Banned & Restricted List – February 3, 2014,

February 3rd, 2014

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Effective Date: February 7, 2014
Magic Online Effective Date: February 12, 2014

Deathrite Shaman is banned. Bitterblossom and Wild Nacatl are unbanned.

Standard, Legacy, Vintage
No changes

  • Aaron Gray-Sitch

    Time to watch the price on deathrite shaman plummet…

    • Necro

      And Bitterblossom rise…

      • DA

        … And Wild Nacatl

        But this is probably just StarCityGames pulling it’s usual Crap

        A couple days back, it was a crap, 25¢ card.

        Yesterday it was up to ~1.50 for Ajani Vs Nicol one (they had 75 of them), and ~1.00 for the Shards one (they were sold out).

        Today, the Ajani Vs Nicol is ~3.00 (sold out), and Shards is ~2.00 (they’ve got 76).

        Sure it’s going to stop rising eventually and start to fall again, but as it, it’s already had 10 fold increase (1000% increase in price) in only past few days.

        • Necro

          Uh… It was never a crap card. It was a strong card to use in casual Decks, Cubes or any Naya EDH except Mayael.
          I don’t go by the SCG Prices, I go by MCM prices.
          Yes, the price on MCM has doubled. But, considering that you still only have to pay ~4€ for a playset of a common that is (not strictly) better than Kird Ape (an uncommon).
          I already expected an 5-6% increase due to Cat Tribals in casual (Brimaz), but making Cat tribal a Modern Constructed option makes me excited.

    • Zombie

      It’s still a Legacy staple. I doubt its price will drop drastically, if at all.

      Plenty of decks in Legacy still use it, and its use in Standard is likely to increase with even a slight price reduction. Which will in turn raise demand, and once again raise the price.

      I’m still hanging onto my Deathrites. At least until the RTR block comes close to cycling. Then I’ll force feed them to Legacy players.

      • Kirito

        know it all…..

        • Zombie

          Not sure what your point of spamming the same phrase is, but… carry on, I suppose.

  • Xero

    Wow, some big changes.

  • DA

    Also I’ve heard that Sylvan Primordial is now banned in EDH.

    • Zombie

      Yes, Sylvan Primordial is a new additon to the ban list of EDH.

      • PvtBubba

        no it isn’t, lol

        • Zombie

          The creators of EDH’s website, which includes the official EDH ban list.

          If you go by EDH rules, which almost everyone does if they have rules for playing EDH, Sylvan Primordial is their newest addition to the ban list.

          And I’m certain WOTC will add Sylvan Primordial to the list whenever they get to it. Since all they did to modify EDH into Commander was change the name and slap a WOTC sticker on it to sell merchandise, I doubt they will have a differing ban list.

          • kirito

            Know it all……

      • PvtBubba

        look at the site


      EDH is a casual format, so you ca use “banned” cards if your playgroup or friends are fine with them.

  • Lockwert


  • Zombie

    Wild Nacatl was widely regarded as one of the best 1-drops in the game, I don’t see how Wotc justifies returning it to Modern while taking out another powerhouse 1-drop. It seems a little hypocritical, though it could be spreading power away from things like Jund and putting them back into Naya.

    But, Naya is already a very strong deck in Modern. It could honestly contend with Jund for the best deck in the format again with Deathrite out and Wild Nacatl returning to the format.

    Having Wild Nacatl attack turn 2 for 3 damage makes it even faster than any Tarmogoyf. It can’t get bigger than 3/3, but it happens almost immediately. I don’t feel like it’s healthy for the format to have a clock faster than Tarmogoyf.

    • kirito

      Know it all…….