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  • :)

     Orzhov and Dimir Represent!

    •  two im going in prerelease!!!

      • Marcrubin1997


    • Chadmalto

      Simic alllll day!

    • Bakaultima

      can’t wait ran the orzhof back in the day not the strongest but tricky and dangerous in there own way

    • Nightstar_INC

       Why don’t you represent Orzhov yourself. And what’s this Dimir you speak of? They only exist in legend. Everyone knows they don’t Exist.

      Wait what? Our Guild leader back in the old Ravnica Gildpact accidentally was seen? WTH! Nobody is supposed to know we really exist!

      • doppelganger

         we don’t i think the cover up was that it was all a hallucination, BTW this is a hallucination this doesn’t concern you

      • Overlord Ludicolo

        They stopped trying to make people believe they were only legend back waaaay before this set.

  • ivo rosa

    The good ol’ times

  • My only real question is, how is Dimir back? When they made the new guildpact, they made sure they didn’t need that guild.

    Not that I have a problem with Dimir, one of my favorite color combination. I’m just curious.  

    • blueisoverrated

      Doesnt mean Dimir couldntve forced their way back in. not to mention the new guildpact was formed on a shaky alliance at best. whos to say that between then and now the pact was either rewritten or broken again.

    • Guest

      I never knew you needed to be a part of the guildpact to call yourself a ‘guild!’  Oh, right.  Guild is just a word.

      ~House Dimir

    • Docstorm4

      Ha, unless the Dimir jedi mind-tricked them into doing that so they had no more restrictions. After all, if you aren’t an official guild you get less prying eyes and can do what needs to be done.


  • Schull08


  • Seth16911

    BOROS=Gideon!!!! hells yeah

  • BangaaBrute

    Gruul and Simic is going to be sweet.

  • venser/stonehorn

    where the heck is venser

    • Asd


    • Limnigel789

      He died and sacrificed himself to save Karn during the pheyrexian invasion in Mirrodin.

  • Scott Mort

    Gatecrash. Hmmm Gideon, followed by emrakul and the others.. Hmmm the CRASH the GATES. Holy mother of god:D

  • Turyji

    Izzet and Dimir looks pretty nice :D

  • Conor Womble

    Where da cards at!?!?

  • apprenticeofbeleren

    Oh God eldrazi vs nephilim

  • ricky

    people the eldrazi can’t move between planes anymore that was how Sorin and the others saves the mulitverse by condemning Zendikar forever to have them. please learn the lore so you don’t sound completely stupid

    • Guest

      Damn I wish I could be you.

    • Creyson1

      ur retarded they broke free an ate zendikar duhhhhhhh

    • Bear Grylls, Plainswalker

      People, “ricky” can’t move between doorways anymore that was how McDonalds and the others saves the multiverse by condemning his moms basement forever to have them. Please grow some charisma so you don’t die alone.

      • Best response ever, you sir/madam just showed me a spark of intelligence in this godforsaken wasteland. 

      • Spoilerwatcher

        That was the best comment ever! lore-wise, i think ricky is correct, but his grammer is……yeah. Sorin, Ugin, and another PW (forgot name) led the eldrazi to zendikar, and imprisoned them. Jace, Chandra, and Sarkhon (misspel?) realeased them. Not sure if they can leave. Am I correct?

        • highlander

           yes the unnamed Lithomancer PW forced them into a physical form striping them of there power to move between planes

          • Quick prediction: WotC will eventually return to Zendikar to continue/wrap up the story and said unnamed lithomancer will be a planeswalker at some point in the block.

          • Jace must die

             this is unlikely as when the eldrazi were sealed the three of them agreed that if there was ever a problem they would return and help deal with it, as Sorin was the only one to return it is a safe guess that both Ugin and the Lithomancer are dead.

    • Resident_racist

      Bolas is the last of the elder dragons

      • chinface

        *one of the last elder dragons

  • sweet more Simic! 

  • Kaiser Jakob

    Simic Combine ftw. Please have Simic planeswalker!

    • Emrakozilamog

      I agree, I think they should make Kiora Atua a planeswalker. And i also think it is about time for Marit Lage to make an appearance. And why have they not made a Niv-Mizzet planeswalker. For that matter whatever happened to Arcades Sabbot as well. They have all these creatures with a spark, yet none of them made the cut.

      – Concerned Representative of the Conclave
        Shard of Bant

      • blueisoverrated

        because in the lore, niv-mizzet never wanted to be a planeswalker, he’d rather rule of his own domain where he knows he cant be challenged in power or intellect (except by one certain planeswalking dragon *coughs*bolas*coughs*) niv looked at the other planes wand went “nope, staying here thanks” 

        • Tommoo77

          but niv-mizzet is weak… he ran away for the fight with the Nephilim in the third book, and abandoned his guild.
          honestly he has no right to be guild master right now.  

          • Killershad

            your a moron Mizzet just got bored so he left after killing two, which is more then anyone, it took an army to bring down the remaining three.
            and as far as Bolas vs Mizzet it would be a tie. Mizzet is the smartest creature in a plain of genius, he would simply outsmart Bolas

          • KILLER TACO

            umm,.. that was his excuse… he was afraid for his life and abandoned the Izzet, he just wanted everyone to think he was bored

          • Highlander

            Mizzet was injured yes but it was nothing life threatening, and it was by a sneak attack. regardless his real reason Mizzet is still the strongest and smartest being in all of Ravnica and on top level of the multiverse plus with Ral Zarek now by his side nothing will be out of reach for long if he wants it.

      • Mad Hatter

        As a representative of Grixis, I must say, that’s too many planeswalkers.

        • Awm15

          I’m not saying make them all at once just maybe a couple in certain sets or make one for each set rather than making 5 or more at one time but using old cards to balance out the difference. Nothing too powerful like the old Invasion dragons or Mana Flare and Fork since they already made Reverberate and Twin Cast for blue or similar cards. I kind of hope they remake Circu but not sure how well it would do? Block constructed seems a little more fair than using the core sets with them. Each set seems to have some interesting concepts that they want people to use but everybody just plays to win anymore. I liked making decks you could sit and just have a back and forth battle like with white vs. red and my friend won barely by using his Beacon of destruction so he wouldn’t get milled, lol, it was his last card. I only need to draw Jareth or something similar to win but was having fun anyway.

          • Guest

             They tried doing only a couple in each set in the original Ravnica. Obviously, they thought it was better to do five at a time.

          • [witty name goes here]

            Prepare for trouble!

          • Coolio

            Make it double!

          • [witty name goes here]

            to protect the world from devastation

          • half-witty name goes here

            and unite all people within our nation

          • Bob the Moose

             C-C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!

          • Wisdomseyes

            Well duck you too. 

          • Spoilerwatcher

            CONTINUE! Denounce the evils of truth and love……

          • To extend our reach to the stars above

          • Pokemonboy36


          • [witty name goes here]


          • XMan

            Team Rocket!

          • Xyborg


          • [witty name goes here]

            That’s right.

          • Voldrin


          • Tommoo77

            team rocket blast off at the speed of light surrender now or prepare to fight

            Meowth thats right!!!!


          • Jessie!

          • Justin_navagator


          • That other guy

            C-C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!


            AND AGAIN……… JESSIE!!!!!!

          • Spoilerwatcher


          • Opfugifgcxg

            Hahaha can’t stop laughing at the “C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!”

          • Spoilerwatcher


          • Youtouchedhiswhat

            We need to cook.

          • TR Member Jessie


        • Patticakes5242

          Well I wasn’t saying make them all I was saying they should have an appearance and it wouldn’t make sense to throw Niv-Mizzet into a planes walker role when they just made a new creature of him. As for Marit Lage, she wasn’t a planeswalker but she could travel with other means I’m just saying bring her back new and improved. Eventually it’s gonna happen, right? Some one has to stop Nicol Bolas. And I haven’t read any of the novels, I do however want to.

          Concerned representative of the Conclave
          Shard of Bant

      • Awm15

        Well from what everbody has told my by reading the book Nicol Bolas was the only one to survive with the Elder Dragon battle and the planet blowing up, but they might do an alternate world and hopefully make Ertai and Urza planeswalkers. I want to see alot of the planeshift and dominaria or spectrum concepts come back. I had a 5 color deck before the Spectrum deck was released. Those cards are so much fun. How about a white green planeswalker?

        • Bolas was also about the only planeswalker from before the universe trying to rip itself to shreds that was still able to ‘walk afterwards.

          • Wisdomseyes

            Don’t forget Sorin. He was there too. 

          • Vanc

             Liliana was too, right? Heard she made a pact with demons to get back her eternal youth she lost during the mending.

          • Yes, all of that is true. One of the reasons why she got Thalia to release Avacyn and Gryselbrand was because old ‘Brand is one of the demons she made her pact with, and hence one of the demons she needs to kill in order to get her soul back.

          • Does that mean Griselbrand was a planeswalker?

          • Ricky Mac

            no being a entiy of pure mana a demon can be summoned on any plane

          • Xanthrite, Dimir Agent

            So rakdos could get summoned on Innistrad???

          • Jace must die

            if he wasn’t manifested on another plain in theory yes

          • Loads of walkers retained their spark. What happened was that the spark was redefined and nerfed. Now, a spark only makes it so that, once awakened, you can ‘walk between planes. Before that, a spark made a ‘walker immortal and quasi-omnipotent.

          • Boros Angelic Force

            Sorin survived as well.

        • Actually Nicol his brothers and their Cousin Vaevictis all survived the dragon’s war, but we all assume that Nicol killed them.

          • Hand of the Praetors

            so thats why they have plans to resurect themselves using helpless pawns and take revenge on bloas

        • Smileyfaceist

          Dunno bout Ertai, but didn’t Urza create an entire world? His + would be everything becomes an artifact, his – would be destroy all artifacts you don’t control, and his ultimate would be you win. Or something ridiculous

          • Franciscovallejo28

            Dude from what I heard not only did he create phyrexia, but he also colonised it and made the speices the “phyrexians. But not only is that one of his astounding achievments but he also made a planeswalker, who is forever to be known as Karn. And Karn not only was just a metal golem given a spark by one of the most powerful planeswalker in the multiverse but he (karn) also created his own plane, known as mirrordon. And he had a student and he is Venser, that’s why when Venser found him in the story of scars, he gave his life to free him of the corruption of the phyrexians. But the phyrexians are also so strong as a speices that they also created another plane called Rath. Everything that happens in the world of magic is linked back to Urza in someway. He went and fought his own creation on their home plane and he almost lost but he kept himself alive by retreating and planeswalking back to dominiria.

          • Ricky Mac

            Urza did not create phyrexia

        • Cconnor

          watch them make an emrakul planeswalker

      • marit lage has a token for her but its really old, and niv mizzet never had a spark

      • Wisdomseyes

        Ral Rarek might want to be the singleton planeswalker of the 3rd set in the RtR block. That is just my thoughts, though. 

        • Ricky Mac

           it is Ral Zarek

      • Ccz

        screw niv

      • Tommoo77

        if any elder dragon should be reborn it should be Chromium Rhuell

      • busdriverdan

        well marit lage wasnt really a planeswalker and you can’t just assume that they have a spark. any creature can have a spark not just the most powerful, thats why yawgmoth wasn’t a planeswalker even though he could take out urza, he just didnt have a spark.

      • Drusthyln

        unfortunately the other planeswalker of this set will be gideon

        • Jeru Roku

          That’s an unfortunate? Gideon is one of the best ‘walkers flavorfully and mechanically. A planeswalker that can become a 6/6 creature? a guy who uses LAW to make tangible magic and beats in the face of anyone who opposes him? he’s like a justice themed Brick (from Borderlands), only much smarter.

      • Darthkoo

        I believe their going to be a Boros in this set.

        • Americanwerewolf

          Gideon will be the Boros Planeswalker.

        • Xanthrite, Dimir Agent

          I believe there are going to be cards in this set

    •  theres a rumor she may be.

    • AirDale21

      the only planeswalker thats been rumored is Boros Gideon.

      • Guest

        Wrong. They mentioned Ral Zarek in the RTR Fat Pack book. I’m thinking we’re gonna see him in whatever the third set in the block is.


      i hate planeswalkers.. all they do is brake the game…. personally everytime i get a planeswalker i sell it or bury it in  a pile of commons and then sell that.. the planeswalker is to me an unworthy portion of the story,,,, i mean if we the players are portrayed as planeswalkers… why do i wnat one in my deck….hmm???

      • RaverYusuke

        What breaks the game is blue being the only color that’s in every counterspell in standard.

        • CORR

          Right, ’cause white’s monopoly on almost everything (First strike, vigilance, life gain, lock-down, exile-removal, cheap but power creatures, exalted, etc) doesn’t make them HORRIBLY unfair. They even have counterspells of their own, including things like Orim’s Chant and Silence.

          Don’t say that Blue’s broken when White controls pretty much everything.

          • Docstorm4

            White’s monopoly on almost everything? Look at black (Flying, lifegain, card draw (at the cost of life), discard, removal, tutors, sacrifice effects, huge creatures for low cost (4 cmc 6/6 flying demons with managable drawbacks)

          • CORR

            Exactly, black can do everything, but for a price. A SETBACK. Something White rarely has to do. And Delver decks were alive until Ponder rotated, now look them; Jund and Bant control with hardly a Delver in sight. Don’t kid yourself; Blue is strong, but they can’t even half the tricks white can/ Not without their cards costing almost twice as much.

          • Killershad

            then why are Delver decks still dominating Stranded??
            blue is the only truly broken color now and that cuz for the beginning years blue sucked save a few gem cards like cunterspell and ancestral recall

      • Silveralex92

        the planeswalkers are part of the story, since EVER! The flavor is calling a friend of your colors for help.

        Also, please tell me how any planeswalker not named jace has broken the game?

        You know wha breaks the game, Blue, that breaks the game (and before someone comes at me saying that blue is not broken, the look at vintage, every not workshop deck has an ancestrall recall) 

      • Guzzomario94

        Planeswalkers are the best there a part of the game and a great part for that matter and they definitely don’t break the game besides the mind sculpture but he is only legal in legacy anyway.

        *sorry about any misspelling

    • chinface

      I’m right there with ya dude

    • Drusthyln Caer’thalaren

      there isn’t going to be gideon is the other planeswalker

    • Gk8gecko

      yes!! My vision. My Evolution. My Guild

  • Lonethief

    Merfolk are kewl.

    • Puppy

      I like Puppies

      • Spoilerwatcher

        I like trains :3

        • thecoreaugur

          selphie is that you?

      • XMan

        Definitly cuter than Merfolk…

    • highlander

       KItties are the way to will :-D

  • Brianlandes1

    YES! SIMIC! I’ve been waiting for more merfolk! I’m going to make a badass merfolk deck with all the merfolk that launched in 2013.


    We are Boros we are legion

    • Guest

      My Army. My Aggression. My Guild. THIS IS BOROS!!!

      • busdriverdan


        • Lazav, Dimir Mastermind

           I’m not sure. That might be too much grammar to be Gruul.

          • Theone4221

            Yeah it can’t be Gruul. It has numbers.

          • Boros Angelic Force

            Yeah it’s also longer than the word “Chicken” so it can’t be Gruul

          • Trygon

            Mmmm chicken

          • vraska

            OMNOM -Gruul

          • Cconnor123

            simic all the way. and i think they have a simic planeswalker in the 3 set of the RtR block.

          • Nordic

            Probably not, since it is a small set, and usually, small sets only have one planeswalker, and Ral Zarek is practically confirmed of being the one

          • disqus_0AYyIAWc2H

            hello my name is orzhov, im here to murder you in the shadows and take ur money cause im awesome

          • Drans0n13

            sir that is more dimir

          • Overlord Ludicolo

            You are a human from a plane other than Ravnica using a device that does not exist in ravnica.
            Those ideals are Dimir, not Orzhov.
            Given that their money makes them generally quite educated, your grammar suggests you are *slightly* less educated.
            Good day sir.

          • Kaitrah

            Did someone say Dimir? You aren't supposed to know about us!! 

          • Overlord Ludicolo

            Actually, in the storyline Dimir revealed themselves to the public eye. There really wasn’t much to deny after Skazdek was publicly executed.

          • Gaston205

            Actually, Szadek was secretly executed by the Azorius

          • Pedro Abreu

            My researches have shown me that the Orzhov like to bribe and blackmail, and hide their “business” in the literal shadow of a church. Interesting, where can I open a brain of one of those?

          • Hand of the Praetors

            Actually, those actions fit Orzhov more than Dimir, cause Dimir don’t wan’t your money, Orzhov do.

          • Xxcloudsongxx

             you sound like an izzet douche.

          • pPAPABURGUNDYq

            I highly doubt that. Just search Ral Zarek on google images. He’s been falsely spoiled in sets as far back as innistrad. I wouldn’t believe anything anyone hears about Ral until he is pulled out of an actual pack.

          • Robert

            Mark Rosewater effectively confirmed on Blogatog that a blue/red planeswalker is showing up in Dragon’s Maze.  Sounds like Ral to me.

          • Tomu

            Boros Represent!

          • bml1359

            It could be NivMizzet cuz in the story line NivMizzet is being trained by Nicol Bola to ignite his planeswalker spark and after all, the set is called “Dragon’s Maze”

          • sphinxy

             nicol has nothing to do with ravnica. i believe rose said that too

          • josh

            me to

          • TheExaltedFox

            Either Ral Zarek or the protagonist from the MtG comics. Don’t remember his name.

          • Sdurand989

            Dak Fayden

          • Tyler

            I keep hoping that their gonna release just ONE OP Gruul card…….hasn’t happened my friends, has not happened

          • CORR

            You don’t think a 4 CMC 4/4 with a 2 CMC Bloodrush is great?

          • Ricky Mac

            the comics are non-canon and therefore it can’t be Dak

          • DunDun

            Could be Dak Fayden

          • Mlundgoldstein

            they’ll make a Ral Zarek planeswalker card when they make an Urza planeswalker, oh wait that’s right, Urza’s dead.

          • Guest

            So when’s the Urza planeswalker card being released?

          • Glen654

            Read the flavor text of watery grave. GG

          • TheHunter

            Yeah and if they released an izzet planeswalker in a set with no other izzet  cards in it that would not make any since

          • Matanui3

             Like how they released a Soratami planeswalker in a set with no Soratami cards in it?

          • Guest

            He was in the set introduction art. Like Jace for RtR and Gideon for Gatecrash.

          • Mat

            Kiora atua should come out with simic

          • Tyler

            hope she’s in dragon’s maze if not gatecrash!

          • Aurelia’s Diplomat

            Gruul can say words longer than chicken- as long as they consist only of things like


          • Rezon Shinryu

            Crush them and we eat

      • Pozd5995

        NOOO! This is PATRICK!

        • Picasso

          Is this the Crusty Crab?

          • Lazyasssloth

            Krusty Krab*

    • anonymous


    • Ogpostata


    • Loiden

      Boros FTW!

  •  Orzhov <3 <3

  • Rufy_zero

     Gideon didn’t die?!

    • Killershad

       he should

  • Patt

    C’mon Boros and Dimir, gimme my cheap sweeper and mass removal to make ma grixis CTRL or USA control, I miss it :(

  • Dbramer1152

    Does no one like the Gruul because they are awesome?

  • king pickles

    Gruul for the win

  • Crazykkid

    with gate crash are they going to release even more new mechanics?

    • Guest

      Mot likely yes

  • Adam

    yes they may not be able to move between planes but Ravnica was one of the first places they hit so i could be a flash back.

  • Tezzie Fan

    Orzhov new keyword yay!

  • Awm15

    well mtg does make alternate universes like in Planar Chaos so anything is possible maybe even more old alpha blue spells?

  • sleipnir

    Can’t wait to see the savage GRUULS back again!

  • Dschaufel63

    Azorius…. yay!! echo echo *chirp chirp*

  • JaceFan

    CANT WAIT FOR DIMIR. Dimir seal will be OP seeing as they are the mill deck! And then I can bring my mill deck from the last block because that was black-blue as well! Dimir FTW! Also, I hope they do something really good if they do planeswalkers this set because Vraska and Jace will be hard to one up!

  • saint17

    i am the one who cuts ur throught unseen dimir are the shadow that kills

  • saint17

    they need to make dak fadden a plainsalker

  • Greenscene8

    Free and Gruuuuuul FOREVER!!!

  • Reaper

    everybody knows that dimir is better than everyone.


      I would like to meet this “everybody” you speak of

    • Lurking Informant

      Need to say this… reprint Spy Network!!! PLEEEEEASE

    • no just no Simic ftw 

  • Szadek Reborn

    Dimir! You’ll never know whether what your doing is your plan or just a part of ours XD

  • Vdcfdvcfv

    Go simic.  I hate the fact my deck is blue-green and there are so few playable green-blue cards these days.

    I mean come on… when was the last blue-green card released?

    • Sal


    • Delver, Brother of Szadek

      ever seen a ghoultree deck? you know the self-mill deck, with gnaw to the bone? its green-blue deck

  • jdl304


  • Docstorm4

    Speculation for new guild mechanics:                                                                                                                                                                     Simic: Some kind of splice onto ability that slightly resembles the kamigawa splice onto arcane, except for creature abilities (kind of going along with that build your own monster theme they seem to have)                                                                                                                                                    Dimir: Either something sneaky good that many people assume is bad, or something that triggers when a card is put into a graveyard from a hand or library.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Gruul: Something aggressive, probably something else representing bezerk creatures flavorwise.                                                                                          Boros: Not sure, I expect to see something that ties damage and lifegain together somehow, or something that boosts weenies.                                   Orzhov: Something that utilizes the graveyard or creatures dying (Maybe home for delve mechanic?) It wouldnt surprise me to see something totally out of the box for orzhov however.

  • Captainguineapigzn

    Go Gruul!

  • Buttery Raven

    Am I the only one who likes Simic?


    ORZHOV DOMINATE U ALL… HAHAHHAHAA, pillory of sleepless your but to death

  • Rosanderman

    Simic best not be tribal unless its mutants there were no merfolk in ravnica before so why now i love the combine they are my favorite guild although i like them all. Give me something that works with graft like they did for the selesnyan hippys with convoke/populate somwthing that works with the cytoplast they gave us in disscension, dont let vigs great creatiin go to waste!!! I will be rather dissapointed if simic is tribal merfolk and not tribal mutants (either way it does not make sense to have one guild tribal and not say selesnya or grull) dont get me wrong i like merfolk i have 2 decks based on the little aquatic sealubbers but it just doesnt make sense for simic to be tribal

  • Spikehiyashi6

    simic rules!!!!!!!!

  • Boros fagget

    Boros is clearly number one we rush you to death 

  • Gabriel Segura

    The Return to Ravnica set was Great i have high hope for Gatecrash. The lore behind this block is awesome. Cant wait for the four prereleases at my local shop!!!!!!!!

  • Corinthaniel

    I can tell that Gideon will be part red just for Boros, i my self prefer Orzhov… AND BOROS COMBINED!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA!!!!!!

  • vampirekid26

    The syndicate can use your gold and your soul.

  • Jasonsoborski

     Let’s go Gruul!

  • Callmoor Iwrin

    about green white planes walker, Nissa. Might seem like a stupid idea but many planeswalkers have been there, plus, Gideon retreated from zendikar to there- why not Nissa? She might either be green blue or green white

    • Rakdos Reveler

      Nissa has dabbled in black magic. Just saying.

  • aninnymoose

    all about some boros and gruul

  • Etemad

    ill dreadbore all of you in the face. rakdos4life

  • Geist

    hopefully we’ll see three or four colored decks in standard this time around…

  • Gideon’s Sidekick

    His Army. His Aggression, His Guild.  Gideon Boros!!

  • Alpha847omega

    Dimir. nuff said

  • Flamemason


  • I went there

    I don’t know which guild will be the best to go for in the pre-release. 

    I went Golgari, because Green and Black have been my colours, and thought that Scavenge would’ve been beastly in limited. 
    Deadbridge Goliath proved himself over and over again, so I somewhat picked right. Detain screwed me time and time again, but 

    However, I don’t know if I’m going to go Gruul or Simic for the Green. I’ve found that Green is a strong limited colour, as seen in the last 3 sets (especially Avacyn Restored), but Red has been hit or miss, and I’m not a fan of blue in limited. 

    Maybe i should try Orzhov. Or maybe Dimir

    F**k Boros, no offence.

  • Kaiso

    Can’t wait for it ^^
    Simic & Boros <333

  • Rolling10001

    Can’t wait to see her magistrate Teysa Karlov again!

    • I expect her to pop up sometime in Dragons Maze along with the rest of the champions.

  • Guest

    Ahhhhh! Selesyna Represents! :D

  • Guest

    Im thinking of running a Boros/Selesnya deck, Sound good? <3

    • ?/?

      you mean Naya?

  • They should put izzet in yet again because it’s so awesome.

  • Corbin

    Simic planeswalker will be in the last set of the block

  • Corbin

    Gatecrash will have a mono black planeswalker or green and a Boros planeswalkers  which is Gideon and the last set will have a mono white or red planeswalker and a Simic planeswalker

  • Wisdomseyes

    Kiora = second planeswalker in Gatecrash?

    God I hope so, cause it won’t be Ral Zar and that would only leave room for 1 of them in the next set… which would be Ral Zar, likely, considering the subject matter of all we know about him is he is from the Izzet Guild

  • Zando917

    I like simic, mainly becosue they have the blob (ie kraj) he creeps…….

  • Tray4020

    Boros & Gruul all the way!

  • Inspencerwetrust

    So correct if im wrong but the colors for the guilds are
    orzhov-black white
    Dimir- Black Blue
    Gruul- Red Green
    Boros- Red/White?
    Simic- Green/Blue
    My favorites will probably be Orzhov and Boros. maybe Ill play Simic, a little, at the prerelease though I’m gonna choose Boros or Gruul, I dont have a standard Red Green deck lolol
    If I go, does anyone know the play style for any of these? Maybe control, Aggro, burn, are my favorite ways to go.
    Hmm, I guess ill have to make my decision, when they show spoilers soon.
    I’m gonna get that Gideon card, mark my words. :D

    • Doomblade567

      yep all those are right, GO BOROS!

  • Duelmaster91889

    The Golgari Swarm rules all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reasonableism

    Gideon and kiora atua as plansewalkers for this set is my prediction

  • Honourspell

    SIMIC GOLGARI COMBO the stompy green with th annoyance of blue and black, you dont get to play anything and i eat your face

  • Sloathedemon

    boros legion :)

  • Joshcan171

    Gruul and Simic combine

  • Jirry

    Dimir? But it doesn’t exist, does it?

    Wonder what secrets they’ll have this time for us to ponder >:) a new Glimpse the Unthinkable, maybe?
    Still, my archenemy Gideon makes appearance so I suspect that the dilemma with the good planeswalker – bad planeswalker goes on. It’s got to be something with black. I hope ^^

  • XMan

    I will not be paying another penny for a RTR card. I currently (and for a little while now) play decks that use the colors of Boros. And of Dimir. And of  Gruul. And of Simic. The only one I am not playing is Orhov. But I never ever planned to play Selesnya. Or Isset (sorry missing letter; keyboard problems). Or Rakdos. Or Golgari. Or even Aorius. And I never will. Gatcrash totally is the set for me, where I realised (damnit) that RTR wasn’t at all… btw; hope they’ve got a few decking mechanisms for Dimir; I Hope they don’t let that wonderful new way of winning fade away…

  • GruulBeserker

    “We may live in different ways and tribes. Rest assured if 1 fights us we all answer the call.”-Gruul Beserker 

  • Kiyoagi

    Dimir is the one

  • Mapaxe

    Dimir and Simic!!!
     I wish they put a planeswalker for each of these two. Also blue creatures with protection from any colour or landwalk!

  • Guesswho081

    Im grixis all the way, I see either a u/bl or r/bl planeswalker and when it comes to aggro im happy because I run a jund aggro/midrange right now but before then I had grixis that just stomped alot of decks so everybody needs to chill and think what is possible because everything is so get over it but lets see, I choose grixis its fun and what’s better then getting bolas ultimate with tamiyo

  • Guest

    does anyone know how long Avacyn Restored will be standard? will it stop being so after this is released?

    • Guest

       It will continue to be standard until the release of the next block.

    • No, it will be in standard until the first set of the next block comes out. This means we have Gatecrash and Dragons Maze (along with another core set) to play with Avacyn Restored. The codename for the first set of the next block is called “Friends” and is followed by “Romans” and “Countrymen.” I wouldn’t spend any time worrying about losing any of your Avacyn Restored stuff until you hear official news for these sets.

  • Zacharystevens93

    emrak niv gave up his spark to consume the firemind & wizards stated that their only making humanoid walkers

  • Theone4221

    I don’t think Ral Zarek belongs here…

    He has no guild to work with in this set. It’d be better to put him in Sinker.

  • Tony

    Savagery. Primal. Rage. THIS IS GRUUL!

  • DimirRepresentative

    My Secrecy. My Advantage. My Guild.

    Welcome to House of Dimir

    • Lazav

      SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH We don’t exist…… “*cough* *cough*, He ment Orzhov, Dimir doesn’t exist. Fah!

  • Darthkoo

    looks like we are getting an Izzt planeswalker

  • Busterswrd_maniac

     if that 1 art is anything to go by, the 2nd planeswalker will be Ral Zarek. cuz that’s without a doubt Ral Zarek……. just look at the full body pic for him then at that art

  • That top picture is from the announcement of Dragon’s Maze, not Gatecrash.

  • Lonethief

    Why is Ral Zarek’s art here? He’s in Dragon’s Maze, not Gatecrash.

  • Dasbrown65

    Boros, orzhov, dimir, these things matter not. Because in the dark future there is only war.

  • MAck

    why dont we get an Akroma or a Kamahl as planeswalkers??? o.O

    • Seritho

       Well technically Akroma was a powerful illusion created by ummm I forget his name but a powerful illusionist.  And what would be the point of Kamahl as a Planeswalker?  Or Akroma?  If you ask me, we should be seeing some of the Planeswalkers that have been mentioned throughout MTG history, Windgrace and many others , ESPECIALLY URZA!!!  I mean we could even have a little side edition called Fallen Walkers or something, just to give an excuse to print a few planeswalkers who have died.  Grrr, and until my computer crashed I had an excellent Urza card made up too that I would have shared here!

      • Tommoo77

        jeska would be a good planeswalker to release

        • thecoreaugur

          but jeska died

      • Shadow921

        deffinatly urza  he and etari

    • Sdg

      they both are dead

  • Idonovan14

    Boros and Orzhov! 

  • BeatYouToLife

    Dimir knows all

  • Ricky MacLeod

    looks like i can almost completely skip this set. might be a gem in the Simic Merfolk, Dimir might have a decent Vampyer, Boros could have a few decent Sorcery/Instant and Gruul and Orzhova can just die all together, so all in all not expecting anything really worth getting. Wish so much that they had not put Izzet, Selesnya and Azorius together.

  • Ogre Graftmage

    My vision. My evolution. My guild! Simic for the win!

    • Zegena’s follower

      Go Simic!! Selesnya’s got nothing on them for awesome nature stuff!!!

  • Notreal

    Simic is the best for delver

  • Neptunestrident73

    How about a merfolk planeswalker!!

  • gefwa

    go boros

  • Derping

    spam spam spam

  • Lovingtaco

    dude shut up

  • Aurelia’s Diplomat

    That planeswalker seems a bit weak honestly. It will take at least 4 turns to get him up to his ultimate, and then you have powerful creatures. However, he will be getting attacked and quite possibly never get that high, unless his +1 gets you enough creatures. His only ability that stands out is his -2, and with that, to make up for the counters lost, you have to use his +1 twice. Plus he will be getting attacked. Just my opinion

    We are Boros, We are legion!

    • Theone4221

      Abrupt Decay kills him, too. His price will drop so quickly, it won’t be funny.

  • Cloud Envy

    This pre-release is gonna be the hardest decision for me to make.

  • Bsl3232

    the planswlker sucks

    • Wolo

       that planswalker is awesome. wins you the battle of attrition everytime can come down as early as turn three to help you build an army or dig for one while pinging their creatures….. idk how that sucks

    • BURNNN!!!!!

      the planeswalker is awesome and will increase the rate of red green decks ever and make gruul and gideon for boros these two guilds will be very popular

  • Z1wargrider

    ummm, did anyone even think to rock Selesyna and Boros together, thus allowing you to play things from Selesnya, Boros, and Gruul

    • Sdg

      what do you think hmmm?

    • That Guy

      It’s called naya

  • Bob2477

    We need the return of Raging Goblin. Or hell Raging Goblin the Planeswalker, Hehe a 1 mana planeswalker, wonder what powers would be given to a goblin planeswalker nevermind a one mana version. 

  • Natek007

    Troll Deck Simic Deck :D 

  • kowill

    borborygmos doesent fit the gruul i mean he is strong but it is almost imposible to get him out


      he is in green colors…. if there is ANY color that can realistically play larg spells its gruul plus the guilds mechanic will most likely help (the first 2 cards of gruul which are there 2 mythic s both have a search feature in them? i think were seeing the gruul mechanic :D)

  • Tyrovian

    The prerelease guild choice will be as difficult as choosing the 3 pokemon when I was young :P

    • dimir

      dimir all the way

    • Niels

      charmander all the way

    • Jace must die

      Dimir and Charmander how was that hard

  • Darthkoo

    Looks like the first few card are the high cost combeo cards and the planeswalker.

  • DarkHaze


  • Nreed1986

    Red/Green is gonna be tough to beat next in standard

  • Gruuuuuuuuullllll

  • That Guy

    Since Domri is red and green I guess that means Gideon will only be white. I don’t think Wizards would be dumb enough to put two red walkers the same set.

    • Hjdog

      Ever heard of shards of alara? Three planeswalkers ( ajani vengent, tezzeret the seeker, sarkan vol), two of em shared the color red.

  • luciano

    Hellkitte Tyrant!!!=)

  • Aejan

    “All the lands in your hand are Lightning Bolts! CRUSH THEM!” 

  • Borosgruulnaya

    Boros, and Gruul. Naya Humas all the way!

  • I wish there would be a Green White Planeswalker in the future… (Ma’t Selesnya? she is alive right?)

  • keith metcalf

    i just cant wait for the new izzet plainswalker

    • Derp

      This is not à set with izzet so nô izzet plainswalker :p

  • themagic man

    Burn and chomp so going to be a gruul and boros person i love the burn of redcthe power boost of green and the multiple creature help from white already part of sylesnya so why not take my 3 favorite colour guilds and play them

    • Korro

      so Naya??

  • Mtg

    Opponent: I play Enter the Infinite and pass turn.
    Me: Wit’s End

    • 10Fold

      A brave proposal, however, that play would assume you RUN Wit’s End in your deck. I’m sure now you realise the folly of this situation ;)

    • Jt Meade

      Me as Opponent: Psychic Spiral

  • guest

    Hi i am new to this my boyfriend is in love with the mtg can you tell me how to pre order gate crash?

    • Red_crimson3

      Ebay or starcitygames are your best bets.

  • Lalala


  • Ctoland50

    MY SECRET, MY GUILD. Demir all the way!

    • Shadow921

      you spelled dimir wrong

      • 10Fold

        You capitalized Dimir wrong ;P

  • MINDblown

    Enter the Infinite + Omniscience.

  • Demonicdolpins

    We are Boros and we have lightning hélix so we win :D

  • Orzhovpower

    Orzhov will always come in first

  • Aejan

    Simic and Dimir. 

  • What is this dimir you guys are talking about? their is notenth guild. only nine. stop this crazy talk.
    Cazoxisiv of the Izzet
    Long Live Niv-Mizzet!!!

  • pamathelm

    i love how they already have a red and green plansewalker

    • pamathelm

      and a red and white one to XD

      • pamathelm

        and a green and black plansewalker as well 

  • Lone_wolf94

    I just wanna see the new mechanics

  • Wokitronics

    Does anyone know when WotC is going to post new cards? I cant wait! :D

    • Shadow921


  • Aejan

    Here’s my thoughts on these five guilds and their new effects.

    For the Simic, in their new lore, it is said that they have creating hybrid creatures. What if the new Simic keyword lets you combine your creatures into bigger, nastier creatures, sharing the effects of their component parts? So you could sacrifice a creature with the keyword, and toss +1/+1 counters on another one, while giving it whatever effects that creature had. Let’s say I have a neat 2/4 Simic spider-thing. I sacrifice it, and my other creature gets +2/+4 and gains reach. That would be solid, flavor-wise, and would have some potential, especially if I could force my mutations on my opponent’s creatures.

    The Dimir’s last ability wasn’t very stellar. Basically, it allowed you to put yourself behind on mana to pick and choose what you had in your hand. My thoughts are that the Dimir are all about stealing secrets. You could ‘steal’ an opponents secrets by looking at their hand and deck, and then reap the rewards by exploiting that. Here’s some examples. 

    Exploit – When this creature deals combat damage to an opponent, name a nonland card. If that player has the named card in their hand, they reveal it and lose 2 life. 

    Exploit – Select target player and name a nonland card. If that player has the named card in their hand, they reveal it, and you draw two cards.

    Exploit – Name a nonland card. If an opponent has the named card in their hand, they reveal it and discard it.

    Fun, right?

    The Boros also didn’t have a great keyword last time around. It wasn’t flavorful or powerful, and basically sucked. It’s difficult to think of an ability that’s both red and white that hasn’t already been done. The Boros are all about attacking with armies, but what can you do with that? My first thought is some kind of wait-until-the-right-moment gambit, where your creatures accumulate +1/+1 counters as long as they don’t attack, but lose them all once they do. That’s flavorful, but who likes not attacking? The Boros should be able to attack and keep attacking until their opponents are nothing but dust. Maybe a triggered ability where they burned any creature that battled them, before combat damage was dealt. 

    The Gruul are not my favorite. I was never a fan of red/green. They would probably have keyword ability that showed off and supported a lack of planning and much destructing. Perhaps creatures that could smash artifacts when they attacked, or forced tiny creatures to block them. I don’t know, it could be anything with this one.

    Finally, the Orzhov. I liked the haunt ability, but it lacked power and was very confusing to most people. The Orzhov seem to focus on debts and money, so I think it would be neat if you could force your opponents to be in debt to you. Give them something nice, but call in their debt at the worst possible time. With interest, of course. 
    Hey buddy, you can gain 2 life now, but later you lose 4 life and I gain 4 life. 
    Draw some cards, my friend, fill up your hand. You never know when you’ll discard it all.
    Here, have a Spirit token. Now sacrifice it, along with another one of your creatures.

    • 10Fold

      As nifty as that Exploit mechanic sounds, it’d have to be worded differently, such that they would have to reveal their ENTIRE hand. Why do you think any “search for a card of type X” effect card makes you reveal that card? To prove you searched for the correct type. If that opponent didn’t have to reveal their whole hand, they could lie and say they have no card of that name/type. 
      Sure, you could get a judge to check, but really, if every Orzhov player used Exploit, that’d be a hell of a lot of judge calls for one match. Not to mention the impact it’d have on casual/kitchen table magic. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good idea, but needs tweaking to fit the current rule frame of magic :)

  • randomman

    orzhov is the best here. as we can see.

  • Scooter

    Ugh Gideon…again?  Why?

    • GrizzlyVore

       More like, ugh Jace….again?  Why?

  • Hopefully Simic wont get shat on like the Azorius did…wait who am I kidding? They have no where to sell. Boros is the poster child and they are good and popular played colors. Gruul has planeswalker. Dmir is blue control all the way. Orzhov and Simic almost dont stand a chance…maybe I’m wrong…

  • Aurelias Servant


  • Release the terminal hybrid one-drops!

  • Vin

    Boros and Gruul  will both be heavily played and broken.

  • mapaxe

    Will gideon be white/red or just white? I don’t love that combination…

  • Bdfx

    To Nordic: I never saw a set with only one planeswalker, but if you will…

    • Shadow921

      dark ascension

      • JCHabey94

        New Phyrexia

    • Dark Ascension?

    • Lazav

      Dark ascension, new phyrexia, conflux, alara reborn, worldwake

  • vaginscab

    jesus plays magic……….but for real. with hitler

    • MAPAXE

      Actually I always pictured those two having a cup of tea with Isabella, the Catholic…

  • Lotusyoshi13



    • Korro

      I doubt it is in Lazav’s nature to shout wild proclamations, it kind of ruins the whole secrecy “thing” the Dimir are trying to create. this sort of proclamation is more likely to come from Rakdos or Borborygmous 

    • Lazav


  • I…NEED….MORE…. SPOILERS!!!!!!!!! (O_O)

  • Mizraboy

    Turn 1: Forest/Arbor Elf
    Turn 2: Island/Laboratory Maniac
    Turn 3: Forest/Avacyn’s Pilgrim/Scorned Villager
    Turn 4: Island/Mask of Avacyn/Equip to Maniac/Scorned Villager
    Turn 5: Island/Mana Bloom for 6/leave mana for a cancel
    Turn 6:Island/Moonmist/Omniscience
    Turn 7: Enter the infinite/Think Twice

    • Shadow921

      why not enter the infinite turn 6 and win turn 7

    • Korro

      By my calculation for you to be able to do this you must have 4 more cards than is possible without extra draws by turn 7, assuming you drew first turn

  • Guesswho081

    Need more cards, I want to see some dimir stuff please

  • spacelion

    Aurelia goes perfectly in my seance deck, i just BOROSED in my pants

  • I hope we get spoilers in our stockings soon.

  • I demand more spoilers.

  • wedontexist

    Wait, what´s dimir? I´m sure that thing never existed.

    • mapaxe

      What happened? Did we make you forget…?

  • mapaxe

    Does anyone know where I can find more cards? Besides this I was able to find only one charm, but that’s it and I already pre-order’d 2 booster boxes and 2 decks!!

    • chinface

      wait… you found a charm? where?

      • mapaxe


        • mapaxe

          I’m having some trouble in uploading the picture of the card but it reads:

          Choose one – Until end of turn, target land becomes a 3/3 creature that’s still a land; or return target nonland permanent to its owner’s hand; or target creature you control gains hexproof until end of turn

          • mapaxe

            I posted a few links, but I guess the admins censored it… go to mtgvalencia (dot) blogspot (dot) mx all together, of course. There’s the Simic Charm and also “Acces Denied” which will probably sell for 20 USD at the least.

          • Mikeb1082

            Access Denied is a fake. wizards said that the “this card cannot be countered by spells or abilities” mechanic was only for RTR and will not make an appearance in Gatecrash or Dragon’s Maze

  • Ben Meszaros

    Borborygmoskjhaweouihaoiwhefaohoshowooooheeeeewoooop! Leader of Gruul!

  • vincent

    Gideon is the other planes-walker he is red white, also if you go onto the mtg website and DL the fanpacks of the GTCR guilds, they have pics of some cool stuff in GTCR

  • mapaxe

    Hellkite tyrant tells me that Gatecrash or Dragon’s Maze will have many artifacts and the latter may even have an art deck. Sure hope so.

  • Volt88

    There is a new spoiler somewhere on the internet

    Vizkopa Guardian (BB)
    CMC: 2
    First Strike, Lifelink
    Resurrect (WW) You may cast it from your graveyard by paying its resurrect cost. Next time this card would leave the battlefield exile it instead

    “Death is not an excuse to leave your post”

    • vincent


    • Chrisg86

      Unfortunately its looking like this is a fake :( Like the card, but it would get crazy trying to remember if you resurrected a card or not.

  • I’ve always been a lover of Gruul. This is going to be fun.

  • Volt88

    New card guys. Probably it will be uploaded here soon :D

    Fathom Mage (2UG)

    Whenever a +1/+1 counter is placed on Fathom Mage, you may draw a card
    1/1 Human Wizard Creature



    • Lonethief


  • Ethan Caynes

    Orshov looks pretty cool, i like their mechanic, i’ll be putting vizkopa guardian in my rakdos deck even though i can’t pay the ressurection cost.

    • Aejan

      Vizkopa Guardian is fake. 

    • Vizpoka is a lie.

  • Michael

    Simics mechanic is pretty cool

  • Palefate

    Damn it, my guilds keyword sucks.

    • Shadow921

      which guild

  • JT

    found a new one.
    Firemane Avenger Creature – AngelFlyingBattalion – Whenever Firemane Avenger and at least two other creatures attack, Firemane Avenger deals 3 damage to target creature or player and you gain 3 life.Firemane Nevana led the victorious assualt on the Barbu Rooftop rebels. Now the Gateless have marked her for death.Illus. Wayne Reynolds#163/2493/3(Confirmation and Discussion) 
    (Source: Daily MTG)

  • Aejan

    Firemane Avenger – 2WR
    Creature – Angel
    Battalion – WHenever Firemane Avenger and at least two other creatures attack, Firemane Avenger deals 3 damage to target creature or player and you gain 3 life.

  • Kendana98

    where are the boros spoilers

    • Aejan

      Look just below your comment.

  • HouseRepresentitive

    We Are House of DIMIR

  • Ronaldo

    Meu ovo

  • Chrisg86

    Dimir card revealed

    Whispering Madness – 2UB
    Sorcery (Rare)
    Each player discards his or her hand, then draws cards equal to the greatest number of cards a player discarded this way.
    Cipher (Then you may exile this spell card encoded on a creature you control. Whenever that creature deals combat damage to a player, its controller may cast a copy of the encoded card without paying its mana cost.)

  • josh

    simic simic simic

  • 2pro2222

    lol boros

  • MTGDanny

    Well, official spoilers START ON MONDAY DECEMBER 31st.

    I for one will be waiting for that day to hopefully see more GRUUL spoilers and to hopefully see some trample on their creatures..

    Cause seriously, “BloodRush” kinda pisses me off. I dont wanna discard my creatures unless the extra power/toughness pump has trample to go along with it!!

    Dang it!! I demand spoilers hurry up Wizards.

  • DimirDude

    oh, so they have a lot of gruul spoiled but only one dimir. me no likey.

    • MTGkidover9000

      because gruul sucks and dimir is awesome, so the best for last!

  • MTGDanny

    Just So you people know:

    For those that think Boros is amazing because you basically get a free lightning helix now for the guild, you may be wrong! I don’t think Battalion means 3 damage to creature or player and 3 life gain with at least 3 attacking creatures. Just cause Firemane Avenger says so.

    Remember Morbid keyword? It just means that an ability can only happen if a creature died that turn, and similarly, I think battalion just means that for an ability or effect to happen you have to attack with at least 2 other creatures. That’s it. And different cards use morbid differently, and it just so happens that Firemane avenger’s Battalion ability is amazing.

    Lets be honest people, if Wizards made Battalion deal 3 damage and 3 life gain as a GUILD MECHANIC, that would be ridiculous!!

  • borPGR Style

    well i think you may be wrong cause im pretty sure wizards is trying to show us what each keyword is supposed to be, and they showed us the angel for Boros in oder to do that.

    Boros FOR THE WIN!! MY aggression, MY guild!

  • Overlord Ludicolo

    Domri Rade looks great at first glance, but it’s colors would suggest otherwise. Red/green decks often prefer to play a creature every turn until about turn four or five, when their opponent should be at around 5-7 life anyways.
    The use I’m thinking of for him is in a control-y URG deck, where its +1 (and occasionally its -2) would be useful and it would have some blue to back it up. The addition of blue would also be able to stall against faster decks until it could even use its -7 as a devastating finisher.
    I’d say it’s playable enough to get some use.

  • Example


    • Overlord Ludicolo




  • Fuzzy Chicken

    is firemane avenger for real!? its so epic

  • Surfer1347

    you can’t stop gruul once you set it free

  • Overlord Ludicolo

    Ooh, I like those bracers. I really wanna build around them.

  • Kitsune_Fearn

    A little disappointed by Orzhov’s “extort” ability.  I love the idea of a mana sink, don’t get me wrong. It will be great in a perfect situation where an opponent lets you have like 5 permanents with extort on the field and you got something like a sign in blood late game; but it just seems like they restricted it to much. I believe in most games you are paying for the most of what you can put out, a 3cc for a 3/3 for example. Not to mention the opponent is doing the same while trying to destroy your permanents as well. It’s impossible for me to see several extort permanents going unanswered, and by the time you have no hand and the mana to spend you will have little to no extort to play. I think it would have been well balanced to say that for each extort out there pay W/B, and subsequently they would loose that much life and you would gain that much life. As it stands it just seems like extort is just way to late game to really be worth it, but if you do somehow manage to pull off a full field of extort and cast a cheap spell it could certainly be a game winner. Just saying would have been nice to see extort work a bit more like exalted. On a side note Dimir’s “cipher” is amazing, and I can not believe they thought getting basically a free un-targetable enchantment that perma copies an exiled spell wasn’t overkill. Sure you can destroy the creature or not let it hit you, all the good it will do you when spells are being piled onto an Invisible Stalker. Cipher is just soooo amazing…

  • Caos Monster Of Reality

    i have a feeling that there going to have a gild format of play. it would be awesome ^^

  • Brenden Johnson97

    i think blue black or grixis is gonna be good because of invisble stalker

  • Crygeon

    Oh hay look, blue is op, again.

  • Sidneyarthurlevine1

    im a rakdos guy

  • Jace, Blogger of Thoughts

    I’m actually really underwhelmed with “Deathpact Angel”…while her artwork is AMAZING, I feel she lacks the “Epicness” that defines a mythic and feel that they should have either given her an additional keyword ability that would fit Orzhov (i.e. lifelink, deathtouch, heck even regenerate would work) or made the ability of the Human Cleric token cheaper like WBB instead of 3WBB because without her “resurrection” ability she’s just a 5/5 flyer for 6CMC…otherwise I feel like she is a card that should just be a rare, heck Serra Angel is a 4/4 vigilant flyer for 5CMC and she’s only an uncommon. How does everyone else feel about her? Am I missing the forest for the trees and not seeing why she’s a mythic or does anyone else agree that she doesn’t feel as awesome as she should.

    • guest

      I am agreeing with you completely. I was hoping for this awesome angel, but now I’m severely disappointed. But hey, I still want a playset because of her art. Maybe we’ll find a way to abuse this without Training Grounds.

      • Seritho

         Right there, with a picture like that this thing should be freaking Legendary.  Instead we get an overpriced 5/5 flying that has a very vulnerable get out of jail(graveyard) for a high cost.  Devastation Angel was expensive but at least you could bounce it back and forth to good effect.  Not so much with this.

        • Shadow921

          i personally hoping for angel of despair

  • Anon

    Gruul: We will crush you.

  • Keensunder

     Dimir’s ‘Cipher’ ability seems to be a sleeper in the set. If the copy of the spell has cipher included as well, the controller can attach the copy of the spell to another creature. I wonder what happens you cast a cipher spell when Telrand is on the battlefield and attach the spell and all the future copies on each new drake token he creates?

    • MTGDanny

      Wow I never thought about abusing Cipher to that extent- copying its spells and re-enconding the copied spell to either a new creature or the same one such as an invisible stalker.. Just holy epicness.

      I could see that getting out of hand quickly, but my question is is there anything that is versatile and good at copying spells cast in standard? In other formats I could see many opportunities. Maybe increasing vengeance? But that’s red

    • Shadow921

      That’d be great if it actually worked.

    • That Guy

      That won’t work. Since the copy disappears when it is exiled, it can’t be encoded.

      • Shadow921

        also cipher says exile this card and a copy is not a card

  • Gaston205

    Wizards has given us Lazav, they must really love us. He is going to go so well with my mill deck, you OP shapeshifter you!

    • Seritho

       Come here killa, got a special job for you with Consuming Aberration.

  • Cureknot

    Wow so wizards lied about Gideon being in the boros clan. I was really expecting a Red white Gideon. Sad day for boros

    • Seritho

       I forget whether WOT actually confirmed that but it is disappointing nevertheless.  As far as I am concerned that unless they are printing NEW Planeswalkers, older Planeswalkers that are making comebacks need to diversify.  Given his character, Gideon totally would have made sense as a R/W Planeswalker.  Course we still need a U/G, B/U and sooo many more, WOT what are you doing!?

      • LemonLacerater

        we have a B/U planeswalker… we need G/W, G/U, and a R/U pkaneswalkers. though it looks like we will be getting the R/U one soon with Ral Zereck

      • Ricky Mac

         red on Gideon wouldn’t fit, he despises everything that is not white mana and red even more so

  • I wanna know what the flavor text on Biovisionary.

  • Lazav

    House Dimir all the way, but after seeing Gideon, I’m being pulled towards Boros

    • jin-sei no tenshi

      red,green,white humans
      domri and gideon
      mayors, fencing aces, hunstmasters, rancors, etreal armor, and volcanic strength
      mess stuff up with enchanting creatures
      make them attack gideon while building up domri
      and also scaring them with beast creatures thats what im going to do make them fear NAYA humans
      sorry for spelling errors a bit excited xD

  • Mat123232

    I’m like the only one how is voting for simic

  • Johnathann Byrd

    I think I smell some Rite of Replication with the Simic guild…

  • Ricarles11

    i had a geek-gasm

  • Chrisg86

    i’m really curious to see the charms. anyone got any guesses on what they are gonna do?

  • Seritho

    Where the heck is the last Guild leader?  I wanna see the Simic Guild Leader!

  • Simicleader

    We’re Is here

  • Nekneth

     go skull crack
    maybe RDW will come back

  • Joel_quinn

    simic and dimir all the way

  • orion roach

    Orzhov is totally the best

    • nekneth

       NO. either simic or grull is best. dont know which yet not enough examples. maybe dimir if they can produce some more good cypher cards.
      but most definitely not orazhof.
      this is out of all the guilds.

      • Guest

        orzhov does not have the best cards and probably the worst standard constructed keyword but I for one think it is epic that the guild that embodies black and white selfishness and selflessness are bankers and that is why I love them over all other guilds. + vindicate and debtor’s knell so your argument is invalid. 

  • jin-sei no tenshi

    damn im going dimir
    jace memory adept and the first dimir guildmage ability lose 10 life from jaces “+0” 
    have two guildmages 6 mana and a memory adept that could be game -20 life
    lots of defenders like fog bank and that 0/6 wall from RTR defend till you have a gulidmage and jace out
    thats just a simple build i thought of but it will be way more complex when i build the deck

    • Guest

      you know you could just activate the single guildmages ability twice to deal twenty you would not need two and it would only cost 4 mana to have your opponent lose twenty life

      • Guest

        sorry six mana did not see the one colorless symbol.

  • My Secrecy. My Advantage. My Guild. 

  • Mat

    We’re is the last guild leader!¡!¡

  • Aronbv

    boros makes all the charms :D

  • Humanwerewolf56

    I’m posting this just to make 400 comments…

  • Chad Mccoy1357

    you threaten my people with slavery and death THIS IS BOROS!

  • Highlander

    So i did a comparison of the new guild leaders against the old and here my thoughts. please give feedback.


    Ghost Council of Orzhov: minimal life sap that is
    repeatable. Early mid-game. Reasonable mana cost. Second ability could be used
    as awkward version of vigilance.

    Obzedat, Ghost Council: still has the minimal repeatable
    life sap. Mid-game. No less unreasonable. Downfall of second ability is that
    you lose him as a blocker or count.

    Would say tie.



    Szadek, Lord of Secrets: Increasing mil ability. Flying and
    decent P/T which increases. High CMC but is reasonable for what he does.

    Lazav, Dimir Mastermind: Hexproof is one of the greatest
    keywords we have, early mid-game. The copy ability is great and with the Dimir
    focus on mill will be incredibly useful.

    Lazav is the better mainly because of the lower cost.



    Borboeygmos: Trample makes it easy to trigger second
    ability, which is great. At CMC 7 he really comes out to late to be used fully.

    Borborygmos Enraged: Trample makes it easy to trigger second
    ability but it has a great downfall of putting cards in the graveyard.
    Discarding land is unpractical in most situations but when you are able to get
    him out for the 8 it not as difficult to foresee discarding lands.

    Personally I’m for the old one the ability to make all your
    creatures stronger at once is much more useful late game.



    Razia, Boros Archangel: Slightly over costed, CMC 7 would be
    better. Vigilance and a tap ability is great combo. Damage redirect is great
    but for CMC 8 should be more than 3 damage. Can protect self.

    Aurelia, the Warleader: Easily broken because of the haste
    and combat ability. The second combat phase is something that is dangerous and for
    the CMC 6 it not over costed.

    Aurelia is the clear winner, lower cost and greater ability
    for it.



    Momir Vig, Simic Visionary: helps you get the ideal creature
    for the situation. Slightly under powered even with the abilities(should cost 4
    or be 3/3).

    Prime Speaker Zegana: creates the strongest creature you
    have at the time. Gives card adventage but could overload your hand, CMC 6 slightly
    harder to cast.

    Zegana takes the win for the greater ability and stronger creature.



    Art wise there is no contest the new are the better.


    • Shadow921

      Momir Vig isn’t the guild leader!
      Experiment Kraj is

      • Anyone142313

        Vig was the guild leader. Kraj was the guild champion. lrn2lore.

    • Awesomeness

      Momir vig simic visonarry comes into play and you search you’re library for a creature card ex expiremented kraj with experimented kraj put a 1 1 conter on him search for two creatures every turn I think momir vig Is better

      • Jace must die

        Momir wouldn’t trigger his own ability, because it worded
        when you cast and he would need to be on the battlefield for it to trigger.
        plus your combo with Kraj makes no sense if you used Kraj to make Momir bigger
        Kraj wouldn’t gain any abilities because it only gains activated abilities and
        Momir only has triggered ones.

        • Mat

          Ok maybe that dose not work but with momir vig you can plan you’re tactics like primordial titant and the 15/15 eldrazie

          • Highlander

            As i said i welcome others thoughts. i normally run decks with very high consistency so i don’t see much need to stack my draws.
            fyi: the Eldrazi, no “e”, is Emrakul and it Primeval Titan non primordial.

  • Yakscha

    Signal the Clans is just broken. Choose anything big with haste at turn 2 and BAM. Next card to be banned in modern.

    • Flickerfan618

      If it went o the battlefield then yes it would be broken. But it just goes to your hand which means you still have to wait until you have enough mana to cast it.

  • Flickerfan618

    I would just like to say that CIPHER DOESN’T TRIGGER FOR THE COPY BECAUSE THE COPY ISN’T A CARD!! The card text specifically says “Exile this spell CARD…” and the copy isn’t a card, so no, you do not get infinite cipher spells.

    I hope this clears up all the confusion.

    • Alucard

       The copy of the card still has the cipher ability, so yes, you can cipher again…

      • rbguy

         No you can’t WotC specifically said you can’t encode the copy of a Cipher spell. It would be so OP if you could do that.

      • nekneth

        no becuse it isnt a copy of the card just of the spell and as you need to exile the card with cipher on it to use cipher the spell does everything else.
        if it didnt then cipher would be op or so expensive to cast that it would be useless.

      • That Guy

        The copy disappears as soon as it is exiled so it’s pointless even if you could.

  • Spacezombieninja


  • Xanthrite, Dimir Agent

    Lol these comments crack me up.

  • Da


  • Greg, The Establishment

    Has anyone noticed that this block and the first Ravnica are named similarly? First-letter-wise, I mean. It’s sorta a cool coincidence:
    Ravnica, CIty of Guilds  /  Return to Ravnica
    Guildpact  /  Gatecrash
    Dissension  /  Dragon’s Maze

    • That Guy

      I have noticed it but I assure you that it is by no means a mere coincidence.


    prime speaker is awesome!


    aurelia is crazy!


    dimir draft time!

  • Guest

    Orzov is da best 

  • Robertsaysrawr

    Giant adephage is so overpowered

    • nekneth

       no its not unless your running token gen anyway or somberwald sage

    • Gaston205

      No less OP than any other Mythic, just look at Lord of the Void, or Lazav, or Aurelia’s Fury.

  • Lazav

    is it just me, or are there not many ciipher cards revealed yet?

  • twistedchaos

    Blind obedience is overpowered

  • twistedchaos

    Need a destroy for permanents or field wipe

  • twistedchaos

    For black

  • Dhabiwasher

    Battering Raam!!!!!

    • Lazav

      Not THE CHEESE!!!!!

  • twistedchaos

    Thanks wizards

  • Dungeon07master07

    boros, boros, boros

  • nekneth

    i want the green primordial
    and i love the anti hexproof enchantment

    • MasterMAGE

      Artifact!! Not enchantment lol

      • nekneth

         sorry was really tired when i put that in

  • The awesomeness

    Master biomancer is awesome

    • Gaston205

      Well, they had to give Simic something good, so far it’s like, what, one, maybe two or three good cards.

      • ColonelLudicolo

        Zegana (edh), Charm, Master Biomancer, Fathom Mage, Gyre Sage, Simic Manipulator (maybe).
        I count more than two.

  • Will

    From the promos for prerelease for each guild has been revealed, which guild color would you choose for prerelease and why? which promo is the best?

  • Emile Jobity

    why doesnt mtg release all the dam spoilers so that i can make my pre-orders now.

  • It’s a total of 248 cards now (1/21/13, 1pm, MEZ), so 1 card is still missing. o_O

  • zen

    i’m disappointed that this block dose not have any of the can not be counted cards like RTR did.

    • Shadow921


      • Bmeanleet

        rather he would need to learn magic terminology, he may be able to play just fine

  • Awesomeness

    To much cards

    • ColonelLudicolo

      *Too many

  • Howardtung1

    do anyone notices that in the card Cartel Aristocrat, simic does not appear in the triangle ? 

    • Shadow921

      holy sh*t at first i thought that her arm was covering it but the bottom guilds are bigger than the rest

  • Dimir is really getting overpriced.


    • SirSlender

      Not compared to the others.
      Dimir has the cheapest guildleader.
      The only pricey card for Dimir right now is Duskmantle Seer.

  • So they are not gonna put any 1 hybrid mana drop for each guild? I’m surprised they put in the guild leaders

  • Christiano

    Sou Boros…a força celestial está conosco….Lutamos até o fim…..

  • Devildarkrosejr

    I’m willing to bet my entire college fund that Boros is going to be the most chosen Guild at prerelease events. Sadly, I’m also willing to bet that i can build a Dimir deck that will beat any of them if it plays our right.

    • SirSlender

      Hell yes.  Dimir all the way.

  • thornside

    go orzhov

  • Jonaslind96

    I want wizard of the coast that they make a movie about magic the gathering

  • Qduffy

    Simic is the best

  • shinigamiking


  • Brandontucker12356789

    all shall pay dew to the curch angels how limits we dont

  • shingouki

    so anybody see the sideways “8” life combo with boros charm, boros reckoner and one point of damage

  • no grhuul? then die!

  • Master of MTG

    Vizkopa + Faithmender + heroe’s reunion