Ancient Grudge – May’s FNM Promo

April 27th, 2012

May’s FNM Promo Card is Ancient Grudge.

May FNM Promo - Ancient Grudge

  • ehh…

  • Beto

    meh… dismember last week and now this poo-poo?

  • Tibby1994

    this card sucks ballz.

  • The Metal

    Sideboard cards are for babies that cant build a good deck. Why is Wizards promoting the use of them?

    •  Sideboard cards are for smart people who know how to protect themselves from a structured deck

  • Dor-311

    would it kill them to make a card that some one actually uses a promo????????

  • Guest

    The old art was better anyhow.

  • Jbjgen

    finally a good promo after wizards gave us crap with dismember it is a good change for them

  • went to FNM and they didn’t hand this out tonight. Isn’t everyone supposed to get one of these?

    • Gfhfx

      only if you win or you get lucky and get one at the door but only one person gets one at the door