Khans of Tarkir Intro Decks

September 18th, 2014

Khans of Tarkir Intro Packs Decklists


Khans of Tarkir Intro Pack - Abzan

Abzan Siege – Intro Pack Deck

Khans of Tarkir Intro Pack - Jeskai

Jeskai Monks – Intro Pack Deck

Khans of Tarkir Intro Pack - SULTAI SCHEMERS

Sultai Schemers – Intro Pack Deck

Khans of Tarkir Intro Pack - Mardu

Mardu Raiders – Intro Pack Deck

Khans of Tarkir Intro Pack -Temur

Temur Avalanche – Intro Pack Deck

  • Matt86

    Even though I look forward to playing Jeskai at the prerelease, it seems like Temur and Mardu got th best intro decks.
    Considering their is basically no way Icy Blast does not go in every single blue Commander deck ever created, and Ankle Shanker is suited to be the dominant aggro finisher for the next 9-15 months.

    • selesnyawarden

      you are very right sir or madam, (Temur all the way), but the gap from the quality of worth of intro decks from M15 to Khans of Tarkir is ENOURMOUS, BIG, HUGE, LARGE, I’d buy all of them if I could, but I just can’t recomend Temur or Azban enough.Have fun at a prerelease good friend, RAISE thy Banner, fight for your clan uuuarrgg!!

      • Matt86

        More like Oooommmmm ^^
        Seriously, a very wise player once told me: “Plan A at any limited event should always be “Keep tapping airforce”. Everything else is merely a backup plan”, and I have never failed utilizing that tactic.

      • Mash

        what do you guys think of the abzan deck? I think is pretty awesome, don’t know, I’ve not played too much but I can’t decide if going temur or abzan, I thought abzan was a much better intro deck until I read your comments… plz help

        • Mash

          oh I just read that you said you can’t recommend temur or abzan enough, so I think both are pretty good, lol. Still that’s not very helpful since I can’t decide between those ones…

        • TEMUR

          temur all the way, will do best at prerelease

          • ShahrazadMan

            All the agreements.

          • Matt86

            Well, my prerelease was won by a Mardu player, but since my Temur intro deck had a windswept heath in one of the booster packs, I won’t argue ^^

          • elsh

            My prerelease was won by a five color player, he went undefeated

        • Matt86

          Like I said, for the Prerelease, I’d go with Jeskai, just because airforce tends to be the most successful theme for any kind of limited play. I agree, however, that Temur will do pretty good, too, but it would only be my plan B. Speedwise, I think abzan and mardu would be sub-par choices (Abzan looks a little bit TOO slow for the meta, while aggro tactics normally don’t work as well in sealed as they work in draft), while I think Sultai is straight unplayable in limited, because Delve is not an advantage like raid or ferocious, but a drawback

      • SebaJK7

        Lol I just decided to actually start playing mtg with my friend, and my friend got the azban and I got the temur. I hope we got good decks, and more importantly, can learn how to have fun with MTG.

  • Sanitytär

    The Sultai deck should have been called “Sultai Delvers”.


    I think I am going to buy the temur intro deck just because I need some of those cards for my standard temur deck I am making.

    • Matt86

      If you plan on using anything from the Temur intro Deck in a standard Temur deck, I fear that it will not do too well ^^
      Really, the best thing about Temur avalanche is the Icy Blast and the 2 booster packs, then every other card, including commons, then Avalanche Tusker ^^

      Edit: Ok, the Ccharm might be ok in standard

      • ShahrazadMan

        And lightning strike!

        • Matt86

          Fair enough, even though that spell is technically not one of the “Temur” cards, meaning it does not have it’s sign and is from Theros ^^ But since I claimed “from the Temur intro dec”, you are right

  • Ben Ehren

    if we look at which rares are garunteed to be dirt cheap with these intro packs, i think abzan and anyone with blue win

    • Dr. Burn Crow

      So what you’re telling me is anyone but Mardu, in essence.

      • Francis B

        I was really worried that I wouldn’t pull Ankleshanker…now I don’t have to.

  • Dustin Weeks

    I actually really want the abzan intro deck it will fill out some of the cards i need for my new commander deck idea i have if i dont get them at the prerelease

  • Tragic

    Hmm I don’t know, I feel like Mardu is the stronger choice. I can’t say for sure though since I have yet to play it, but it’s so easy to reap the benefits of Raid early on in the game, since all you have to do is attack with a creature. With Temur, even though it may be easy to get a large creature early on with the green mixed in, it still requires you to have a 4 power creature to work. One of the few standard tactics I’ve seen for getting a 4 power creature out any earlier than turn three is the Ensoul Artifact+ Ornithopter/Darksteel Citadel (Which is nasty by the way). I’m sure there are other methods I haven’t tried, but the point is that having those types of combos is very conditional on your opening hand, while Raid only requires an attack from any creature to work. Once again, I may be wrong, which is entirely possible, but I feel that Mardu has the edge on Temur in terms of functionality.

    One thing that gives Raid the disadvantage is that it ruins haste to some extent, so cards like Generator Servant won’t be as effective.

  • marco

    I also think white green black is intresting because of the extra abilitys on some of the outlast abiltiy creachers

    • Jeremy King

      I bought the Abzan deck (the green/white/black one) and it looks quite good with the Outlast abilities…. but the main issue it has it requires you to tap and pay the cost.. so you can’t attack that turn.. and that mana you spend, you could use to cast more creatures…. but the results do “outlast” (lame pun intended) and add up… I’ve added a few cards from boosters so i’ll see how it goes at the next FNM!!

      • Dustin Weeks

        Incremental growth, dragonscale boon, and the Ascendancy actually speed this up to an insane degree. If you have brave the sands then you get to attack and outlast in the same turn. Throw Ivorytusk Fortress into that mix then your attacking outlasting and blocking. I found that my abzan deck wasnt as slow as alot of people were saying. Especially with all of abzan’s bomb cards Siege Rhino, Ivorytusk Fortress, High Sentinels of Arashin, Anafenza, The Foremost, Its pretty easy to make abzan really good. WIth this said i wish you the best of luck hopefully maybe you can find some of these cards and make your deck even stronger.

        • Jeremy King

          I have incremental Growth x2 in the deck, Dragonscale just one and two Ascendancy but going to buy 2 more… Might look into Brave the Sands.. The deck needs some work but I’ll take your suggestions. Another strategy I read, Anafenza + Ascendancy (more the better) + Athreos and Duneblast is a nice combo. Targeting Anafenza to save, everything else does but you get (# of creatures x # of Ascendancy) 1/1 fliers in return and if your opponent doesn’t want all those creatures that just dies back in your hand, they will have to pay 3 life per creatures…. If they pay all that life, you can just swing for the win next turn…

  • ShionWRS

    I am the only person who likes the jeskaideck?

    • Moon Knight

      Jeskai looks good :D I’ll probably buy jeskai or sultai

    • Lorddis

      I like the concept with the Jeskai but i dont really like the way they put the deck together with for example ‘the serra angel’ from M15 dont really belong there and it’s the same with the ‘tireless misionares’

  • johnny brave

    Mardu intro deck is essentially 5 bucks for 2 packs, with crackling doom approaching 5 and the promo ankle shanker at 5. Great buy.

  • SolemnVisitor

    In my Abzan intro pack was Siege Rhino and End Hostilities so I was very happy then I opened my fat pack. Inside was Sorin Solemn Visitor so my Abzan deck is ready to game but still need more to upgrade. For beginning is great. :)

  • EmperorAmp930

    I am getting 2 decks soon. Which should I get?

  • Ambrose Schofield-mcglashan

    which one should i get abzan or sultai

  • gonger

    intro decks have gotten worse as the years have passed

  • thatonemagicguy

    Mardu and Jeskai are both fast paced decks. I personally enjoy the jeskai due to the fact that the creatures can become overwhelming so long as you have untapped mana and a good amount of instant and sorceries in your hand. The Mardu more or less reminds me of the Boros from Gatecrash; very good for getting a lot of small creatures out fast <—-Goblin Rabblemaster is a great addition to the Mardu. The Jeskai on the other hand are based around an aggressive "Burn" method for taking out your opponents. Jeskai is great for over all trolling XD

  • Raman

    Sultan is the worst one there