FtV Annihilation Symbol

Beyond Destruction Looms Annihilation

From the Vault Annihilation Art

Cataclysm Art:
Cataclysm art

From the Vault Annihilation Packaging

Contents and Details:

15 Premium foil cards, including 6 with new art.
An exclusive Spindown™ life counter.
A collector’s guide.
Each card has been printed using a foil process unique to the From the Vault series.
From the Vault: Annihilation will be available world-wide in English only, and will have an extremely limited print run.
All cards are black bordered and tournament legal. This means that these cards are legal for use in any tournaments where the original printings are still legal.

  • Kevin

    Board wipes?

  • d


  • Mittens the Kitten

    Eldrazi’s abound!

  • MidNight12


  • solrune

    this art is probably firespout

  • JaceDovah

    All is Dust – Obliterate – Apocalypse??? :D

  • One

    art is certainly sulfuric vortex

  • Aejan


  • Matt Abraham

    def thinking board wipes

  • guest

    15 full-art storm crows!!!

    • Usrawrs

      They said, “15 Premium foil cards, including 6 with new art.” So I am assuming only one will be a storm crow. Even though its a limited print run, I would doubt they would want to flood that many tier-1 cards into the market. Besides there are plenty of other good board wipes out there. Besides blue cannot get all of the love. Perhaps Damnation, Rolling Earthquake, Overwhelming Forces, and Grizzly Bear all desperately need a reprints and satisfy the other colors. Besides blue always gets all of the value cards. They had JTMS last Vault. Why the hell would they print Storm Crow again then? Not like its legal in any formats anyways. More like FTV: Banned. Oh wait, they already did that in FTV: Exiled.

      • CaptainObvious

        He was obviously making a joke…

        • Pcbino

          Which Usrawrs was as well.

          He was just being a bit more sarcastic.

          • Usrawrs

            No, it’s okay. I was out of line. We can only hope that someday we would be blessed with 15 full art storm crows. I am so sorry. Like I said it was a rough day at work. Got yelled at by my boss. I incorrectly took it out on storm crow.

          • Pcbino

            It’s okay man. Storm Crow doesn’t hold grudges. Storm Crow is too good for that. As long as you embrace it and admit your mistake, you will be taken to a better place.

          • guest

            it makes me happy to know someone else refferenced storm crow as tier 1: ” I would doubt they would want to flood that many tier-1 cards into the market”

          • Usrawrs

            Thank you… My god…. Thank you so much.

        • Usrawrs

          Oh, I’m sorry I overreacted. It’s been a rough day is all.

      • guest

        when exactly was storm crow banned?

  • Thomas Lenz

    art is definetly upheaval

  • Treyjee

    the art is definently storm crow.

  • Trea Hart

    defiantly squadron hawk print

  • Trea Hart

    this is what it should be, damnation, storm crow, squadron hawk, life finally, charging badger, sulfuric vortex, leveler, torpor orb, Born of the gods Dove bird token, eldrazi, and then fetches like arid mesa and mistyrain forest

    • Shadow921

      storm crow and charging badger!! obviously the most anhilating cards ever printed!

  • Matt Stone

    The art is hurricane or squall line I think.

    Would like to see Plaguewind & Evacuation :)

  • akakj7

    piller of flame

  • shae shaw

    Come on guys, that is SO savage twister. And i mean i could see a few other suggestions, but i dont know why everyone is saying this is a creature. The art, to me at least, looks green red, and it doesn’t look like the vocal point of it is on any specific creature OR bird. IF it is a creature, then it’s probably the guy making the vortex in the center. But just saying, i highly doubt this is a creature

  • That Guy

    Emrakul the Aons Torn. If the biggest annihilator is not in FTV: Annihilation I am going to flip a small child. I may just do that anyway though.

  • Tron#Karn

    I don’t know what you guys see, but I totally am seeing an all is dust here. They said it was about sweepers, and annihilation? It’s an ELDRAZI card, and a board wipe.

    • Ethan

      To clarify, (Same person, different name) I didn’t mean this was the picture for all is dust, but I think it will be there.
      This is obviously storm crow.

      • camonkill

        or a whirlwind

  • Guy

    Is it me, or does the symbol look like a soon to be fertilized egg?

  • Josh Kaufman

    I think by Annihilation they mean mass removal, but while having Emrakul as a pre-release promo has kept the price down, Ulamog is worth about the same as Karn at the moment.

    But I think they mean mass removal spells, and if they are reprinting mass removal, Wrath of God would be nice, Savage Twister makes sense, Damnation with new art would be nice, but that was already a full art card. The card from Journey into Nyx will probably be “Day of Gods Judgement, which is just Day of Judgement but in Greek. Yippie!

    This is the worst idea since Peter took the mystery box over the boat.

  • MagicGALAXY

    Well that was quick

  • shae shaw

    I think we might see a kozilek, butcher of truth, mainly because its the only one of the three most popular known mythic eldrazis that DOESN”T have a promo. And, in my opinion, is the best of the three. Sure, get emrakul onto the battlefield and more times that not that is enough to win, but it is also extremely hard to play. It’s also not legal in commander, where Kozilek shines. Anyone else agree? also that art work is SO savage twister, twister never did have a promo :D

  • sphinxy246

    supreme verdect, wraith of god, damnation, and magus of the disk are some of my guesses for this one,

  • Shemp Fool

    I think the art is whirlwind from Urza’s Saga

  • Da

    Hopefully a Pernicious Deed in Modern Boarder and New Art <3

  • Shemp Fool

    They should have a wrath of god and use the original art from alpha

    • ultramegalord

      im fond of the portal art and the player rewards full art as well.!!!! do full art wrath and damnation :o

  • Shadowchronix

    decree of annihilation!!!!

  • Shadowchronix

    or Obliterate

  • Kirito

    **FTV: Storm Crow.. Am I right?

    • kirito

      Beyond Destruction looms Storm Crow

  • Taiger_Fly

    looks like obliterate

  • CarnifexDemon

    You guys should just wait for the impulse picture you guys thought it was Mother of Runes and Noble Hierarch.

  • FuzzyKittyBark

    what are the chances that this will be sold at MSRP?? loll

    • .0000000000032%

      • FuzzyKittyBark

        sounds accurate

    • shae shaw

      My card shop sells emall msrp, but only as a preorder by regular customers including from the vault twenty. Now, its sold as its worth but preordering was msrp

  • Sean Mclorie

    firespout or storm crow

  • sdasdasd

    Sulfuric Vortex

  • Dimitrixtrac .

    Solid fact we will get a , Wrath of god / day of jugdement , catastrophe and Obliterate . Maybe damnation , pernicious deed and Jokulhaups obviously some meh mass destro fillers like acid rain and boil . Armageddon is on the Rev list right ?

    • Matt Abraham

      i double checked, Armageddon is NOT on the reserved list, acid rain is tho, but i also noticed that mox diamond is on that list so yea, kinda surprised it didnt stop them from reprinting it in ftv relics

      • Usrawrs

        Yeah, apparently mox diamond and many others were printed due to an adjustment in the policy. It was later changed back to the original policy, but said that they will continue to print the cards they had already planned for the year. So anything on the reserved list cannot be printed in this FTV even though it is a limited print product (which was how they justified mox diamond at the time). So, perhaps Storm Crow might not be printed? I will not deny the possibility though. I learned my lesson from my previous post. I am thinking perhaps it will be like how they did it in alliances where they had alternative artworks printed or even Fallen Empires. So perhaps 6 new alternative artworks, 4 of the original artworks and then perhaps some other board wipes to balance it out? Armageddon, Wrath of God, Obliterate, Damnation, and Grizzly Bear would easily fill up the remaining slots. Too much to speculate on the 5 unconfirmed slots though. Would love some of the portal three kingdom cards to get some much needed reprints too.

        • Dimitrixtrac .

          Would lov to see Ravages of war ,overwhelming forces or ,Guan Yu´s 1,000-Li March….. god dang . . . dat name

    • renfield286

      I would like to see desolation angel or giant. but i doubt they would reprint either.

  • Yami

    Maybe, Is this an Upheaval with new art?

  • mardhsk

    if this was 15 storm crows, 6 with different art. would you buy it for 35$?

    • MagicGALAXY

      Psst. . .no. . .

      *opens wallet slowly*

  • Onigen

    (Mother of) False Prophet?

  • the_Sundance_Kid

    Supreme Verdict

    • Larry Lane

      I have a feeling it won’t have supreme verdict, it was just printed last block. Reprinting it now would be kind of odd.

      • Not_Storm_Crow

        They did Mikaeus before Innistrad was even released in legends. About 4 weeks before, in fact.


    FtV 30 should be 30 Storm Crows

    • KappaMaster

      we have to fit in Chimney imps too

      • Usrawrs

        No, Storm Crow disallows.

        • The Apocalist

          I support this diagnosis

  • Matt Abraham

    fingers crossed for damnation, pernicious deed, and of course the classic wrath of god

    • Larry Lane

      Pernicious deed would be a nice reprint

    • ts1337

      i agree 100% deed would be nice with the promo art i think the card spoiled is fire spout, but im pretty sure damnation will get a print in this its been only reprinted once and is such a staple of commander and modern that it would be hard to justify not printing it and that reprint has undesirable art from my perspective

  • kiowa harrell

    i know a lot of people keep wanting a damnation in this but i dont see it with that price being $35. its $40 by itself maybe if it was priced at $70 then i could see it but i dont see it

    • Larry Lane

      But Jace is kind of an expensive card… and it was in FTV 20, which also had more cards, and you know its msrp was barely higher than this.
      I hope Damnation, Armageddon, Day of judgment, and Wraith of God will all get reprinted in here. It will probably end up around $75-100 on the secondary market if that’s the case though, but I will still buy 4 it would be great to go ahead and get 4 damnation for modern, legacy, commander, and cube.

      • justmanypeaches

        I don’t see them putting Day of Judgement AND Wrath of God in the same FTV. Putting a card that’s strictly better than another card in the FTV seems to not make a whole lot of sense to me

        • Uzumaki9

          I hope Wrath is not in this set. There are just too many printings of it.

      • The Zach Person

        Y’know. Jace was (is!) just kinda expensive. Just a bit.

    • Tyler

      problem with that, maze of ith, ftv realms

    • angrybob4213

      You don’t know much about FtV do you?

  • oppositeprime

    Please for the love of god don’t be savage twister

  • Grim Draper

    Who knows if this is only board wipes? I bet there’s a Kozilek in it, because he’s the only Legendary Eldrazi not reprinted.

    • Matt Abraham

      unless the theme is something other than board wipes, it will be ALL boardwipes. every FtV has a theme and they stick to them

      • Grim Draper

        Think of the name “Annihilation”. That could mean the annihilator ability in the eldrazi set. That’s why it could mean eldrazi.

        • Arias J. Aune

          I think you’re thinking of All is Dust.

        • The Zach Person

          They would not dedicate an entire FTV to one keyword that showed up in one set that has about 6 cards even worth mentioning.

  • Dr. Storm Crow

    Storm Crow, Crow of Storms: Summon X Storm Crows, where X is what Storm Crow wishes.
    Flavor text: Caw! Caw!



    • Usrawrs

      Please bear my children.

      • Dr. Storm Crow

        BUT I AM A MAN-CROW.

  • Necro

    Rolling Earthquake Pleeeeeease!

  • Dargenom

    Well, that escalated quickly.

  • Josh Kaufman

    I am definitely sure, no, completely sure, that this will be 14 Storm Crows and 1 Journey into Nix Reprint Storm Crow. If this isn’t Storm Crow’s, I just don’t know what I’ll believe anymore.

  • Black sun’s Zenith?

  • CommieGold

    Expect Jokulhaups.

  • Clown the Serious

    I see a mage, a fire tornado, a lot of crows… it must be Camel! God YES!

    • Camel Lover

      They will probably reprint camel to counter the desert they printed in Realms.

  • ronpaul420

    i just want a nice cheap foil new art real prety wrath / damnation combo

  • elfire

    im calling it, bonfire of the damned

  • Jason Melchiore

    I want to see Jokulhaups which could use a nice overhaul. That being said I don’t think they would put an almost identical card like Obliterate. It will end up being one or the other I am sure. There may be a small case for Decree of Annihilation since Decree of Pain and Justice have gotten new artworks since Scourge.

    My wishlist

    Desolation Angel
    Rolling Earthquake
    Kozilek, Butcher of Truth
    Engineered Explosives
    Bane of Progress
    Pernicious Deeds
    Oblivion Stone
    Overwhelming Forces- I know they just promo it but I want new art
    All is Dust
    Final Judgement
    Dimensional Breach- Not true removal but always found it interesting.

    I really wanted Apocalypse but it is on the reserved list I think

    • Chi Sarades

      i want damnation too

  • Cesar

    Crossing finguers for Devastation

    • bob

      Crossing fingers for storm crow

  • Jewish Tiger Dwarf Bear Raptor

    i want wasteland hahah

  • Bobby Spell Slinger

    Desert Twister any one?

  • Thinking about getting this now.

  • Josh Kaufman

    14 Storm Crows and a Journey into Nyx original art Island – Enchantment – Storm Crow.

  • LSJ

    Looks like sulfuric vortex

  • William Wang

    Based on the recent price of “Wasteland”, I have high confidence that it will be reprinted in this FTV set like JTMS in 2013 (it hits $180 – $200 at the beginning of 2013). Annihilation may not only limited to the creature or non-land permanent, it may also associated with land destruction. In my opinion, the best land destruction card in the format of Legacy is likely to be “Wasteland” and it is not on the reserve list. The actual market price of this FTV is likely to be $160 at the time (so a “Wasteland” will definitely be involved in this FTV).

  • William Wang

    I personally do not believe some cards like “Rolling Earthquake” ($199) is likely to be reprinted. First of all, the price of these kind of cards are extremely expensive in the market (due to limited amount). Secondly, these kind of cards have very limited uses in any competitive decks. Wizzards will not run the risk of reprinting some useless cards of skyhigh values. The reason is simple – it basically destroy the profitability of the card collectors while the tournament players do not really apperciate the act of reprinting).

    • Some guy

      I Hope they reprint Imperial Seal 700 times.

    • Nope

      Really they reprinted Jace the wallet sculptor which was 150 non foil 800+foil and the FTV is only what 120 they don’t care about how much cards are worth they don’t get money from the second market.

      • The Zach Person

        They’re careful not to piss off collectors though. That’s why MM was such a limited print run. They could have printed it as much as everything else, but Bob and friends would be in the $15-20 range. No, they do care. Last time they messed with collectors, we got the reserved list. They know better.

  • Obscure

    Worldslayer will see a reprint in this.

  • Look like Whirlwind (Urza’s Saga)

  • Vranesh

    I love that despite the art, name, and previous speculation about FTV sets nobody here has said “HEY EVERYBODY LOOKS LIKE TIMETWISTER TO ME”

    I’m saying it.

    • cactido

      Yeah I bet Timetwister will be in it, despite the fact that the art doesn’t remotely fit the card, the card doesn’t fit the theme at all and it’s on the reserve list.

      • Vranesh

        Well, I agree, which is why I think it’s highly unlikely, but considering the large moron community on forums in general, you would think I wouldn’t be the first.

  • Jimmy

    Sulfuric Vortex anyone?

  • cjwilli

    Apocalypse Chime??

  • bullsongayrade

    Has nobody mentioned burning of xinye as a very likely reprint? The card is your second wildfire in cube and is far too expensive while also needing a foil printing. Feels like a pretty good one to me

  • All Shall Become Dust. . .

    • dinner

      why would they put all is dust in this FTV?????
      its a BOARD WIPE collection, not a mana ramp one

      • cactido

        Yeah, All is Dust is one of the greatest mana ramp spells of all time. It’s almost as good as Wrath of God and Final Judgment.

        • dinner

          dude wrath of god isnt ramp…. its a board wipe
          but final judgment is a sick ramp spell

          • loleth

            you’re wrong. Dust is mega ramp

  • Josh Kaufman

    All is Storm Crow, Desert Storm Crow, FireStorm CrowBall, Wrath of Storm Crow.

    There you go, I just spoiled 4 of the cards from this FTV. Oh and the Journey into Nyx Spoiler!!!
    Storm Crow, God of Gods. With the highly anticipated “Devotion to Storm Crows, including ones in your trade binder and the ones you left at home”. So sick.

    • IntoFire

      Are you by any chance on iMtG?

  • Tommy Gunn

    Am i the only one who think about world fire?

  • Uzumaki9

    I believe the art if for a Supreme Verdict reprint. Similar to the current art with lots of blue and white elements to it. I would hope that this set has Damnation and Armageddon. Sway the Stars or Worldfire to see a spot. Expect an artifact and/or enchantment sweeper. Decree of Annihilation is almost a given.

  • IntoFire

    All is Dust please?