• ghj

    First Carter Fife!

    • T-Fizzle

      Carter is a trashy road faggot

  • Morgan Ivan James Campbell

    Ajani is going to return

  • Red

    Is that…Heliod’s Spear Xenagos is carrying?

    • Tom

      why can’t that just be his own staff…?

      • Luke Myers

        It’s his Lyre.

    • Exus

      It looks like his own staff from the first set.

  • noob

    heliods behind him. there is no way that’s xenagos’s arm.

    • CodyGozRawr

      The arm does look a little small compared to the rest of him imo, but in the art for xenagos his left arm has a bracelet thingy right there too, so i’m pretty sure it’s his arm

  • Ludicolo

    Ohai, Ajani

  • jyork

    Looks like we’ll be getting a GW Ajani maybe. Kinda saw it coming though, lots of cat creatures and such.

    • harrison Fink

      I don’t think so… Ajani will always be either r/w(Ajani Vengant), or mono white( every other ajani)

      • Shadow921

        his origin is naya, so he could be WG RW W or WRG (this is based on him being primarily white)

  • Chris

    How do we know this is Xenagos? Has way more horns and his hair looks a lot lighter.

    • Anon

      handprints on face and backstory of xenagos

  • MaybeItsNot

    In the set’s trailer, Heliod did indirectly reference Xenagos “stealing Theros” from him, while zooming in on his own “heart”. Maybe Xenagos finds a way to take control of the gods, specifically Heliod. After all, Heliod called him “the Usurper”.

    • MtgMind-Welder98

      That might be true…never thought of it like that :)

  • MtgMind-Welder98

    Would NYX, of 156 cards, be the smallest set EVER?

    • IamPd

      Not even close, there are 22 sets with less cards: Mirrodin Besieged and Coldsnap: 155 cards, Morningtide: 150 cards, Worldwake, Alara Reborn, Conflux and Legions: 145 cards, Scourge, Judgement, Torment, Apocalypse, Planeshift, Prophesy, Nemesis, Urza’s Destiny, Urza’s Legacy, Exodus and Stronghold: 143 cards, Homelands: 140 cards, The Dark: 119 cards, Antiquities: 100 cards and finally Arabian Nights: 92 cards :-)

      • MagicGALAXY

        True. Thanks for the info.

        I guess I should have said,”This is the smallest set made in a while.”

  • Jakey

    I think that may be a G/R god. Aren’t they making gods for all of the 2 color combinations?

    • martela7899

      if there is a red green god it will be xenagos. it states in his lore that he is trying to become a god.
      but i think there will be demi gods. mogis for BR, triton for UR, Settesen for GW. stuff like that. but who knows

      • Thundermaw Hellkite

        Minor gods are gona be two color, RG has not been named yet, maybe really is Xenagos
        UR is Keranos (Lightning Strike, Steam Augury)
        GW is Karametra (Karametra’s Acolyte)

  • welan

    What would be epic .Gods with the option of one of the two mana color.

  • yomama

    It is the same guy from the born of the gods spoiler pic. He is the big baddy of the block. My guess is the b/r god or xenagos but it is def the same dude. Same horns same hair same pointy finger nails. Red blood/paint on his face and body. Same pointy ears.

  • Dude

    I see an Ajani! :D

    • Andrew Woodford

      I really hope they make a G/W Ajani that isnt trash

  • Brandon

    Attack on TITAN!

  • Exus

    It almost looks like as if… Xenagos fused with some other gods.

  • Caboss

    It’s almost certainly Xenagos. He looks similar, his lore implies it and if you look at the Xenagos planeswalker card you’ll see that the staff thing he has on the card is the same as the giant staff he is holding in the above picture.

    • Matt Abraham

      not to mention the red paint on his face which is consistent in every pic we see Xenagos

  • Nate

    Could it be that Xenagos finds a way to absorb the strengths of all of the gods?

  • Benny Cannon

    No Xenagos doesn’t use a spear… the spear hay a lyre built in its tip, and anyone notice Ajani next to Elspreth
    BTW I think it is the Green/Red God

    • guy

      might mean mono white decks go agro against red/green

  • Benny Cannon

    Or Is it Ajani? The axe is right but he looks a bit more muscular and I don’t know if that is his mane or a guy’s hair.

    • John Singleton

      Its Ajani for sure….if you zoom in you see a tail coming out the left side of the green cloth hanging from his belt.

    • TheEyeless

      It’s called a change in artist.

  • Benny Cannon

    No I just saw the Born of The Gods spoiler and I believe Xenagos is our villain. He has become a god…

  • Some Kid

    It is Nyx Herself. In Greek mythology she was the first immoral. She gave birth to the titans.


      WRONG!!! Gaea gave birth to the Titans.

      • Julna Buras

        And who do you think Gaea’s parents were? Nyx was the mother of the Fates, Gaea, I believe Ouranos, and other more-powerful-than-titan deities.

        • Allie

          Its true. Nyx was the mother of the titans. She is considered a primordial titan goddess.

          • doug

            Wrong. Gaea and Uranus (Ouranos) were born from kaos, the emptiness that was before the universe

  • Ethan Collins

    its xenagos being controlled by koral bal

  • Ethan Collins

    nikol bolas lol sorry

    • CodyGozRawr


  • Chi Sarades

    wow the third set

  • Dasipetlis

    Xenagos won’t stop growing antlers?

    • History

      Seems like it would hurt…

    • CodyGozRawr

      MOAR ANTLERS!!!!

    • CodyGozRawr

      He’s so horny now…

  • Professor Hojo

    It kinda looks like an evil version of Thassa.

  • Leafbladefighter

    oh god! just realized something! Although this is not definite, something reminded me of thasa when I looked at him! His back rm looks like heliods, and two of the horns look like they are from eberos! What if those statues at the bottom of the picture are… Gods DRAINED OF THIER POWER!

    • Eddie M

      Perhaps Xenagos was not content with his rise to power and sought to become the ONLY God of Theros

  • louie

    what is that behind him?

  • louie

    it looks like purphoroses arm…

  • Benu14

    In that picture you can see the elements of 4 gods. The head of Erebos, the head of an unknown god, the hammer of Purphoros (right under the previous god) and the tail of Thassa (right under Erebos’ head). Maybe Xenagos really drained the gods’ life.

    • Shinken

      I think those are just broken statues of the gods they represent, not the lifeless forms of gods themselves.

    • CodyGozRawr

      Those are statues

  • Chi Sarades

    hmmm i wonder, after the battle nicol bolas will come and recruit xenagos

    • AdventureMormon

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Nicol Bolas was already behind it.

      • Steve

        That`s the thing I hate about several of the modern plots. There can be an isolated storyline that`s doing quite nicely on it`s own, and then all of a sudden: “By the way, guys, Bolas did it”, and bang, the story is dead.

        • guest

          bolas was not in the storyline for three blocks, I actually want him to return (and the eldarazi)

  • Tam

    New Ajani!!!!!!!

  • Ellett Doxtator

    Is it wrong to say that I want both Ajani and Elspeth to die in this fight?

    • Chi Sarades

      why would u say that?

      • guest

        Possibly because we need new antagonists, but you can’t kill Elspeth, She wins me a lot of games… +3+3 and flying on a wrecking ogre with unflinching courage is pretty brutal…

  • Chi Sarades

    hey if xenagos does gain control of the power of nyx. then wouldn’t ashiok be able to defeat him. cuz isn’t the nyx powered by dreams. so wouldn’t ashiok feed off his dreams or give him nightmares

    • ZedWrecker

      …does this mean that Ashiok could become the sneak-attack hero??? I’m so down with that my pants hurt.

      • Chi Sarades

        only in magic that slender man is a hero

        • ZedWrecker

          His follower does have the heroic ability…I know that doesn’t absolutely mean anything, but it’s an interesting notion.

          • Chi Sarades

            they didn’t really specify if he’s a good guy or a bad guy. he just likes nightmares

          • ZedWrecker

            If he’s so into nightmares…why is he the planeswalker of my dreams???

          • Chi Sarades

            hahaha funny

          • The non-grixis grixis-player

            “Ashiok knows that if fond thoughts of the gods have power, then the dark phantasms spawned of fearing that god hold even more: where there is belief, there is doubt, and where there is doubt, there is the nightmare. And the world of Theros is a world full of believers.”
            This is what it said on the wiki, so I guess he wants to Control a World.

          • Chi Sarades

            true but i think he wants to create a form of art with nightmares, not control the world.

          • TheEyeless

            From comics, i Assume he is a bad guy, being all mean and junk to dak

    • TheEyeless

      I think you just solved the mystery…

    • Haku

      you have a point there. but your grammar is ghastly

  • Gunseng69

    Did anybody notice that Ajani is next to Elspeth in the above picture? Maybe new Ajani coming??

    • Bennyboy

      I hate to tell you this, but yes, nearly everyone has known that since this picture was shown back with the Theros release.

  • Disciple of Garruk

    Xenagos wants to know “Is anybody else horny”

    • Disciple of Garruk

      there is, lore says Elspeth brings him to theros

    • CodyGozRawr

      He’s made because Elspeth and Ajani aren’t horny like he is.

  • Ludicolo

    In godhood he has achieved fabulous hair.

    • Bennyboy

      Maybe it’s Maybelline…

  • jake

    i suspect a new ajani possibly because Ajani and elspeth are standing next to each other but why print 2 new white plainswalkers in the same block it wouldnt make sense

    • TheEyeless

      cuz he’ll be selesnya

      • The non-grixis grixis-player

        He will?

  • Jakob Mortensen

    Xenagos going Jund ? ;)

    • MagicGALAXY


  • doctorforpresident

    i think the unknown god there is pharika ( the green black lady ) .

  • jake miller

    i think new black green or red white planeswalker

    • TheEyeless

      G/W or just W. It’s pretty much confirmed we get another Ajani in this set, A lot of people think he will be G/W, but it’s possible he’ll just be white… or new art Ajani Vengeant, but seeing that he’s naya, It’s highly unlikely he’ll be any other color combo… Sometimes I think i just ramble :P

  • Frost

    I foresee a new black and white god…Athreos, GOd of something….

  • TheEyeless

    The Eyeless, God of Down Votes. YOU ALL HAVE THEM, I HAVE GONE MAD WITH POWER!!!!

    • TheEyeless

      including yourself… dumbass.

  • Eddie M

    There’s probably going to be yet another Xenagos print. This art work shows him with different horns and a weapon, whereas the previous one had less horns and no weapon

    • TheEyeless

      Or it’ll just represent some other card, like bolas’s appearance on wit’s end.

    • Gustavo Wadas Lopes

      weel, there was an weapon, but in the card not in the first image

  • coolnaps

    Didn’t they announce Dack Fayden was back in theros? So he’s got to be the planeswalker

    • human after all

      If you look right next to elspeth in that image there is a leonin planeswalker, goes by the name ajani goldmane, probs a new print of ajani we only have 3 for him, where as red, blue, and green have their 4, probs a new lili in the core set, dack will not be a card anytime soon.

  • Machaka

    what do you think will be the last event fight (like the hydra or the horde)? Smash an satyr?

    • BobTheTitan

      itll most likely be fight xenagos

  • GRUULman

    What god is the one directly above the Erebos statue that’s being destroyed? I wonder if its a yet to be spoiled minor god…

    • Cdoggy

      I think it’s Pharika.

  • Wallace

    Right So Xenagos killed the gods, stole their powers, and now Elspeth and random other planeswalker are trying to duke it out.. Only in the world of Wizards i swear. Popcorn time!

    • Gustavo Wadas Lopes

      I don’t know, but the gods can’t be killed, I believe. He probably find a way to be stronger/choice another form. Ajani apaer for help elspeth, and they alredy need to stop Xenagos.

  • Alex Kelléyan

    Xenagos clearly has Purphoros’s arm, Thassa’s Bident, Heliod’s horns(he had 2 horns, now he has 4), his lower body is like it’s covered in black fog, just like Erebos’s… …& I’m sure, if we were to look at him from another angle, we’d see something that’d remind us of Nylea… …he stole their power… …& now 2 full-fladged planeswalkers came to stop him… …this’ll be interesting… …Xenagos was a planeswalker to start with & now he’s a god that devour gods…….

    Ajani will be a planeswalker in Nyx… …I want him to be G/W, but we haven’t yet seen a planeswalker, that has been printed for 3 different colors/color-combinations… …Ajani has been white & R/W already… …we don’t have a W/R planeswalker now in standard, so we could get one now… …he could just be mono-white, but I doubt it… …we already have a mono-white Ajani in standard, tough we also have two different mono-blue Jace, so who knowes?.. …but there is Elspeth, another mono-white walker, so I guess Ajani most likely would be either R/W, or G/W… …there were never a G/W planeswalker ever & that’s the only vergin 2 color combo now, so he could easily be Selesnya…….

    I question: I’ve never red any story about MTG, but I’m playing since 1999… …are these stories linked & lineal, or are they totally seperate?.. …where should I begin, if I’m interested?.. …is there a main story to MTG, or just various stuff built around it?..

    • Grimmgrin

      You must be trolling.

    • Disciple of Garruk

      no great place to just jump in, the stories are so detailed an inner linked that you should just start looking at wiki stories of your favorite characters and follow links to other mtg stories.

      • PoetMaster-X

        So… …there isn’t for example a beggining of the Story of Jace, where if I start from & read through until the latest stuff, I’d get every information?..

        I know as much, that the first novels were about the 2 brothers fighting over the throne of Dominaria, but does that story have any link to others in MTG?..

        • Disciple of Garruk

          dominaria will almost always be relevant to mtg, nicol bolas and the phyrexians have roots in the dominaria story and their very much still continuing.

    • Stalin mustache

      That statue at the bottom of the picture looks a lot like Erebus, maybe Xenagos has trapped all the Gods in order to steal their powers

    • Robert

      Maybe… just maybe, the original gods are being scked into xenagos not only against their will, but as a side effect from his ascension. Afterall, he is probably he only ACTUAL life form in the pantheon. You know because he was a mortal at one poin and now that actual life has become a part of Nyx he world is destabilising and becoming like other planes without enchantments that represent the praise/fear/worship of mortals.
      Therefore, the nature of the plane is to BESTOW the mortal world with the inhabitants of te Nyx world.

      • Gustavo Wadas Lopes

        perhaps Nyx have broken and now Xenagos is the unique god, or something.

    • Treyjee

      xenagod does not change appearance from the born of the gods art to now. at all. hate to break it you bub.

    • noobasaurus

      That’s not a bident, it’s a fancy lyre. Satyrs are very musical.

    • Gustavo Wadas Lopes

      Heliod have a crown of olive branchs, not horns(and now Xenagos have 8, not 4), that weapon isn’t a bident, and if you where right there wouldn’t be more gods in Journey into nyx.

    • Gustavo Wadas Lopes

      And why want a W/G planeswalker too.

  • ChosenByHeliod.

    Hey, guys. I just wanted to ask:
    don’t you guys hope that they continue Elspeth in the story? how amazing is she, in playability and in flavor.

  • GRUULman

    I know what the name of the Red/ White god will be in Journey into Nyx:

    Costs 2 generic mana, 1 Red and 1 white.

    Whenever a creature you control would deal combat damage to an opponent, put a 3/1 red soldier token onto the battlefield under your control.

    He is also a 6/6 body and of course is indestructible.

    And his name is: …….Kratos, God of War……. Hahaha :/

    • Gustavo Wadas Lopes

      the ability sounds a few stupid, but it combos with Phurphoros and sounds a true spoiler for Iroas.

  • Fallen

    I don’t get why everyone is thinking he has a different gods weapon, when a similar staff is seen in his god card, his walker card, AND even in fanatic of Xenagos.

    • Name

      Because its not the exact same stick from the walker card. :DDDDD imagination!!!!!:DDDDDD

      • Gustavo Wadas Lopes

        Sorry, but it’s. Is exactaly the same, but infused with nyx. Nothing changed.

  • Necro

    Mortify will be reprinted I guess… They had a 3-cmc Uncommon for each god in BNG and keeping that up for JOU is probably what they’ll do.

    • PoetMaster-X

      Enchantment/creature destruction would be really relavent now in standard, so I gues you’re right…

    • Gustavo Wadas Lopes

      good point.

    • sdfhj

      Ive been pissed since dragon maze that more of the uncommon cycle ravnica badass cards didnt get reprinted especially lightning helix and mortify so it would be really fulfilling to me if they did

      • Necro

        The problem with reprints is that Modern doesn’t get a bigger card pool out of it. Also, reprinting Lightning Helix, which probably is the most powerful red and white card in modern, in Standard would totally have shifted the power towards Boros in Standard. And, if you look at Warleader’s Helix, they were probably right with not reprinting it. Warleader’s Helix is a worse lightning Helix, but it’s still a Helix, so it sees play.

  • Xenagos

    Wait! There, by Elspeth! Is that Ajani?

    • Necro


    • Norris

      he’s rumored to get a reprint

    • Chuck Bass

      No, its just some random badass cat walking around. OF COURSE ITS FREAKIN AJANI lol. I know venser is dead and all, but whos in for a reprint of him? or atleast a reprint of koth

      • Jace Beleren, Mind Mage

        I Have Known Ajani Was Getting Printed since Theros Was Getting Spoiled (the JOU art was Spoiled)
        I am Seriously Hoping they Reprint Vengeant (They Never Reprint ‘Walkers, but) or a Liliana of the Veil-Esque Type, with a +1 of Swords to Plowshares, or Path to Exile, and a -6 of Exile all Permanents you Don’t Control.

        • guy who reads MaRo’s tumblr

          MaRo said that they won’t reprint venser, said so on his tumblr. or somethign along the lines of R&D feels strongly that since he’s dead he can’t come bck into the equation. maybe an esper colored venser tht got turned into a zombie tho?

        • Disciple of Garruk

          I doubt lily would exile anything, she wants to use her undead minions, so it makes more sense for her to put creatures in the graveyard rather than remove them from existence.

  • Anonymus

    Damnation is being reprinted, released today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • PoetMaster-X

      Can you give us a link, where we can find out about the reliable information?.. …because I can’t find a source that conforms it as a fact…

    • Tito Costas

      I hope not…Mono-Black is strong enough

    • Wilmer Claessens

      It’s probably going to be reprinted in ftv annihilation and not journey into nyx..

    • Gustavo Wadas Lopes

      sorry, is white.

  • Disciple of Garruk

    so I’ve always liked the idea of expanding tribal cards to creature types we see all the time, but never receive more than one or two themed cards, so here’s my top 5 creature types I want to get tribal help one day. What are your top 5?
    1. Apes (Tarzan lol)
    2. Wurms
    3. Spiders
    4. Griffins
    5. Satyrs

    • HANDofLYRA

      1. Sirens
      2. Wurms
      3. Centaurs
      4. Elk/Antelope
      5. Insects

    • ok_it’ll_do_pig

      i want squirrels

      • Gustavo Wadas Lopes

        there are alredy tribal squirel deck.

    • Card Idea Muse

      Griffins, Plants, Oozes, Rats which can be done as of return to ravnica but is still REALLY hard, and a real, dedicated, includes creature type combos Elemental deck.

      • Quenton

        pack rat and ogre slumlord for rats lol


      A badger tribal would be awesome!

  • Dylan

    Gods for journey into nyx are Iroas, god of victory, Keranos, god of epiphany, Pharika, god of ailments, Kruphix, god of mystery and Athreos, god of fates (names are correct but not sure what they are gods of.)

    • guest

      I also think that kruphix can be the god of horizons and/or sunsets.

      • Tom D

        Also, possibly time.

    • satan

      Iroas is R/W, Keranos is R/U, Pharika is G/B, Kruphix is G/U, and Atheros is B/W

    • AnythingGoes29

      Where did you get the names from?

      • Andrew Woodford

        Its from other cards form theros and born of the gods i.e pharikas mender, bolt of keranos prophet/courser of kruphix, etc…

    • Captain Combo

      Kruphix is actually the god of horizons

  • guest

    On another cite they talked about different ways they could use keywords. And they talked about bestow creatures that instead of giving you an advantage on one of your creatures you could bestow a opponents creature and it would give the creature a disadvantage.
    There example was a green creature that was about a 0/3 with defender and it would make it so the opponent creature cannot attack. They could use a cycle of bestow creatures that give a negative effect for each color

    • Card Idea Muse

      Green is a 0/2 plant wall for G or bestow for 1G that has/gives defender, Red is a 1/1 satyr berserker for R/bestow 1R that can’t block or enchanted creature can’t block, black is a 3/3 zombie for 1B/bestow 1BB that gets/enchanted creature gets a -1/-1 counter each upkeep, white is a 0/2 spirit for W/bestow W that makes the target’s power 0, and blue is a 2/1 flying spirit for B/bestow 1B that whenever it taps/enchanted creature taps it doesn’t untap during the next untap step.

  • Morgan Ivan James Campbell

    I think the final quest is called Defeat Xenagos, which is May 24th

  • xxINS4NExWoC

    Could Xenagos be Jund and be a planeswalker god? That would certainly be interesting.

    • Bennyboy

      No. Just, No.

      This set will complete the cycle of the other 5 Minor Gods

      Keranos – RU
      Athreos – WB
      Kruphix – UG
      Pharika – GB
      Iroas – WR

  • thegigibeast

    Will the other planeswalker be an Ajani? If you look closely at the picture, you can see him from back right behind Elspeth!!!

  • joe

    maybe its not Ajani what if it was, Brimaz as a planeswalker?

    • Jean Harghel

      This can’t be anyone else that Ajani: look at the axe.

    • Gustavo Wadas Lopes

      Brimz as a planeswalker. Tha’s Dark Hole(It……………..)


    Thats ajani look at his weapon!

  • Eli Mecham

    Hope he is good, most likely he is about counters or even heroic

    • Gustavo Wadas Lopes

      Ajani’s themes are power and life, with a little bit of tokens. But the w/r version was a “Land detention” life damange. But, as I think It will be W/G or W it will probably follow his first concept

      • sdfgh

        ajani 1 is life based, ajani 2 is more power based, ajani 3 is also power based so i think we are due for a life oriented ajani and green is a perfect color for it

    • Gustavo Wadas Lopes

      Perhaps he give an heroic emblem. It would be nice.

  • Eli Mecham

    If it was ajani do you think he will be giving out plus counters

    • Gustavo Wadas Lopes

      that would be really strong.

  • will

    in one of the flavor text of a card called “commune with the gods” and it says “for the first time in years, elspth asks for help.” thats how ajani gets there in the next set.

  • Mogis’s follower

    How likely will it be that a Minotaur planeswalker be released in Journey into Nyx?

    • Collin Hart

      0% chance. In a small set, there’s only room for one planeswalker. It pretty much has to be Ajani, since he’s in the main photo for the set.

      • asdfg

        Its probably on one more pw in the block bc wotc likes to print 5 pws to a block and we had 3 in the first and kiora in the last so only room for one where its a small set and overall in the block

    • Captain Combo

      there are only 5 planeswalker cards in each block.

  • Quenton

    i think a minotaur planeswalker could be possibe as with mogis he has to have some second in command type person. but they have also have yet for quite a few color combos of gods to come out such as R/U W/B G/B G/U etc. they only came out with a few gods in BOTG so i assuming they are goin to bring the rest in here

    • Bennyboy

      R/U – Keranos
      W/B – Athreos
      G/B – Pharika
      G/U – Kruphix
      R/W – Iroas

      5 main gods in THS
      5 multi gods in BotG
      5 Multi gods in JNY

      3 Planeswalkers in Theros
      1 in BotG
      1 in JNY

      0% chance of a minotaur planeswalker.

      99.9999999999999% chance of another Ajani, 99.999999998% chance of him being G/W.

      • TurdBurgler

        Look at Bennyboy making all of the right calls!

      • jowe1549

        0.99% chance of another Ajani, 1.0% chance of him being G/W.

        • Bennyboy

          I want to know what you’re going to say when you see you’re wrong and Ajani is spoiled…. Gonna be hilarious.

          Also, wizards released a story (as they do from time to time) of Theros, where Elspeth was writing a letter to Ajani (or speaking to him, or contacting him or however planeswalkers contact each other through planes), and in it, she clearly is asking for his help.

  • rawrr

    I see Ajani, but hopefully they will put a GW planeswalker in the set, it’s the only color combination lacking on one :(

    • David Williams-King


      • Jericho

        Sarkhan the Mad. You mad bro?

        • Yup

          lol word

        • David Williams-King

          lol he was one of the worst planeswalkers along with nissa and tibalt, the game would have been better off without them.

          • Disciple of Garruk

            hey now, in a pure green elf deck nissa is one bad mother…

          • noah

            thank you that’s the deck I use

          • Bennyboy

            What you think of a card doesn’t deny its existence any less.

          • Necro

            He’s a BOMB in Commander. He wrecks next to everything in my Scion of the Ur-Dragon deck. Tibalt is a great Build-Around-Me guy, and Nissa is great in Elf-themed Commander decks and was a great card in Standard Elves back in the day.

          • noah

            nissa is a good planeswalker

    • UrnFurRul

      a green white ajani is my hope

  • we have rights !!

    seriously?? that’s not Ajani …. that’s Brimaz

    • Michael

      Look at the weapon. It’s Ajani.

      • sdfghj

        Yeah its totally ajani which im super excited about. Brimaz has a sword not an axe like ajani. if it is ajani it will be the second time elspeth and ajani where on the same plane

        • Kitovarian

          that’s only true as far as the printing of sets go, they have encountered each other and interacted FAR more then that in the lore.

    • Kamikaze


  • FoxyCast

    Guys look again at all of ajanis art in all sets hes in. Its not an axe. It is more like a swallow like serge uses in Chrono Cross

  • Jerk

    That’s definitely Ajani. Brimaz’s fur is more of a spotty brown, and the above Leonin is white, which Ajani has hmmmmmmmmmmm WHITE FUR!

    • BobTheTitan

      also, ajani carries his behemoth sledge. Its in the art lol

      • FPS Quebec

        no behemoth sledge its his twin battle axe

  • TurdBurgler

    People have been saying that there is going to be a green/white Ajani for a lil bit now

    • TurdBurgler

      But I also heard that Dack Fayden is supposed to be coming soon…

  • TurdBurgler

    The last thing that Selesnya aggro needs though is a GW Ajani. May is going to be craaazy!

  • mande010

    How about a green dragon? I’m down for that.

  • Disciple of Garruk

    with JIN giving us the golgari god and scryland I see a return of standard golgari decks. hold onto your abrupt decays, lotleth trolls, and vraskas. they may jump back up in price. also, any predictions for the golgari god’s abilities?

    • G$

      I would say that it would be a Gorgon and tap a gorgon you control destroy target non gorgon creature gain life equal to its toughness G/B 3 colorless 7 devo

      • THE5dead

        it will be a gorgon and her name is Pharika. if you puy enough attention to the flavor text on some of the gorgon based cards, she is constantly referred to.

    • Danny Gravdahl

      I have a standard Golgari deck already. It revolves around Nighthowler, Jarad, and Lotleth Troll.

    • Dustin Weeks

      With the flavor im seeing for pharika so far she seems to be a god that heals with venom like she gives you a chance to live or die. so i can see her ability being something like she gives creatures you control a persist type of an effect. that or she could be heal and damage? i honestly like the persist idea a bit more.

  • Lost Angel

    I’m happy about the boros hod that’s coming out


    is ajani going to be the planeswalker in the next set because if you look closely he is next to elspeth in the art

    • FPS Quebec

      i think yes thanks for pointing that out i didnt see it

      • Gerard Aviles

        looks more like Brimaz than Ajani, look at the clothes he is wearing on his card, the armor on the shoulder and the bracers he is wearing.

        • That guy

          The cat in the picture is holding Ajani’s trademark weapon.

        • Bennyboy

          Brimaz and Ajani look nothing alike. The cat in the pic with Elsepth is Ajani.

        • Aaron Forrester

          Brimaz is wearing blue, the cat in the picture is wearing blue. in most pictures of ajani he is wearing blue. brimaz has a sword the cat in the picture has an ax. ajani does have a double ax from fusing his and his brother axes together when he died, the cat in the picture has only a sing edged ax but, elspeths sword was transformed as well so who knows or maybe his ax was broken during battle.

      • Guest

        When the hell are we getting Dack Fayden??????

        • Aaron Forrester

          two planeswalkers in Journey……

      • Danny Gravdahl

        When do we get Dack Fayden?????

        We know he is on Theros….

  • Josh Kaufman

    I really hope there is a Xenagos creature in this set. I want to play 12 Xenagosi in my deck. (For those who don’t know, I was being sarcastic).
    Born of the Gods really added a ton to Standard though. Mono Black added 4 Bile Blights to the main. I’m hoping JIT adds maybe 1, or possibly 2 more cards to mono black. I think it needs a new card for the sideboard. Maybe a reprint of Pack Rat? How about Desecration Demon at 3 mana to even out the curve… YIPPIE! (More sarcasm again).

  • martela7899

    red needs to get a really good 2 or 3 drop to replace boros reckoner. since white got brimaz, king of oreskos.

    • mattbl

      Why do people always want auto-includes to get functional replacements? How boring.

      • martela7899

        the card itself says if its boring or not. not the hope that something will be a functional replacement.

  • jonathan.forgione

    o.o! o yea :3 ajani vengeant and elspeth sun’s champion vs xenagos god of revels

    • Aaron Forrester

      I dont want a vengeant reprint :(

  • jowe1549

    its not ajani and if is it wont be gw we dont need any more of him sorry

    • Necrachilles

      It’s VERY clearly him in the picture. So unless he’s just there for flavor (unlikely), he’ll be in there as G/W if not R/W.

      • coe1998

        or G/W/R to make a SECOND tri-colored planeswalker

        • Aaron Forrester

          Ajani is G/W/R. so making a G/W would be logical

    • Bennyboy

      He’s right, it’s not Ajani. It’s just a Planeswalker that looks like, sounds like, acts like and even has the same name as Ajani, but it’s not Ajani…. ahurrdurrrr

      • Aaron Forrester

        the theros gods resurrected his dead brother…… that explains why he only has half of his ax and not both ends.

        • Yup

          Dude. You just can’t see the other end in the picture. Is your monitor tiny or something?

    • Danny Gravdahl

      It’s Ajani… Look at the Axe in his hands

    • cactido

      So your one argument to support what you’ve said is that “we dont need any more of him sorry”? You use that to counter the fact that there are four Jaces, four Chandras and only three Ajanis and the picture that shows what is almost certainly Ajani? You’re a smart one.

    • Lonely White Mage

      One it is most likely a gren white ajani by the picture and because elspeth sent him a message at the beginning of theros also, jace came back in the event deck

  • Necrachilles

    My prediction for Ajani, based on the info I’ve seen, is:
    5 CMC, 3-4 Loyalty
    Abilities either costed +1/-2/-7 (4 Loyalty) or +2/-3/-8 (3 Loyalty)
    I predict “This ability triggers heroic” or something to do with Enchantments, perhaps exiling them and/or bringing some number of Enchantments/Enchantment-Creatures from your hand/library to play.

    • Aaron Forrester

      This sounds better than anything ive read so far. :)

      • Necrachilles

        Perhaps, with some tweaking of course:

        Ajain, Harbinger of Balance
        +1-2: Choose one – Put a Manifestation counter on up to one target creature or artifact. That permanent is an enchantment in addition to its other types; or Put a +1/+1 counter on up to one target creature you control. This ability is considered a spell for the purposes of Heroic.

        -2-3: Exile target enchantment.

        -7-8: Search your library and hand for up to two enchantments with different names and put them into play. They have haste until the end of the turn. Shuffle your library.

  • G$

    the B/W god is going to be awesome he will probably give all creatures tap: all opponents lose 1 you gain life equal to the life lost this way

    • goblin king

      i like that but i think that since it is orhzov that you would gain the amount of life lost this way.

      • Yup

        Isn’t that what he put?

  • PoetMaster-X

    Ajani, Hero’s Encouragement 2GW

    +1: Put a 2/2 white cat soldier creature token with Lifelink onto the battlefield.

    -1: Creatures you control get +1/+1 & gain First Strike & Trample until end of turn. Scry-2.

    -8: You get an emblem with “At the beggining of your upkeep you gain 1 life & whenever you gain life, put a 1/1 white cat soldier creature token with Vigilance onto the battlefield for each 1 life you gain”.

    Planeswalker – Ajani


    • CodyGozRawr

      That would be OP, and epic.

    • 15hilll

      Ajani, 3GW

      +1: You may put a land card from your hand onto the battlefield tapped. If you do, draw a card.

      -1: Put two 2/2 green Wolf tokens onto the battlefield

      -6: You get an emblem with “Lands you control become 4/4 Elemental creatures with indestructible and trample. They’re still lands.”


      Land Based Planeswalker!

      • PoetMaster-X

        I wouldn’t like it, since if I don’t have a land in hand, I’m just plus-ing it without resolts… …the -1 ability is a little overpowered & I don’t think Ajani would have anything to do with wolfs, since he’s Leonin…

        Tough this is a good idea, even tough it can only exist in decks that contain 26-27 lands…

        • goblin king

          they really haven’t used saprolings in this set so i don’t think he will make them, and i think the first sounds the best. but the emblem might be gain 1 life for each cat you control. (white Winnie for the win)

        • 15hilll

          I think that the +1 is fair, and is very similar to Domri Rade’s ability. How is the -1 overpowered, when Garruk created 3/3’s with a +1?
          My reasoning behind the card is a “Land planeswalker”, similar in the way that Tezzeret is the “Artifact planeswalker.”

      • ZACKYPOO

        why would ajani create wolves instead of cats

        • Aaron Forrester

          my thoughts exactly

          • 15hilll

            I want to let people know that this isn’t originally supposed to be Ajani, but another planeswalker. The second ability could just be “Put a 2/2 white Cat token into play.”

      • ShiroiBara

        I would see something like this for a pure green plant-focused planeswalker altough a bit more like this;

        +1: Draw a card. You may put a Forest card from your hand onto the battlefield tapped.

        -1: Put two 1/1 green Saproling token onto the battlefield

        -6: You get an emblem with “Forest you control become 4/4 Elemental
        creatures with indestructible and trample. They’re still lands.”

    • Sidenorna

      You do know that that ult is infinite life and dudes if you have a soul sister, yes?

      • Shadow921

        in a sanctioned tourney it would be an automatic draw for that game :)

        • pako

          actually the game would continue and unless the opponent was relying on an infinite combo or infect i is likely they would concede

          • Shadow921

            no, unless the opponent killed one of the soul sisters you would not be able to stop because the triggers would keep being put on the stack because the ultimate isnt “you may put a 1/1 in to play”. in order to stop the triggers one of the soul sisters would have to die

          • Shadow921

            unless you or your opponent kills all of the soul sisters in play under your control, you would not be able to stop gaining life even if you wanted to. since it is not worded with a “may” anywhere in the -8 you would be stuck in a loop of triggers resolving and being put on the stack, and you would not be able to get out unless someone removed all of your soul sisters.

    • Aaron Forrester

      is this just your thoughts. because im not sure if im down with that. or maybe i am. i dont know

    • Yup

      So, 2 diff Cat tokens?

  • mulldrifter

    If Ajani and Elspeth are going to be in Theros, where’s Nicol Bolas?

    • Alan Bean

      Alara return confirmed.

  • dinner

    jace the mind sculptor officially confirmed

    • PoetMaster-X

      Where?.. …can you lend us a source, mate?..

    • jonathan.forgione

      Friend not think I come that jace, because it is very abuser standard say because eh seen in many forums saying that come nicolbolas 5 colors or green ajani white or green ajani, red white, in my opinion as seen in the image to elspeth really comes Ajani Vengeant, rather wait and make it a surprise and I imagine that many would think the same as me XD.

      • Saint Traft

        ………what? ._.

      • d

        ohh.. that is some bad google translate.

      • CodyGozRawr

        Much Grammar. Very Literate. Such Legibility. Wow.

      • Definitely Not Blitzcrank

        I… I’m not sure what I just read. ,_,

    • jonathan.forgione

      I think the jace does not come because it is a very powerful planeswalker, but I think that vengant ajani comes help elspeth in defeating xenagos.

  • Jarex

    Two white plainswalkers? how is that balanced?… and why? especially with Brimaz… Ajani: although it seems fitting story wise, would be a stupid and un-fun mistake.. Unless we’re just pooping out plainswalkers now, all ‘will-nilly’: makes NO sense!

    • tyke5140

      I agree it’s going to get really old really fast if white gets the only planeswalker of the set. Plus reprinting Ajani Vengeant would annoy me. Which is why I am hoping that Ajani becomes the second planeswalker to be three colors and they make the new one Naya.

      • kbarr3077

        I believe Ajani will be in this set. he will of coarse be white. but I do believe he will be dual color or tri color. most likely dual which make sense. it appears to be that he will be green/white. wg2 or wg3. it would be surprising for him to be wg1. depending on his abilities.

    • Dustin Weeks

      We dont know if hes going to be mono white.(in my opinion probably not) Lore wise it makes perfect sense for Ajani to help elspeth. Because they are friends and fought together during the conflux. As for the sense it makes to release another Ajani, all of the other core planeswalkers have 4 versions of themselves except for lilianna and Ajani so because we just got the 4th versions of chandra and Garruk in M14 i think its good that the 4th incarnation of ajani is going to be made into a set that is part of the actual story.

    • sagecoin

      i said the same about two r/g walkers within 2 sets. painful much…

    • Ganman

      Umm.. okay. Let’s think about this a second.
      Elspeth wasn’t the only planeswalker in Theros. We also got Xenagos and Ashiok. Those are red/green and blue/black, respectively, which is already every color. If they came out with any color of planeswalker, it would be unbalanced. And although Ashiok doesn’t keep up at all with Elspeth, Xenagos does, and Gruul team is supremely competitive anyway.
      Beyond that, if he’s green/white, he’s not even going to work with the majority of decks that play Elspeth; Elspeth’s place is primarily in Esper right now, as blue/black/white is one of the most competitive decks in standard.
      Scratch that, actually, since in Born of the Gods, we got Kiora, which is blue/green. While green might be a little imbalanced with a green/white planeswalker, the only way you could hope for any more balance is if we also got a red/black planeswalker in the third set, which could (theoretically) happen.

      • ReiSeshiro

        Perhaps that Dack Fayden fellow?

    • dinner


    • poosmuggker

      if ajani was g/w we’d have gideon regular ajani espleth an him

    • Dr. Storm Crow


  • ManaTheDestroyer

    am I the only one that remembers the old enchantment creature from Future Sight (Lucent Liminid) that mentions a “SUN GODDESS” and thinks Elspeth might follow Xenagos in that respect and replace Heliod on the pantheon (I.e. he gets removed by Xenagos or something)

    • ZZ9PluralZAlpha

      I thought that when reading some blurb somewhere (I think in the book that came in the BofG fatpack) that said that Heliod’s master plan to fix everything would involve Elspeth and great sacrifice… It would also follow the way the books work. The good side wins, but loses pretty much everything in the process. In this case, maybe her best friend Ajani?

      • Notmarkrosewater

        Elspeth already lost one of her good friends during the war for mirrodin against the phyrexians, considering she is one of WOTC’s favorite children, I doubt they will make her have a constant theme of “everyone I care about dies”. But who knows, maybe Urza will come down to Theros from the great beyond to shoot sharks made of darksteel out of his eyes that crap rainbows, we won’t know until they tell us.

        Disclaimer: the Urza idea, while masculine enough that my beard grew an inch while writing it, is highly unlikely.

        • Urza Will be a planeswalker!
          +1 Urza wins the game. Your opponent loses, then it turns out Urza’s just been playing you and you were his pawn the whole time
          -1 Destroy target continent
          -X commit X terrible acts of evil in the name of the greater good.

  • selesnyaWarden

    The defeat a god deck for the journey into nyx gameday challenge deck will probably have sorceries with unpleasant effects and a few nyxborn satyrs as nyx incarnations of Xenagos,This seems to be god-of-war style since they mention we also need to use the Godslayer which we as players will forge as an independant activity in prereleases, so there you have it guys,,,God of rumbling parties will fight those who oppose parties…

  • Solair

    I hope we can recover from last set.

    • doctorforpresident

      didnt you like it?

      • Solair

        YOU DID!!!????

        • doctorforpresident

          some parts of it …what didnt you like??

          • Solair

            Well I felt like many of the rares cost to much to play for it to do so little on the battlefield. Now obviously there are exceptions, but I am just talking about the vast majority.

          • doctorforpresident

            hero of iroas, eidolon of countless battles , herald of torment alone make me love BNG . But you´re right , there are a tad too many shitrares

          • I liked eidolon hero and herald as well.

            My problem with theros block is how slow it is! Like, bestow is always super costly, and bestow is an aggro-ish mechanic!

  • Dack Fayden

    Expect for more Krakens and Octopus.

    • Adam D. Smith


  • Branadon

    The new gods are blue green Kruphix, red blue Keranos, Athreos black white, iroas god of victory white and red, and finally pharicka black green.

    • Andy

      I thought W/B would be phenax?

      • Matt86

        Phenax is UB and was already printed… looking forward to Kruphix (the most OP god, judging by his entourage from the two previous sets) and Pharika (the god of the best two-color-combo in the game imho)

        • Rosalie Mia Slater

          I seriously can’t wait for Kruphix, Athreos, Pharika and Keranos; Iroas doesn’t seem too good judging by the people that came before him, while Kruphix, Pharika and Keranos seem to be severely OP for standard, and Athreos I’m wondering if he’ll be locked down by Erebos due to life gain abilities.

      • Rosalie Mia Slater

        Plus the W/B god was already printed in. the same set as Phenax, my friend

  • Draco_lich

    wizards of the coast can either make… or break the collectibility of the newer sets, they need to make something in this particular set that will make the new abilities (that are found in theros and born of the gods set) viable as abilities that can be kept… that people will actually use consistantly other than in standard, i mean, in uses like vintage or EDH (commander)… else, there are a number of people who will leave the game forever (and collectors)

  • PoetMaster-X

    Ajani, Hero’s Encouragement 2GW

    +1: Put a 2/2, white cat soldier creature token with Vigilance onto the battlefield.

    -1: Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control this turn, draw a card & target creature gets +1/+1 & gains Trample & lifelink until end of turn.

    -8: You get an emblem with: “At the beggining of your end step, if you have 7 or less life, you gain 7 life, if you have 12 or more life, put a white & green, elemental creature token with Trample & Vigilance & with power & toughness equal to your life total.”

    Planeswalker – Ajani


    • PoetMaster-X

      *…onto the battlefield – (at -8)… :)

    • someone


    • Owen Geraghty

      This just a prediction I assume PoetMaster-X?

      • Alex Kelléyan

        It is my prediction, yes… :)

    • guest

      This would be too overpowered

    • Hurrdurr, I don’t know game

      How about this,
      Indiana the kitten 0 mana

      +1 you win the game

      +1 your opponent loses the game

      -0 exile all permanents in all libraries, graveyards and the battlefield. Put all cards exiled this way in your backpack and leave. You win the tournament

    • Timmy Lambrix

      Do you even think when you design these planeswalkers? Why would they give a planeswalker ability two parts, seeing as the player using the ability already has priority, the opponent can’t do anything about it once it hits the field, meaning the ability goes off no matter what. And most of your “designed” abilities are absurdly overpowered and have no place in any format.

      • Alex Kelléyan

        You, sir have no vision… …sorry for sayin’, but that’s how it is… …I really think them over & may be I did overpower the Chandra & Jace planeswalker I did at the M15 spoiler comments a little, but this one is not at all… …what if a planeswalker ability is diversive? It would have been a nice change for once & it doesn’t mean it’s overpowered…….

        So why is this overpowered? The 1st ability clearly isn’t, the 2nd ability is powerful indeed, but you have to have creatures in hand to do it & if you have no potential attackers this turn, the 2nd state of the ability won’t count at all… …the 3rd ability is an ultimate & you need at least 4 upkeeps to activate it… …it’s not overpowered, it sure keeps you alive & gives you creatures if you have many lives, but in some situations, it’s useless & as I said, not too easy to activate, especially considering how many spells we now have that could easily destroy a walker…….

        You’re someone to talk… …I’ve never seen any proper fan-designed walkers anywhere at all, only pointless garbage & now you tell me, that mine are the same… …at least I think about standard format & how it would fit in… …if you can do better, show us your creativity, TrollJack! ;)

        I was PoetMaster by the way…

    • red

      where are you getting these spoilers from

    • that -1 is sooooooooooo op. Have you heard of Elf Ball?

  • Brace yourselves spoilers inbound. . .

    • MTG Keen

      When damn it!!!

      • Within the next week we should see the first card, keep in mind “should”. They’ve been known to hide set’s extra long.

  • ReiSeshiro

    So is that Fayden Plainswalker doing to be a card this set or what? They kinda set us up for him… and then nothing.

    • WorldMechanical

      WoTC can’t print a card for Dack Fayden as long as the comics are still running, because the copyrights for his name are owned by IDW, the comic company.

  • candyslice

    here’s hoping for a blue Bestow creature with, “You control enchanted creature.”

    • Pete

      Explain how that would work….lol

      So if they kill the creature you bestowed on, what happens to the enchantment since its not on anything to control

      • John Snow

        It becomes a creature under your control….. O.o

        • It’s spelled JON. If you won’t read the books, don’t use the name.

          You know nothing, Jon Snuuuuh

  • Josh Kaufman

    Come on Zenagos the creature version. I can see the deck now. 4 Storm Crows, 4 Xenagos, 4 Xenagos, 4 Xenagos, 4 Fanatic of Xenagos, the artifact that fetches legendary creatures and makes them larger, and stomping grounds.

    • Rosalie Mia Slater

      Sure you want Storm Crows in there? You’d be splashing in blue for no reason at all. I would probably use something else, like maybe Fanatic of Mogis or Rubblebelt Raiders… Or various other R/G creatures that would give the deck an early game, besides the fanatics.

      • izzet

        y would you do that storm crows go in every deck. there the best card in the gameXD

        • Rosalie Mia Slater

          Because splashing Blue for a 2 drop 1/2 with just flying makes absolutely no sense whatsoever? >_> I’m sorry but if you’re gonna splash blue, I’d use something like Prophet of Kruphix.

          • Matthew Riddell

            I’m pretty sure that Storm Crow is better.

          • Rosalie Mia Slater

            o_o how is a 2 drop 1/2 with nothing other than flying better than a 5 drop 2/3 that gives your creatures flash and untaps your shit on your opponents untap step?

          • Matthew Riddell

            You obviously haven’t played magic for long.

          • Owen Geraghty

            storm crow ftw.

          • Rosalie Mia Slater

            No. I didn’t start till the start of RTR block, which came long after 9th edition (when Storm Crow was printed). So, either y’all are being really sarcastic or you’re serious, I can’t tell. So explain how Storm Crow is ‘good.’

          • Matthew Riddell

            It’s the perfect combination of Creature – Bird, “It tells you that the worst is coming. Do you listen?” , and 1/2 = 1+2 = 3 = Halflife 3 confirmed. ;)

          • Rosalie Mia Slater

            *facepalm* this isn’t tumblr… you aren’t allowed to troll somebody that hard.

          • Refurinn

            They aren’t trolling, storm crow is legitimately the best card in magic.

          • Kred

            Storm crow is the chuck norris of magic cards. It’s not actually good, it’s just a joke among older players.

          • Jb

            Wow don’t you know storm crow >>>>>>>> all other magic card. What’s better than a 2 drop opponent auto scoop?? AND IT HAS FLYING

  • Walter Travis Gagnon

    calling it right now, worldslayer to be reprinted

  • Leo

    Ajani, Iroas Knight 1WWG

    +2 Prevent all damage that would be dealt to you next turn

    0 Gain 1 life for each aura and/or Enchantment you control

    -3 Destroy all tapped creatures

    -8 You get an emblem : ” You can’t be target of spells controlled from your opponents. If a creature dealt damages to you, exile that creatue”


    • izzet

      i believe they vowed never to print a 4 ability planeswalker again. but very nice idea

      • justmanypeaches

        In what situation is his 0 ability better than his +2?

    • Timmy Lambrix

      what about this card is green? It would just be 1WWW cause every ability is white related.

    • John Snow

      LOL a fog every turn, I think NOT

    • Alex Kelléyan

      This is not balanced at all… …the +2 & the -8 ability are impossibly overpowered, tough the 0 & -3 ability are kinda’ good ideas… …have you seen my predictions below?..

    • They wouldn’t print a 4 ability plansewalker again. . .

    • 1. one fog a turn? Yeah, that seems fair.
      2. 0 is pointless, especially when there’s a +2 thats much better.
      3. -3 is pointless, because either you play it and kill ajani or you +2 him… and they dont attack!
      4. -8 Maybe if it was whenever a creature “dealt damges” to you, tap it and it doesn’t untap. As well, the ability REALLY seems like you are trying to hard to combine green and white. The ability should be a combination, not one that takes a green ability and a white one and puts them on one card.

      Honestly, it’s fun making cards, but everyone knows they are going to make an Urza Planeswalker

      +1 Urza wins the game. Your opponent loses, then it turns out Urza’s just been playing you and you were his pawn the whole time
      -1 Destroy target continent
      -X commit X terrible acts of evil in the name of the greater good.

      • Shadow921

        the problem i see is that the +2 doesnt protect ajani at all.

        • The problem I see is that it is ridiculous! Four mana for continuous fogging? Maybe if WOTC was REAAALLLY trying to push Maze’s End Turbofog…

          • Shadow921

            but it isnt continuous! it isnt technically even a fog! if you should be calling this ability anything it should be defend the hearth.

    • If he was the knight of Iroas, wouldn’t he be RW in mana cost?

  • Fernando Lito

    Iroas is Boros, not GW color, ajani can be boros or Naya colors man.

    • Pete

      making a three colored planeswalker would be a terrible Idea, it limits the amount decks that can use them.

  • Dr. Storm Crow

    Official news: New 16th god added to pantheon. It’s Storm Crow.

    • izzet

      sweet storm crow is now a god life couldn’t be better

      • Usrawrs

        Always was. Always will be. Was a matter of time they would reprint with the correct oracle text.

  • Oli

    when does the spoiling start^^?

  • Tommy

    What if they made a card called “Storm Crows” same CMC cost as Storm Crow and stats but it had. “When Storm Crows enters the battle field search your library for a card named Storm Crows and put in you hand. A deck may have any number of cards named Storm Crows” I think that would be great

    • Usrawrs

      With the storm mechanic.

    • ishumprod

      what about playing Squadron Hawk

    • I approve of this idea! Storm Blade! 0.o i think this is what wizards is planning on. There will be the storm crows instead of squadron hawk, enchantments instead of the swords, and…

      Thinking what we need to replace jace.

      Maybe they will print an urza planeswalker.

      “+1: Win the game.
      -1:Destroy target continent.
      -X: Commit X unspeakable acts of evil in the name of destroying Phyrexia.”

  • Nyrab

    Does anyone else see the resemblance between the spear Xenagod has, and the siren song lyre? Multicolour god artifact rares maybe?

  • Lurking Informant

    Teach your girlfriend how to play Magic? CHECK!!!

    • Little red

      So when she breaks up with you she can take half of you collections and keep the other cards you “borrowed” to her.

  • Got my box pre-ordered!

  • Dahm

    I’m really feeling a green white ajani.
    I’d go with”feral guardian” for a title…
    Loyalty would have to be 3 or 4 as all multi coloured are equal or less for cmc to loyalty ratio(sans sarkan the mad).
    I’m leaning to 3 as vengeant was 1 less.

    Abilities would need the green white feel…so…
    +1 Put two 1/1 white lion tokens with life link and vigilance onto the battlefield
    -2 Exile target creature and search your library for a basic land card and put it into play tapped
    -8 search your library for any amount of creature cards where the total cmc equals your life total

    A green ajani will pump out tokens. I went with a more sorin influenced guess
    The -2 was influenced by green’s tendency to tutor for its negative ability and that vengeant was a slapped on lighting helix (hell, it could be a beast within)
    And finally the -8 ability, green’s ultimates always have something to do with bringing a ton of creatures or a really big creature into play, and since ajani has a thing for making life total=creatures, a massive protean hulk like tutor seemed feasible.


    • AdzFT

      So OP, There is nothing balancing this card O_o

      • Dahm

        Ya, your right. Should only be one token for the +1 ability
        On second thought about the -2 abilities will probably be a sigil blessing (+3/+3 to single target and +1/+1 to the rest of your creatures).

        I stand by my -8 ability though. Possibly awesome but possibly fizzletastic. Just like an ultimate should be.

        • Grimpoppet

          I feel like gw would be appropriate (he was from a GRW tribe, and needs some green represent!)
          But likely will not go token route as long as Elspeth is around. Perhaps buffs, life, and a token / emblem ult.

    • Hollywood

      3 loyalty

      +1: tap target creature, if it’s a lion, you may put a forest card from your hand into play tapped.
      -3: put a x/x white lion token with vigilance into play where x is the number of forests you control.
      -8: You get an emblem with “lands you control become 2/2 indestructible creatures that are still lands”.

      • Tyler Cox

        The problem with the last ability is that they fall prey to cards like Last Breath and Drown in Sorrow. No, if they did anything similar to that ability, it’s probably more along the lines of “Lands you control have “Tap: Target creature you control gets +1/+1 until the end of the turn” or something like that. With that ability, it serves both a defensive (pump up a creature you want to save from something like Drown in Sorrow) and offensive (pump up a creature for a game winning slam to the face) ability.

    • so wait… 3-4 cmc, +1 for two lifelink and vigilance 1/1’s? sorin cost 4 and gave you ONE 1/1 with lifelink. no vigilance. -2 is to much card advantage, and -8 is OK but it feels far too monogreen for this.

    • That’s a little OP, maybe if it was just ONE 1/1 with lifelink and vigilance, or two with just vigilance, and the exile would need to say “exile target creature YOU CONTROL”, otherwise it would be waaaaay too good.

  • Tyler Cox

    I whole heartedly agree. I love Bolas. He is always so badass as both a Planeswalker card, if pricey mana wise, and as a character. I swear, he should be all but unstoppable!

  • L

    in terms of a minus ability for Ajani (if printed) -(X) (variable cost or 2/3) attach an enchanment creature you control on the battlefield to another target creature (you control)(if wanted (where x is its devotion cost plus 1/2 colourless)). Target creature gains x/x and abilities from enchantment creature where x/x is its toughness and power

    Just an idea, as many have bestow cost

  • Machaka

    what ebaut this one?

    Ajani, golden light 2GW
    +1: Put a 0/1 white cat cleric creature token onto the battlefield with protection from creatures.
    -3: Until your next turn target opponent can’t cast spells.
    -5: Until end of turn, creatures you control get +5/+5 and gain first strike, lifelink, trample and vigilance.

    • Tapabrata Ghosh

      dat -3 though….. O.O

    • Heliod

      +1 Is OP because now I have near undying blockers. The -5 is completely irrelevant because it’s -3 is so broken you’d never bother to use anything but it. It’s basically a four mana time walk.

  • Rosalie Mia Slater

    Hey, yea, sorry. WB god is going to be Athreos (Look at Scholar of Athreos). Asphodel is a place, not a person/god.

  • Chewie

    How about,
    Ajani, Knight of Nyx
    1WG 4 Loyalty
    +1: All Enchantment Creatures get +1/+1 until end of turn.
    -3 : Exile target Enchantment
    -8 : You get an emblem: All creatures become enchantment creatures and receive flying and +3/+3.

    • Tacoghandi

      I like the first ability though I think it should be Enchantment creatures you control. The second seems a little UP for the cost, maybe a -2. the last ability is definitely OP. Elspeth pumped out tokens and only gave +2 and flying. I don’t think giving two similar emblems will happen. I could see maybe trample or first strike or vigilance. probably trample due to green in cost.

    • With this emblem a one mana card is worth 40$

    • Gustavo Wadas Lopes

      Bad, ajani doesn’t fit with enchantments, although the souls power he gives. He will be probably more associeted with heroic

  • Arcane Institute

    mox Quartz — 0 Choose a colour. T: Add one mana of that colour to your mana pool if your devotion is 3 or greater.

    • Name

      Yep I could get behind this.

  • Sir Swag

    I’m getting really impatient with these pending spoilers.

    • Rosalie Mia Slater

      Don’t worry. They should be starting in the next couple weeks seeing as this is now just about 4 weeks exactly before the pre-release. So I’d say by the end of next week or so they’ll start spoiling.

      • Reamaj

        Typically spoilers run for 3 weeks before release, so next friday probably

  • mimol8or

    much better if no spoilers so it will really be exciting to see how they will be able to build a deck on their own

  • Eli Mecham

    That funny look people have when your 14 and take 3rd in Friday night magic

    • Grim Draper

      That funny look people have when you’re 9 and place 1st in FNM

      • Stevie

        That disappointing look people have when you’re 20 and you lose to kids

        • Jimmy

          This is gold

          • Crosis

            Someone picture this.

          • Usrawrs

            Or, that feel when your a freshly released bear at a FNM.

    • Theodore

      That funny look people have when you’re 13 and take 1st place in whole EDH league

    • Hans

      That funny look you get when you go to a legacy gp and accidently bring your standard deck

    • me

      or i’m 12 and got 1st

    • Gustavo Wadas Lopes

      depressed. Just 8th in pre-release.

    • Gustavo Wadas Lopes

      How much money you spend? or do you have amaizingh luck gift be the pantheon?

  • Gruulordie

    Or 12 and first at gameday+fnm?

  • Grim Draper

    News that has been spoiled: Prerelease packs are: Forged in Glory, Intellect, Tyranny, War, and Pursuit. The game day deck is called Defeat a God.

  • Stevie

    I’m curious if they’re going to reprint Serum Visions, Stand Firm, Ferocious Charge and/or Lose Hope. I argue that since these weren’t printed in Modern Masters and since they fit the Theros scrying-ness (like Magma Jet), they may be prime candidates to be reprinted.

    That also being said, I’m not sure if Serum Visions (the one that people care about) will be reprinted since the Serum in question is Mirrodin-specific. It’s like if they reprinted Phyrexian Obliterator in Theros: it wouldn’t make sense story-wise.

    They can print Serum Visions with a different name, but they shouldn’t. That’d mean there’d be 2 Serum Visions floating around, and that would be a little bit of a mess in Modern. Not as much as having Preordain and/or Ponder, but a mess nonetheless.

    • derp

      Serum Visions has a generic enough name to reprint as is. It’s not like the card refers to anything specific to Mirrodin–yes, it’s supposed to be the Blinkmoth serum, but serum is still a generic noun. Phenax or Kruphix could have their own serum of some kind, why not? They wouldn’t make a functional reprint of it and very likely gave that cycle generic names with the intention of being able to reprint them down the line.

      That said I don’t think they’re going to reprint Serum Visions because of power level reasons (they’ve avoided printing one mana card filtering cantrips in recent years) even though it wouldn’t be insane in standard, just good.

  • Fin

    Anybody know if they will bring back Eldrazis in the next block?

    • Machaka

      “While there is something comming out with the name FtV anihilation – yes, there will be some deck comming out, but no, not an entire set! You don’t need to be an prophet to see that.”

      Prophet of Kruphix

      • Rosalie Mia Slater

        well… its FtV Annihilation… the From the Vault sets don’t generally have a deck, unless you build one for cards in it. Its just like 15-20 cards from various sets in the past (Like how JTMS made it in FtV: 20 last year).

      • izzet

        the battle with the eldrazi is still going if i’m told right so i think in 3-4 sets

    • Gustavo Wadas Lopes

      Wait until 2016. By what is ocurring they probably will put a nice and caotic return for the destryed plane.

  • Lurking Informant

    Is Nyx finally gonna be a new game zone or not??

    • Machaka

      no, its not. They wrote they thougt ebaut creating a nyx zone for theros, where gods would be, if you cast them and where they would go instead of graveyard. But thanks God they didn’t want to create a special new zone for one set, when the enchantment-devotion ability works absolutly great.

  • Hans

    How about a fblthp based block? “Fblthp has somehow gotten to Alara and he is still totally lost “All I want is to go home” -Fblthp
    Fblthp, Lost but seeking
    +1 Scry 2
    -2 Draw a card
    -8 Look at the top 3 cards of all opponents libraries and for each opponent pick a card to cast without playing its mana cost
    3 Loyalty

    • Necrachilles

      Think you meant 3UUU

    • Rosalie Mia Slater

      Well… Um… First off… why would he be in Alara when we’re currently on Theros…? They wouldn’t do a flashback for one card like that (Although, it might get in the back story, like how Kiora’s from Zendikar.) and that -8 is slightly OP, instead they’re probably make it something like “Look at the top X (most likely between 3-5) cards of an opponent’s library and put like 2 back on top in any order and the rest in the graveyard.” And yes, I know that’s a slightly overused thing, but that’s more than likely what they’d make it.

      • Dudze

        Actually it’s -8 is a bit on the weak side if you compare it to Architect of Thought that can just search each players deck for a card to play for free. Hell Architect costs less mana too. Fblthp’s +1 is arguably better but doesn’t apply any protection like Architect’s does, that and Architect’s -2 is arguably better and has better starting loyalty for less mana.

        So no, Fblthp is a bit underpowered if anything.

        • Rosalie Mia Slater

          Yea true; but AoT’s +1 doesn’t give protection, it gives -1/-0 until their next turn. I should know, it’s in a lot of decks right now, but my other point was trying to reference to the fact that the -8 ability is designed more for multiplayer matches (seeing as it says ‘of all opponents’ libraries and for each opponent’), in which case, that is slightly OP, minus the fact that, unless you have enough blockers out to block everything your opponents can send at it each turn, it will die quickly. So, in a way, you’re right and I agree, but I’m also sort of disagreeing with you on certain points.

          • Joseph

            By “Protection” he doesn’t mean the keyword Protection, he means AoT can protect itself (in this case by getting punched less hard in the face). It’s one of the 3 things you can judge a ‘walker by. 1) Can it protect itself in some way 2) Does it make an immediate impact 3)Does it’s ultimate have a large impact.

  • Sausage

    When will we see the first spoiler?
    What do you think?

  • tyke5140

    The pre-release is less than a month away, how in the hell have they managed to keep even 1 card of this set from being spoiled?

    • IKR, we already know for a fact that we’ll be getting a GB and UR scry land, they could at least spoil the art on those…

  • Chente

    Please have a heroic card with hexproof. That would be the best heroic card next to hero of iroas…

    • I agree completely.

    • Necro

      I had this completely overpowered card Idea…

      -whatever- Eidolon
      {G} Enchantment Creature – Spirit 1/1
      Bestow {2}{G}
      Heroic – Add 1 mana of any color to your mana pool

      Even if they printed this without the Heroic ability, it’d be instantly played in Modern and Standard.

      • Toommy

        I don’t think they will have bestow and heroic on the same card. And I feel like the heroic ability is kind of lame anyway. Like you have to play a spell on him to get mana.

        • Necro

          … did you ever face GW hexproof in Modern?
          You can put any amount of 1-mana enchantments on him for 1 mana.
          And, since Bestow would grant the creature it’s bestowed upon Hexproof AND still would be Hexproof itself, you’d make a only-fieldwipeable Creature. (or edictable)

          • French Mull please

            Lol wotc said they werent making a regenerate or hexproof due to them being ridiculous

      • Chente

        Idk, it seems a bit weird that he’s green, and it’s adding mana. And it would make no sense tohave it both heroic and an enchament creature.

        • Necro

          All abilities on him are very green abilities.

      • Kody

        I don’t see an issue with this, and you said it is an overpowered idea. If this idea was ever entertained, I would think the bestow cost would be 3GG to help even out the power of the card. Plus, the cost of the Eidolon itself would probably be more 1GG. This would make a decent rare for the set, but not quite a mythic. It’s missing a wow factor or something (like Chromanticore).

        • Gustavo Wadas Lopes

          I think that the eidolon normal cost would be right with they removed the heroic, there is a car in the same price and effects in standart.

      • Gustavo Wadas Lopes

        sounds perfect, fit, and is just a awesome efect, but the bestow would be a little bigger

    • Gustavo Wadas Lopes

      The last thing they need, cards that give heroic, heroic thet gives hexpoof/lifelink/other normal abilities, and heroic with hexpoof. They alredy have with double strike, and alredy have with flying.

    • 1234567890

      lol better than shroud XD

  • Cj

    Spoil something. Gosh.

    • Asecas

      As they say on twitter no spoils until next monday

      • Cj

        My life is over.

  • RandomTShirt

    Ajani, the Guardian of Life
    +2 Add G/W to your mana pool, gain 2 life.
    -3 Create a 3/3 G/W centaur creature token with lifelink onto the battlefield under your control
    -8Exile all other nonland noncreature permanents

    3 Loyalty

    • Kyle Eggers

      Seeing as Ajani has up to this point been primarily cat based – his followers and creature tokens created has been cats – why all of a sudden would he create centaurs?

  • Sausage

    I need B/R minotaurs!
    Please spoil it now!

    Minotaur Tribal Leader (2BR)

    “All Minotaurs you control get +1/+0 and have first strike/lifelink”

    Something like that please.

    Can’t sleep ;)

    • Necro

      Lifelink would be weird imho.
      Double Srike is what I want.

      • Sausage

        I thought about something red or black, otherwise i would also take doublestrike, but this would be to hard for 2br ;)
        Hey Necro, please show me your mino-deck if you got one.

  • Anonymous


  • chris van delll

    “WRATH of GOD” reprint! what could be better than this in such a godlike universe?

    • rustin

      How about a “wrath of the gods” an all color board wipe?
      6 mana 2 colorless and 4 symbols marked with a give color disc

      • 7rooper

        I think it goes without saying that blue and green should not have access to a straight wrath.

    • izzet


  • Setinstone

    Ajani, Champion of the Pride GW

    +1 Put a 1/1 cat with vigilance on to the battlefield
    -2 Search your Library for a Forest or Plains put on to the Battle field tapped
    -5 get an emblem with “put a Token take is copy of each token you control on to the battlefield at the end of your turn.”

    Starts at 2 Loyalty

    • Gustavo Wadas Lopes

      first, the last ability is overpowered and cost reduced. It would be more like a Growing Ranks.Second, the first ability is good and have a nice price, but doesn’t sound to fit at the idea of ajani in this set. But the first ability is totally ok, it fits, have a good price and sounds Brimaz and his Vanguards abilities.

    • Brenno

      Rhys the Redeemed as a planeswalker

  • Heitor Martins Andrade

    Ajani, Hero’s Pride
    2GW ; 4 Loyalty
    +1: Put a +1/+1 counter on each of up to two target creatures.
    -3: Choose target creature you control. Whenever that creature deals combat damage to a player or planeswalker this turn, put a token onto the battlefield that’s a copy of that creature.
    -8: You get an emblem with “Creatures you control have indestructible, hexproof, and lifelink.”

    • Kody

      This idea of Ajani, regardless of the name, is a good one. Ajani won’t focus too much on creating kitties as he would beating the stuffing out of Xenagos and helping Elspeth regain her honor in this realm. I feel the new Ajani will definitely be more aggressive, similar to Ajani, Vengeant. Instead of creating only kitties, he can create another powerful creature instead (aside from Legendary creatures because that’s moronic to copy), which is essential for entrapping and defeating the God of Revels. The emblem I’m uneasy about because, even though it is legitly an ultimate, there already is an Elspeth that does something similar to this, so I must strike out the last loyalty ability here.

    • Gustavo Wadas Lopes

      The better version off all, but the second ability doesn’t makes much sense.

    • Satan

      2nd ability seems broken in both constructed and limited. just copy any card with an etb effect or a super powerful creature. even just doing this on an acidic slime is broken because you just decimate their lands. or even just on archangel, which alone isn’t very good, but an army of 5/5 flying vigilance dudes is SUPER GOOD. even if you just play him and fire it off once. you are probably getting lots of value. if you have more than one in hand and enough mana you could do this more than once per turn and get two extra creatures, which is extremely good if they have an etb. also, theros limited has a decent number of devotion based etb’s and this would just create a bunch of devotion and devotion etb triggers.

  • Jackson Moyer

    Ajani Feral Guardian
    +1 Put a 1/1 cat soldier with vigilance attacking
    -4 You get the emblem with ” whenever a creature enters the battlefield under you control you gain 2 life.”
    -8 You get the emblem with creatures with “When you gain life put two 3/3 cat creature tokens on the battlefield.”
    4 loyalty

    • Whiskerbro

      But it won’t be monowhite. You can’t have multiple planeswalkers in the same block with the same color identity.

    • Jon

      “Put a 1/1 cat soldier with vigilance attacking”
      You’re not a very experienced player, are you.
      Here are the phases:
      1. Untap
      2. Upkeep (When your opponents can start doing things during your turn)
      3. Draw
      4. First Main Phase (When you’re able to use non instant spells & abilities such as planeswalkers)
      5. Pre-Combat (A chance for your opponent to do things with your creatures before you swing)
      6. Combat (When your dudes are allowed to attack, your opponents declare blocks, & damage is assigned)
      7. Second Main Phase (Same as first except ideal for the spells & abilities you wanted to use after things really started happening)
      8. End Step
      Also as a side note, it’s not likely we’ll ever see a PW with a built in infinite combo.
      Especially as game breaking as those emblems would provide.

      • It’s not likely? It’s not POSSIBLE, they would have to be smoking some serious crack to ever make a Planeswalker that has a built in infinite combo.

        • Shadow921

          well it is possible if wizards wants a way to make a game an auto draw with one card.

    • That makes no sense 1. You would only be able to activate his abilities during a Main Phase, it can’t come into play attacking. For it to attack that turn, it would have to have haste, which is generally a red ability, not white. Maybe if his Ult gave you an emblem that said “Whenever a creature you control attacks a player, put a 1/1 cat soldier with vigilance into play attacking that player.” 2. I highly doubt they will ever make a Planeswalker that can give to different Emblems, let alone 2 different stackable ones, and ESPECIALLY not two that will let you get an infinite amount of life and creatures. 3. “You get the emblem with creatures with…” should be “you get AN emblem with whenever you gain life, put two 3/3 cat creature tokens onto the battlefield.” which would also be pretty op.

  • Kevin Conner

    Why not an enchantment artifact or a shrine/temple land that enables the player to counter spells that normally can’t be countered? Like Glaring Spotlight did for Hexproof. I mean, this is the plane of Gods, right? Why wouldn’t they be able to counter any spell they wanted? Could be useful in other formats as well.

    • That guy

      Would be way to broke, every deck would run that. It would make legacy too expensive.

      • -Logcian

        Running a card in your deck that enables you to counter uncounterable spells isn’t broken. It’s simply a check against Abrupt Decay and Supreme Verdict style cards.

        Imagine this for example.

        Cardname – 1U
        Instant: Target spell that can’t be countered can now be countered. Counter that spell.

        It’s not broken. There’s a very limited number of cards that it can even interact with. It’s purely a metagame choice at most, and wouldn’t really impact legacy too much.

        • That would be pretty broken though. 2 Drop counter that counters any card, including cards that can’t be countered…

          • Grandjammer

            It would be worded such that it would target uncounterable spells. All others would be invalid targets.

          • Rosalie Mia Slater

            Exactly. It would have to be worded as such, especially since there’s only a few cards (Savage Summoning, Supreme Verdict, Mistcutter Hydra, Slaughter Games, Skylasher, Counterflux, Loxodon Smiter) and those probably aren’t being run (with the exception of Supreme Verdict) by people in the Pro Tour and Grand Prix.

          • Ok, if it’s worded like that, then it would be pretty fair.

      • It would be about as broken as Glaring Spotlight.

        • Xaldin975

          Which is to say not at all.

        • Nasa1225

          I would run it in my mono blue deck (with a splash of green) to counter supreme verdict and mistcutters. I think it’d be a good idea to make.

          • Yeah, i think it would be a good idea too., all i was saying is that it wouldn’t be a game breaking card.

      • DA

        But you already can counter… or rather stop uncounterable spells (Venser, Shaper Savant, Mindbreak Trap, etc.)

  • Anthony Bartolomey

    Why have no cards been spoiled. Almost all of born of the gods was spoiled by this time before the prerelease.

    • ProRock

      not true… except for Kiora, they started spoiling barely two and half weeks before prerelease…

      • Anthony Bartolomey

        Dec 7th they spoiled the three lands, Kiora came after that. So stuff was spoiled over 2 months before the release. Just a couple of cards a day is all im asking. Full sets usually are not spoiled until the week before prerelease and that’s fine. It is starting to make me think this set is bad with few good cards.

        • Rosalie Mia Slater

          It’s also a 165 card set, about as big as Born was, if I’m not mistaken. Plus I have it on good authority that the cards will start being spoiled either by the end of week (as EsperLeague mentioned) or early next week. I mean, there is still about 3 weeks before release, and there isn’t a lot they’re adding to the block. Just the last five gods, scry lands and a few other final touchups.

          • AdventureMormon

            If you read the article on yesterday’s (or Monday’s) Daily MTG, Mark Rosewater said he would be spoiling the first card on Monday. Just wait….The pictures look awesome.

          • Gustavo Wadas Lopes

            Perfect. I can’t choice, all gods sound killing power full, but I will probably take red or blue, perhaps white, but i did’t liked so much Pharika, and athreos, let’s wait.

          • AdventureMormon

            I plan to go white for this prerelease. I went blue for Theros, and green for Born of the Gods. So, to complete the colors for my favorite shard, I will go white (no matter how bad the promo card is).

          • EsperLeague

            I will probably go blue and splash green, since I want aspects from both aggro and control in my deck

    • EsperLeague

      I’ve Heard that they should start spoiling cards by friday

  • Derek

    Surprise, they don’t spoil the cards till after the prerelease to make limited may more chaotic!
    …actually I can’t decide if that would be cool or just plain annoying…

    • Sausage

      How do you know?

    • ssiko

      that would be nice for a change ….

    • Masterloard

      Hey, guess what! You know what they used to do? No spoilers. They only started doing spoilers mid to late 2000s (like, 2005-6 I think). Before that we had to wait till pre-release to see any of the cards, and only by checking a compiled list made by players could we find out what was in the set. Honestly, I feel like spoilers, although helpful for getting people excited aboit new cards, and helping with pre-sale, makes opening a new set much less fun. You arent opening a new set that no one has ever seen before and discovering all these awesome new cards as they come out. And the worst part is, if you just dont look at the spoilers, then you are putting your self at a huge disadvantage, because everyone else already knows the cards and you dont

      • RjihnV

        But they should bring back the days of not spoiling the sets!

      • EsperLeague

        Eh, I like spoilers.
        It makes my odds of winning for the prerelease better

    • Thordpt

      I would love for them to remove the spoiler thing. When I started with Magic, half the actual magic about Magic was to not know what I was going to get in the boosters. I haven’t looked much into spoilers anyway after they started it. I remember the time when I didn’t even know about planeswalkers and I bought 4 different booster pack and got Liliana of the Veil and a foil Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas. I had absolute no clue of the gold I was holding.
      They could limit it to release a full list after a month after release or something like that. Or maybe even not until the next expansion/block comes out.

    • Gustavo Wadas Lopes

      Well, that is bad and good. More surprises and more chaos at the pre-release. This is a good thing for give an ecitement about the cards. Probably will be awesome to get good cards without drooping cause no one now the price of the cards. But there will be born of the gods and theros boosters, so there will be a limit in the surprise. And the will probably post the promotional cards,

  • Nick

    I think they would lose money on prerelease sales by not spoiling cards. Meaning, say a card is $10 prerelease, then when the set drops that card is only $5

    • Homelands

      let’s think in a different way.
      The cards in journey into nyx might be so useless, that spoiling cards would actually lead prerelease sales to drop.

    • carl

      Well , i wouldnt give business lessons to MTG

  • EsperLeague

    Can anyone see this Picture?
    Anyway, if you can’t it is an Ajani that says:
    Ajani, Pridecaller of Oreskos (1WG)
    +1: Creatures you Control gets +0/+2 until end of turn. Untap them.
    -3: Exile target noncreature enhantment. You gain 2 (if underpowered, 5) Life
    -5: Until end of turn, creatures you Control have “T: Put a 1/1 (if underpowered 2/2) Cat Soldier creature token with lifelink onto the battlefield.”

    • EsperLeague

      No one could see the pic…

    • Sausage

      Liar! Are you?
      Underpowered? What should it be?

    • MagicSpoiler

      You haven’t attached any picture.

    • Whiskerbro

      Its abilities have no synergy, and its -3 seems randomly tacked on.

      • ThatOneGuy

        Xenagos, the planeswalker, had abilities that didn’t interact with each other at all.

        • jdub

          how so? his 0 builds into his plus one and his ultimate will throw more creatures and lands onto the field. they all coincide in one way or another.

        • Whiskerbro

          Incorrect. His ult and his 0 both can get you more creatures, which makes his +1 more effective.
          Have you ever even used Xenagos, the Reveler or gone up against him?

    • Gustavo Wadas Lopes

      Not a good idea. The token idea was nice cause of the leonin, but the “unpowered” don’t sound true. But he may be green and white and probably will have lifegain(off course) and creature fortification(white style wich green flavor)

    • Satan

      this card would be really bad. its first ability is pretty bad. so is the second and the third is mediocre at best. also you didn’t put a starting loyalty count and the “picture” is non existent. i dig the name and color combo though….

    • EsperLeague

      Ok, what I meant with “underowered” was not supposed to be in theoracle text… it was like if the ability was underpowered, the other number would be used instead. And with the +1 ability, I was tying to trigger the inspired abilty

  • FantasiaWHT

    Theros had enchantment creatures (gods and bestows) and enchantment artifacts (weapons). Born of the Gods had enchantment creatures, but not enchantment artifacts. Lots of enchantment artifacts in Journey to Nyx?

    • kiowa

      there are not going to make the weapons for the rest of the gods. if u listen to the R&D video with born of the gods they said they didnt want to keep making each gods’ weapon and it took up space which idk y that be a problem its a small set but whatever.

      • FantasiaWHT

        An enchantment artifact doesn’t HAVE to be a god weapon.

  • guest

    Godsend is Elspeth’s weapon are they going to make that in to a card?

    • guest

      Now Elspeth and Ajani face Xenagos on his home ground. Armed with the mighty weapon Godsend, the reluctant hero Elspeth assumes the ultimate burden of saving the world.

      • ThatOneGuy

        I read that but Heliod’s pissed at Elspeth, I’m curious to see if that comes into play at all.

    • Gustavo Wadas Lopes

      That’s something possible, and awesome.

    • ProRock

      No way… It’s like if anybody could be using Elspeth’s gear. God’s weapons could be used because Gods bestowed their favour upon their believers, but it’s like you’d like Ajani to give up his axe and xenagos that funny lyre thing he carries…

      • Butts

        it might be like Pyromancer’s Gauntlet in M14. It’s clearly Chandra’s, after all.

      • anon0811

        It’s a pan-flute…Satyr.

      • ThraxGordon

        BTW I have issues with Born of the Gods not making the new 5 weapons. No scythe for Karametra, no hammer for Mogis. Im gonna go cry now.

        • Necro

          AXE, Mogis has a giant black AXE

      • guest

        ha i called it

  • Conflicted Scales

    Hang on, if Iroas is the brother of Mogus, who’s a Minotaur, which is a human with a bull’s head, does that mean that Iroas is half bull rather than a centaur? Is there mythology based on that?

    • Brenno

      Their mother/father was human and kinky

    • Cesar

      They are gods, they take the form the want, mostly one that their worshipers will be akin to.

    • ThraxGordon

      You’d think, but the gods have been revealed to be manifestations of mortals’ wants and expectations. Xenagos kinda spoiled that. Also, the set is based in Greek myth, and the Greek gods were some kinky mofos.

    • Rosalie Mia Slater

      Yea… Mythology (especially Greek/Roman since they are two sides of the same coin) is very um… difficult to keep track of and understand properly. Iroas is a centaur and Mogis is a minotaur and they’re ‘twins.’ It makes sense if you don’t think about it…

  • Guest

    Ajani, Oreskos’ Might 2WG
    +1: Put a WG 1/1 Cat token with vigilance onto the battlefield
    -3: Until end of turn, creature tokens you control have lifelink
    -8: You gain an emblems that reads: “Creatures you control have vigilance, trample and protection from enchantments.”
    4 Loyalty.

    • EsperLeague

      The ult is a bit similar to Domri’s

      • Rosalie Mia Slater

        Ehh yea… except Domri’s is “Creatures you control have double strike, trample, hexproof and haste.” and seeing as this is green and white, there would be a lifelink as well i think.

  • EsperLeague

    Ok, new try since ppl thought my last Ajani wa unerpowered:
    Ajani, Pridecaller of Oreskos (2WG)
    +1: Put a 1/1 White Cat Soldier creature token with vigilance onto the battlefield
    0: Untap each cat you Control.
    -6: Exile each enchantment
    3 Loyalty

    • Dahm

      -1 will probaly be correct
      0 is way too narrow for an ability. If the cats your tossing out have vigilance…why would you need an untapper?
      -6 Again, way too narrow. Especially for an ultimate.

      • ThatOneGuy

        Plus it kills gods and such, right?

        • EsperLeague

          Yeah, I thought that if Ajani is supposed to be one of the killers of Xenagos, he needs something to kill Xenagos with…

      • EsperLeague

        With the 0 I tried to trigger more inspired abilities.
        But I can retry his two last abilities:

        0: You gain two life for each creature you control.
        -7: Put three 7/7 white Cat Warrior creature tokens with lifelink and double strike onto the battlefield.

  • Ombach

    Ajani, X of Y (2GW) (I don’t have an idea for a name..)
    +1 Target permanent you control gains protection from a color of your choice until your next upkeep
    -2 Exile target creature until Ajani, X of Y leaves the battlefield
    -7 You have an emblem with “Whenever a creature deals damage to you, prevent that damage”
    2 Loyalty

    • EsperLeague

      The last ability is way to OP, since you basically win the game

      • ThatOneGuy


        • Necro

          I do. Believe me. I ALWAYS DO. (mwarharhar)

          But if you’re running red in the current Standard format, this Ajani would not get to ultimate against you anyways.
          Also, you need to completely protect him for FIVE TURNS. That is a LOT.

        • EsperLeague

          I do…

      • Necro

        That’s what a planeswalker ultimate usually does.

        • EsperLeague

          I know but at least in standard, there is no card that say “you win the game” or “your opponent loses the game” so you become totally invilnerable, cuz there is no poison counter card either…

          • kmk888

            Are you trolling? There are like 2 of the 14 planeswalkers in standard that don’t win you the game if you get their ults to go off.

            Plus, this ultimate is one of the weaker ones I’ve ever seen. It’s too specific, you want ults to be good against all opponents. You can still deck them, burn them, or make them lose life.

            And the cherry on top is that it’s -7 when he starts at 2 loyalty and goes up by 1 per turn.

    • FantasiaWHT

      Should start with 3 loyalty, otherwise you can’t use the minus ability the first turn (well, you can to blink it, but that’s not really the point). Agreed on the ultimate being OP.

      • Glen DiCecco

        Actually, you would reduce the loyalty to zero to put the effect on the stack. As a state-based effect, Ajani leaves the battlefield before the ability resolves, so it would not see him leave and would not trigger its return.

        • Necro

          And 2GW for a sorcery speed ‘exile target creature’ is good but not too good.

    • Necro

      I believe the first ability needs an ‘other’ and this card would be completely balanced.

  • Mythe

    Ajani, Metic of Oreskos (2GW)

    +1: Until end of turn, creatures you control are indestructible. Creatures you don’t control lose indestructible this turn.
    -2: You gain 2 life for each creature in play.
    -6: You have an emblem with “At the beginning of your end step, put a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control”.
    4 Loyalty.

    • kmk888

      The first ability is a home run. Seriously. The ability matches the colors/Ajani well but also will play well in this block and provide a good answer for the gods. What’s more, that’s a flavor win with Ajani helping fight Xenagos. Great job.

  • Dahm

    I almost want ajani to produce a 1/1 with hexproof…that would be sexy. Will most likely be vigilance though.
    I have a feeling the middle ability will be sigil blessing.
    The ultimate could be anything, i still like the idea of a protean hulk ability where the cmc=life total. Not an instant gamewinner but needs an answer immediatly

  • Usrawrs

    R/U Planeswalker – Bear God (RRU)

    +1: All opponents put a 2/2 rabid bear token onto the battlefield with the text, “This creature attacks a player at random each turn if able” (This can include yourself, treat the attacking token as coming from a new player source that is removed after combat)
    -2: Put a token onto the battlefield whose power and toughness are equal to the number of bears on the battlefield.
    -8: You have an emblem with “You choose all random outcomes”
    (This includes coinflips, dice rolls, and drawing unknown cards (eg; cards that have not been viewed by the player previously). This includes any action that involves random chance)


    I was unsure when I viewed the card in person whether or not the -2 was “number of stormcrow on the battlefield” or “number of bears on the battlefield” I made the assumption based on the first ability. I apologize for not being able to recall exactly what I saw on the card though. Was particularly mesmerized by the new foiling process they used on it too.

    • ThatGuyWhoDoesStuff

      I would gladly welcome Sir Bearington to MtG

  • Dustin Mosley

    Ajani, G/W

    +1: Put a creature with converted mana cost 1 or less from your hand onto the battlefield
    -2: Search your library for a creature with converted mana cost 2 or less and put it into your hand. Gain 2 life.
    -6: Search your library x creatures where x is your devotion to white and green and put them onto the battlefield.
    Loyalty 2

    • ThatOneGuy

      To powerful

      • Marcos Araujo

        Not at all. If you have no creatures with cost 1 or less on your hand, you won’t be able to get counters. But I’d sure want one like this on my WW

        • VampiricPie

          Nah, you’d still be able to use the ability with creatures to put into play.

          • Dustin Mosley

            If you hace no creatures with converted mana cost 1 you cannot use the +1. This is a very fair card.

          • Rosalie Mia Slater

            The point is, regardless of whether or not there are targets for a planeswalker’s abilities, you can still tick them up. hence why he is OP, especially since he’s GW to cast (one of each I’m assuming) which means all those Selesnya players would most likely buy a playset and again most likely have at least one in their opening hand, if not topdecked into by turn 2, play him, tick him up. this means that, unless they’re playing Esper control with D-Spheres or anything with black and planeswalker removal (hero’s downfall, dreadbore) will most likely lose the game by turn 6 or 7 unless they have a way to deal with everything that he would bring out on your turn (such as a cyclonic rift).

          • Dustin Mosley

            You cant tick him up. It doesnt say you may, and it doesnt say up to 1 creature with converted mana cost 1 or less. Pretty sure thats how it works

      • Dustin Mosley

        Explain why this is to powerful

    • Necro

      Are you a Pod player?
      This totally smells like Melirapod.

      • Dustin Mosley

        I do not play pod.

    • EsperLeague

      Do you do tutors, bro?

      I think it should interact with enchantments in a negative way against your opponent since he is supposed to kill Xenagos.
      Can I make a guess?
      It could be overpowered or underpowered but it is still just a guess:
      Ajani, Champion of Oreskos (1GW)

      +1: Target creature you control gains protection from Gods until end of turn.

      0: Destroy target noncreature enchantment.

      -6: Exile target enchantment creature. If it wasn’t a God, you gain 10 life.

      I know this is a bad guess, but still…

  • ThatOneGuy

    All these ajani concepts are way to powerful.

  • Patrick Micheal Gabriel McCrea

    Ok guys lets pretend that Ajani isn’t green and white for a moment. He fits more the style of Ajani Vergant in the form of R/W.

    Here is what I think if they were to do a RW Ajani they would do something similar to this.

    Ajani the Sun Oracle (2RW)

    +1 Creatures you control get +1/+2 and first strike until the end of the turn.

    – 3 Target creature your opponent controls loses -1/-1 and first strike until the end of the turn

    -6 You gain an emblem that states: “When a creature you control would be destroyed, it isn’t. This effect can only happen once per turn”

    Loyalty 3

    Now if you think that he will be G/W (which means I think this is extremely unlikely) then his planswalker abilities would be more like this…

    Ajani the Sun Oracle (2WG)

    +1 Creatures you control gain lifelink until the end of the turn.

    -4 Target creature you control gains hexproof until the end of the turn.

    -8 You gain an emblem that states: “Creatures you control gain +X/+X and flying equaling your life total”

    Loyalty 4

    Anyways that’s what I think will happen either way both of them are pretty good guesses.

    • Wrathsforfun

      +1/+2 wont happen because wizards isnt interested in making buffs complicated for new players. and “creatures your opponents control get -1/-1 and lose first strike until the end of the turn is neither white nor red. also losing/gaining first strike was just printed so i super doubt that.

      on your G/W idea’s
      lifeling is cool i guess but would be horrible as a walkers +1. And -4 for hexproof before combat at sorcery speed? ya even wizards doesn’t make that big of a mistake on a walker (even tibalt is better than something like that)

      Im guessing the ajani would have an interaction with multiple creatures in play and that he MIGHT be multicolored but im not thinking another R/W ajani. G/W would at least allow wizards to have a answer to the “wheres the Green White walker?” just like kiora was for simic.

      if i had to guess?
      2WW (just fits the norm)
      Loyalty 3 (allows you to plus out of lightning bolt while protecting the walker, allows you to minus at the cost of the walker, and allows for a turn 2 emblem for glorious anthem at the cost of the walker.

      +2 creatures you control gain vigilance until the end of turn. (either would be mass creature centric and give sudo walker protection)

      -3 creatures you control gain ” when this creature attacks, put a 1/1 white cat token into play attacking. Exile the token at the end of turn.” (could also be a -2 or stay a -3 but lose the “exile the tokens at the end of the turn”

      -5 Put an emblum into play that has “creatures you control get +1/+1”

      your thoughts?

      • ZZ9PluralZAlpha

        A good general idea, but I think some of these ideas are too similar to others. The global vigilance is just like Heliod, adding 1/1 cats is very Brimaz (only worse cos of the death and lack of vigilance), and why would people want the last ability when spear of heliod does the same thing cheaper? Sure, artifact enchantments are much easier to get rid of than emblems, but still…

  • Vegard Kivle

    Well. Ajani has always had something to do with Enchantments and Lifegaining. Right? How about something like this:
    +2 Gain one life and move target Enchantment aura to another target creature.
    -3 Ajani deals x damage to target player and you gain x life. Where X is the number of enchantment in play.
    -6 Get an emblem that gives you and your permanents protection form Enchantments and possibly lifelink
    Loyalty 4?

    • PlaneswalkerTexasRanger

      Ajani has never had anything to do with enchantments, also if you gave your guys pro enchantments, all your auras would fall off.

      • Steve Mag

        Ajani’s Chosen

    • EsperLeague

      This one is way too op or way too weak.
      What if you cast him and you just take two of your opponents auras then get protection from gods.
      Or else, no auras are in play and you cannot use him properly…

  • Conflicted Scales

    Quick question. Why is it that Ajani being green white seems so implausible? I get that “he’s wearing green therefore he’s using green” is a pretty bad argument, but you have to couple that with that wizards hasn’t made a green-white planeswalker before, and planeswalkers always have visual rep of their colours, so its not that far-fetched.

    • Ajani Champion of yadiyada

      that is because everyone want’s to make their own Ajani and the green-white ajani idea was taken by many people.
      they wanna be original you know
      and ya, the spoiler is still not out yet, so it’s our freedom to predict what we want to

      • Mythe

        The thing is Ajani can’t be RW because Iroas is already a mythic RW and RW can’t have two mythics in a non multicolor extension.
        Ajani has little chance to be white because white already has Elspeth in the Block, and another Ajani and Gideon in Standard: that is already too many.

        Since he is from Naya, that leaves us with 4 remaining possibilities:
        (1)RG Ajani: Odd because white is his primary color, already xenagos in block, Xenagos+Domri in T2.
        (2)RGW Ajani: Why 3 colors ? Unlikely.
        (3)GW Ajani: Weird but plausible.
        (4)No Ajani or a non-planeswalker Ajani: Very unlikely.

        I, and most of players, are reasoning by elimination and (3) is the most likely.

    • Steve Mag

      Also Ajani came from Naya so you can associate the Colours: Red, White and Green to him.

    • ThraxGordon

      I actually find it the most plausible occurrence. Considering green/whites role in the Theros story, and Ajani adopting Naya as his home, Id say he’s G/W.

    • Where have you heard that a WG Ajani isn’t plausible? 90% of the speculations for him (that i’ve seen) are him being WG.

    • kmk888

      Actually wearing green is a good indication. They tend to stick with the colors they put on the art, although they’ve somewhat moved away from that with these previews (Iroas, Athreos, and Xenagos in Theros)

      Also everybody thinks he’s going to be G/W. It’s not implausible. It would be surprising if he wasn’t.

      If you have any other doubts see Mythe’s comment below.

  • Nickname

    How about something like:

    Ajani, Oreskos Constructor Ww2

    Loyalty 3

    +1: Tokens you control gain Vigilance until the end of this turn

    -3: Exile Target Creature. Populate. (Place a token in play under your control, who’s a copy of an existing token you control)

    -8 Gain an Emblem that says: Each time a token is put into play, Populate. Gain 1 life for each token put into play this way.

    I was kind of iffy on the third effect, thinking that it should be 1,2. idk.


    Ajani, Pride of the Forest GW2

    Loyalty 4

    +1 Green and White creatures gain +1/+1, Lifelink until the end of the turn

    -4 Play an additional land this turn. Creatures you control gain Landwalk until the end phase where Landwalk is you highest devotion.

    -10 Gain an emblem that says: All plains and forest tap for 2 mana as long as you control this emblem.

    Again, idk if something like this is broken (fairly new to magic) or balanced.

    • EsperLeague

      I am also pretty new to magic, I’ve played for about a year now, but even I understand that these is totally broken, or at least something that won’t happen.
      1st card: +1 is weird, and underpowered since you don’t get any token with the planeswalker himself.
      -3 won’t happen since Populate is a Return to Ravnica keyword that won’t be reused in this set, since it is only used in cards with the selesnya watermark on. Also, this ability is too op. It is a godslayer, as I call them (they kill gods)…
      -8 WOULD be possible if the planeswalker himself would create tokens but he don’t and also, the returning populate wont happen

      2nd card: +1 is possible to me and totally fine. Maybe a bit op, but it could happen (some cards bust be better than others, right)
      -4 is way too underpowered, even if you’re allowed to play an additional land. It is also weird, even if I understand what the ability is supposed to do, the way you described it is strange… Also, the chances are that ppl play 3-color decks with no basic lands during the whole game and if they do, what is the chance of your opponent to play the same color as you. It could be used in some naya combos with proliferate and blood moon though, in modern…
      -10 should be – a little less (like -8) and is probably fine…

      Now, dont get me wrong, it is a good guess if you have been playing for even less than me, make a new guess with these advices instead ok =) Good Luck

    • Shadow921

      the -8 on the first on one is an unstopable loop

    • Populate is GONE, it was made in the Ravnica block, it will STAY in the Ravnica block, it would make NO sense for them just to randomly drop down a populating planeswalker in the Theros block. I’m not even gonna say anything else about the top one.

      For the second one, the +1 seems a little too good, maybe just +1/+1, or make it a -1. The -4… what? So your creatures are unblockable an amount of times equal to your devotion? I don’t understand what you’re saying there at all… The -10, is underpowered, Liliana had -6 to make your swamps tap for 4, so this one is a lot worse, and it’s too similar, so i doubt they would make it. Also there are NO WAYS to remove an emblem from play (not technically in play, or something like that), or for another player to gain control over it, that it’s pointless to say “for as long as you control this emblem”.

  • kmk888

    Ajani the G/W planeswalker


    +1: Reveal the top 4 cards of your library. You may choose a creature or enchantment with converted mana cost less than or equal to 3 from among them. If you do, put it on the battlefield.
    +0: Gain 7 life.
    -6: Put a 6/6 legendary white and green creature token on the battlefield with Indestructible, Trample, and Lifelink.

    4 Loyalty

    • Don

      A solid prediction, though his +0 seems to be a bit much, perhaps +4 or +5?

      • kmk888

        You’re probably right, I mainly did that because the above art reminds me so much of hero’s reunion.

    • Matt

      Way too broken. Want him to start with 2 life like kiora?

      • kmk888

        What about this seems broken to you? I admit it’s highly playable, but I have a feeling that this planeswalker is going to be very good.

    • Onto the battlefield? A little OP, maybe as a -1…

  • EpicBaconLord

    Ajani, King of Kitties


    Loyalty 3

    +2 Target Cat gains Banding
    +0 Put a Cat creature into play with a mana cost equal or lower than the number of loyalty counters on Ajani, King of Kitties
    -6 You gain control of all Cat creatures and get a Catnip emblem with “Cat creatures come into play under your control and have haste, trample and double strike.”

  • Matthew Ory

    Ajani, Frenzied Lion

    Loyalty 3

    +1 : Target Creature is dealt two damage.
    0 : Put a 1/1 Cat token into play with this creature gains +x/+x for each cat on the battlefield.
    -6 : Each creature you control gains +4/+4 haste and trample until end of turn.

    • Matthew Ory

      This may be a bit over-powered but I made his loyalty 3 to compensate. I wanted to make him sort of work with the pack minded mentality.. Cats are weaker alone, stronger together. What do yall think?

      • Harry

        I think that haste and trample are for red-green, not green-white

    • That is more like a WR Planeswalker, Green generally does not deal direct damage, or give haste.

  • Nasa1225

    My take on the new Ajani:
    Ajani, Guardian of the Pride 1GW
    +1: Put X 1/1 igilant Cat tokens with haste onto the battlefield where X is your devotion to green and white. Exile those tokens at the beginning of your next upkeep.
    -3: Put a +1/+1 counter on all creatures you control.
    -5: You get an emblem with “Creatures you control with a +1/+1 counter gain doublestrike.”
    Starts at 3 loyalty.

    Alt. -3: Attach target enchantment you control to target creature.
    Alt. -5: Gain control of all enchantments.

  • Peter

    I should be a card designer.

    Ajani, Mentor of the Leonin

    Loyalty 3


    +1 Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature, that creature gains Lifelink and Trample until end of turn.
    0 Put a 2/2 G/W Cat Soldier token with vigilance onto the battlefield
    -6 Put an indestructible 10/10 white Cat Avatar creature token with Lifelink, Trample, and Vigilance onto the battlefield.

    • docstorm4

      I’d play it, and I wouldn’t want to slap an opponent upside the face for playing it against me.

    • kmk888

      Too good, and the +0 is far too similar to Xenagos.

      • Is is it -0? o.O (Dun dun dunnnnnn)

    • The +1 is more like a -1, the 0 is Xenagos’s, except it’s vigilance instead of haste, and the -6 is too OP. Should be more like +1: Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature (which is just Ajani CoTP’s, so that won’t happen) and -1: target creature gains Lifelink or Trample until end of turn.

    • Whiskerbro

      No. You definitely should not be a card designer.

  • dingdong

    I should be a card designer.

    Ajani, Outhouse Cleaner

    Loyalty 3


    +1 Remove a skidmarks counter from target creature.
    0 Put a 0/2 black Outhouse creature token with a skidmarks counter on it onto the battlefield
    -6 Put an indestructible */* black Outhouse Avatar creature token, with power and toughness equal to the number of creatures without a skidmarks counter, onto the battlefield.

    • Behgz


    • I’d run 4 of it in all my decks.

      • EsperLeague

        Dude, I would break the rules and play Over9000 of these in MY deck!
        maybe not…

      • Whiskerbro

        Me too.

  • john

    Ajani, king of ablities


    loyalty 2

    +1 target creature gains flying until end of turn.

    -2 target creature gains lifelink flying and indestrutable until end of turn

    -6 you get an emblem with creatures you control have flying, lifelink, indestructable, doublestrike, and vilgelence.

  • doctorforpresident

    who cares about ajani?!?!?! the gods are what count!

  • asshat

    Seriously tired of people thinking ajani will be g/w

    • Shadow921

      why? it is a reasonably good guess and gives wizards an excuse to print a g/w planeswalker

      • A Hobo

        nuh it’s just because white green is expensive to make.
        so many wants w/r or mono white which is much cheaper to construct.

        • Shadow921

          you can make a good g/w deck without the expensive cards

          • Hobo

            I know it’s possible to make a good deck without expensive cards, but we would always think … “it can be better if I had that card”. I know it’s not as expensive to make as Esper ro other expensive cards but… hey, I’m a hobo. if wizard gives us a choice between gw ajani or mono white ajani. I’ll surely vote for the mono white one.

          • Shadow921

            the problem we would run into is that if it is mono white that would, assuming that he is playable, he could just be so expensive money wise. but w/g or not he could just make a new archetype like kiora did

    • Bob the Upset

      Ajani, the Not Going to Happen


      +0 realize Ajani, if printed, will be a disappointment like Gideon was in Gatecrash

      +0 Wish for Dack Fayden instead so R/U can go ham.

      -0 stop posting versions of Ajani that use keywords from other blocks, when you can be wishing for cards that will actually make this block memorable.

      Loyalty: -1

      • ThraxGordon

        Dack Fayden wont happen. Wizards has already said that while he is the main of a comic he wont be printed to avoid conflicting storylines.

      • Dude, i’ll most likely play Ajani in my GW deck, JUST because he’s a GW Planeswalker.

    • Whiskerbro

      And if you don’t think he’ll be white green, what colors will he have?

  • fizzle on the stack

    Ajani, Nacatl warlord


    Loyalty 3

    +1 put a 1/1 green and white creature token with lifelink and hexproof onto the battlefield

    0 target player gains life equal to the amount of tokens that player controls

    -2 put a +1/+1 counter on target creature, it gains flying and double strike until end of turn

    -6 you get an emblem with ” when you gain life put that many green and white 1/1 cat tokens with lifelink and hexproof into play

    Or …

    +1 put a 1/1 cat enchantment creature onto the battlefield, this creature has 1WG *tap* populate.

    -7 you get a */* white and green cat creature with indestructible and “at the beginning of your end step, populate”.

    • 1. I don’t think that they’ll ever make another Planeswalker that has 4 abilites.

      2. that -2 is Ajani CoTP -3 combined with his +1, which is INSANELY OP, and unlikely.

      3. I doubt that they’ll make an emblem that can easily go infinite (Have Trostani or Soul/Essence Warden out, and the emblem, infinite life and tokens)

      4. Populate is only with Ravnica, they won’t bring it into Theros.

  • tyke5140

    The actual release date is less than a month away and more cards have been spoiled for M15 than this set. WTF?

    • Taco

      Official spoilers start this monday.

  • welan

    Ajani ,Lion heart
    Two colorless one green and one white.
    +1 Look at the top card of your deck . If it’s a land reveal it and put it in your hand.
    -x Search your library for an enchantment that cost less then X and put it on the battlefield
    -7 You get an emblem : Whenever you cast a creature spell you may put an enchantment on the battlefield if it s an aura you may put on the creature
    4 loyalty
    I realized that we have no planewalker with an interaction with enchantment. So i made one and I want to point out that Ajani chosen react to enchantment

    • That ult would just be Garruk CoB with enchantments, so very unlikely. And where would you put the enchantment onto the battlefield from?

    • EsperLeague

      This will not happen. His abilities are not interacting with each other in any way and what deck are you gonna play to play this? The “Half-aura, half-other-cardtype deck”?

      I like the name though, but it sounds a lot like this book made by Astrid Lindgren (if you don’t know who that is, she made books like Pippi Longstocking and such) where the main protagonist is called Lionheart

  • Josh Kaufman

    1) Xenagos, the creature. So now 1/5th of your deck can consist entirely of Xenagosi.

    2) Storm crow.

    And remember, every planeswalker you can think of, make it 10x worse, then make it another 10x worse, and you might be close.

    • EsperLeague

      Links, evidence?

      • Whiskerbro

        Its a joke.

  • John

    Keranos, God of Storms

    Devotionblah blah

    During Each players upkeep, that player selects 9 permanents he or she owns at random.
    Then each card is randomly placed in one of three piles. One pile is exiled, one returned to hand,
    and the third is put back on the battlefield at random

    3RU: Deal up to 3 damage divided among any number of critters or players

    • John

      At the end i meant to say AT RANDOM

      • Lol, you know you can “EDIT” you post to say “At random”. And that would be pretty fun to play, but i doubt it’ll be any kind of a shenanigans card.

  • Chi Sarades

    i hope for a five color xenagos for commander

    • lolwut? I highly doubt they’ll make Xenagos different than RG, let alone 5 color.

      • Chi Sarades

        doesn’t he consume the nyx the source of all of theros

        • Shadow921

          not confirmed or denied

          • Chi Sarades

            lets hope cuz i want a 5 color god theme commander deck

          • Shadow921

            so do i! me and some of the people at my game store were talking about it the other day

          • Chi Sarades

            imagine a 5 color god theme commander deck with all 15 god in it. besides i bet the 5 color god has a similar ability like scion dragon

          • Shadow921

            well i would love and hate the deck instantly

  • ThraxGordon

    Okay Im just gonna say it. I could frankly care less if Ajani gets a new print, since I dont even acknowledge white’s existence. I primarily play black. So remember that I really dont care. Ajani, if printed, will most likely be G/W as it is the best possible color set to match him and his personality. Im really doubting he’ll go R/W but whatever. So here’s a build for Ajani:
    Ajani, Ally to Oreskos
    +1: Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature.
    -2: Destroy target enchantment. You gain 2 life.
    -7: Put an X/X white Avatar creature token onto the battlefield, where X is the number of enchantments target player controls plus the number of enchantments in that player’s graveyard.
    Starting Loyalty:4
    (BTW if anyone just blatantly ignored flavor texts, the leonin are his most likely allies since they are the same race, and Oreskos is kinda against the mortals and the pantheon.)

    • Also, story-wise, he and Elspeth go to the leonin to hide from the gods. when the gods get pissed at Elspeth. And i doubt that he’ll get the same plus 1 as CoTP, and a similar ult to Goldmane (by similar i mean they both put out an X/X Avatar token.)

    • EsperLeague

      They are against any worshippers and the pantheon (mainly Xenagos), but remember that leonin are mortals as well after all…

    • Derek Fallows

      Ajani being an auramancer, I don’t see destroying enchantments as being something he’s likely to do. I mean he made haven in Oreskos, but he never made any particular vendetta against the gods and enchantments were his thing in many of the decks based on him.

  • candyslice

    those mockups are so lame imo

  • I just wish they would reprint totem armor cards (i know it’s highly unlikely though).

  • maximilian lopez

    4 mana each, that seems pretty good, I hope their abilities are decent

  • EsperLeague

    Devotion eight or less?
    Triggered abilitties maybe?
    I’m talking about the gods of course.

  • EsperLeague

    I believe the temples are gonna be called:
    RU: Temple of Tempests
    GB: Temple of Decay

    • JundLife

      RU, Temple of Ingenuity possibly?

      • EsperLeague

        True, totally possible

        • Whiskerbro

          GB: Will probably be a temple of Medicine or something, considering that Pharika is the God of Health as Well as poison.

  • EsperLeague

    I know I might start to spam this site BUT how about this card:

    Piebaker of Skola Vale (GG3)
    Tribute 8
    When Piebker of Skola Vale enters the battlefield, if the tribute wasn’t paid, target opponent bakes a pie for you.
    When Piebaker of Skola Vale has eight or more +1/+1 counters on him, he gains trample.


    Oracle of Booster Packs (U3)
    Inspired — When Oracle of Booster packs becomes untapped, name a card and an opponent buys a MAGIC booster pack for you. Open the booster pack. If one of the cards were the card you named, you get another MAGIC booster pack. If one of the card you named was in the booster and Foil, you win the game and any two games played with this opponent again.

    • EsperLeague

      The oracle is a 0/7 with hexproof as well

  • SlappyWappy

    After makeing a fairly successful Mono Black Devotion for Modern, I cannot WAIT till Pharika comes out and see how she interacts with Glissa.

  • Aaaaand photoshop Athreos’ staff into a guitar. Athreos! God of Shredding!

    • Keranos, God of Base
      Kuphrix, God of Drums
      Iroas, God of Lyrics
      Pharika, God of Smoke Machines and Sick Pyrotechnics Dude Like, BOOM, and BANG POW…

  • ralatorr

    What do you think of this for Iroas: Attacking creatures you control get +2/0 and first strike. Blocking creatures you control get +0/2 and may block an additional creature this turn.

    • Awesomeguy-Kun

      I hope hes not. That sounds awful.

    • kmk888

      The predictions for him are pretty wild actually, as wizards has not given a very clear picture of what he will be. Also they don’t like to give color combinations a bunch of redundancy so he probably won’t give haste, +1/+1, trample, vigilance, first strike, or anything else they’ve already printed for Boros. Double Strike is a possibility, but it would have to be pretty expensive or risk being unbalanced. But your Agrus Kos style thing is not bad.

  • Jarom Strong

    Ajani, Leonin Ally


    3 loyalty

    +1 put a 2/2 white and green cat soldier creature token on to the battlefield

    -2 You get an emblem with “Creatures you control get +1/+1 and have vigilance”

    -6 Creatures you control gain flying, doublestrike, and trample until end of turn.

  • Chris

    Instead of all you idiots trying to call the abilities, how about just waiting for the cards?

    • Chachalepacha

      Haters gonna hate, shut up man, leave people to their dream card.

    • Wrecktangle

      Chris can shut his mouth.

    • cactido

      Because people have fun being creative? If creativity and people enjoying themselves causes you so much anger, I think it may be time to re-evaluate who’s the idiot.

    • EsperLeague

      I’m with these guys, let ppl dream!
      But hey, what’s a comment section without a hater for every non-hater to hate?
      You’ve done a great job! (not rly)

  • Garza

    Ajani, The lone hero.


    4 Loyalty

    +1 Put a 2/2 green and white cat soldier creature token with vigilance on the battlefield.
    -3 Target creature under your control get hexproof and indestructible.
    -7 You get an enblem with “All créatures under your control have protection from the color of your choice and doublestrike.

    • Markuz

      The +1 is far, FAR too powerful for a 3-cost planeswalker. He’d be Mind Sculptor-levels of insanity.
      Maybe a 3GW or GGWW…

      • Derek Fallows

        It might not be that crazy at 2GW and 3 loyalty, looking at Xenagos’ 0 ability. The ultimate’s not that powerful either as pro-colours isn’t all that powerful. Same with the -3, if he means until the end of turn.

    • Aleshotgun

      so many dreamers out here…

  • Stevie

    Here’s hoping Athreos will be awesome in EDH…

    • Zombie

      Most BW stuff tends to be better in a multiplayer casual setting than Constructed anyway, so it’ll likely be the case that Athreos will as well.

  • doctorforpresident

    most looking forward to athreos and pharika…and kruphix just for the heck of it

    • EsperLeague

      Just look at Kruphix! I mean, isn’t his art enough to run him in any single deck?
      Playing RWB? Splash for Kruphix!
      Playing Zedruu, the Great-Hearted in commander? Break the rules: Play a Kruphix!
      Wanna make a new commander deck? No Problem, play Kruphix!
      Also, his name sounds cool. And he has four arms!

      • doctorforpresident

        and he is awesome!

  • Dennis de gooijer

    There are things that suggest that IF there will be an Ajani in the new set, it will be a GW planeswalker(Green cape/No GW planeswalker yet) Since Theros is an Aura heavy block, I think Ajani might have something to do with Aura’s too, which wouldn’t be surpising for GW as well, since GW have the best Aura’s in Standard atm(Unflinching Courage, Boon Satyr, Eidolon of Countless Battles, Ethereal Armor etc.)

    Here is my version of a GW Ajani

    Ajani, Sun’s Radiance (1GW)

    +1: Put a +1/+1 Cat Soldier token with Vigilance onto the battlefield.
    -2: Copy target Aura you control, you may choose new targets for the copy.
    -7: You gain an emblem with: “Aura’s you control are Indestructible. Enchanted creatures you control are indestructible”

    Loyaly: 3

    It would fit quite well in a GW aura deck, but almost more importantly, this is not a thing that would be considered playable in a contol deck, which is what happened with Kiora and Elspeth.

    Some other ideas for abilities:

    +1: Copy target Aura you control, you may choose new targets for the copy. Destroy the copy in the opponent’s next end step.
    -(2/3): Put a X/X Green White Hexproof Indestructible Cat token, where X is the amount of Aura’s you control.
    -4: You gain an emblem with: “Aura’s you control are indestructible. Aura’s you control cant be countered. You can cast aura’s as though they had flash.”


    +1: Target permanent gains indestructible until the end of your next end step
    -3: Exile target permanent
    -8: Look the top 7 cards of your library. Exile all Aura’s among them and you gain an emblem with: “Creatures you control benefit from the aura’s exiled this way, as if they were cast normally”

    I just made these up. I’m fairly sure that there are some OP abilities among these, so please let me know what you people think. I’m really not sure about the mana costs and the starting loyalty of each Ajani, so I just did 1GW and 3 loyalty.

    • Shadow921

      wizards already said that there would be a new ajani

    • Rosalie Mia Slater

      And also, partially Kiora doesns’t work in a control deck because most control decks are Esper control and able to run Elspeth and JAoT, while Kiora uses 1 green mana to cast, hence why she’s not used. However, I think before RTR rotates out, there will be somebody who wants to try making a g/w/u control deck specifically for Elspeth, Jace and Kiora to fit, seeing as Sphinx’s Rev and Supreme Verdict would still be able to be in the deck, along with D-Sphere’s and practically everything else that Esper has (minus the spot removal, but then again Verdict is a boardwipe) so, with that in mind, depending how good the new Ajani is, he might find his way into a G/W/U control deck. (G/W/U is assuming for Aetherling, Kiora, Revelation and Verdict as well as D-Spheres)

  • DJ Pad

    Anyone else hoping to see a Daybreak Coronet reprint?

    • Zombie

      No. Why?

      Because that would completely break Standard until M14 rotated.

      Let’s give Standard Hexproof/Voltron the one of the two things it needs to completely overrun a metagame. Yeah, that’s terrific balance- oriented thinking.

      • Guest

        Right, because standard right now is super exciting. There are tons of answers to hexproof decks in the format currently (enchantment removal, verdicts, devour flesh etc.), and it is, as always prone to a lot of mulligans.

        • Zombie

          ECB (Eidolon of Countless Battles) ensures a wrath- proof Voltron, Devour Flesh will never hit the Voltron target, and the Voltron target will likely be Hexproof.

          The only reason Hexproof/Voltron isn’t a powerhouse in Standard right now is because it lost Rancor, one of the best Pants in the game.

          If Voltron gets a fast start, not even Esper Control will have time to drop a Verdict before they die to some massive Gladecover Scout or Hero of Iroas smashing their face in for over half their life total in damage by turn 3. Rancor would give it that fast start almost every time.

      • Taco

        On the other side, people might actually start using the one and only glaring spotlight! =D
        . . . but yeah. It would truly mess up todays esper colored combination of winning decks. Therefore “unbalancing” standard.

        • Zombie

          Daybreak would break pretty much anything with White in it. UW Devotion, BW Midrange/Devotion, WR Devotion, GW Hexproof/Voltron, Esper Midrange…

          Hell, it would break anything even SPLASHING White.

          This Standard meta is not ready for an enchantment as strong as Coronet. This isn’t Modern. Once RTR and M14 cycles, sure, I’d believe it. But no one in their right mind would let it through right now for JOU.

          • Taco

            Of course the meta will get screwed over by a powerful card coming in! Thats kind of the point, as long as they add something else that keeps multiple decks in the format.

            I highly doubt that they will through the coronet in, but if they did we already have devour flesh, away, and celestial flare that would be an instant 3 for 1 by turn 3 when they could first attack with it (since the coronet requires the creature to already be enchanted) and they would have tons of other ways to deal with non hex proof creatures. It would just require a huge change in the way everyone builds their standard decks.

            Lastly you can’t just splash Daybreak Coronet in any deck you want, since you pretty much NEED a plentiful amount of useful auras to actually get it on anything before turn 10, so the number of decks using it will be narrower and hence targeted. Right?

          • Zombie

            It’s more that those existing archetypes with White could basically just flush out an Enchantment package and coronet and not even care about everything else.

  • Renato Fernandes

    just compare these gods with “born of the gods” ones. clearly fake (poor made by the way).
    – where is the power/toughness box on bottom right corner?
    – the name will be “Legendary Enchantment Creature – God”
    – I doubt that they all will be 4 CMC. Some might be 5 like Born of the gods ones.

    • binky

      They are just renderings of the gods with their artwork. The same thing happened with born of the gods. That is why there is no text.

      • Usrawrs

        He does have a point though. I do not think the real cards would be blank like that.

        • Rosalie Mia Slater

          Yes, the real cards aren’t going to be blank as those ones are. As many people have already stated, they are simply mockups acting as placeholders, assuming the art we saw in the Planeswalker Guide: Journey into Nyx is going to be the art used for the gods in Journey, and also assuming a fair CMC of 4 (seeing as all the gods thus far are between 3-5 CMC) so, while you are all correct in saying the real cards won’t be blank and how they aren’t the real cards and blah blah blah, you are also partially incorrect because that art might be the real art used, and those CMC’s might be the real CMC used by WoTC. Plus those mockups start making people think of what the card itself will do. I’m already assuming Keranos will have something to do with instants/sorceries, Athreos might have something to do with “Whenever you gain life…” or something along those lines, Pharika might have something to do with deathtouch/hexproof/bringing stuff back from graveyard, Iroas may have something to do with the Batallion mechanic or beefing up creatures based on color (like Legion’s Initiative) as well as giving first strike or double strike and last is Kruphix. I’m still unsure as to what I think he will do, and I have a fairly decent Simic deck with Coursers and Prophets. He may have something to do with mana ramp or tap/untap things etc etc, but those are all doubtful considering Elvish Mystics, Voyaging Satyrs, Kiora’s Followers and Sylvan Caryatids are all good for either ramping or tap to untapping. and again, these are all my ideas as to what each god will do and, given color base, probably all fairly close.

          • Usrawrs


      • Renato Fernandes

        Yep, but one thing is spoil a real card hiding the text. Another complete different is create a card with some “internet card generator” using official gods image released and publish here as a spoiler

    • Shadow921

      if you click on one of them it will say placeholder on its page

    • cactido

      They’re not meant to be or look real. They’re mock-ups acting as placeholders. They’re showing the appropriate art along with their color combination, which is useful to people who didn’t memorize the names of the minor gods and their colors.

    • Zombie

      These are not real cards. These are mock- ups using the real art.

  • +2,+2 if on enchant creature

    I don’t really care about ajani, same to the gods. I’m just wishing ethereal armor would be reprinted in this block or M15…

    • Zombie

      Gotta ride that GW Hexproof train to the 50% win rate club, eh?

  • welan

    Ajani, Lion heart.

    +1 Look at the top card of your deck if it s a land you may put it onto the battlefield with a manifestation counter on it tap.That land is an enchantment in addition to its other types.

    -1 Destroy target artifact or enchantment

    -x Search for an enchantment from your library and put it on the field If that enchantment is an Aura, you may attach it to a creature.

    4 loyalty

    I wanted a new go at this ajani.Very focus on enchantement.

    • Usrawrs

      +1: Scry 1, if its a land you may put it onto the battlefield tapped with a manifestation counter on it. It is an enchantment in addition to its other types.

      -1: Destroy target bear creature. It re-enters the battlefield with 46 +1/+1 counters on it tapped and attacking a player at random.

      -X: Target player without a bear creature lose the game. X may be any real number.

      • EsperLeague

        Enchantment creatures, enchantment artifact legendary enchantment artifacts, legendary enchantment creatures, and now enchantment lands?

    • Shadow921

      the -x is broken because the can -0 and get and enchantment

  • Josh Kaufman

    Ajani, God of Storm Crows.

    +1 – Protection from opponents Storm Crows
    +1 – Announce to all your friends how amazing Storm Crow is.
    -3 – Buy a Storm Crow and put it directly in play.

    Pre-Sale price: $250. I’ve pre-ordered 200.

    • Shadow921

      obviously fake!!!!!
      next time be realistic!!!
      storm crow cant be tamed by a simpleton cat!
      everyone knows that storm crow rules every plane and everything/one on them and everything/one inbetween.

      • Josh Kaufman

        What you don’t know yet is that Storm Crow is actually Urza in disguise…. Leading us into “Return to Urza’s Saga”! Also known internally throughout WotC as:

        Please god people come back. Don’t worry, we screwed up with Theros and RTR was slightly disappointing, if we make this set, hopefully people won’t quit and we will never-ever-ever make a Kamigawa 3.0.

        • EsperLeague

          Isn’t Storm Crow a 2/1 flyer for 1U…?
          Why are everyone raging around about him?

          • x


          • Brenno

            It’s an internet memme, don’t try to understand

          • Rosalie Mia Slater

            XP That’s what i was trying to understand… don’t worry. I gave up a while ago.

  • mattbl

    Why would Iroas be a centaur?

    • cactido

      He’s not. He’s half bull, half man, but the opposite halves as compared to a minotaur.

      • Rosalie Mia Slater

        Well i was going to say something about how the Planeswalker Guide for Journey into Nyx says Iroas is a centaur, but it states “centaur-like being” which does, in fact, leave room for him to have the bottom half of the bull and the top half of man as cactido said, compare that to a minotaur which is the head of bull and the body of man.

        • Brage Sekse Aarset

          His tail is clearly a bull’s tail and not a horse tail, which a centaur would have. There exists a set of Warhammer miniatures which are called Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaurs, which is basically the same concept.

          • Rosalie Mia Slater

            XP I don’t play Warhammer so that means nothing to me…

        • Person

          The gods are not actually minotaurs or merfolk or humans. They take the form of them though, which is why Iroas is a centaur-like being.

      • coolypooly

        Sooo… an inverse Minotaur?

  • Tank Johnson

    Cards I would want to be reprinted… Void slime and Rancor.. also, I hope Ajani is a token producer.. June had all the fun last format. Give Bant control and nya a kick into gear!

    • Gigilove735

      Ajani is Ajani Goldmane. It’s a reprint.

      • Zombie

        Ajani Goldmane is his name. The original 5 aren’t going to be reprinted anymore. His name is just being used for the story line.

        It’s been confirmed that the new Ajani is G/W.

  • Josh Kaufman

    I really hope the GB god returns creatures from the yard so I can get some of that sweet sweet Angel of Serenity Action back on.

    And who here hopes the UR god will be really badass but will turn out to be turrible? I mean what would make sense is “At the beginning of your upkeep, draw a card and discard a card”. But it will probably be something stupid, most likely:
    If you deal damage to an opponent or planeswalker, draw and discard a card.
    The first spell of each turn is copied. It’s owner may choose new targets for this copy.

    Actually those don’t sound terrible. Sadly since those aren’t bad ideas, Wizards would deem it too powerful and make it instead:

    Whenever you play a spell, if your opponent has more than 15 lands in play, you may destroy target non-basic land that is worth less than $2 based on the most current price guide.

    • Zombie

      You can already get your Angel of Serenity action back on.

      Junk Reanimator, Lotleth Troll as an engine, Rescue from the Underworld or Whip of Erebos or both as your reanimation tools.

      Add Armada Wurm, Angel, Ashen Rider, G & B Primordials as spice.

      BAM, reanimator.

      • EsperLeague

        I think he meant in standard

        • x

          that is standard, genius…

          • EsperLeague

            I thought someone would say that, so I’ll just say I didn’t pay attention after “Reanimator”

  • Solair

    The artwork is amazing and it gives me hope that this set MIGHT be good.

  • Syndicate

    I just hope I can get back to my B/W roots with this god. I mean, I’ve got Obzedat and most of the other really good orzhov cards that I still want to use…

  • Alexandar Nestorov

    Maybe the of the new ajani will be ,,ajani,guardian of nyx”.or ,,ajani,caller of the gods”

    • EsperLeague

      He is AGAINST the nyx and its pantheon, genius…

      • alice-tar

        no, he is against xenagos. that is different

  • schploople

    where the heck is dack fayden… wasn’t he the poster child of this block?

    • Rosalie Mia Slater

      Dack can’t be released because his name is still under copyright by the company making the comics based around him.

    • Person

      Dack is part of the comics, which is slightly separate from the actual storyline of the blocks. As of yet, they have not overlapped.

  • EsperLeague

    Ok, here goes:

    Kruphix, God of Horizons (2GU)


    As long as your devotion to green and blue is less than eight, Kruphix isn’t a creature.

    Whenever a creature you control deals combat damage to an opponent, you may tap target creature or artifact. That permanent won’t untep during its controllers untap step as long as Kruphix remains on the battlefield.

    • EsperLeague

      also, 4/7

      • Necro

        Very blue, but not very green.

        • AdventureMormon

          Well, if you want green, you could throw in either flying-hate or non-creature permanent-hate. Then again, UG is all about tapping and unblockables in this block, so it could be feasible.

        • Person

          Each minor god has two triggered abilities, so it is entirely possible to have a green ability attached. However, they would have to relate to each other somehow.

    • theboredfrog

      it seems feasible but duel color gods are 7 on devotion to be creature… not meaning to nit pick

  • harakka

    If all the gods really cost 4 mana I want them all.

  • Alexandar Nestorov

    So if iroas Is reversed minotaur,does this makes him ruatonim

    • EsperLeague

      Good point…

    • theboredfrog

      have you heard of a centaur???? perhaps wearing a horned helm???? might make more sense???? or are you trying to be complicated and stupid?????

      • Chris Kelley

        You know, I was lost until you used a grand total of seventeen question marks. Then it all became crystalline.

      • He’s technically not a centaur…. He’s half man half bull, and is Mogis’s brother. Also, what does a wearing a horned helm have to do with centaurs?

        • Person

          He as much of a centaur as Mogis is a minotaur. They are both gods who have favored physical forms partially based upon those who worship them, and are nothing but gods. Thassa is not a merfolk either, while on the topic.

  • him

    Sorin comes to Nyx to F over everyone;

    Sorin the Elated

    +2 Tap target permanent
    -2 Target creature gains +1/1, flying and lifelink
    -6 Put a number of 1/1 Null creatures on the battlefield equal to your devotion to black and white.

    BOOM, there goes the dynomite!

    • him

      Sorin the Elated

      4 loyalty

      • You know you could just edit your original comment right?

        • him

          i.. did not know that… as i posted as a guest.

    • him

      Sorin the Elated’s +2 editors note;

      option one: target permanent does not untap during controller’s next untap phase.
      option two: this ability can be activated as an instant.

      • Nefarox

        Instant speed planes walker abilities add complications, namely you could activate it in your turn, then your opponents turn.

        • him

          true good point.

  • Guest

    Ajani, Leonin Hero
    +2: Put a WG 1/2 Cat Soldier token with vigilance onto the battlefield
    -2: Target creature gains trample and lifelink until end of turn
    -9: Until end of turn, creatures you control gain trample and +X/+X, where X is your devotion to green and white.
    3 Loyalty

    • I could see them making him like that.

  • EsperLeague

    There was a guy on a site who said that Elspeth might become another white god
    possible or not?

    • Necro

      Not really…
      Becoming a God is a bad thing to do. Elspeth is one of the protagonists in this story.
      Good girl doing bad thing – not very likely.

    • Taco

      Possible, but I doubt it. It comes from the flavor text on Lucent Liminid; the enchantment creature from future sight. “It is a herald of the sun goddess, projected from the hallowed glass whenever her light passes through.”

      Assuming this happens, it would mean while traveling into Nyx, Helliod, who is mad at Elspeth, comes at her and gets his but kicked. She then choses to give up her spark to take his place and defeat Xenganos. (something like that. It would be hard to work into the story.)

      • Serious

        That makes no sense. Helliod is counting on Elspeth to defeat Xenagos, because its not possible for a god to create or destroy a god in Theros. Why would Helliod suddenly fight Elspeth himself. Also its not possible for “Elspeth to give up her spark to take his place and defeat Xenagos”, not in that order at least because of previously mentioned paradox of divinity.

    • Person

      Unlikely. There is already a white god, and it would throw off the balance. Elspeth is chosen because the gods can do nothing about Xenagos, her becoming a god would defeat the purpose. Also, if you know anything about Elspeth as a character, she would be unable to stand divinity.

  • Alice-tar

    jill, god of buttsex babies with exponential maturity rates:
    Legendary enchantment Creature- God

    When ever a creature you control deals combat damage, but a 0/0 white buttsex baby with a +1/+1 counter on it. on to the battle field. then put a number +1/+1 counters on each buttsex baby you control equal to the number of +1/+1 counters already on them.

    If your Devotion to pink and yellow is lower than eight, Jill is not a creature


  • weebarren

    alice-tar that is awesome

  • seahen

    The Legendary Enchantment Creatures will probably have God as their sole subtype, given that Wizards has said (in regards not to making Chromanticore legendary so it could be a Commander) that they won’t make the type line long enough to require a condensed font.

    • jotunndigital

      They’ll *definitely be “God” subtype, since they’re part of a cycle; We can also pencil in the remaining scry lands as being definite includes.

  • Usrawrs

    Ajani, Stormcrow Ascendant. (UUUUUUUUUUUUUUG)

    +1: End the Turn. (This ability may be used at instant speed)
    -2: (Insert ability here)
    -86: (Insert another ability here)

    1 Loyalty


    Guys, I need some help finishing my version of Ajani. I made him green because everyone says he will be green this set but other than that and my +1 ability, I am lost for other things that match his flavor. I hate being so Vorthos sometimes, really forces me into writers block searching for that perfection.

    • Matthew Riddell

      Logically, the second ability is: -2: Start the Turn.

      • Usrawrs

        True, should it be at instant speed too?

        • naky

          -2: Time walk + Ancestral recall

        • Matthew Riddell

          It should be only at Sorcery speed.

  • Guys, everything here is false. Did you know in storm crowian, journey into nyx translates as Storm crow?

  • Josh Kaufman

    I hope WotC trolls us and does actually has Storm Crow in Jin… Wait, the set abbreviates into Jin.. There is a movie called Jinn coming out… Jinn grant wishes… Storm Crows grant wishes… OMG I just decoded the first preview. It’s Storm Crow. It all makes perfect sense now.

    • Zombie

      set abbreviation is JOU.

      • That’s the official 3 letter code, but he just means that Journey Into Nyx abbreviates into JIN, and that means Storm Crow will be reprinted.

  • Here is my prediction for the only god that matters to me in this block Pharikia: indestructable, devotion ect. Whenever an opponent would gain life, they lose that life instead. Life lost this way you gain.

    • AdventureMormon

      That would be extremely powerful; too powerful for a simple effect. If it was that ability, you would need to make it paid and until end of turn.

    • Robot Nerd

      Ya! Too powerful! That would defeat all the life gain combo’s in modern!

      • fuzzfart

        so would playing erebos…..

      • you forget that the gods tend to be “game breaking and changing effects.” iroas just made pseudo indestructable creatures with madcap skills by just kicking back and relaxing. i mean imagine this: iroas? no responce. swing for 5 even on a buget (legion loyalist [1/1], ash zealot or rakdos shread freak [2/2 or 1] both haste with 2 power basically, skynight legionaire [2/3 flying haste] that is 16 damage turn 4 assuming you hit with loyalist t1, 2 power haster t2, skyknight and the other two with now trample and no token blocks.

    • Mana Burn

      What about just “whenever an opponent gains life, you gain that much life”?

      What about Kruphix complementing its Prophet “You may cast sorcery spells at any time you may cast an instant”. That would make Curse of the Swine pretty sweet.

      • Nasa1225

        What about “Whenever you gain life, add that much mana in any combination of G or B to your mana pool. Mana added this way does not drain from your mana pool between phases.” Could be some useful ramp, but would need to be built around. It does make Pharika’s Cure essentially free though.

        • P9njncds

          I’m just saying, that is basically going to be an OP version of Omnath, as if he isn’t powerful enough.

    • Person

      Too similar to Erebos, and not green in any way. Highly unlikely

  • oh yes let the spoilers flow in

  • Josh Kaufman

    Just when I thought WotC had all the answers, they debut new cards from Journey into Nyx with an entire collection of….

    STORM CROWS!!!!!

    Yes ladies and gentlemen, these cards are in the same class as Storm Crow. Now nothing can beat the overwhelming power of Storm Crow or how it has shaped the meta from Standard to Vintage, but these cards are about as close to a Storm Crow as you can get.

  • Anthony Bartolomey

    Iroas kinda freaks me out a bit. Anyone with agro would want this in their deck. Boros has become a real thing.

    • Donni

      Extremely scary! As if Boros Reckoners weren’t annoying before..
      Hopefully the other Gods live up to this.

      • Chachalepacha

        Boros Reckoner will not be better/worse in this scenario, he does not take any damage while attacking, so he won’t do redirect any dmg either xD

      • Jacob Messer

        Iroas makes reckoner less annoying…. devotion, blocks -that’s all he’ll be good for

  • Well sweet sassy malasy, Iroas is busted as all hell, I LOVE IT!

  • doctorforpresident

    the art for extinguish all hope is pretty darn sweet

  • EsperLeague

    Jeez, Iroas, we need some other gods to counter you…

    Kruphix, God of Horizons (2UG)

    Indestructible, deviotionblahablaha

    Whenever a creature you control deals combat damage to a player, choose a color. That player reveals any cards from his or her hand of the chosen colors.

    BUT EsperLeague, Kruphix has so far been unblockable “everything is an instant-shit” thing

    Kruphix: God of Horizons

    Indestructible devotionblahablaha

    At the beginning of each player’s upkeep, draw two cards.
    You cn play an additional land on ay turn.
    You can cast any card as thought it had flash.

    =) (I like Kruphix)

    • Necro

      Way too OP, way too repetitive.

      • EsperLeague

        What about Iroas then?

        • Rosalie Mia Slater

          Make it “You can play an additional land this turn,” Instead. Less OP But also repetitive seeing as Kiora already has that with her -1 ability, and the prophet already gives creatures flash so maybe Kruphix will give sorceries flash or something else… not sure yet.

    • not viable to play lands on your opponent’s turns

  • Zé Soares

    Hero’s Bane
    Creature – Hydra
    ~ ETB with 4 +1/+1 Counters
    2GG: Put X +1/+1 counters on ~, Where X is its power.
    From the to stores video

  • mtgfanatic

    Good blue cards from this set

  • david

    Dont forget about the legacy/vintage players MTG, at least one card per colour should make it to legacy.

    • Person

      Few new standard cards make it down to legacy. One or two per block is about it.

  • Mr Boros Reckoner

    Ya I’ll say Ioras is good. But I want pain… pain so i can deal the same to my sweet opponent…

    now I’m going to gain indestructibility from the new Ajani’s presence wearing some gift from Orzhov. Ok now Hit me.

  • Lurking Informant

    Yay STARFISH !!!!!

  • Owen Geraghty

    Iroas is a beast… Gives boros aggro that little pump it needs at 4 mana.

  • loki3030

    Now with the spoiler for iroas it really makes me want to make a boros deck but if this is only the first I bet that one of the others will be better

  • loki3030

    And based on agent of horizon i think that kruphix will have an abillity that pay 1GB target creature you control is unblockable till end of turn

    • ajani-coldmane

      i’m pretty sure none of the minor gods have paid abilities

      • Person

        These gods will all follow previous examples of the minor gods.

    • Engokuki

      Thassa already has the unblockable ability, so i think it’s not possible for Kruphix to do that again.

    • Zombie

      None of the 10 minor gods have activated abilities. Every single one of them has Passive abilities.

      • adanac

        the dimir god does

        • Zombie

          No, Phenax’s ability is a Passive Ability.

          His Passive ability grants creatures you control an Activatable ability.

          Learn yer mechaniks.

          • No.

            Nylea, Purphoros, Heliod, Erebos, and Thassa have both passive and activated abilities.

            “Learn yer mechaniks.”

          • Herp a Derp

            He said minor gods you know the DUAL COLOR ONES

          • Zombie

            I said minor gods.

            Learn yer words.

  • loki3030

    any deck with green in it is my sort of deck and I was a little let down with karameatra and xenagos was alittle to agro for me so I really hope that eather kruphix or pharika is a good non-agro sort of god

  • Chente

    I literally just noticed that the Journey Into Nyx emblem is the Godslayer getting driven into Xenagos Horns. I think we all know what that means then…

  • Jacob Messer

    Satyr Hoplite in my boros pauper heroic deck. Awesome.

  • Jacob Messer

    Eidolon of Blossoms, Courser, Boon Satyr, Hero, Countless Battles, Ethereal Armor… insane.

  • Brian

    Iroas is really good. Thats at least a 15 dollar card. Eidolon of Blossoms is also really good, hex proof loves that card. Whitewater= Limited bomb, same with the cyclops, and Gnarled Scarhide will see standard play. Same with ajani’s presence.

    • Beatrici Emanuele

      Iroas is a pretty good card. Eidolon has a nice effect for a naya hexproof but it costs too much. 2GG is too expensive. I play Naya Hexrpoof and I would not change it for any card i my list. You would drop it around round 5, at that time you already played most of the auras you need. It would have been a “4 must” if it would have had 1G cost. BTW the constellation ability in general has potential, waiting for lower drops !

  • EsperLeague

    It is a starfish… I’ve gotta make starfish tribal now!!!

    • Shadow921

      other than the new guy there is only one other star fish. :(

      • That Guy

        Staryu and Starmie modern deck here we come!

        • Shadow921


  • Morgan Ivan James Campbell

    Heroes’ Bane is actually a pretty good card, as it get bigger every turn

    • mande

      It’s extremely inefficient when you consider its cost.

      • Morgan Ivan James Campbell

        but it has a really good effect

        • Bjjjamin

          Primordial Hydra did it better.

      • That Guy

        I think it has it’s ups and downs. I like the fact that it doubles without having to attack but can be a setback at the same time. Great in limited for sure though.

  • Spellwielder

    Iroas is so amazing! though the abilities seem to contradict each other at first, I began to understand even the smallest 1/1 can go in a few turns if the opponent doesn’t control enough creatures and even if they do, hey they take no damage virtually making them indestructible in combat. DONE! GG.

  • Spellwielder

    Gnarled Scarhide is a fairly decent one drop for a minotaur deck where before opponents knew they had a free turn before dropping a minotaur and still holds value mid game to pump up a raging death-bellow raider seeing as how it wont block anyway.

    • adanac

      or you could enchant your opponent’s creature so it can’t block.

      • Teigh

        You. I like you.

  • Brian

    Scourge of Fleets and Spawn of Thraxes are both pretty incredible in draft, but wont see standard play. Dawnbringer is the same, but I feel like that card might be good enough for standard.

    • Spawn of Thraxes isn’t “incredible” in draft, you would have to be playing mono red for him to be good, or heavy red for him to be alright, and that’s if you get him, and get lucky enough to be able to play a heavy red/mono red deck.

  • Alex

    Dawnbringer Charioteers is a strictly better version of seraph of dawn. It seems pretty decent.

    • Matt DeKok

      Except that Seraph of Dawn was a common. Dawnbringer Charioteers is a rare. And adding generic heroic doesn’t seem to make it worthy of that rarity.

  • DrKuhn

    Come on wizards, mono green needs SOMETHING

    • Brian

      Depending on what happens with the spoilers, i have a feeling Mono Green will turn into either mono green (splashing blue) or mono green (splashing black)

  • Mande

    Looks like green is getting shafted again. I remember the days when playing a green creature was actually a threat.

    • Jak Odin Gem

      What are you on about, green just got it’s long needed card draw enchantress. There is literally one terrible green creature here and it’s common.
      Admittedly the Hydra could use trample but evasion and trample is pretty damn easy to give a creature in this block.

    • Martha L

      That’s 23 cards out of a 165 card set you’re basing that statement on. Is it impossible that the best cards for green haven’t been spoiled yet?

    • someguy

      Heroes’ bane is insanely good for devotion green.
      Say you double shrine by playing 2nd shrine/kiora follower/satyr and get 16 mana
      He goes 4 – 8, 16, 32, 64/64. Now imagine bioshifting 20 of those onto a gyre sage to kick him off again.
      44 – 88, 176, 352, 704/704
      Just think if you played zenaga at 32/32 and drew half your deck giving you more triton tactics/bioshift/nylea for one of the best blow outs possible in standard now.
      Such a great use for unused mana(which devotion green without garruk in play excels at having)
      Great combo piece for green.

  • martela7899

    im kind of happy that iroas doesnt help the boros burn decks very much if at all.

    • Rosalie Mia Slater

      Um… What are you talking about? How will he not help them? For one, Boros creatures are now pseudo-indestructable during attack step, plus they’re a single sided board wipe in and of themselves seeing as they now have to be blocked by two or more creatures. He’s also generally on mana curve at 4 CMC. so T1 something, T2 something else, T3 boros reckoner, T4 iroas, from there on it’s pretty much game unless your opponent has an answer to Iroas.

      • The Zach Person

        Reckoner doesn’t work very well with Iroas, actually. Prevents all combat damage gets rid of the most fun part of him. Could work, but I’m betting against it. Also, martela is refering to burn decks, which don’t feature a large amount of creatures, and those that exist don’t benefit too much, like Chandra’s Phoenix. Could a boros deck evolve around him? Sure. But it would not be boros burn as we know it to exist right now.

        • Rosalie Mia Slater

          Hence why you hold Reckoner back for blocking rather than swing in with him. But I guess I see the point.

      • Sakaerion

        It will be great for Boros Aggro, but not burn is what he means.

      • martela7899

        i was reffering to the boros burn decks that only run 4 chandras phoenix and 4 ash zealots. some people are using young pyromancer now instead of ash zealots. but iroas is creature based god. if you only run 8 creatures in your deck whats the point of having him?
        that was what i was reffering too. since my friend has a boros burn which only runs chandras phoenix and ash zealots.

  • Erik D-H

    I’m just excited that my bant enchantress deck for commander if finally getting the hookup Theros promised. Hello Eidolon of Blossoms

  • Mana Burn

    Who wants to bet that the Spawn and the Scourge are the intro pack rares?

    • Martha L

      I’m wondering what’s going to be in the other colors with the same type of effect

  • Anthony Bartolomey

    Why is godsend on other websites but not this one?

    • The Zach Person

      Slow uploads. Mod is behind, things running slow, whatever it may be.

  • Blue

    Dictate of Kruphix, me gusta.

  • Schreck51

    Really like the artwork on athreos. Godsend and iroas is a really good combo too

  • EsperLeagye

    If these are the new promo, I’m so done: Spawn of Thraxes, Scourge of Fleets, Heroes’ Bane, Dawnbringer Charioteersand Doomwake Giant. I believe I would choose Heroes’ Bane or Scourge of Fleets for the prerelease.

  • EsperLeague

    Also, Godsend is going right into my Esper EDH

  • loki3030

    With how good these first two gods released i have high hopes for the whole set

    • Machaka

      Don’t! Have you learned nothing for all the past blocks?! Never came second and third set in an block, that would be good! There were always only some good cards, but only few of them.
      It’s also getting boring and annoying for their “new keywords abilities” in every set. It’s becoming too much, too much for remembering and not so much unique (like tributte and monstrous). They make a big mistake for doing so. They should bring maximal three/four new keywords and work with them the entire block. First – it’s becomming anoying to remember, second – they will run out of unique keywords soon.

      • loki3030

        I know of that trend but this might be the one to break the trend because theros wasn’t all to strong but this is looking like a very strong set

      • JustMe

        Umm. Worldwake and Rise of the Eldrazi?

      • The Zach Person

        Trust me. They know better than to do another Dragon’s Maze right after, well, Dragon’s Maze

      • Bruno

        What about Gatecrash? ;)

  • Jarom Strong

    Ajani, Guardian of Oreskos


    3 loyalty

    +1 put a 2/2 white and green cat soldier creature token with vigilance onto the battlefield.

    -2 Target creature gets +2/+2 and gains Lifelink until end of turn.

    -8 You get an emblem with “Permanents you control have protection from opponents”.

    • Mythe

      I don’t understand why everyone thinks ajani will put tokens in play. In the block, Xenagos, Elspeth, and Kiora all already have a token ability as a “+”, “-” (0 is a minus abilty in Xenagos card), and ulti… Ajani, if printed (godsend white color makes me doubtfull about it) should not produce tokens

      • Dahm

        Every planes walker with green mana puts a token/creature into play. Almost a sure thing

        • Mythe

          He may put a creature, but I doubt he will be able to put a token every turn like Xenagos or Elspeth. If he is only green, but everybody thinks he will only be partially green so he does not have to put a token in play (see Domri).

          Plus, I am starting to think he won’t be printed:
          -godsend is mythic and white.
          -Botg showed us only one mythic per color, god & chimera excepted, Kiora counting as well for blue and green.

          That will unbalance the set in favor to white, that’s unlikely.

          If he is printed, either he is monogreen, either he is only rare, in my opinion.

          • Jarom Strong

            More very valid points haha. Well he cannot be rare; Planeswalkers are always mythic. And I really doubt he would be mono green; Ajani at his core is white

          • The Zach Person

            Ajani will be printed, he is in cards and art for the set. He is a planeswalker that is base white, and it is confirmed that he still is white because of Ajani’s Presence. There is never a planeswalker spell outside of the color of the planeswalker. I think he will be green as well for the very reasons you mentioned. Elspeth is already a monowhite planeswalker (high-profile at that) and she has many of the same abilities that he normally would. Stretching into green is natural for a guy from Naya and opens up new space for him.

      • Jarom Strong

        That’s a valid point. However, it has always been a theme with white and green planeswalkers to make tokens; white wanting to play the weenie rush strategy and green the “put as many creatures into play as possible” one. So I think that Ajani, if printed in Journey into Nyx, and I don’t see why he wouldn’t be with all this teasing art of him, would be printed as a Green White planeswalker and therefore would produce tokens—and here’s why: As far as I can tell, WoTC has never printed two planeswalkers of the same color in a block, so if they are hinting at an Ajani card, it would most likely be printed Green White. Ajani is a Nayan native and we’ve already seen his Red side, so it would only make sense. So I believe Ajani will be printed, be printed as a Green White planeswalker, and would most likely produce tokens, for these reasons.

        • Brian

          I think that is a little too similar to Xenagos for them to print that. My guess is he will make tokens, but it will be more of an Elspeth token generator, like where you get 3 tokens but its a – ability.

    • Guest

      i think your ultimate is a little over powered there champ what about you gain life equal to the number of creatures, artifacts, and enchantments on the battlefield

      • Guest

        and the ruling on enchantment creatures and enchantment artifacts would count as two life

    • gthbz

      The first ability is too powerful, make it 1/1.

  • Tom Coley

    Dictate of the Twin Gods is pretty much Xenagos, God of Revels but for Mono Red……….

    • Dustin Weeks

      I think its more like a furnace of wrath you can use at instant speed.

    • Kiowa Harrell

      but it can help your opponent as well

  • Tom Coley

    Hero’s Bane is Kalonian Hydra in a timeout……..

    • Sakaerion

      Will be nutty in a mana ramp deck like green devotion. Gonna have to see if it’s quick enough to see any significant play.

  • Tom Coley

    Exstinguish all Hope is awful removal for black.. so much for damnation

    • The Zach Person

      Damnation was pretty powerful. I doubt we’ll see anything on that power level for black for awhile.

    • Dustin Weeks

      It may be bad but i love that flavor XD

    • AdventureMormon

      And it doesn’t even remove Hopeful Eidolon… :(

  • Dustin Weeks

    Im waiting to see what the rest of the gods in this set can do. The first to seem pretty amazing for their colors.

    • The Zach Person

      Athreos should be something graveyard-related, which will be fun. Kruphix should be awesome as well, but who knows which direction they’re going to take him in.

      • Dustin Weeks

        With what i have seen of kruphix related cards im going to assume he will have some way to filter lands out of your deck and may have something to do with tapping and untapping permenants. As for Atheros they could take him practically anywhere.

      • Avram Reisman

        I think Athreos will be life loss/gain related. Pharika will be graveyard-related.

        • The Zach Person

          Pharika is more likely to be life based, actually, as the god of healers and disease. Atheros is the god that takes souls and ferries them to the underworld. Would seem a little off if he didn’t interact with the graveyard somehow, wouldn’t it?

  • Rotenberger

    where is the planeswalker? deffinately an Ajani

  • Dude

    This might be op, but athreos’ ability could be: at the beginning of your upkeep, you may sacrifice a creature. If you do, return a creature from the graveyard to the battlefield. It has haste.

    • wisdomseyes

      they would probably add an exile at eot clause if it has haste. Most of the time you have to choose haste and exile or no haste for a reanimation effect. Especially one on a stick

    • bobw123

      I’m hoping that since he is suppose to ease people into the underworld, its something like either one or a combination of the following:

      whenever a creature dies, you gain life equal to its toughness and your opponents loses that much life (kinda like Orzhov)

      all creatures in you graveyard cannot be targeted by any spell or ability.

      They all get: pay this creature’s mana cost, you may exile it. Then put a creature token on the battlefield that is a copy of the one exiled, aswell as a 1/1 spirit. (Unlikely, but flavorful)

      You may exile target creature in a graveyard if X happens.

      Some mana cost – Put a 1/1 Fate creature token: It has tap this creature and two other creatures like it, you destroy that creature (OP, but still fun)

      Ill come up with more later

      • William

        Well since he eases people into the underworld, in Greek myth, they have to pay a tax… So maybe whenever an opponent does something, they have to pay extra?

        • bobw123

          Maybe he will get : Whenever a creature dies, any player may pay 1C mana. If no one does, exile that creature instead of putting it in the graveyard? So like if you don’t pay the underworld riverboat man, he won’t allow you to go to the underworld and you will dwell in oblivion?

  • Blarg Honk

    Kruphix’s effect will be to turn all creatures into Storm Crow, mark my words.

    • EsperLeagu

      O rly? xD

    • AdventureMormon

      Way too broken. No way WOTC would let that happen.

  • Eduardogbg

    Keranos is kindda awful, doesn’t have any sinergy with card draws, burns or any UR thing. Any deck could have him and he would have de same effect. Half Ephara and Half Mogis…

    • Eduardogbg

      But goes well with Thassa.

      • kmk888

        Does he? If you were playing both, what else would you play? Probably a bunch of blue devotion stuff. In which case the question you ask yourself is, does he add anything to monoblue that makes him worth being a 5 drop? I say no. He doesn’t have haste and his effect would only trigger maybe once before the game was won with Thassa/ Master of Waves anyways. So the deck is probably more consistent without him. Not to say he’s not good, I just don’t think that’s the right shell for him.

        • Eduardogbg

          What I did want to say with Thassa is “scry”. Of course there are a lot of decks that use Thassa and isn’t devotion -.

          I was taking a shower and started to think that Keranos is like Ephara, we look and “pft” but in the pft moment, we forget to think in a deeper magic world. What I want to say with it? Ephara came to give cards to aggro, aggro plays cards really fast, need cards to play more thing if some Elixir of Immortality is played (ex) or it will play with only one card at hand (and can even be a land!). Ephara has good synergies which allows decks that she was designed up to be used on then abuse her skils more than normal decks should.

          Keranos, is nice, the problem is that I (probably we, I know much people thought that too) thought that Keranos would be awesome. OMFG, he’ll burn, he’ll draw, he’ll scry, he will be the MASTER. But, actually, was almost like that, but in a way we should “build to abuse”. He burn and he draws, but he needs the scry, if we scry, we can choose: Free Burn or double draw?

          We can’t abuse much as was expected like from other gods (namely, Xenagos, doubling the powers of monster is = much fun), but we can trigger him with resources UR have a lot, with brainstorm, scry, Impulse or a lot of others cards.

          I know you know he is good, but I was just trying to explain what I thought with “Thassa”.

          And of course, with my “build to abuse” explanation, I stopped to think Keranos will have the same power in all decks that have a 5 drop slot.

          • The Zach Person

            Do you think there is a possibility of an Izzet control deck running Keranos? Perhaps not in this standard, but do you think it could happen?

          • Eduardogbg

            Until now any really meta chaging UR card was revealed, but yeah, some FNM winner decks can be seen. I’m starting to think RUG will be a thing. If RUG doesn’t troll people on standard, will do on modern, RUG has a lot of sheanigans in modern and of course much competitive decks. So, like GU, UR is starting to stay always with another color, like bant, RUG, BUG and etc… This because GU and UR by themselves doesn’t have much resources, but another card can make then combo and control a lot.

    • Jakarr

      Are yu stupid he is either going to net you another card or bolt something. You probably don’t play much competitive magic because that card is good

    • morfowt

      In theros, UR’s thing is scrying (ex: stormcaller of keranos, bolt of keranos, voyage’s end, dissolve, flamespeaker adept, magma jet, titan’s strength, thassa, about 25 other cards, etc.) which can have a nice interaction with keranos’s effect.

      • Eduardogbg

        I agree with you in parts, as you see, 2 hours before you say this, I already had noticed something like that as you can see on my replies. The thing is Keranos is much control, and cards you said on you comment, mainly Flamespeaker adept, are focoused on be fast, like, scrying to get cards fast and finish fast. They don’t have a 5 drop slot as kmk888 wrote right down.

  • DexterJexter

    Does the exile effect from Godsend happen before damage? It seems like it should but I’m unsure… And I really hope they make mythic artifacts for all 5 colors!

    • spikefire

      yeah, its like devouring wurm

      • kmk888

        The card you are referring to is “Engulfing Slagwurm”. And I suspect that they only made this artifact because the flavor references it so heavily and they think it will help the metagame. So I doubt they will print Mythic Artifacts for the other 4 colors.

        • Mr B

          True and they really want a white kitty devotion deck to be a thing!

    • Tank Johnson

      It happens when blockers are assigned no damage dealt

  • griffin

    is anyone going to grand pri Chicago, and what deck are you playing

    • Taco

      Esper Minotaurs

      • sagecoin

        best deck in the format for sure.

      • Person

        Dude can I get your list? I wanna compare it to mine.

  • Spoiled


    • Your Savior

      Done. Gnarled Scarhide. and He’s a 2/1 to boot!

  • chase89

    alot of fun group game stuff in this set i like it cause after fnm thats all we do lol so this set is meant for my group for sure :)

  • bobw123

    So Xenagos, the exiled?

  • selesnyaWarden

    You know something? I also thought about that, something like Xenagos becomes severly wounded by the godsend and he looses temporarly his spark due to the shockwave of leaving nyx and plummeting down to the land. then, we get a creature version. It would look like kratos from god of war when he looses his imortality and becomes a man.Also, if you want to confirm this hunch, check throughout the whole theros and born of the gods set for the missing two color combination legendary creature for red and green, its just hoping but there might be a chance its xenagos. I’d like to build a satyr based deck with both versions of xenagos as a tribal satyr deck, and I’m kinda rooting for xenagos so I personally wouldn’t want him to die or loose his spark for ever. WOTC has to know that killing planeswalkers is bad *cough* (venser) *cough*

    • The Zach Person

      But Xenagos still has his spark. If Elspeth casts him from godhood rather than kill him, Doug Beyer has confirmed that Xenagos still has his spark. So Xenagos is still a planeswalker, unlikely they would print a planeswalker as a creature. Possible, but unlikely.

      • Zander Hamilton

        They have already printed a legendary creature that was a planeswalker who lost his spark. Read Ob Nixilis flavor text. (he never got a planeswalker card though, fwiw)

        • The Zach Person

          And you bring up exactly the reason why. Ob Nixilis is not a planeswalker. Xenagos is.

      • Nitro

        or there is a reverse of that, Karn.

  • martela7899

    THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT AJANI ULTI? lol. that is awesome haha. but if he ever ults against me i am going to be very sad.

  • madrid

    i want a new soldier lord like elspeth

  • nanouff

    corpsejack menace + ajani + sage of hours = infinite turns

    • Antoine Sévigny

      seems like an odd mix of colors though

      • Guest

        Bant (green, white and blue) is a common mix of colors, actually

        • James S Agee

          I think he means the Corpsejack part. Because that would make a W/U/B/G Deck.

    • This Guy

      In Modern try Doubling season + Ajani + Sage of Hours

    • spikefire

      what about the simic maze runner + ajani + sage of hours.

  • Dustin Weeks

    And this Ajani made itself on my must have list for my 10 God 5 color commander deck.

    • martela7899

      why not 15 god commander deck?

  • inferno445

    So far Journey into Nyx has some pretty good cards, and with ajani and godsend going into standard I think it’s a safe bet that green white will become pretty popular. It seems like a lot of the recently spoiled creatures have odd drawbacks though.

  • doctorforpresident

    really like setessan tactics

  • doctorforpresident

    i hate the mythic heroic dude though!

    • Nasa1225

      Why? I think he’ll be fun.

    • kingtut

      In draft it will be awesome. Blue/ green heroic will be comparable to green/ white heroic

      • Whiskerbro

        Sage of the Hours will suck in draft. He could be good if you use him with stuff like Ajani, Kalonian Hydra, Corpsejack Menace, Forced Adaptation.

  • Brian

    I actually might play Setessan Tactics in my mono green deck. Ill test it

  • Gray

    Ajani , used with sage of hours enchanted with forced adaption. Infinite turns!

    • Close

      Ajani doesn’t trigger Heroic, so thats only +4 counters a turn. You’d need 2 Forced Adaptation or some other spell targeting it.

      • William Grimes

        You don’t have to trigger heroic to get the extra turns. You just need the counters

        • The Zach Person

          Yes, but it’s not infinite turns. Each turn, it only places four counters on the creature. You need five.

          • Nitro

            Have two of them out with phalanx leader. Keep on targeting phalanx leader and they gain counters as well.

          • The Zach Person

            Ajani does not trigger heroic.No matter which creature.

    • Jaboo

      ajani + forced adaption + bow of nylea

  • Brian

    Rancor should get a reprint in JOU or m15.

    • Tyler

      I don’t know, it had such a minimal impact on the format last time it was reprinted. It was good for like a couple events, then meh.

  • Matt Stone

    Really like the set so far, some cool stuff for me to explore for constructed and EDH so I’m a happy bunny so far. Like the dictates, Ajani is interesting, as usual the art for most cards is superb. Great work.

  • bob

    ok modern deck, increasing savagry, the m13 or 14(cant mremeber) ring that puts +1/+1 counters on blue creaters, new ajani and the new mythic blue guy= nearly infiniate turns by turn 4

    • The Zach Person

      Just a four card combo in modern. No big deal. That’s easy to do by turn four, right?

      • bob

        considering u can do it withought the increasing savagry it is, especialy since theres alot of good stuff in modernt that could be sued to ramp and search it

  • dem

    yeah kalonian hydra new ajani and the blue dude= infinite turns

    • Nitro

      No its: Sage of hours + Vorel of the Hull Clade = Infinite turns, literally, since once you get Sage up to ten counters, everyturn you can just put out two mana to continually double the counters.

      • Person 42

        nope, if you read it, it says “Remove all counters” sure you take 2 turns if you have ten counters but you cant just remove 5 and then double it again.

    • Ta121

      Ajani, Mentor of Heroes + Doubling Season + Sage of Hours = Infinite turns. (Kalonian hydra would work too)

  • Bento

    Ahh, been waiting for kruphix to show his face sooner or later. Very unique. Certainly does make time seem fluid. I’m gonna love this.

  • doctorforpresident

    now that kruphix is revealed i m even more pumped for athreos since he only will cost 4 mana now

    • the cake man

      could you devlop that please ?

  • Sausage

    Temporary i dont get it.
    Does Kruphix save your mana in the form of colorless mana or what does happen to the mana insteed of losing it? Or do you just lose them in form of colorless mana?

    I need help! ;)

    BTW lol to all your “infinite turns”
    At least get 5 counter on it and dont let him die befor it. 1/1 isnt that hard to kill.

    • Necro

      Your mana pool never empties as long as he’s on the board. If any type of mana (even if it’s colorless mana) would be emptied out of your pool, you get to keep it but it becomes colorless.
      If mana wouldn’t empty out of your pool (maybe because it’s green and you control Omnath, Locus of Mana), Kruphix’ effect doesn’t affect it at all.

      • Sausage

        Thx a lot to all of you! :)

      • locololo

        So if I create 10 additional mana, that mana stays in additional to other lands on the field

    • Fbn Dnl Schlr

      If I were to explain him in detail, I’d say Kruphix changes the rule
      “At the end of each step, remove all mana from all mana pools.”
      … to:
      “At the end of each step, remove all mana from your mana pool, remove all mana from other players’ mana pools and add the same amount of mana removed from your mana pool as colorless mana to your mana pool.”

      He also says:
      “If your mana pool is emptied during a step, add the same amount of mana removed from your mana pool as colorless mana to your mana pool instead.”
      … which only matters against cards like Power Sink though.

      But I won’t explain him in detail. Ha.

      • David Herrera

        The way you’re explaining it makes it sound like a triggered mana ability, when in reality it’s a replacement effect. Rather than the mana emptying from your pool, it simply becomes colorless mana instead. No mana is added or removed. Any existing mana is simply changed. Which, I guess is of note, is the only card in MtG that changes the type of mana in your pool.

        Additionally, there are only 4 cards that can cause an opponent to empty his or her mana pool at your behest: Power Sink, Mana Short, Pygmy Hippo, and Worldpurge. Kruphix protects your unused mana against three of these, but they are so rarely played that the nullification of their effects is negligible.

        • Fbn Dnl Schlr

          I know that it’s a replacement effect and not a trigger. D’oh. I tried to explain it as precisely as possible, where I used a detailed wording similar to a trigger.

          Yup. And the word “unused” is necessary here too, because otherwise it would replace mana being used by casting spells.

      • Shadow921

        you cant just tack a gender on to a being that has no confirmed gender

        • Fbn Dnl Schlr

          On German cards, all legendary creatures have a gender. Iroas and Keranos are therefore male. Kruphix seems to be male, but unfortunately there’s no German translation available atm.

        • Google “Planeswalker’s Guide to Journey into Nyx” it should be the first link. There is a Wizards article on the story of the set, and it specifically states that Kruphix is male. When you get to the article, just scroll down until you see “A God’s Price” and a picture of Kruphix.

    • DD1nfamous

      Kruphix makes the floating mana in the mana pool into colorless mana that stays there until u use it. It kind of is like the I belive its called mana lotus.

  • Cesar

    No journey to nyx trailer :/?

    • The Zach Person

      It will be out with Pax East this weekend

  • Ish

    With Kruphix out you can stall and make one HUGE Mistcutter or Savageborn Hydra with all the floating mana.

    • guest

      or win a match with one red sun’s zenith

    • Sausage

      Why no Polukranos?
      So you can kill every enemys creaturs and attack. 100/100 mistcutter will also do no damage if he gots at least a 0/1 token.

      • Sausage

        Damage to a player.

        • random

          why bother with the creatures when you can do a one shot kill with red sun’s zenith or any x cost damage spell that can be directed to player I think guest is right

          • Ben

            Try going BUG and hit them with Jarad’s ability. Assuming you’ve got enough ramp, it’s possible.

          • Because Red Sun isn’t Standard.

  • Prophet of Kruphix

    Sphinxes rev + kruphix= omg
    Save mana to draw a LOT of cards, keep them all!!

  • Flames and Riverflow

    Young Pyromancer, Satyr Firedancer, Dictate of the Twin Gods, Keranos, and Spellheart Chimera. Gentlemen, the Izzet has revived!

    • Spoiled

      You forgot Guttersnipe

  • Flames and Riverflow

    I can also see some real potential with green / white. Imagine an enchantment / heroic deck with Hero of Iroas, Ajani, and Sunbond + lifegain mechanics. Slap down some mana ramp (maybe Mystics and Karametra’s Acolyte?), lay down Iroas and Ajani, then stack Unflinching Courage and Sunbond on a Setessan Oathsworn and start swinging with your 7/7 trample lifelink creature that doubles his counters with each swing! Not even counting the +100/+100 you’ll get from Ajani’s -8!

    • Better throw in some hexproof/indestructible or else your giant guy is just gonna get doom bladed.

      • Flames and Riverflow

        A Gift of Immortality can combat the problem decently enough, at the very least saving your heroic pump creature. Unless they blast it twice in the same turn. If not, you can simply use Ajani to mill through your deck for replacement enchantments.

    • RomriDade

      With the current format, I doubt that would happen as smoothly as you’d like.

  • Griselbrand666

    Woohoo another Ajani… Give us a new black/red planeswalker. Kinda sick of seeing planeswalker with the white or green colour..

    • The Zach Person

      You mean you’re already sick of the green and white planeswalkers when there has never been a green/white planeswalker to be printed before this one?

  • Chi Sarades

    please now renew a blue/white and a red/black planeswalker. also a new tibalt

    • Because Why Not

      There isn’t really anything wrong with the W/U planeswalker though.

  • mista mo fresh

    Im struggling to see how strive is any different from multikicker. What am I missing?

    • somebody

      multikicker does not fit the flavor of the set

    • TotalCodeMonkey .

      Multikicker can appear on permanents and non-permanents, strive cannot.
      Multikicker can do different things for each kick, Strive only adds an extra target.
      Multikicker is classed as “An additional cost”, strive modifies the base casting cost (this is probably the most important one, as it will probably mean that there are shenanigans to be had with free casting spells.)

      • raethfall

        Your third point is not true.
        Strive is still considered an additional cost and works exactly the same as multi-kicker when it comes to copying spells (whatever kicked/strive effects were paid for in the original are copied) and casting copies (or the original) for free (you still have to pay for any additional Multi-Kicker/Strive costs). No free-extra target shenanigans.
        Source: A certified magic judge.

    • The Zach Person

      Strive works with Heroic.

  • EsperLeague

    I think Mana Confluence will see EDH, anyone with me?

    • EsperLeague

      At least I will play it in my EDH

    • Setinstone

      it is a fixed city of brass it my see lots of play

    • guest

      I think that its not a good card for one reason you have to pay 1 life to get the mana I think your better off using transguild

  • xiao.wen

    ritual of the returned: exile a creature card from your graveyard, put a zombie token into play with power and toughness equal to the power and toughness of the exiled creature; sorcery