Dragon’s Maze Prerelease

March 6th, 2013

April 27 & 28, 2013

Dragon’s Maze is the third, and final, set in the immensely popular Return to Ravnica block. The Prerelease gives players the first possible opportunity to play with Dragon’s Maze cards. Competitors will be asked to choose one of 10 Ravnica guilds to champion in a race through the Implicit Maze, a brand new activity created exclusively for the Dragon’s Maze Prerelease.

In this innovative activity, players work collectively to advance their chosen guild through the maze each round, following the storyline of Dragon’s Maze. Prizes will be awarded to members of guilds who complete the maze, with additional prizes going to the triumphant guild that makes it through the Implicit Maze first. When the maze is completed, all participating players will receive a foil basic land promo card.

Maze Runners for each guild:

Azorius – Lavinia of the Tenth
Boros – Tajic, Blade of the Legion
Dimir – Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker
Golgari – Varloz, the Scar-Striped
Gruul – Ruric-Thar, The Unbowed
Izzet – Melek, Izzet Paragon
Orzhov – Teysa, Env(o)y of Ghosts
Rakdos – Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch
Selesnya – Emmara Tandris
Simic – Vorel of the Hull Clade

Dragon's Maze Prerelease

Implicit Maze Kit:

1 Large Implicit Maze activity poster
10 Guild progress markers
Guild insignia buttons (quantity based on your product allocation)
Foil basic land promo cards (quantity based on your product allocation)
Planeswalker Points Achievement cards (quantity based on your product allocation)

Prerelease Event Kit:

Each location will receive one Prerelease Event Kit containing:
Instruction document
Prerelease promo cards (quantity based on your product allocation)
Poster to advertise the event
4 Guild information guides
Score pad
5 DCI™ membership applications

Guild Prerelease Packs:

Players will choose one of ten Ravnica guilds, and will use a Guild Prerelease Pack from that guild to build their sealed deck. Each pack contains:

4 Dragon’s Maze booster packs
1 Return to Ravnica guild booster pack
1 Gatecrash™ guild booster pack

Just by participating you’ll get the promo Maze’s End!

Maze's End - Dragon Maze Promo

  • ThatGuy


  • Guest

    Only 4 packs?  Geez.

    • Guest

      It’s 4 Dragons Maze packs plus 1 Gatecrash and 1 RTR

    • Bennyboy7

      6 packs…. Geeze some people need to learn to read…

    • Bayerig

      That does suck. I wouldn’t want to get a pack with cards I already have.

  • Kbrauner

    Does this mean that every player will get 3 prerealese cards??
    1 from the Return to Ravnica guild booster
    1 from the gatecrash guild booster
    The foil basic land promo card??

    • lolnope. If you read it, it says the only promos are the Foil Basic Land cards… I mean, even the original article posted on the Wizards site went over this.

      • You’re giving people a hard time, but don’t seem to be “in the know” either.  They are going to have promos, they even specifically said that unlike Gatecrash, they are going back to where you can’t play it at the pre-release event for Dragon’s Maze

  • Saruman669

    Love all the RTR sets but I hate how Wizards is doing the prereleases for this block.  I don’t like getting stuck with a guild that isn’t my first or 2nd pick and that has happened in 3 of the 4 prerelease events I’ve played.  Also, one guild pack was bad enough but now there’s going to be two!?  Why not just give out pre-constructed decks and completely remove the deck building aspect of limited events?  Because that’s pretty much what you’ll be doing by giving out two packs (30 cards) containing only ones chosen guild. 

    • Jonny

      If you preregister for the prerelease, you can generally avoid your problem of not getting the guild you want.

  • Ivanescavict

    How the pack can include a Guild Booster of Gatecrash and RTR if in both were not the same Guilds??
    I mean, there was no Golgari on Gatecrash… or Dimir on Return to Ravnica…

    • Guest

      Maybe it will just have card in the colours of your chosen guild. For example if you chose Boros it may have some red and white cards from RTR

      • Or, “Guest,” you could try and read what “Nobody” said. I’m a laidback guy but seriously. This has been a known thing, and if you want to seem like you’re following any of the news, you are doing a terrible job. The guildpacks will support wedges. It will include what you said, but you’re saying it in a way that excludes the other possible guilds. Please stop using words, ok? 

        • Guest

          A keyword there was maybe. 

        • Guest

          Also, my post was before Nobody’s post.

    • Nobody

       For those still not understanding.. You choose a guild and you get that guild + complementary guild from other set (that shares a color with chosen guild, but always from a different set you chose). For example, you choose Dimir, you get Dimir guild booster, a random guild booster of Blue or Black guild from RTR (so you end up U/B (Dimir) + either U/R (Izzet), B/R (Rakdos), U/W (Azorius) or B/G (Golgari)), plus 4 Dragon Maze boosters (in which every basic land is replaced with either a “gate” or “shock land” – or yet unknown “mythic land”).

      Guess the set will be very friendly to 3 color decks, most likely symbolizing alliances between guilds in the end showdown of Ravnica.

      • nuclearwombat

        Don’t Forget U/G (Simic)!

        • BennyBoy7

          OMG did you seriously not read what was just written??! If you pick Dimir (which is in GATECRASH) you will get a guild that compliments either blue or black from RETURN TO RAVNICA. Is Simic in Return to ravnica?? NO!

    • Dimitri Smith

      maybe you’ll get extra special promo cards exclusive to dragons maze prerelease for each guild pack. Either that or you get an extra random guild.

  • Malicedawn

    The way theyve phrased this makes it seem like its a little kiddies party game…

    • kohr

      and the problem with that is? kids play this game too so …..

  • Guest

    Yay no guild packs!

    • Guest

      Never mind I just reread it :(

  • how much does the event cost?

    • warwinkle

      Its usually $25

      • justindeltora

        My local store does it for 17 $ and I love it so

  • motorcycleman

    3 color sealed deck is the best

  • A person

    I’m confused. Do you just pick the guild you think looks coolest and they give you the packs? Or does what guild you choose affect what cards you get?

    • warwinkle

      You normally pick on your playstyle. Like if you want to play aggro then Boros(Red/White), Rakdos(Black/Red), or Gruul(Red/Green) would be your best bets. If you like control, then Dimir(Blue/Black), Izzet(Red/Blue), or Azorius(White/Blue) would be your friends.There are other ones too, like token spawners. But each pack comes with “essential” cards for that guild. Like if you got the Dimir pack for gatecrash, you got a few cards with cipher, and some creatures/control cards to help out with that guild, like Consuming Aberration and Deathcult Rogue.

      • And what if am currently playing boros w/r deck, have almost all the cards from that guild. Will i receive a lot of copies of cards i already have? should i be picking another guild? i love boros, but am interested on gruul too :). But this will be my first prerelease, am a bit confused of wich guild pick xd.

        • warwinkle

          No you would not be receiving copies, as this is a new set and not Gatecrash. I believe the only cards being reprinted are the land cards ( gates and shock lands).You would receive new Boros cards, but since it is a relatively small set, not too many would be ONLY Boros aligned, and may work better together with another guild.

          • koolest69

            No, you get the guild packs from Return to Ravnica and Gatecrash so you will get copies.

  • Me

    Rakdos ftw!

    • justindeltora

      Yes and also if theros is a greek roman theme the jades will be red black as well and personally seems an excuse to reprimt hellrider because he woild just fit in with the set as well

  • yuliscool

    no sticker? :(

  • justindeltora

    Sweet so if im understanding this correctly there are the guild packs WITH the rare and possible guild leader in the AND a complementary guild pack from the opposire set?

  • guest

    My only question is why not just pick Izzet since that’s the only color with a Planeswalker as far as we know?

    • warwinkle

      Planeswalkers aren’t everything, as there are multiple ways to shut them down. And the packs are random so any guild may get the Planeswalker.

  • Yello

    Maze’s End? I dont want that promo

  • StupidBoy

    Am i the only one wondering that if i pick a Gatecrash guild, how does it work that i get a Return to Ravnica guild pack? Do i just get 2 Gatecrash guild packs?

    • Example:
      You pick Boros you get gatecrash guild pack for boros and then you get a guild from return to ravnica that shares a color with boros (selsyna, azorious, izzet or rakdos)

  • I want that promo badly