyone looked at rauls hand, he is holding something there the artifact. Quick grab it!!!

    • Ricky

      what you smoking that is his magic

    • Michaeldavis808

      he isn’t holding anything. that’s electricity in his hands. If anything the artifact is the thing attached to his arm but I do believe that it is irrelevant.

  • Loganguy3452

     i bet the guild masters will be like at war i.e. trostoni in rage mode!! :)

  • mop

    is that you?

  • Chrissuda6

    Thats Ral Zarek in the picture right? If so then there will be a RU plansewalker in Dragons Maze

  • Michael Bryan

    The image is if im not mistaken is Ral Zareck from duels of the planeswalkers 2012

  • guest

    is this guy Jace?  Did Jace just walk out of a dive bar?  Scruff and tattoos make this art a win for me!

    • Aejan

      This picture is Ral Zarek, the Izzet planeswalker. 

  • Acdozer123

    im more scraed for nephlims

  • Pyrusjayfeather

    My guess? -and this could be a long shot- but I’m thinking completely hybrid colors, and some golds I guess, block so that the guild can be mixed and matched more.

    • Evanjohnlewis

      Agreed i mean there’s only what 150 cards??? I highly doubt they will bring back the nephlims (since they sucked) but there’s definitely going to be allie stuff going on 

      • Shadow921

        nephlims were awesome unlike you

  • Cat Swag

    There is an anagram in the guildgates of both RTR and GTC. google it. it’s pretty cool. it spells “the guilds of ravnica will destroy each other”

    •  Colorless spells? Just one?

    • Dornith

      You could pick letters out of anything and spell anything.

  • Tarnium jurasek

    I hope they will make ral zarek usable for EDH. Cause izzet got no planeswalker yet.

  • Derek Thorn

    The phyrexians are gonna come rolling into town and ruin everyone’s day. Then Jace is gonna run like the n00b he is.

    • Michael Bryan


    • Guest

      That would be epic, especially since rune wing would have foretold the whole event.

    • 10scottjacob

      Damn straight, it’ll be more hilarious than what happened to Urza

  • Psyco795

    it would be weird and awesome to see the izzet and gruul working together, but we’ll have to wait and see what way they decide to pair the guilds

  • Guest

    I am so pumped for this. Anyone looked up “Guildgate Easter Egg”? When I first heard about it, I got chills.

  • Spirithades

    So I was looking at the oldschool ravnica cards and saw that each guild ended up with two legendary creatures. The leader and the “guild champion” apparently. Since this set is smaller and possibly support cards for the 10 guilds, do you think we’ll get new guild champions or new versions of old ones who are still alive? I think that’d be sweet!

    • Pedro Abreu

      Vraska already is a version of the Sisters of Stone Death, so, no.

    • Movieguy1700

      in some rtr flavor text, there are named people from whatever guild. so my guess is yes

    • Antares

      I’m really hoping that guilds get a champion legendary (and that those champions are good cards). There were a few references to members of the guilds in cards. I’m not sure if that means that they will be cards (only example I can think is Vorapede with Thalia, BUT they were in the same set). I’m curious how big a proportion of the set the Gateless will be. I’m thinking a 50/50 split or so where the Gateless take solid colors and the guilds take hybrids and tri-colors. The other option is using all the slots for guild cards and adding the gateless as “flavor” through the text. Considering that there were cards in GTC that were “gateless”, I doubt that there won’t be some gateless cards. Be fun if there were solid color mythics/rares representing the gateless (one for each color).

    • Guest

      So what does everyone think now we are getting guild champions for definite.

  • Michael

    Injust relized the set icon is a mix of rtr’s and gatecrashe’s

  • I call squad hawks in the artwork.

  • noice

  • DomeMaster

    So I looked, and am pretty sure I know what the color combinations will be. If we assume that there will be no tri-color repeats aka Jund, Bant, Esper, Grixis, Naya, then the following is true: Azorius and Dimir can only be paired with one other guild. Therefore, the lineup is as follows.

    Azorius and Izzet (WUR)

    Dimir and Golgari (BUG)

    Simic and Gruul (BGR)

    Rakdos and Boros (WRB) (Lol I wonder how Wizards of the Coast will explain the background between THIS alliance)

    Orzhov and Selesnya (WGB)


    • …..

      why not boros and azorius?

    • Guest

      mixing rakdos and boris would be ungodly good if you ask me. 

    • Erdrick71

      W + B/R: Rakdos + Orshov: Carnival of Crime    VS  R + W/U: Boros + Azorius: Martial Law
      B + W/G: Selesnya + Golgari: Life & Death       VS  G + B/U: Simic + Dimir: Illicit Experiments
      U + G/R: Izzet + Gruul: Urban Renewal    to Rebuild the city when the others destroy it…

      With 5 Enchantments to seal the deal, all costing 1 of each Wedge Mana
      RadoZhov Guildpact: Creatures you control with Unleash gain “W/B/R: Extort” as long as they have a +1/+1 Counter
      BoroZorius Guildpact: Battalion: Whenever you attack with 3 or more creatures: Detain target permanent
      SelesnyGari Guild Pact: Whenever you Scavenge, populate.
      SimiR Guildpact: Whenever you play a spell from exile put a +1/+1 counter on a creature you control
      IzzuL Guildpact: X, Exile a creature card with bloodrush from your hand: All creatures you control gain the bloodrush effect on the card. X is the card’s Casting cost [not CMC]

  • meow

    I hope they print a new gideon in dragon maze… gideon jura is getting old

    • Doggydeisil

      Already happened

    • Guest

      Gideon champion of justice in Gatecrash

  • Lucky7777777s

    Gruul, Golgari, Rakdos
    Bloodrush with scavenge on top of the already unleashed creatures constantly attacking would be a crazy strong aggro deck

  • Iksok52

    if there are tri color creatures, then each should have 3 guild abilities. selesnya and golgari wgb would have orzhov in it.

  • BennyBoy7

    I reckon that guy is the next planeswalker, Ral Zarek. He is also on the Homing Lightning card AND he is quoted in the flavour text.

  • Poop

    i Think they should make cards for each guild that has both the old and new mechanics for those guilds.

  • Anthony

    maybe what he has in his hand is what all the guilds are after?
    maybe…i dont know the storyline but i think it may be what all the guilds want.
    just a guess havnt seen any post this idea i have seen people saying a legendary artifact tho

  • Winningdiesel006

    Golgari/selesnya (/orzhov)

    Whenever you scavenge a creature card in your graveyard, populate.
    Whenever a token creature enters the battlefield under your control, target creature you control gains extort until end of turn.

  • vincent

    the thing in his hand might be prophetic prism. 

    • The Shockingly anonymous

       Look up Homing Lightning I think it’s called in Gatecrash, and you’ll get a better idea of what’s in his hand.

  • CORR

    I think the idea of combining keywords is lazy, personally. I’d like to see Guilds create new keywords based on their alliances. In example: Boros and Izzet, a Numot colour scheme, would be based on the fact that the Izzet are creators; they love inventing all the time, and the Boros love to fight with new tactics and weapons.

    So the Izzet would design new weapons, and the Boros would use them. To translate that into a card, you could have creatures (Boros soldiers) who have abilities that activate in response to certain spell types; like “red instant” or “blue sorcery” etc. (Izzet spells)

    So maybe… A 2/2  WR two drop that has the ability “Whenever a blue sorcery is cast, this creature is unblockable this turn.” Simple, but it advocates using a WUR deck, and its still flavourful. There’s a lot of room to try new things.

    Interesting alliances would be; Izzet/Boros, Rakdos/Orzhov, Simic/Gruul, Selesnya/Golgari, Dimir/Azorius. (I tried creating non-Alara tri-colour pairs, but also having alliances that make sense or would be interesting. Dimir/Azorius is the only odd one)

    • guest

      I like what you’re saying, like Simic could be trying to create Gruul members or even experiment to make the current one’s better.
      But, Borborygmos is still just mad, so I don’t know how they would help him. He’s already got retard strength anyways.

      • CORR

        Oh good! Lol, it can be hard translating meaning onto the internet. ^_^
        I really wanted Simic/Golgari, but it would have created conflicts with other colour pairs. Besides; I love the idea of taking the Simic ability to create new life, and combining it with the Gruul sanctity for  it.. In their own way, lol.Gruul shamans love to channel animals through their magic anyway; imagine what they could do with Simic’s creations?

        • britainsrevenge

          How about Simic/Izzet (scientists), Azorious/Boros (law and order), Rakdos/Dimir (chaos/deception), Golgari/Orzhov (death and rebirth), and Selesnya/Gruul (nature)

          • smileyface

            Wow that’s almost exactly what I was thinking. However, I might go with Orzhov/Selesnya for the shared political-and-social-structure theme and Golgari/Gruul for a more rampant nature theme.

          • Guest

            I think these are the bets combo’s flavor wise listed so far. Game-wise, Izzet and Simic don’t really complement each other since on focuses on powering up lots of creatures where the other has very few creatures. Rakdos and DImir would go well for cipher and quick damage seeming like an awesome mix, Golgari and Orzhov I think would fit the bill and Selesnya Gruul would probably work well as well.

        • Undyin

           Well read Mystic Genesis flavor text. “The Simic can grow anything out of a puddle of sludge. I just hope they never join forces with the Golgari.”
          so I am seeing BUG?

        • Antares

          From the FLavor texts, I predict Simic/Golgari, and NO Izzet/Boros. I think: 

          Orzhov/Selesnya: Both like late game, both have some decent stall, and both preach unity (if in different fashions)

          Boros/Azorius: Makers and enforcers of the law. Azorius is moderately aggro when drafted properly, and can give Boros the staying power it needs to go beyond turn 5 or 6 to be competitive. 

          SImic/Golgari: both preach reuse and growth. They also both use +1/+1 counters and can work in any phase of the game. 

          Unfrotunately, after this we come to either using shard color combinations or having less sensible pairings. So I predict: 

          Gruul/Rakdos: they both want chaos/anarchy. Just different forms of it. Think of it as “enemy of my enemy is  my friend”. Then they start beating each other senseless once they win (or plan to). Plus, Rakdos doesn’t care about blocking, and Gruul likes attacking. SO they fit. 

          Izzet/Dimir: Mad Scientists and their lovely spies/thugs. I DEARLY hope that there is an enchantment that gives your sorceries/instants cipher. At any rate, you can use Overload to pump your ciphered creatures, and get your ciphers off. 

          That’s all I got. Hopefully we’ll see wedge and shard legendaries. :D

    • TheHunted

      Simic/Gruul and Selsnya/Golgari won’t happen. They said the secret ally would be another guild from a DIFFERENT set that shares a color with them. 

    • Guest

      Boros and Izzet have already been described as being allies once before, though that alliance fell apart. That’s from the flavour text of spark trooper and I think one other flavour text mentioned it with slightly more detail (I think it was called the warmind initiative). 

  • Max Stolnik

    Possibly, the “dragon” in dragons maze could be Niv Mizzet.

  • Max Stolnik

    The guy in the picture is partof the izzet league, so possibly, the firemind is plotting against all guilds

    • Antares

      Storywise, Niv-Mizzet is trying to restore the guildpact actually. I wonder how Ral Zarek will play. I think he’s going to have burn and control as his abilities (he is clearly seen on the “homing lightning” card). Hopefully they don’t give him some cycling ability. Chandra has spell copy, so that seems less likely (plus, he has both cycling and spell copy on the Izzet Guildmage card (at least, I think that’s him)). 

  • Zorgdude89

    Who is that in the spoiler pic?

    • BennyBoy7

      Ral Zarek

  • Bayerbra

    So they boosters won’t have basic lands in them… They’ll just have guild gates, shocks, and apparently a mythic land…

    • guest

      Yeah dude. It’s about time they realized paying upwards of $15 for a land is beyond ridiculous. There is no reason they couldn’t do this before. But, they’re doing it now, so I’m super happy.

      • …..

        the reason is card price control…

        • guest

          And what does it even prove? Print more lands. More people get them. Card shops make money still. This is why I proxy my lands.

          • …..

            if they print more the price will drop because more have been printed, card shops will end up making less

          • guest

            It would even out if more people bought them. Not everyone can go in and drop $40 for a playset of one shockland. Why sell one shock for $10 if you can sell two for $5 each? Wizards for some reason glorifies the idea of shocklands being so expensive. If card shops can only thrive on making money off of mana producing cards, magic must be pretty bad then.

      • 10scottjacob

        The price is well fitting, we the players make the value of the card, wizzards just prints them, an example is dark depths

  • Kaden

    Anyone else hear the rumors of a trans-guild legendary?

  • Chrisg86

    So after I have read the flavor text it seems like there is more then just a few mentioning about the gateless, I’m thinking that dragon maze is going to be primarily mono colored though this would be a bit strange for ravnica it would throw a curveball into the set.

    • Chrisg86

      (edit) Meant to say after I have read the flavor text of the gatecrash cards

    • Antares

      Maybe they’ll do a 50/50 split? I don’t see them ignoring the guilds in Dragon’s Maze. That’s what people love about Ravnica, after all. Not to mention the gateless can’t really do much against the guilds. Not to be offensive, but I find it hard to believe that the gateless would be able to handle the Boros Legion, find the Dimir, or take on Selesnya’s army. 

      Plus, they mentioned they wanted to add in more wedge and shard legendaries for Commander early on in RTR’s development cycle. They kind of NEED to use the guilds for that, I think. 

  • Dssad

    WOW the symbol why haven’t I though of that. – _-

    • BennyBoy7

      Watch out! Sarcasm on the internet!!

  • britainsrevenge

    Mythic rare lands:
    New Prahv
    Rix Maadi

    • smileyface

      Pretty sure they did half of those in an uncommon cycle during the last Ravnica block. I’d guess that the third set is going to have a negligible guild presence with a lot more of the ‘guildless’.

      • Shadow921

        all of them were uncommons

        • Guest

          Not New Prahv.

  • Jeffrey Koontz

    This is gonna be both awesome and a nightmare…. 2 guild keywords would just turn things upside down, but at the same time be just plain awesome. Ex. Overload & Detain [like a card with the effect of Martial Law but with Overloads keyword effects.] Talk about rage quit….. not even Boros could compete with that. And I wonder what they are gonna do with the Gateless movement they have going on at the moment. All I can say is next set is gonna be extremely interesting to say the least.

  • 10scottjacob

    Hopefully i get my hybrid boros 1 caster, felt a little robbed that return to ravniva had killer 1 casters and gatecrash got Jack

    • Guest

      Except the amazing card otherwise known as legion loyalist?

  • Srkickass

    Detain and cipher

  • Srkickass

    Or cipher/overload or even cipher/scavenge

    • new guy

      overload and scavenge would be interesting….but 4 colors…..

  • Jonathan Kim


    • BennyBoy7

      What makes you think that the cards are going to have anything to do with the guilds, and not the gateless. Have you thought, that maybe, given the hints in the Gatecrash cards flavour text, that Dragon’s maze will be about the 10 guilds joining up against the gateless? Which could mean a “gateless guild” block and special guild Legendaries? Or do you just like typing in caps on the internet ?

    • 10scottjacob

      I think this set is supposed to be fun, not all evil and tournament heavy. They put just enoigh power cards in to insure legacy players to buy, and type two has no choice in the matter. This block is fun and i think thats the purpose of dragon maze, to promote freindly fun games with decks thay have restriction.

  • All-Mana Mania

    How about battalion and overload

  • marco bandino

     If i remember well the nephilim were imprisoned DEEP UNDER Ravnica and they managed to escape eating the corpse of a “DRAGON” growing in size and powers,  maybe that’s the dragon and that’s the maze. Correct me if i said something wrong

    • Flamewolfkx

       They could also be referring to Niv-Mizzet since he has been making his guild do more experiments than they would be doing normally, and they couldn’t be referring to Nicol Bolas since they said he would have nothing to do with this set before it was announced. :/

  • Random Llama

    What if they bring back the keywords from the original Ravnica. Though transmute and cipher on the same card wouldn’t work too well =/

  • Fengarr

    The man on the Picture is Ral Zarek

  • Achango123456

    Think thats Venser?

    • Gaston205

      Venser is dead…. that’s Ral Zarek


    Give me another rat. Just one more. A legendary rat. PLEASE.

  • Nierbrink

    maybe there will be a four color legendary

  • T-Rave

    Battalion and Cipher with Aruelia on the field.

  • TheMan1201

    i think were missing the big picture guys, think about bloodrush and scavenge! discard the creature to bump up your creature, then exile it from a graveyard ant totally beef up your creature even more!

    • Bennyboy7

      Can’t be done, scavenge can only be done as a sorcery and bloodrush is only useable on an attacking creature. You could bloodrush, then scavenge in second main phase and pull off essence harvest for extra damage or buff lifegain with predators rapport

  • Dssd

    Maybe Ghave??

  • someone

    dave: no way. and if there would be they should have three keyword abilities.
    are the abilities gonna be the same as in RTR and GTC? i hope not.

  • Guest

    They wont mix guild that would just defect the point of them… its just going to have all 10 guilds in the set just like there reprinting all the shocklands and gates…

  • Mkduck41

    The question is what guilds is everyone going to represent 
    Go house Dimir

  • Foil armada wurm

    Is there any validity to the rumors of tri lands and tricolored creatures? Also heard armor that all 10 shocklands will be printed in dragons maze, any validity there as well?

    • Shadow921

      instead of basics in every pack all the lands from rtr and gtc will be in the basics slot

  • rougeshinobi19

    is that it?

    • Xtseee

       yup, thats the entire set, all lands. Its a new thing they are trying out, where the last set of each block is just lands…….

  • Alijoi

    Guys, I figured it out.

    It’s the damn Slivers.

  • Flamewolfkx

    Okay, there are going to be at least 5 Planeswalkers on Ravnica if Ral is printed (Jace, Vraska, Gideon, Domri, and Ral [if he gets printed]). This could mean they could possibly be planning to destroy the 10 guilds, make the Planeswalkers join the guilds, or make something totally out of nowhere happen. They might even be bringing the Cabal that Jace owns into the equation, assuming whatever Lazav or Niv-Mizzet is up to happens. Niv-Mizzet could possibly turn into a Planeswalker, Lazav could destroy the other 9 guilds (which is likely to happen since House Dimir is all about that kind of junk), or Gideon might go back to Zendikar with the help of all the guilds to destroy and/or imprison the Eldrazi again (he could do this promising them the ability to spread to that world). Just thought I’d bring these thoughts into your brains! :D

  • Acm4297

    I am hoping for three color hybrid mana, that would be amazing! I also think that the new planeswalker will be red and black, white and black or black because we have a white one, a blue one (and Ral), with Ral Zarek and Domri we have two red and two green and something ones but we still don’t have a mono red or mono black in the set. Keeping this in mind: Rakdos relies on aggression and creatures, no the type to support a Planeswalker. Orzhov is very strategic and relies heavily on extort so it will benefit from a planeswalker but Sorin, Lord of Innistrad is still legal and works extremely well with the lifelink and direct damage. Next we have a pattern to remember, the last two sets from the block have each had a two color and a mono colored planeswalker, so the most likely (because of Ral Zarek, a two-color) is a mono color Planeswalker. From all of this the most likely is a mono Red or mono Black planeswalker. Again there is another pattern to remember, the last two sets of the block have mono color planeswalkers that are the six main and reoccurring planeswalkers (Gideon, Ajani, Jace, Garruk, Liliana, and Chandra). Drawing from all this the most likely planeswalkers are: Chandra and Liliana. To cut it down even further, We don’t have planeswalkers sharing colors in sets very often (Jace-blue,Vraska-Green and Black), (Gideon-White, Domri-Green and Red), so now we come to the conclussion that the most likely planeswalker is Liliana. You are all welcome, that is simple deduction I am saying there is a 75% chance of Liliana, a 15% chance of Chandra, a 5% chance of Garruk and a 5% chance of something random.

    • Scoobhunt

      It’s a small set, so there wil probably be only one planes walker.

  • Boros Reckoner

    Boros and gruul. Fury and Justice.
    Boros and Raktos. Justice and Malice? Idk

    • CheesusAlmighty

      WHY ARE YOU $30??!?

  • Gaston205

    Here is what I can gather based on facts and the best specualtion:

    -Gideon will join the Gateless

    -The guilds will ally themselves with a guild of the opposite set(So no Gruul and Boros)

    -The guild alliances will most likely be opposite those from Alara(to cover the tri-lands not covered in Alara, so this is speculation)

    -Niv Mizzet will die(Opinion and hope)

    -Szadek will show up somehow(Again, speculation and hope)

    -Nicol Bolas will show up somehow(Haven’t seen him for a while, why?)

    • They said Nicol isn’t in this set. He “apparently” isn’t involved at all with this one. Way too much drama I guess? His reasoning for not destroying this plane is printed on the gates. I would actually love wedges. 

    • Nocte

      wasn’t Niv going to get a planeswalker spark at some point?

  • RedBeam

    A newer shock land could hover around 5 dollars afterwards, for better or worse. As for this mythic land, could this be a re-print as well? Legendary? Dragons…Maze… I’m thinking……..

    • Seeing as the card is actually spoiled, not the mythic land is not a reprint. 

    • Bennyboy7

      They have already spoiled what the card will do. Remember the number one rule with this game?? READ THE CARDS!

  • Rick The Brave Dare

    Ehy the reprint of all lands?

    • Rick The Brave Dare

      Sorry, I mean “Why”, not “ehy”. Thanks

      • Why not? You want them to stay at 10 dollars each(Shocks)? They’re lands. They’re trying to lower the bar in terms of value needed to invest for a modern decks mana-base, seeing as Modern is now a sanctioned format. 40 bucks for a playset of most of the shocks is just dumb. I am generalizing on the price because some shocks go for more than that, some are less.

    • Bennyboy7

      They are simply going to be in the booster packs instead of basic lands

  • fun guy

    yes! shock lands,

  • vegetto

    would be awesome: Kiora Atua, Planeswalker. .-.
    Simic is led by merfolks now, so…

  • Something tells me that this Maze is going to make me dizzy.

  • Loiden Mc Leroy

    Anybody know the chance you pull a double land? Pretty high.

    • nahh? The land slot is just consisting of the shocks (from RtR/GTC), reprints of all 10 guildgates, and the new mythic rarity land. So in the land slot you’ll either pull a shock, a gate, or the land. I mean I guess if you pull a foil land… then yeah you’ll get a two land pack! No basics. I’m not sure how I should have taken your comment though… 

      • CheesusAlmighty

        im thinking this was sarcasm

  • El White Boy

    Final MTG booster block codename: The Three Stooges

  • Babo231

    Anybody else thinking “Get rid of those sh*tty lands right now before the price goes down”?

    • Bennyboy7

      What shitty lands?

    • Why do you want the price to not go down? 

  • Ethanburger

    Oh dear, another crappy mythic,

    • Bennyboy7

      Says you… Not many people run land removal, so the question is, can you win quicker than it would take to get 10 gates out? and with Thespian’s Stage this can be done much quicker…. And who knows what else will come out to help it.. I’ll be snapping up 4 as soon as I can get the chance…

      • Lennydumb8

         Burning-Tree Emissary says hi to HURR DURR MAKE 10 TAPPED LAND DROPS

        • Bennyboy7

          yeah I love my Burning-tree emissary deck, win by turn 4 haha!

  • Ewok253

    so… how about that izzet planeswalker up there?

    • Bennyboy7

      Ral Zarek…

  • already got the deck ready for the mythic land

    • Bennyboy7

      Me too :)

  • Buhbam

    I dug through my cards and read the flavor text. I can up with these combos: Selesnya and Simic, orzhov and azorious, Boris and izzet, golgari and gruul, and dimir with rakdos.

    • ThragMyTusk

       Interesting. I came up with the same combos as well.

    • Antares

      Boros and Izzet don’t fit according to the flavor texts. The card Warmind Infantry says that Aurelia denounced the Izzet and Niv-Mizzet. Rakdos and Dimir are polar opposites in canon, and how they play. They don’t seem to fit. Selesnya and Simic also seem like a weird combination, as do Gruul and Golgari. . . plus, I think limiting yourself to the Shards tri-colors leaves some possibilities out. 

      Boros and Azorius. The makers and enforcers of law. Plus, detain works surprisingly well with Battalion. 
      Simic + Golgari. The two guilds that care about +1/+1 counters. They also focus on reworking and reusing materials. 
      Orzhov and Selesnya. Both preach unity and service to something greater (if in very different ways). They also both enjoy the late game. 

      Then things get slightly less sensical, but you get the idea. Personally, I would be quite surprised if we didn’t see combinations of all the non-shard tri-colors in cards (as well as the shards). UBG, BRW, RGU, GWB, WUR. Supposedly they wnated to use this set to add in tri-color creatures for commander (among other things).  

      • vegetto

        Simic + Golgari, on the flavor text of Mystic Genesis the Orzhov is afraid of this combination, what i think is one of the best. ‘-‘

      • Dornith

        Think about it, the if the Dimir are working with someone else, are they working WITH them or THROUGH them? I think Dimir could team up with Rakdos because they’d be easy to manipulate.
        Also, Golgari and Gruul would be perfect! The guild made up of the poor and outcasts, and the guild made up of the forgotten underdogs that no one cares about anymore. Plus, their gameplay fits perfectly.

        Also, keep in mind, the Azorius have shown clear disdain for the Boros’s sense of “order.”

  • 16jobani

    I think that the extort and cipher ability would go well together cause when you cast a spell with cipher, you can just keep using extort with it

  • mtgperson

    see, nobodys talking about dimir here. think about it. you could have a dimir orzhov card thats one white or black mana, that lets you extort, and has cipher. or, a dimir azorious card thats one colorless, then one blu or black mana, and a white mana, that says detain target creature, but has cipher. or, even scarier, dimir golgari with a 3 mana card that says “put a 1/1 green fungus token on the battlefeild with a scavenge cost of 0, then cipher too. put any of those on a unblockable creature, hehehehe

    • CheesusAlmighty

      golgari wouldnt work, tokens dont go to the graveyard

  • Feseges


  • Ragwolf60

    No!!!! They shouldn’t be reprinting these lands like this.Ragwolf60.

    • Bennyboy7

      Why? Explain….

  • Fifastorm

    Well I would assume that whoever is in the picture above is Izzet/simic
    This is just going off the colors of his clothes

    • Dornith

      He’s pure Izzet. He’s a planeswalker from the book.

  • Venumuse1

    There will be tri-colored creatures knowing that the pre-release will consists of 4 Dragon’s Maze packs and then 1 guild pack from RTR and GTC meaning players will have to make a 3 color deck.

    • You say “will” like you know what it means. The pre-release is the pre-release, if they decide to go tri-color then cool. The city of guilds isn’t about Shards though, it’s about the 10 guilds and their distinct outlooks on how to advance their own guild.

  • ali

    That Ruric Thar guy really looks Jund-y. With all this talk about tr-colored creatures… might we be returning to alara.

  • They need to hurry and spoil more cards!

  • I don’t know much of the story but could sarkan vol get printed in this new set?

    • Shadow921

      no, the art is the planeswalker. small sets only have one. the one for this small set happens to be ral zarek

    • Apparently there is rumor of him showing up in M14, but that’s completely speculation…

  • Theredskare

    Izzet + dimir
    Golgari + gruul
    Azorius + boros
    Similar + selesnya
    Rakdos + orzhov

    This makes sense to me but I have a feeling it won’t be the pairing two guilds. I think each guild will be paired twice. Say you choose dimir for prerelease and the extra guild is Izzet but when you choose Izzet you’ll get boros in support. Could be wrong but it is like wizards to make everyone speculate at which guild pairs with each other…

  • bacon chzburger

    haste, unleash
    extort, battalion to give +2 +0 and first strike
    uuwww detain two target creatures


  • are the pre release guild combos going to be fixed or random? for example will every one who goes, say, golgari get the same secret guild? and then will that combo be mirrored if you chose the secret guild in the golgari pack, your secret guild would be golgari too?

    • I’m pretty sure that they are fixed, at one point Wizards said that each guild had a secret ally, So whoever Golgari gets will get Golgari in their packs…
      And they get Simic, Gruul, or Dimir…

      • Guest

        They could get Selesyna or orzhov

        • They couldnt get Selesyna it has to be gate crash

        • I did forget to mention Orzhov, but Selesnya isn’t an option since every pairing is 1 RTR and 1 GTC…

      • I’ve heard conflicting things from all over the place lol wish we had a definitive answer, for a fun pre release random makes more sense but then yeah for flavour set ones makes more sense

  • TucciMane

    it’s almost april y there no spoilers yet D:<

  • theboredfrog

    well there goes the price on shocklands

  • Gruul Player 66

    Seriously! A land is the promo card. Really! Control is going to be OP now. Rrrrr!

  • LMAN10000

    Wizards said at pax that there will be guild champions and the pics have been realesed. Tajic Balde FTW!!!!!!!

  • Joshua Clay

    is anyone else concerned this will completely bottom out the price on the shock lands worse than already has been done?

    • Thats a good thing they are way over priced and stop people from being able to compete with those that have the money to buy a tonne of them.

      • BennyBoy7

        HEAR HEAR!!! Excellent point! Will be a bit fairer now for those who don’t have a bigillion dollars to have 12 copies of all shocklands for each 4 decks they play….

        • the fact that they are easier to attain in a pack will not make the price go down. they will still be in standard rotation for what…another year and a half? plus EVERYONE who plays competitively, (FNM, Pro tour, whatever) uses duel lands. now, if they were reprinted in a core set, then they would go down.

          • sooooo making a card more available and more copies of it doesnt drive down the price? come on now, it will get cheaper maybe not super cheap but better than it is now

          • dual* and wtf? what is the difference between the shocks being placed in DGM packs any different than them being available in m14 or any core set? They’re still going to be in that sets standard rotation. I just don’t think you know what you’re talking about. The price will drop a little bit because during the print run the supply will be high. After the RtR block stops being printed then we will see a price spike again. Which side are you actually on, or are you just not understanding Magic: The Budgeting?

          • James Hess

            if they were re-printed in ANY set it means that they will go down, any set in a new block that is. i simply used core set as an example because that puts them in another 2 years rotation. im sorry u dont agree but as they say,

  • nick

    that land is retarted

    • BennyBoy7

      So is your spelling, apparently… How is a land card with an alt win condition retarded?

  • nick

    oh and what the hell is up with that org guy, hello edh.

  • That Guy

    Bloodrush and overload

  • This will help 5 color decks alot

  • melissa detora

    magic is for losers..

    • Ignorance is for morons.

    • BennyBoy7

      I can’t figure out, is that actually Melissa Detora or someone pretending to be her?

  • Gruul is is seriously a trainwreck. The kind of trainwreck that ruins your opponents day.

  • maze’s end is terrible!!!!

    • BennyBoy7

      Why? Because you said so? Or an actual legitimate reason?

      • Guest

        I would say legitimate reason considering what it does.

        • Its a new win condition….. how can that be bad and could be interesting if gate becomes a creature type too

  • Seritho

    I am guessing that with this “Champion” theme, the Guilds will stay the same. I always love a good Legendary.

  • tom martell

    suck magic.lets play UNO!

  • lolololol

    all I have to say is half are you are idiots making cards stupidly broken that would never be printed or that don’t even logically make sense I’m guessing half the people posting are like 12 o.o..?

  • Brian Robusto

    Ruric Thar, soooo unfair

  • cipher and detain

  • DahGinger

    I’m at least happy that they’re coming out with the guild masters. The guild leaders were already released and the guild champions just some what represented the uniqueness of their guild’s mechanic. But the guild masters are going to represent what the guilds key colors can do. Ruric Thar shows the destructive nature of the gruul clan. Reach is because its green but the deal 6 damage shows the punisher mechanic of red. It also shows the continuous aggressiveness of red by attacking each turn. If each guild has a master like this where it shows the true representation of each color, I’ll be happy.

    • you keep saying masters when I think you mean Champions. It’s a show of the guilds roots. Gruul is about tearing down the foundations and punishing you for trying to advance. The Gruul guild is quite literally about going to your roots.

  • justindeltora

    am i the only person that see’s that there are 20 cards wasted 10 of which are rares it is my deepest wish tjat the other rares and mythics are like frikkin ridiculous becaise wasting 20 cards on a small set is a really bad ideajist saying

    • justindeltora

      stupid auto correct lol

    • what are you talking about? The shocks aren’t taking up DGM rare slots, they’re just being put into the set from RtR and GTC. The gates though, those are taking up slots.

      • justindeltora

        i say wasted namely because they were just printed and that they will also rotate at the same time just seems a little redundant to me

        • I’m still not getting it. They’re not taking up any of the DGM rare slots. They’re going in the land slot. There’s absolutely NO downside, unless you’d rather pull gates and the Maze’s End instead of a shock? They’re not being wasted if people are pulling them and using them…

  • I would like to see three-colored intro decks return in dragon’s Maze

  • Chini

    The selesnya champion should be smthing like dis:
    Emmara Tandris {G}{W}{W}

    Emmara Tandris gets +1/+1 for each land in your graveyard.
    GW, T: Destroy target land. It’s controller puts a 4/4 white and green Elemental token onto the battlefield with nonbasiclandwalk and vigilance.
    id luv that! :#

    • even before finding out what your going to put as her base p/t even compaired to gruuls and golgaris super strong champions thats way OP

  • i hope we’ll get to graft keywords onto spells

  • Nthrof

    Uncommon or Rare
    Prevent all damage that a single source of your choice would deal this turn. Put an X/X green Ooze creature token into play, where X is the amount f damage prevented this way.

  • Aejan

    The Golgari champion was leaked!

    Varolz, the Scar Striped {2BG}

    Legendary Creature – Troll Warrior

    If Varolz, the Scar Striped would be destroyed, regenerate it and put a +1/+1 counter on it.

    Remove a +1/+1 counter from Varolz: Varolz gains deathtouch until the end of the turn.

    “Don’t let him turn his back on you”
    –Grozdan, to Tajic


    • guest

      Pretty sure it’s fake, that’s just way to OP

    • yodasodabob


  • Max man

    bring back the 3 color dragons its called dragon mazeeee!

    • There is only one dragon of the maze and its Niv Mizzet

  • John

    Don’t forget Deputy of Acquittals

    too good


    ral zarek i need him he is so evil

  • Seritho

    Eeeew, split cards, I hate split cards!

  • gaara124

    I think 3 colored creatures would be great, most good decks are 3 colors now anyway.

  • i like the updated guild pics, aside from selesnya’s

  • Geoff Stephenson

    Who IS NOT totally psyched about Dragon’s Maze and this entire set?!

  • NinjaPickle

    Melek, Izzet Paragon… Totaly making a weird wizard deck


    This expansion Lucks Fun but also not at the same time if you look at the symbol its return of ravinica and gatecrash combined but some cards will really help like Maze’s End!!!!!!!!!

    • yeah the symbol is the combination of the 2 other parts of the block? showing the coming together of the 2 sets of 5 guilds into one set, dont see what your point is at all i’m afraid

      • it’s a keyhole, the guilds of ravnica are the key.

  • 2hp10

    There isn’t going to be any tricolor. The guilds are meant to work together not become one. Plus the mixing of abilities would never happen, too many new abilities have been created in this block alone and the genesis of them would be highly improbable.

  • azorius is not getting any love…. its also the only guild that got no love both times.. why wizards, why u no love azorius? is it because of zendikar-scars of mirrodin blue white control? its not fair to the die hard blue white players

  • LPP

    I like the Voice of Resurgence.

  • Gideon Champion of MTG

    Cant wait for those WG Fuse cards

  • Have we got any rules clarification on the Blook Scrivener or the Showstopper? I read the Blood Scrivener to activate for the first card drawn off of say Sign In Blood, thus drawing a net of 3 cards and losing you 3 life? And showstopper adds that ability only to creatures you control which are on the battlefield when it resolves. Which means no infinate shenanigans.

    • Simic Champ

      From what I listened to Evin Erwin say on the Magic Show, I think you’re correct about the example with blood scrivener and sign in blood.

      You cast sign in blood, and it resolves. Then scriviner’s ability is put on the stack interrupting the current spell and creates a replacement effect, making you draw two instead of one and then lose one life. THEN you draw the other card from sign in blood (the second one).
      = 3 cards total and 3 loss of life.

  • Dom Masten, Power Gamer

    So, there’s been several spoilers already, and I was looking at the art for “Maze’s End”, I noticed something odd- there’s only nine pillars, and one central thing… Is one guild going to be eliminated? If one guild does get eliminated, which will it be?

    • Bob the Builder

      Maybe the one central thing is for the guild that wins.

      • No its simply that officially there are only 9 guild and dimir is secret and doesnt officially exist

    • x4anonymous20x

      If you look close enough at the picture, each of the pillars have a guild symbol on them. So through the process of elimination, Dimir is the missing guild. This makes sense because Dimir is said to have never “existed”

      • Anthony

        On Cartel Aristocrat from Gatecrash Simic is missing in the triangal tho

  • Sammy well

    Where the FUK are the cipher and battalion spoilers!!!???????!!!


    • Derp

      He has nothing to do with it. Seriously, wtf?

      • Sammy Well

        NO YOU have nothing to do with it! Wtf?

  • Crom

    Did they reprint the shockduals?

    • Anthony

      Yes they are reprinting them so the prices will drop

      • Anthony

        Sorry, my bad english again. They are not reprinting them, they are only going to be in the boosters, and the price won’t drop as they are still widely used.

      • Anthony

        Sorry my bad english again. They won’t be reprinting the shocklands, they will only be in the boosters, and the price won’t go down as they are still widely used.

        • Anthony

          They (WoTC) are reprinting them, because there are very few copies of shock lands.
          that is why the MTG core set duel lands are so cheap they have been printed multiple times.
          So stop trying to Troll around with my name because you fail at it.
          Its also why the Innistrad lands where so high, they where only printed once!

          So next time you go trolling around get your FACTS straight, before it all blows up in your face.

          • Anthony

            Whoa!!! Touchy!!! Calm down sweetheart just a bit of lighthearted fun :)

  • betoknot

    so there are six guilds that are together that we know of.

    dimir with rakdos

    simic with azourious

    golgari with gruul

    by notice boros is with orzhove

    idk about izzet though. seems like they are the enemy

    • Shadow921

      accualy boros is with izzet look at catch and release. and they said that the paired guilds are from opposite sets.

      • gaston205

        Nope, the information video released shows Boros with Rakdos and Gruul with Golgari

        • BennyBoy7

          gaston205, you’re an idiot…. That is the “SECRET” guild that share a colour with it. you could get a Boros Orzhov or a Boros Selesnya prerelease box, it’s random…. Moron… It’s like no one can read anymore these days…

        • yodasodabob

          my i point out that you are actually just proving his point?

          • yodasodabob


  • Seritho

    Man the Selesnya Champion is ridiculous compared to the other Champions. High mana cost, above average P/T and then a single lousy ability that not only is limited to one specific type of creature(meaning this card is useless in any deck that does not play tokens) but leaves the card itself utterly defenseless against the myriad number of ways to kill it! Way to finish off a good line up….right in the mud!

    • Anthony

      She would work good with Progenitor Mimic make a copy of a creature thats a token then prevent all damage that would be dealt to them make a mana ramp deck to play high cost cards like her and other high cost blue and white creatures then BAM! annoying game but that is if you live that long i dont run Simic or Selesnya i run Dimir and Orzhov

  • T_T

    yknow what i want to see? BOROS DRAGON YAAAAA!

  • DerpFace


    • Derp


      • Derp


        • Durtle

          Durtle Turtle

  • Anthony

    All you guys that are complaining about Warleader’s Helix shut up GO america and use Counsel of Obsolete name instant and what ever else make it a 4 mana into a 2 and do 4 damage problem solved now shut up!!

    • Anthony

      Sorry I just read the card properly, it’s Council of the Absolute and you have to name a card not a card type…. Sorry for my bad english it is not my first language… It would help if I could read properly but sadly I am not very well educated…

  • Anthony

    I have one question HOW COME RAKADOS suddenly is known as RED DECK WINS?

  • sphinxy

    is it weird i think there might be a planeswalker spark at the end of the maze and that emmara is going to get. i know it sounds stupid but i feel it coming.

  • CodyGozRawr

    Dragon’s Maze is going to be aMAZEing! he he see what i did there?

  • i hope they re-do alara like they they just re-did ravinica.

  • Nordic92

    Hey guys, I need some help! As you all probably know, the prerelease is in 5 days. I have almost come to a desicion, but I am struggling with choosing between Rakdos, Boros and Izzet. So I want YOUR opinion on which guild I will battle for, and if you want to, a reasoning for your recommendation! For all of you who answer, thanks in advance :)

    • Firestorm75

      If you have to choose between two, I would go with Izzet and Rakdos. I think Boros (a very powerful guild for their creatures) is aligned with Izzet (who are one of the strongest spellcasters of all the guilds) so you’ll get to be Boros too. And Rakdos is just an awesome and powerful guild known for taking down just about anything caught in their festival of death.

      I hope this helps you in your decision.

  • ouch. Why must wotc print more laces at rare? Trait Doctoring is NOT a fixed version. I don’t see the card getting any play whatsoever.

  • gaston205

    I am a bit disapointed with this set, as I was hoping for a Maelstorm Nexus for Cipher, but I guess that will not happen. Oh well, at least I now have a Mind Funeral on a stick.

  • Marc Talleos

    They got mad split cards in this one. i wasn”t expecting that one at all lol. but i really like some of the new cards they got tho, they might come in handy when i get them.