Commander 2014 Decklists

October 31st, 2014

FORGED IN STONE – White Commander 2014 Deck



PEER THROUGH TIME – Blue Commander 2014 Deck




SWORN TO DARKNESS – Black Commander 2014 Deck




BUILT FROM SCRATCH – Red Commander 2014 Deck




GUIDED BY NATURE – Green Commander 2014 Deck

  • Matt86

    Seems like Green is getting shafted again, as expected, with U and B leading the field in strenght… as expected

    • Taxle

      you high bra? where is black leading the field?

      • Matt86

        In that meta, I would reckon nothing is playing enough graveyard hate to really prevent black from escalating, or enough mass removal to prevent Gisa from doing her thing.
        However, if you have a different opinion, feel free to name reasons for it, other than “Durr Hurr your wrong!”

        • brighthoyt

          I think that Green has the advantage over black in terms of ramp, so it may not be able to prevent Gisa, but it can get out better stuff before she even gets a chance to hit and overrun. These decks all seem like they are strong in certain areas, but lack in others, but i think in a game no one deck would really be able to run away with it.

          • Dustin Weeks

            Black is set with a fair amount of ramp in Crypt Ghast, Crypt of agadeem, and Magus of the coffers. Without add ons its already solid ramp i think almost enough to deal with the green ramp.

          • Kameenook

            I don’t know that they can realistically overrun black to the point where black doesn’t have a chance to come back. After all black has a lot of kill spells/resilience/demons. Also 40 life is a lot.

    • John Barrie

      I don’t know, it’s the red deck I keep drooling over. Of course, how could you not be excited by Goblin Pope?

      • Matt86

        Red is cool, sure, and probably has the most high-value cards, but in terms of strengh, I would say U and B still are a little bit more constant, and the constant deck wins.

        • John Barrie

          Yeah, I guess consistency is key if you are going to do as they intend and play these as Commander decks. I’m building my first ever cube, and it’s red most of all that screams “buy me and dump me straight on in.”

          • Matt86

            That is true ^^ Wurmcoil needs to be in every cube that wants cool, versatile finishers, the red wipe, the dualcaster,…

    • Ryan


      • Matt86

        In having the worst deck in terms of power, in having zero value, in getting the crappiest mythics,…

  • LeonFA

    Red wins on a value standpoint. Daretti, Goblin Welder, Wurmcoil Engine, Solemn, Dualcaster Mage, and Chaos Warp are some solid hits. I usually get singles, so I’ll say that in terms of new cards being brought into existence, this is a pretty solid roundup. At first I was really underwhelmed by the lack of really high value reprints, but that also makes it less likely for store price gouging to occur. Overall its a good batch and the price tags shouldn’t fluctuate too much, making it a better product for beginners and less so for the kind of people who want to see cards like Flusterstorm sink in value. And I am completely fine with that. I won’t be buying a deck mind you, but I’ll be picking up lots of singles.

  • Minja

    I really feel like red doesn’t need Wurmcoil Engine or the Spine of Ish Sah…
    And I can’t tell if white is a voltron-y equipment deck or mass token deck.

    • XC

      Most commander decks have a mix of themes, so that new players can pick one to build around by swapping some cards. Black has a mix of ways you could make it more focused, for example, with the varying token creation, sacrificing, recycling, demons, zombies…

  • KSG-Dan

    Reprint of the Welder Wurmcoil Mycosynth Chaos Warp and Flametongue with Daretti and Feldon….. Finally red has a fighting chance

  • Awed Visitor

    Green- Best flavor
    Red- Best card value
    Blue- Best fatties
    Black- Best synergy
    White- Best deck

    What do you guys think?

    • Dustin Weeks

      In my opinion it would be like this

      Green- Stongest theme (flavor)
      Red- Best Synergy
      Blue- Most confused looking deck (not going to use best card value)
      White/black- Best deck (i really cannot decide between the two)

      • KSG-Dan

        My idea on the development of the red deck. “You know those red and artifact cards that are commander staples/ broken when in the same deck….. THROW EM ALL IN.”

        • shoopdawoop

          I think it’s because red (especially mono red) is widely considered the weakest color in commander so they really needed something to drive sales for it, drop a bunch of expensive broken cards in it and boom, you got it, the rest of the decks kinda hold their own without the bombs

    • Kameenook

      I think Red=Best synergy, Black=Best stand alone cards, White=Best flavor, Green=Moderate synergy, when it’s good its great, but other than that it’s not that good. Blue=Most fun.
      And the best politics award of 2014 goes tooooo.
      Red, hands down, the politics are strong with this one.

  • Sleepy

    why is Bonehoard in white?

    • Bostorket

      My guess is because all the equipment love + sweepers. It’s probably forward-thinking outside the deck.

    • Kameenook

      That’s very counter-intuitive, even though you can pay four life for it, you don’t want to have to pay four life for it every single time.

      • wronkth

        you’re thinking of lashwrithe, i think. go read bonehoard.

        • Kameenook

          You’re right, that’s my bad.

    • Ryan

      Equipment theme.

  • lonewolf

    I’m still sulking over fact they didn’t make serra pw :/ much disappointed :( hopefully next year…

    • Sleepy

      What color besides white would she be?

      • YouGotFranked

        None. Serra is pure white.

        • Sleepy

          That is what I thought. So no next year since each commander product has been different colors wedge shard mono

          • lonewolf

            u never know with wizards… besides I sure it’s to early to set things in stone unless wizards officially said that

          • David Fitzsimmons

            They want to avoid returning to a color scheme they have done recently especially the following year. However they have mentioned that with this latest product that designing a deck series with a focus on a theme that is not color related was a rather large discussion point. So much so that they kind of blended together a color theme and some crazy non color related theme together in this release, which was using planeswalkers as commanders.

            in other words you never know what might happen, but I have a feeling that they may want to aim for something awesome next year that won’t rely on Planeswalker Commanders. Even more so if they do decide to make monocolor decks next year, just more reason to have something completely different then planeswalkers as the cool hook.

            Most likely we will prolly see for the next two sets we will see enemy and allied colors before they may try to just mix things up and not rely on say ‘all wedge theme for the color choices’ and go more towards how planechase and archenemy did color choices, some might be 3 colors, others 2, and two were even five colored. Especially considering the possibility of them needing to cut down on the number of decks released with each iteration as demand and hype for prebuilt commander decks cool down. Once people get enough prebuilts, they will already have enough mainstay cards that it is hard to justify paying $35 for a few new cards that would be cheaper bought individually.

          • Sanitytär

            I’m hoping they do four-colored decks, three legends for each.

          • David Fitzsimmons

            I am hoping they avoid those to be honest. Unless they can really REALLY do it well. The last time they did 4 color anything failed hard for a good reason. I think color pie usage in making magic cards could probably be compared to the Uncanny Valley effect. Once you get close to the end goal the reactions to them plummet way down then jump back up.

            But if they come up with some great ideas to make 4 color creatures really stand out and stick then awesome. But right now it just feels like they would be better off as either 3 or 5 color.

          • Sleepy

            I am hoping for commander duel decks. Would be nice if they printed the musts for a tribal deck all in one place.

    • Freedfromthereal

      Technically, Serra is dead in the ‘canon’. Died (voluntarily) in the homelands comic.

      • mdavis

        freyalise is too. it has nothing to do with canon story.

        • lonewolf

          exactly my point

  • Kameenook

    I’m too lazy to count, do we have our 61 new cards?

    • kiddrangon

      15+15+14+14+14= More then 61, 73 I think total

      • Kameenook

        Are some of them reprinted, or in multiple decks? The number I had heard was 61.

        • David Fitzsimmons

          Multiple decks. The person just counted the ‘other’ section for each deck and added them up without looking at names.

          give me a moment and I will count instead.

          I counted roughly 62-63, some cards I may have missed the repeats of and counted twice, also I think a couple of normal reprints are listed in the Others section for some weird reason. One thing to bear in mind when counting from these lists is the Planeswalker cards are NOT in that section, or any of the decklists from what I saw.

          Repeated NEW cards are:
          myraid Landscape
          Arcane Lighthouse
          Commander Stone
          Loreseeker Stone
          Assault Suit
          Unstable Obelisk

          Edite: I double checked now, any decklist with 15 cards listed in the ‘Others’ Section has one normal reprint that has been misspelled. Black, White, and Blue, black has ‘Hathrid Demon’ instead of Zhathrid Demon for example. This helps throw off the counts.

          • Kameenook

            Thank you sir, for counting.

      • David Fitzsimmons

        Do not just add up the numbers on the ‘Others’ sections without reading each name.

        To start with you missed the fact none of the planeswalker commanders show up in any of the decklists for counts, they are seperate

        3 cards appear in that category that shouldn’t, in the Black, Blue and White lists, ‘Hathrid Demon’ ‘ther Gale’ and ‘Drifting mea’ are incorrect names of actual cards causing them to be auto sorted into Others. This has happened with most of the decklists lately ever since they started automating things more.

        and Finally, each deck on it’s own contains 15 brand new cards, but does not claim those 15 cards are EXCLUSIVE to each deck. There are about 6 new cards that are shared between the 5 decks, this throws off your numbers the most. Each deck gets 4 of this shared cards each

        myraid Landscape
        Arcane Lighthouse
        Commander Stone
        Loreseeker Stone
        Assault Suit
        Unstable Obelisk

        you will find that this means there are 11 new cards exclusive per deck. 11×5=55. 55+6=61

  • Nigel Heerding

    bam yeah there is my elf edh but wait wotc has promised never to reprint priest of titania xd there go’s my value

    • Ryan

      They never promised that.

    • David Fitzsimmons

      The closest they ever ever got to saying such a thing for that card is that they deemed it was too powerful to reprint. This was in 2002 in reference to good abilities for elf tribal, and being reprinted into a standard environment.

      In this case however they will not be reprinting a card for a standard environment but reprinting it for a format that won’t be impacted too much by the card’s presence. Commander decks let them reprint cards they normally would not have due to power concerns.

    • Name

      Wait…all $2.45 worth of value? kek

  • guy

    since red is artifact based, especially returning artifact creatures from the graveyard, shouldn’t they also get ‘THE CLAMP’

    • Krayshawn

      But wormcoil engine

  • Mac

    People who say that red is the weakest in commander are the ones that don’t know how to build a deck. Red is redic and I have won tournaments with it.

    • Dustin Weeks

      They are saying as a general rule of thumb. It is not hard to have exceptions just because you have done well with a red commander deck doesnt mean that others have. Alot of points can be made against red decks because they have some disadvantages. As do other colors. This is not a thing where you can say just because you have a good red commander deck that immediately should change that fact for most everyone else and change the fact that wizards themselves have said that they know red is a weaker color in commander compared to the others.

    • David Fitzsimmons

      As Dustin says it is just a rule of thumb. Red can be killer in normal formats because it is fast and hits with tons of burn in most cases. But in commander where both things will drag out and being forced to spread out that burning across multiple opponent’s it can be very tough on red if one attempts to play commander as a typical red mindset.

      However Red in my opinion tends to have a lot more ‘what the heck kind of card is this and who on earth would want such a thing’ type of cards then other colors that REALLY lend themselves to Commander very well if used right. Where the other colors have plenty of cards that work perfectly fine in both commander and normal formats, Red has to step out of the comfort zones just a bit more, into the really risky but super fun zones.

      • Mobius

        As Dustin and David said, it really depends on how you build your deck. Red in commander, in my opinion, is the best disruption color. It excels at preventing other decks from doing their broken stuff, and messing up the tempo of the game. I personally like running my heartless Hidetsugu decks into decks that aren’t prepared for it, and instantly killing people with furnace of rath and heartless’s ability. People usually dislike mono red in commander because it doesn’t allow them to play the game that they want to play, but that is just mindset and they just need to realize that different people enjoy different things

    • I Love Commander

      You are so correct sir. Too many people rely heavily on their blue, green decks and too many people rely heavily on sticking with commanders that are powerful rather than trying to prove their deck-building skills by building a good deck with a weaker commander.

    • TickleMe

      Red IS weak. It’s requires a lot of money because you need the gantlet of might and power to make up for the fact that it has no real ramp. You have no tutors except gamble, and gamble is just as you expect…a gamble. Red has a lot of strong cards but all reliant on dealing fast damage and if an opponent locks you down before you plop them down you lose. The best Red generals you have are all combo oriented and all take time to do. I’ve played mono-red. I played Squee. I played Purphoros. I played Kiki. I played Krenko. I played Bosh. I’ve played Red EDH for years. It is a lot of money and a lot of time and Red, I can conclude, is weak.

      • WKguru669

        Red is stuck in an awkward zone in which its missing essential pieces to thrive and requires assistance from non red cards, but that in turn doesn’t make it weak only less flexible. What red does have however is, in my opinion, more cards then any other color that simply turn a game on its head. Granted they are more expensive but that is because its obvious to see how powerful those cards really are and there prices represent that. Red is my favorite color and in my entire library of cards i have more red cards that i can name that simply win the game

      • jonny coxville

        This explanation of red is absolutely terrible. I will agree with you that red is the weakest color but your reasoning doesn’t make any sense. You bring up untrue points, corner cases, and totally fail to mention what makes red actually weak. My explanation below is for mono red only of course.

        First off, wtf do you mean red has no ramp? Red has all the same artifact ramp that any other deck does it just cannot play things like signets or cluestones. Just off the top of my head there is fire diamond, ruby medallion, everflowing chalice, thran dynamo, sol ring, worn powerstone, basalt monolith, dreamstone hedron, mind stone, coalition relic, etc etc. In fact one could argue that non-colored ramp in EDH is better than everything except green ramp spells because sometimes you get more bang for your buck producing colorless than you would a similarly colored artifact which makes just red. Case in point Mind Stone v. Fire Diamond. This strategy shares the same vulnerability to artifact wipe that any other non-green decklist would.

        Second, tutors? Of course tutors are powerful but the problem here is that tutors are only game-breaking in a toolbox build that abuses stuff like Topor Orb to lockout opponents and build-around-me generals that get screwed when someone tucks them. Otherwise you’re better off going with power cards rather than tutor cards. When you’re not playing one of the aforementioned archetypes your Wins Above Replacement value of tutors is going to be approximately equal to that of any other card in your deck.

        I will agree that red just folds to locks. You didn’t mention why though, which is that red has no reliable way to deal with enchantments other than nevinyarl’s disk, oblivion stone and unstable obelisk. The same argument could be made with black but as you mentioned previously its less of a problem due to tutors. This is by far the biggest problem with red in EDH as it often comes down to a battle between decks doing really broken things and if you don’t have a consistent disruption strategy then a problem card can just win the game for the opponent.

        Another serious problem with red that you didn’t mention is that red has basically no card advantage other than some good and some mediocre artifacts. All this filtering nonsense made in recent years doesn’t count, as in EDH pitching your extra lands for non-lands is a no go until very late game. Any deck that focuses on grinding out the opponent is going to win vs. red. All they have to do is play a beefy dude and apply pressure and red has to respond with either a fireball or a wrath spell or a blocker. In the meantime you’re both drawing cards but red is so shitty at it compared to any other color that they’re gonna win period.

        IMO Red is best when playing a goodstuff deck which focuses on playing beef then hitting with it and finishing with fireball for 20. You ever cast a fireball for 20? It’s about as fun as it sounds. I will agree with you as well that red is best played against a pool of decks which are not optimallly powered. The less money your opponents are spending on their deck the more likely you are to win.

  • tocoman

    i feel that they should of gave a sword of feast and/or famine or war and peace or body and mind to the white deck but don’t know if that wold be unfair i mean red got worm coil and it wold have fit the theme

    • Pleased Planeswalker

      I would’ve liked to see that. I’m just glad we got some mana rocks.

    • Guest_to_forumn

      I actually thought that was going to be the case when they revealed Nahiri. I figured that it’d be a nice opprotunity to reprint those swords and reintroduce them to new players. I mean, it is an equipment deck and they are one of the most popular equipment people use in Commander when it comes to equipment (at least, I assume). I also figured it would fit the “Forged in Stone” theme.

      • jonny coxville

        Loxodon Warhammer, Feast and Famine and war and peace are the best in a vacuum imo but it really depends on your strategy. If you’re playing Geth you would prioritize Mind and Body over all others, if you are playing a wipe heavy environment light and shadow may be the best though I sort of consider it the worst behind mind and body.

  • Dustin Weeks

    I really cant wait to obtain each of these decks i always love it when we get product like this it really makes the deck builder in me excited to have shiny new toys to play with.

  • MagicLover

    SoI’m planning on starting Commander, but I don’t know which deck is the strongest, because I want the best of my money. Can you guys give some suggestions on which one is the best?

    • Jsus


    • Guest_to_forumn

      It depends on what your play-style is really. Are you an experienced player? Are you entirely new to the game? If you’re just wanting bang for your buck without concerning factors like that, than yeah, go for Red. However, if you want an answer which is expanded upon, i.e. a deck to invest in and make changes over time, that answer can be different. As it stands from the previews given, each deck work differently compared to each other color and their synergy:

      – the White deck is equipment and token producing based

      – the Black deck is about slowly bleeding the opponent of their life, summoning big creatures, and wiping out their field

      – the Blue deck is most like any Blue synergy: drawing, countering, building up slowly, though manipulating your draws and about timing

      – the Red deck is about causing damage on the field and to your opponent while disrupting their plays with spells, in addition using artifacts to be summoned and sacked so that you can have their abilities activate over and over again by resummoning them or having creatures interact with an ability that activates when you sacrifice an artifact

      – the Green deck is a tribal deck with Elves that rely on overwhelming your opponents by summoning many little creatures which also ramp up your mana base so that you can play big spells faster.

      I know it was a long way to describe each deck, but I hope it helped shed some light on how to answer your question!

      • MagicLover

        Thanks this helped a lot

  • Kent

    I like krenko as commander that’s a red deck and really good

  • heromedic

    considering wurmcoil is in the red deck am i the only one who hoped there would be griselbrand in the black one?

  • Riku

    Griselbrand is banned in Commander

    • james

      only as a commander

      • Atma Weapon

        They changed it, if a card is banned in comander it is banned period not just as a comander.

    • Joshua Palubinsky

      Only in the Multiplayer. The 1v1 banned list allows him.

      • MrAptronym

        Wow, next time the place near me has a tournament with prizes, I know what horrible, un-fun monster I’ll be taking with me.

  • Dalton

    And I guess I’ll have to wait another couple of years before we may see a Yawgmoth planeswalker -_-

    • Sleepy

      He is not a walker

    • Abaadoon

      Yawgmoth isnt a walker, he never was that was why he had to make the plana portals to Rath and why he had to do the inadion the way he did. Besides at the end he was an entire plane, he was Phyrexia how do you make that a card?

      • Melissa

        You make it a “plane” card for planechase.

    • GUEST

      He definitely should have his own card though, it is long overdue.

  • CHarlie


  • Lucas Grimminck

    So what is the best deck to bye or play with? Im indecisive.

  • Matt McCreight

    Id like the Green one and the white one… Ive been working on a ghave, guru of spores deck and those 2 lieutenants would make the deck so much more fun i think

  • joe

    so can a planeswalker ability be played while in the command zone?

    • MrAptronym

      No, unless otherwise stated all activated abilities only function on the battlefield.

  • mordred

    the blue, white, and green are my favorite.

  • Julius Marty

    If Griselbrand would’ve been in the black deck, then Primeval Titan should’ve been in the green deck. but they’re both banned so yeah.